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Christian Bad Credit Loans

Should Christians consider bad credit loans since the economy is so bad?

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 ---Janet on 4/25/08
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hi,got to admit hardship..long story..ended up quick loan and it did't stop there... my friend atchurch in worse shape. I read threebloggs on here, made me realizehow much God still loves me! I pray that I keep (smile) reading ChristiaNet! I feel blessed read what others had gone through! I willbe alright. Expect be wiser.I get through with God's help! Love of jesus!
---ELENA on 8/14/11

No I don't think so since they are bad that should be enough to say no even if the economy is good.
---virga3334 on 5/5/08

I don't think that a Christian should take out a loan if they know that it will difficult to pay it back. Also, the high interest rates preclude being able to pay back money any way and one should be very careful about going into debt.
---Dorothy on 5/1/08

I think any Bad credit loan would have an enormous interest rate. I would advise against getting one....Dave.....
---Dave on 4/30/08

If you think the economy is bad now, wait until all those "bad credit loans" come due. How do you think people got to the point where they lost their homes? They made "bad credit loans" on their homes which are now worth less than they owe on them. No credit is the best kind of credit to have.
---KarenD on 4/30/08

Poor people who cannot afford to pay back money should not borrow money, but they do anyways.
---Amanda on 4/30/08

I can only guess. I guess Christians should help the economy by not incurring debts.
---Jose on 4/30/08

no" no one at any time should consider a bad credit loan.
---Dorine on 4/30/08

that depends on the situation i think ....if you are in need then i see no problem ...i want to get a bad credit loan so i can put a shop in my back yard so i can work on cars ther to make a living because where i work has slowed down so much ..and i want to run my own shop
---gary on 4/29/08

Loans to people with bad credit apparently have higher interest rates. So, a person in economic trouble needs to be able to pay back the debt and this with higher interest. So, I would make sure you are making enough to be paying the debt on time, plus pay the interest . . . better yet, pay early. Or don't take the loan if you're not predictably making enough for the payments. But if you succeed, this can get you good credit with less interest on loans.
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/29/08

A christian has to be careful just as well as a non christian,because there are soooo many scam artist out there and they are so skillful,they ask for thing like an upfront fee,then they get your important information.the elderly christian man or woman and the elderly widower has to especially be careful.everybody is out for money.
---Richa4365 on 4/29/08

Christians should not consider bad credit loans because the economy is so bad rather they should use their money according to their budget. plan well and avoid borrowing.
---Selpha on 4/29/08

Definitely not, tried it and it just gets you in a worst place, much worst place.
---David on 4/29/08

If you are in financial need for assistance, and are thinking of a loan go for it. Only if you can afford the monthly payments. Write down all your expenses, bills, food, gas, etc. Subtract that from the money coming in, can you afford another payment? If not, then no don't get a loan.
---Rebecca_D on 4/26/08

I don't know what a "bad credit loan" is. If you mean I have bad credit and still take out a loan . . . should a Christian do this maybe when things are desperate? I would have to be in the situation and praying to find out what God had me do. Hold out for Him to personally have me know. And I think it might be good to do financial assistance business with someone I know is a trustworthy Christian.
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/25/08

I think if the economy continues down its current path, people will be forces to get loans just to make it. So many people can't even find a good job anymore.
---Aaron on 4/25/08

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