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Big Fat Ugly Weight

I feel big fat and ugly. How can I rapidly lose weight? I believe Obama is getting votes for example because he is trim and Clinton is a little more plump. Your thoughts?

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 ---Susanette on 4/24/08
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I have been "fat" most of my life. I have tried every diet in the book. When I realized that Quick weight loss is not the answer, I was able to lose it You didn't put the weight on over night and you won't take it off over night. (That would be great, wouldn't it!)

You need to understand this is going to be a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. Set reasonable goals (1-2lbs a week!, not 10!)

1. See your doctor and get a physical
2. See a nutritionist! They can help you with a proper diet.
3. Exercise. Start slowly. Walk, ride a bike. Again, set goals! 1/2 mile this week, a mile next week. Build up to it.
---NurseRobert on 8/18/08

Not very old are you? Well, obedience to God's Word will be your key. 1) By faith see yourself different, 2) A disciplined lifestyle of exercising and a daily inner conviction to your relationship with the Lord, 3) Pray daily, even when you feel grumpy. 4) Pray for others, 5) Claim that you can do all things through Christ, that you are highly favored,
6) Accept yourself as God accepts you, 7) Don't over eat. NO emotional, "make me feel better" eating. Get a Godly attitude of winning this challenge. You can!
PS. O'Bama or anyone else has nothing to do with this!
---Robert on 8/18/08

Thanks Leon.:-)
---Kella3336 on 8/18/08

I suggest that you rethink this situation, and start seeing yourself, as God sees you. He is not condemning, it is his will to build us up in the faith, not tear us down. The tapes in our heads, can be changed, and when they are, we will begin to see the desired results.
---gayla on 8/17/08

The Atkins diet rocks, you can lose a ton of weight in a short time, if you're very strict. Or you can just severely cut calories...say 1000 kcal/day. Or you could go the traditional route and do cardio 3 times a week (jogging) and eat carbs mainly right after a workout but keep total caloric intake below your maintenance needs. :-)
---Todd1 on 5/21/08

Whoa, that's heavy Susanette! However, I fail to see how the dots can be connected between weight & votes. :) I agree with Kella & would further recommend hydrotheraphy. Hope you know what I mean.
---Leon on 5/21/08

You focus on size and weight and that is why you see Obama and CLinton in this light when size probably has little to do with race outcomes. You fail to see that both Obama and Clinton are spiritually bankrupt in God's eyes and the importance of what God sees. How does God see you? He loves His children and as one, you are missing out on all of that love:) Pray to God and thank Him for your many other blessings and allow His love to flow to and through you:) Don't let size be an idle:) Be blessed)
---jody on 4/29/08

i hate reminding people but it is not our place to judge, it is God's. The analogy of the rotten apple is old and outdated and stereotypical.
In regards to feeling fat and ugly, it is all a personal opinion, forget what others think, they are sinners and not worth your time. If you genuinely want to lose weight for your behalf, then do so.
---John on 4/29/08

what is important is the inside person. there are people or women who are slim or physically fit & beautiful but their personality is ugly. who needs them. just bec they are beautiful & trim they think they are better than others. that is the truth about beauty. beauty will flow from the inside.
---mike on 4/28/08

Not to argue, but the only way to lose weight is to eat less calories than you burn. If you are inactive by reducing calories you still lose weight. Exercise helps burn more calories. Weight lifting helps you burn more longer. Reduce your carbohydrates, eat more protein, you'll do well.
---dan on 4/28/08

The only thing that will make the body lose weight and keep it off is exercise. But every person should consult with a doctor to make sure the exercise in question is safe before starting.

As for food, if you get all the nutrition you need, your body won't mind if you're getting fewer calories. Loads of veggies, plus lean protein, dairy (if lactose-tolerant), and whole grains are the way to go.

And drink lots of water. The body needs it to convert fat back into sugars the body needs.
---Nancy on 4/27/08

Dear Susanette,
God created each and everyone of us for a purpose. It sounds like to me that you have very low self esteem. Diets do not work, it is a lifestyle change, always keep that in mind. You are beautiful in the eyes of the Lord. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. I will keep you in my prayers and remember that you are special. God bless you...Cynthia
---Cynthia on 4/26/08

The weight of our brain varies little from one person to the next.
Some run on high octane fuel, some run on snickers bars. Regardless of what you feed your brain, it doesn't expand or shrink too much.
Looks mean very little when it comes to having your fingers on the buttons.
Mr. Cheney's looks don't mean a thing. Age is more pertinent to most people. We don't want an elderly person that falls asleep at the wheel.
---lisa on 4/26/08

Fat, ugly and smart is better than beautiful, thin and silly.

