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Is The AntiChrist Physical

True or false
1. The Antichrist will be a physical man?
2. The Antichrist will allow Israel to rebuild her temple?
3. Scripture states that there will be a fourth temple. This temple rebuilt by the Lord Jesus Christ himself?
4. People who have a like mind with me are paranoid?

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 ---Mima on 4/10/08
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anti-christ and there are many are abortionists. read about them in revelation 19:11-21. and hebrews says the word of GOD is sharper than any 2 edged sword. anti-christ victims are described in rev. 14: 3-6 and 12:11.
---luther on 10/1/08

1, John writes that even now the spirit of the antichrist in working in the world and that there are many such people.

2. Why do people assume that Israel after the flesh and its temple (destroyed nearly 2000 years ago) still have spiritual significance? Israel has a temporary blindness, in part, as Paul Testified.

It is written in The Apostle 2TH and Daniel that The Temple of God will be standing and that there will be sacrifice and offerings there some day.
---john on 8/13/08

the ruler of this world is real and has manifested himself in many ways.
It will happen again. The antichrist.

our job is to follow Jesus no matter what.
And not to worry about what is not hear yet.
We are only to deal with today and the issues of today.
If we can do this we win.
The devil looses.
that is that.
---paul on 8/12/08

1. The antichrist is written as the beast from the earth the forces all the people on earth worldwide to receive the mark of the number of the name of the false prophet (antichrist) who becomes a world leader after subduing 3 of the 10 worldwide leaders who will arise as written. The antichrist once was (the time of the nephilim), now is not, yet will come, as written, and go to his destruction. Therefore, the false prophet known as the antichrist is a fallen 'power that be' that fell with lucifer in the rebellion where God charged some of his angelic host with folly as written in Job. The false prophet will be loosed upon the earth once more for the last battle at Armageddon as written.
---john on 8/10/08

1 John 2:18 RSV (Revised Standard Version).

"Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now MANY antichrists have come, therefore we know that it is the last hour".

This antichrist is either representative of the collective "hirelings" (John 10:13) or all of the ungodly.
---more_excellent_way on 7/9/08

There is both the "spirit" of the anti-christ, which has been in this world for centuries, and a physical anti-christ, whose true identity will not be revealed to the world until the time of Revelation's two witnesses. Now, I am a pre-trib believer, which means that I believe that Christ's CHURCH will be long gone (raptured) before the physical anti-christ signs the seven-year treaty with Israel!
---Nadine on 5/29/08

In reference to "is antichrist physical" and many antichrist, no scripture that states one single antichrist. Please read (Rev 20 the first beast is antichrist second beast is false prophet (religious leader) (2 Thess 2:3,4)(the man of sin is reference to antichrist)It does not say antichrist, but it says what the antichrist will do in the temple in Jerusalem.
---SCW on 5/22/08

I think it's important to look at the 4 verses in scripture that mention "antichrist" or "antichrists". All are in 1 and 2 John. 1 John 2:18 states "even now many antichrists have arisen". So we see even in the days of the disciples there were antichrists. The word does not refer to a single end-time figure as in the fictional left behind books.
---Todd on 5/21/08

Antichrists are human teachers who has left the church. They are armed with satanic power and is fused with Belial, a satanic being [2 Cor. 6:15]. The answer to your second question is no. And you stumped me on the temple question. NO answer! On your last question: So they think. Please give me at least a B-.
---catherine on 5/20/08

Yes he will be a physical man...Will be totally possessed by the devil and will not desire women...And will have all the characteristics of the devil himself...He will be a devout deceiver...And his destiny is the Lake of Fire along with the false prophet and the defeated foe devil...
---Elisabeth on 5/20/08

1. False
2. False
3. True
4. Maybe

The last comment is right about the "left behind" doctrine. It comes from a complete misunderstanding of a prophetic verse in the book of Daniel, which is part of a much longer prophecy. They chop the last seven years off of the 490 year prophecy and say that it takes place sometime in the future, some 2000+ years after the initial 483 years. Weird.
---Todd on 5/20/08

The antichrist does not come in the name of Christ. He is everything that is against Christ. People will follow him cause he will put fear in people's hearts by the words he uses... And those that follow, follow due to the false signs and lying wonders he preforms... And the over 1 billion Muslims in the world would never follow such a man. Muslims believe in Jesus, but not as we know him. They believe in a Mahdi, their end time Messiah... It is in their teachings very similar to our Revelations.
---Tammy on 5/19/08

