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FLDS Foster Parent Kids

If you were a foster parent who was fostering one of the FLDS children, how would you handle it? How would you handle the religious training in your home?

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 ---KarenD on 4/26/08
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The religious training in my home wouln't change. I would make sure that these children felt loved,cared for and safe. The bible says that God places his word in the hearts of all men (and children). I think that after awhile these children would begin to understand that Jesus has a different plan for their life then what they had been told before. Through the love of Jesus Christ all things are possible.
---Betty5357 on 7/12/08

Tammy I used to be mormon and I hate to tell u, but the LDS are mormons and they Karen is correct thats why I am no longer mormon because of their lies.
---Ann on 5/6/08

"If you were a foster parent who was fostering one of the FLDS children, how would you handle it? How would you handle the religious training in your home?"

Through a prayerful, conscious and empowered application of the fruit produced of the Spirit. Paying special attention to love, faith, patience and temperance.
---josef on 5/2/08

I know one thing. In my state if I announced
out I was going to mary a 14 and 16 year old
girl, I would be writing this post from jail.
---michael on 4/30/08

Tammy....I posted from first-hand knowledge. I have a friend who is devout (with Temple privileges) LDS and is 55 years old. Her father was LDS (with Temple privileges) and she was raised in a polygamous home. Since Utah became a state in 1896, that would make LDS members still practicing polygamy. What happened to all those wives/children of the polygamists on the day that Utah became a state? You have obviously never lived in Utah. The FLDS are also Mormons as they use the Book of Mormon.
---KarenD on 4/30/08

LDS Prophet forbid polygamy in order for Utah to become a state. It didn't happen after Utah became a state.
---KarenD on 4/30/08

KarenD - please check your facts. These people are not part of the Mormon church - they are a break off sect and their way of life is not consistent with the way Mormons live. The Mormon church abolished polygamy when Utah became a state - a pesky belief that the law of the land should be obeyed.
---Tammy on 4/29/08

I would show them the same love and concern that I would show anyone else. I would not make their religous training an issue at all. They would hear about Jesus' love as would any other foster child. It is important that their biological parents are not spoken poorly of. They need encouragement but I would not agree with any falsehoods either. I would stick to the Bible.
---jody on 4/29/08

The thing that is important to remember is that these mothers were once the children. They have been brainwashed and this is the only life they know. Women are not equal to men in any LDS teachings. They are not allowed to hold any positions of ministry in the church. The Mormons have always preached polygamy and this is the result. This is what comes of a false prophet's teachings. They become even more perverse over the years.
---KarenD on 4/28/08

The last thing those kids need is more religious training. They've been traumatized by the use of fear to keep them down.
Those kids will need a great deal of love, deprogramming. The best thing would be for their mothers to care enough about them, defect and be with them. They all need to come out of the Stepford wife meets Little House on the Prairie lifestyle.
---lisa on 4/28/08

If there was ever a more perfect time for those abused mothers/children to come out, it's now. The mothers should leap at the chance to leave those creepy men alone. Without women and children, there would be no more generations of this cult. It would be over.
But I don't see that happening. They've been programmed, brainwashed for so long, their minds can't think on their own. The woman rely on the men to tell them what they should think.
---lisa on 4/28/08

I watched one poor woman tell the media that she was living in Zion, heaven on earth. Her eyes were dazed, her face was full of fear and she looked like anything but heaven on earth. It's a cult that's been ignored for so long, that no one really wants to touch it, including the authorities.

As they say, when elephants start dancing, mice should get out of the way. The women and children should scurry, run for their lives right now.
---lisa on 4/28/08

Foster parents are not the answer. It's more trauma.
Those mothers have to stand up and be heard, come out from among them, separate themselves and help the children have a real life with the state's help. It can be done. A few women have had the courage to run and do just that.
---lisa on 4/28/08

Take it slowly.Show patience,love and understanding.Do not bad mouth the natural parents.Show by Christian example.Take them to a Bible teaching church.Pray for them a lot in private.Respect all confidences.
---shirley on 4/27/08

Offering myself to God, first . . .

Seeing how He has me become for loving them and mainly being a real good example for them > "nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." (1 Peter 5:3)

See if and how I could get to know each one, without making their past stuff an attention getter unless the kids brought it up, maybe. I'd have to see. Just see what they are ready for, that is good (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/27/08

windy here, I'd take the kid out to fly kites.

OK I admit, that's a selfish one, I'm the one who wants to fly a kite.

I think I'd just try and start them on the road to putting that nightmare behind them and help them just be a kid again.
As you grow close there'll be some point that they want to talk, and then you just help them cry and pray.
---pharisee on 4/27/08

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My course of action would begin with prayer, fasting & a constant display of the love of Jesus Christ as I patiently attempted to meet the physical & spiritual needs of the child in my care.
---Leon on 4/27/08

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