Lose weight rapidly, you'll gain it all back as rapidly. No such thing as a free lunch and no such thing as safe rapid weight loss.
---lisa on 4/26/08

If you'll notice all of the celebrities plugging weight loss programs and jump starting their careers once again.

The world tells people that they're not worth anything unless they're at their perfect weight. Be thin and you'll be acceptable once again.

Politics doesn't operate quite as shallow as hollywood, unless you combine the two.
---lisa on 4/26/08

Clinton and Obama has nothing to do with anyone losing weight or how many votes they get. The reason why you feel this way is because your self confidence is low. Have you started an exercise program? If not, then it isn't too late to get started. You don't have to go a gym, just start walking. And eat a good breakfast, if you don't then at lunch time, you'll tend to overeat. Watch your calorie intake. It isn't going to be instant but you should see results within a few weeks.
---Rebecca_D on 4/26/08

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hehe, Weight and politic dont matter. In Australia there is a fat Labour party member, his name was Kim Beazley and the joke is why is he so fat? Because he is in labor. All jokes aside go on a raw food vegetarian diet, everything raw dont cook it, youll drop it quick plus youll detoxify you body and probably be healthier than you have every been. If thats to hard just drink half you body weight in ounces, 60% of Americans are constipated due to not enough water consumption. Tea and coffee dont count.
---rosalie on 4/25/08

I prayed about this blog question.

Accept yourself as GOD made you. Your "weight" is one thing than you can work on changing. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a thinner and healthier "weight". However, trying to make this change "too quickly" can be medically dangerous. The best way is to seek the Holy Spirit and let yourself be gradually guided towards your "weight" loss goal. GOD doesn't change us overnight. He changes us gradually.
---Augie on 4/25/08

Fat and ugly do not go together. Many fat people are not ugly, some are beautiful. And there are skinny ugly people.
---KarenD on 4/25/08

Why dont you just be grateful for being alive and able to do the things and just work on small deliberate changes to make your health and life more enriching?
You are not big fat or ugly. You're basically telling God His work is a piece of crap. You might *feel* big fat and ugly but then do something about it to feel better. There is no rapid way to do it. It's a lifestyle change. Small deliberate changes work. Quit saying nasty things about yourself. That's rediculous!
---Nicola on 4/25/08

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"Weight Loss" is an obsession of many women. When I was a kid, my mother talked a lot about losing weight. I'm obsessed with "Weight Loss" too. 6'0" (height) and 175 pounds (weight) is OVERWEIGHT.

Starving yourself only makes you hungry for more food. Dieting doesn't work either because you are hungry after the diet.

My mother taught me that the trick is to eat only 1/2 of what you normally eat and exercise 2X, or twice, what you normally do. This regime works!
---Augie on 4/25/08

I hate being fat. Nothing that you may pull out of the closet looks good on you. I have lost some weight. One plus IS: I never look to other people as fat as the scale shows. I hate those scales. It's hard to lose weight especially when you become older.>>>Unless your appetite deminishes, it's nigh impossible to lose weight. Mine, praise God, has gone down.
---catherine on 4/25/08

Susanette, I am sorry you feel so bad about yourself. I pray you let God's love wash over you. I hope you begin to see your wonderful qualities and stop feeling fat and ugly. If you really do need to lose weight then do it because you feel you deserve it. Tips:no high fructose corn syrup-makes you hungrier, eat veggies, plenty of fiber, drink water, get plenty of rest, reduce stress,and excercise. I am on a weight loss path-so I understand. If you want encouragement email me and I will get back to you.
---Kella3336 on 4/25/08

I would not go after "rapidly" losing weight, but develop the self-control that will keep it off once you get it off (o: And Obama's name rhymes with Osama, and yet he gets votes. So, I'd say people can look past excuses to discriminate about weight or what a person's name sounds like. Join pen pals, here, maybe, see if we have any real Christians who will be your friends, despite how you look (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/24/08

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Hillary won in Pennsylvania yesterday. Explain that! Weight has nothing to do with the election. There is no healthy way to lose weight rapidly. Change the way you eat to healthy (more fruits, vegetables, etc) and less fast food (actually no fast food).
---KarenD on 4/24/08

who's vote do you need to win?

I know it was an example, a great one.

Do this weight loss thing for the right reasons, if it be for the sake of your testimony you seek the one who can keep you in all ways. Incorporate prayer and repentance, as small as a sin it may be the SINcerity in which you approach this will be honored and your cause be taken up by God himself.

Keep a journal and look for the evidence keeping the whispers of the Spirit on record- You'll be fascinated.
---pharisee on 4/24/08

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