He's not going to come and say He's Jesus,
Most Jews don't even think that Jesus(Yahshua)was the Messiah(Christ).
He's going to come Claiming Hes the Christ(Messiah), God on Earth, The redeemer of the World!
He'll say that Jesus IS a LIE & SO IS His God!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/19/08

DDM, you're right, because the "Left Behind" fable was created by a group of nutcases in 1820's England. That scenario is not Scriptural. Even Mainstream Protestants renounced that whole interpretation until the last 100 years. It has turned into a giant marketting scam designed to bilk millions out of the pockets of Christians.
---Greyrider on 5/19/08

Tammy, the Antichrist will come in the name of Christ, otherwise people would know not to worship him. This guy is deceiving the world into thinking he worships the God of the Trinity. He worships the Prince of This World, Satan, but we do not know it. Occult means hidden.
---frances008 on 5/18/08

When he Gets up from his Deadly wound & brings fire from Heaven, Almost ALL of the World (thats left anyways)WILL worship him.

He brings a 7 yr. peace Agreement to Israel & half way thru it, He starts his stuff, This is in the Bible.
Please reread it.
I'm all for Learning Something, But lets keep it Biblical.
Their is alot of nations that belong to the E.U that the Muslims DO like & vote for!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/18/08

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Nero Didn't come in Peace & rule for 7 yrs.
Nero Didn't BEHEAD people for Not receiving The Mark of his Name.
Nero Didn't make Everyone take the Mark of His Name to Buy, Sell or Trade.
Nero Didn't have the 2 Wits. put to Death.
Nero Didn't have a F.Prophet that made people worship him as God.
Nero Didn't set up his Kingdom in Jerusalem.
Nero Didn't cause Fire to come out of Heaven.
Nero wasn't cast into the lake & Jesus Set up His Kigdom for a 1000 yrs.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/18/08

Already all religions have worshipped together with the Pope in Assisi. Then we are going to have a One World Religion under the World Council of Churches and UN. Then the Pope will go to Jerusalem to the Temple. Then all the nations will rise up against the Jews in Jerusalem. Then Jesus will come back. (The order of these events might be different.) Jesus will come back last of all and put all His enemies under His feet, including the Pope.
---frances008 on 5/17/08

I Misspoke_I've Studied ALOT..
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/15/08

I Received this from the revealing spirit of the Holy Ghost.
It had to be, I was only 12(1974) when I started telling people this stuff,
And it has come to pass just like I've been telling people for 35 yrs.
Does that make me a Prophet? NO!
The Spirit just pointed me in the Right Direction.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/17/08

Yes the Antichrist will be a man... And the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem will not be something the Antichrist helps to over see. Remember the 2 witnesses in Rev. whom by most believed to be Elijah and Enoch will be in the first 3 1/2 years of the trib... They will be the ones to bring about the rebuilding. There is so much more to this I wish I had more space. The Antichrist comes in the middle of the 7 year, breaking the treaty and the temple is desecrated.
---Tammy on 5/16/08

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Also, I am sure to get alot of flack from this, this isn't going to be a "revived roman empire. Got a question, what about all the muslims in the world. No way are they going to bow down to some european guy making himself leader. I believe the antichrist to be Muslim. And I can really go into that.
---Tammy on 5/16/08

1) THE Antichrist was Nero. This was the interpretation from day one. The whole "left behind" scenario is not Scriptural. It is a money-making scheme aimed at Christians
2)The SPIRIT of Antichrist is alive and well and dominating the world
3) Yes, there is a definite push towards a one world government, but its not related (and no, it does not involve the Jesuits)
---Greyrider on 5/16/08

The Antichrist is a master deceiver.
---frances008 on 5/16/08

Alot of people i know use to laugh at me when i told them Germany and all those countries would join together one day and become the Economic Power of the world & other countries of the world would join it too!
That was from 1974 to Now,
when the Berlin Wall came down & the E'U formed & a bunch of Countries started joining, Those people Stopped Laughing Some have even asked for forgivness,
Which i did in a Heart Beat!
Am I a Prophet? NO, I'm Not!
I've Studied ALOT..
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/15/08

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If people took time to match news events
with what the bible says, you will know the
truth. But apparently some can't see them.
Or don't want to.
---michael on 5/3/08

michael: "Steveng, Why would I want christians to be afraid of me?I have my opinion just like all of the other different ones. "

YOUR opinion could cost you your eternal life. What about the truth of the Bible?
---Steveng on 4/18/08

Dudley, if the Holy Spirit tells you things, then no one can take issue with you. I promise to believe everything you say from now on. I deeply apologize for doubting you.
---amicusdei on 4/18/08

I Learned this when I was 12(1974)through Scripture(Daniel), World History AND the revealing Spirit of the Holy Ghost, NOT any Man...

Why do/would you blind yourself to the Reality's of your Surroundings?
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/18/08

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Okay Michael, if sudaam was the antichrist then where is the covenant with many for 7 years as in Dan. 9:27,and regards to the sacrifice in Dan. 11:31, seeming how the sacrifice has not even been instituted again yet, and the biggest clue in Dan. 12:11 is that sudaam could not have been the abomination that maketh desolate because he is dead and the daily sacrifice is not even taking place again yet. We have yet to see THE antichrist, yes there are many antichrists but none of those are THE antichrist.
---evangelistjerry on 4/17/08

Iraq is part of the old Roman empire.
---michael on 4/17/08

Dudley, that European Union Feet-of-Clay theory was dreamed up by Herbert W. Armstrong in the 1950s. It is the epitome of silliness.
---amicusdei on 4/17/08

The AC rises from the Revived Roman Empire(feet of Iron & Clay W/10 toes),
That Gov. IS the European Union!
Not Iraq(Babylon) or Iran(Persia) OR the U.S.A OR any other FORM of Gov...

Reality Check Bro!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/17/08

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One final thought.I watched the crowds
chanting and carrying Saddam's picture
throughout the streets. This could be the
reason why group is fighting group and
car bomb after car bomb going off. God has
turned them against each other, because
God says,"I will pour out my wrath against
those that worshiped the antichrist and
his image" The turmoil now in Iraq.
---Michael on 4/17/08

When Iraq fought Iran Saddam was praised
by many. Since john didn't know military
equipment, he said he would call down fire before men. Saddam did this when he
marched his officers out in the field to watch
his guns and flares. But one is dead and one two old (Gorbechev) to do much more,
but I wonder how many lost their souls
that followered them.
---michael on 4/17/08

Amen evangelistJerry!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/17/08

George Bush is the Antichrist. Google 'bushisantichrist,' one word.
---amicusdei on 4/16/08

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Okay Michael, if sudaam was the antichrist then where is the covenant with many for 7 years as in Dan. 9:27,and regards to the sacrifice in Dan. 11:31, seeming how the sacrifice has not even been instituted again yet, and the biggest clue in Dan. 12:11 is that sudaam could not have been the abomination that maketh desolate because he is dead and the daily sacrifice is not even taking place again yet. We have yet to see THE antichrist, yes there are many antichrists but none of those are THE antichrist.
---evangelistjerry on 4/16/08

Rhonda, to try to answere your question,
after an intense religious expierence,
I begin to study bible prophercy.It was as
if when I saw these two men the holy
spirit pointed them out, so I begin to
study their backgrounds and match them
to what the bible said they would be like.
I wish we had more space to talk.
---michael on 4/16/08

Steveng, Why would I want christians
to be afraid of me?I have my opinion
just like all of the other different
ones. What a weird answere. The problem
is when God makes things simple we
are afraid of the truth.
---michael on 4/15/08

Rhonda: "the antichrist can be anything that is anti(AGAINST) Christ ..."

There are many sabbaths, but there is The Sabbath - the Fourth Commandment.

There are many anti-christs, but there is The Anit-Christ.
---Steveng on 4/15/08

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I believe the Pope of the RCC will be installed in the Temple in Jerusalem, and then the end will come. It might be the end of the world, or just the end of freedom, the reign of the Antichrist for however long. All those with microchips will be allowed to live. Those who are against the NWO including those who are atheists will not be allowed to have chips. The Christians will either accept or refuse them. Those who accept will receive God's wrath.
---frances008 on 4/15/08

Michael My belief of who the antichrist (Saddam)and false prophet (mortal head wound, the beast )Mikhail Gorbachev is, "

Your belief is not God's belief so Christians are not afraid of you.
---Steveng on 4/15/08

The nations will fight against the Jews, whom Alex Jones, Texe Marrs and others are pointing to as to blame for the NWO. The whole world will be deceived because they will never realize it is the Jesuits who control everything with military precision, and with complete ruthlessness and cruelty. They will sacrifice many of their own agents, who will then be destroyed by God for working for the Jesuits.
---frances008 on 4/15/08

My belief of who the antichrist (Saddam)
and false prophet (mortal head wound, the
beast )Mikhail Gorbachev is, is just as
sound as the belief that the antichrist
will be shot in the head, die and come
back to life. A wound that has healed
leaves a scar. On Gorbachev's head the
scar runs down and there are even droplets
on his forehead representing blood.
Through the Gorbachev foundation the push
for a one world religion was implemented.
---Michael on 4/15/08

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Michael, I'm curious how you tie scripture in with your "ideas"

the antichrist can be anything that is anti(AGAINST) Christ ...if you follow traditions of men or "other ideas" that are not supported by scripture and what Christ taught His disciples then you follow something AGAINST Christ (antichrist) is a plural term
---Rhonda on 4/15/08 and since the time of Christs death there have been many antichrists who deceive many from knowing the true Christ with their false doctrines ...antichrist ONLY mentioned in these scriptures 1John 2:18,22, 1John 4:3, 2John 7

the man of sin, and beast of revalation are the final great antichrists
---Rhonda on 4/15/08

Michael, now THOSE are some interesting theories you put forth, Gorbie's birthmark and all. What will people dream up next? Yikes!
---amicusdei on 4/14/08

Many christians believe when the
antichrist appears, they will be up
in heaven looking down. I'm sorry to
burst your bubble, but it is not going
to happen that way. Type in on net,
Saddam antichrist, for a wealth of info.
Also there is another, the mortal head
wound that has healed, God made him ball
so all could see, The false prophet,
Mikhail Gorbachev, the beast of
Revelation. If you are looking for
another, you will be waiting a long
long time.
---Michael on 4/14/08

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John did not specify when he said that
all rich and poor would recieve a mark,
all over the world or just in the country
that the antichrist ruled. The ans. is the
country he ruled. Saddam is our man.
I will say no more.
---Michael on 4/14/08

A physical man, not a woman, for "HE causeth all to receive a mark," "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the MARK, or the name of the beast, or the number of HIS name," "If any man worship the beast and HIS image..." "and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the MARK of his name." Need I say more?
---Steveng on 4/13/08

Satan is lord of this physical world. Everything he does will be physical - from the miracles he performs to the building of the physical temple. Everything he manifests must be physical to make even the non-believers to believe him. An example is when Moses ascended into the mountain, but the people in the valley needed something physical to worship - the calf. Having something to see and feel to believe is human nature. (but, of course, to Christians our faith is the unseen.)
---Steveng on 4/13/08

Don't get caught up in this 666 thing. Whatever will happen, God will be there to tell you. It may not be now, but he will warn His people just before it happens. Just be aware of what is happening in the world, but don't worry about it. All things mentioned in prophesy must come to pass before our Lord Jesus returns. Man today cannot possible change what is about to happen. Keep the full armor of God on. Continually pray for you and your protection.
---Steveng on 4/13/08

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I find that the antichrist is a physical being in the order of the horn that uproots, and proclaims blasphemy. The only temple I see being rebuilt is after the antichrist is destroyed in the New Jeruselem.

As to being paranoid, in spiritual life at least, it may be a good thing. Keeps you on your toes to get today what needs to be done, the ensure tomorrow.
---dan on 4/13/08

One thing about the Jerusalem Temple people seem to forget.

It was a glorified slaughterhouse, with the odor of incense just barely masking the stench of blood and manure--if at all.

What do you think went on there anyway? Cantatas and revivals?
---Jack on 4/13/08

1. Human
2. Yes
3. Scriptures will be fulfilled. But not altered Scriptures, only the original truth.
4. Labels have nothing to do with the truth since Jesus was called insane by his own family.
---frances008 on 4/12/08

Mima, you are a nice person and not paranoid. You probably take the book of Revelation literally while others don't. If it makes you happy to believe The Antichrist will direct the construction of a third Temple, that's okay with me. But I am not going to plan my life around such a belief.
---amicusdei on 4/12/08

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---Michael what a fantastic imaginary answer.
---Mima on 4/12/08

He begin to have dreams and visions
he was King and God. So he built temples
to sit in. The bible says people will
worship his image. So statues and paintings
were put all over his country. Add his name
up in Hebrew =666, he was 66.6 years old
when captured by 666 soldiers, the UN passed
resolution 666 against him, he is/now was
the man of lawlessness The antichrist Saddam
of Iraq.
---Michael on 4/11/08

Hi, mima (o:

3. We are His holy temple being built, right now . . . "in the Lord" . . .

"having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into

a holy temple in the Lord,

in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit." (Ephesians 2:20-22)
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/11/08

1, Why can't Antichrist be a woman just as well?

2. Why do people assume that Israel after the flesh and its temple (destroyed nearly 2000 years ago) still have spiritual significance?

3. Where do people get the idea there's a 4th temple?

4. Why not?
---Jack on 4/10/08

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