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Why Get A Pagan Tattoo

Why would someone want to mar their beautiful skin to get a tattoo? Any ideas?

Moderator - Rebellion, paganism, immaturity, etc.

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 ---Robyn on 5/1/08
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1) The law was never abolished in the sence we want. most of us think that we can get away with our little sins because of this, smoking drinking, looking at not really clean programs at television, having not quite pure talk, and so on is justified by our notion of God's love.
---Andy on 5/8/08

2) nevertheless the bible says be Holy, for I am holy... it was written as a commandement, and it was written in the new testament. Love God above all, God loves you when you come to repentance even if you have a or more tattoos, or whatever is the worldlyness you where involved with, nevertheless you show your love for Him by stopping because he said (even if it was in the old testament I HATE IT.
---andy on 5/8/08

3) The law of love is stronger than the law of Moses. the law of Moses, i might say, it was completed in christ, so that those who messed up before they repented can have a chance to now Submit to God. it is true God never rejects anyone with a tattoo, nevertheless he is verry upset with those who repented and then return to their old vommit.
---andy on 5/8/08

4) Love makes me to accept newly born in church, with or without tattoos, when they are addicts or not (smoking alcohol drugs) but that same love needs them to stop these things. I am the last to judge, and even when my formal reply hurt, it is because somehow i was telling the truth, therefore live a life of repentance as Christ wants.
---andy on 5/8/08

Thank you for your loving words NV Barbara.
---Mary28 on 5/3/08

No Mary don't be concerned about what's already done. I personally don't think that tatoos are sinful.
Keep reading and living the Word dear girl. I am encouraged by your desire to serve God. God bless you!
---NVBarbara on 5/3/08

They are ugly, all of them, large or small.
It's like having a Texas roadmap inked out on your body. The older they become, the more blurred and uglier they are.
---Marcia on 5/2/08

I know some people with tatoos, they consider it 'artwork'. Some of it is very intricate and artistic, like permanant jewelry. I was never tempted to have ink put under my skin, it seems unsanitary to me. I don't feel like God would want me to mark up my skin.
---NVBarbara on 5/2/08

I am reading the Bible for the first time in my life, so I cannot say it God says tattoos are wrong or right. I am just saying that I think God cares about what is in our heart more than what is on our bodies. I love God and I repent for my sins every day. I don't know if I would get a tattoo or not now, I have no desire to. The ones I have are enough. But I still don't think God would be mad if I did. Maybe as I study the Bible more I will find out different but right now that is how I feel.
---Mary28 on 5/2/08

Also isn't that in the old law? You can't pick and choose, if it's not all right to get a tattoo then it's not all right to wear makeup and so on. What about all the other requirements of the old law, are we supposed to follow all those?
---Mary28 on 5/2/08

Definitely immaturity!
---Jan on 5/2/08

2)wether we see it as bad or not, does not really matter, how does God sees it, and then start thinking talking walking as He would. that is life of repentance. I myself have friends with tatoos, and i must admit, these things are artistic masterpieces. i am amazed of the tallent of some of these "artists" still i do not take one, for God is against it.
---andy on 5/2/08

3) i do not need to quote the bible again since augie allready did it. and yes some put Christian marks, yet the bible did not say if you do, only crosses and pictures of Christ, it said you shall not do. however we are no longer under the law, i do believe that to have a tattoo is not exactly God's desire, and to get a tatoo when allready a Christian is blunt-out rebellion as emcee says.
---andy on 5/2/08

1) Dear Mary2) I believe that repentance and regret are not in the same level with you. when i repent, i also regret my formal actions, question is... would you have a tatoo right now? Paul repented and regretted his entire life his mistakes. fact is we do not do certain things because we believe it is wrong, we leave them because God says it is wrong.
---Andy on 5/2/08

2. I do not wear make-up, nor do I change the colour of my hair but I do have my very straight hair permed and I wear jewellery. Maybe I am breaking some old testament laws by doing those two things. Am I?
---RitaH on 5/2/08

Augie, the same book of the Bible forbids menstruating women from sleeping in the same bed with their husbands, or hybridizing crops.

Do you follow these prohibitions, too?

In some Eastern Christians cultures, it's considered a great act of piety to have a beautiful cross tattooed on the forehead or hand, so as not to be able to receive the Mark of the Beast.
---kumquat on 5/1/08

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Depends. If it is something unChristian then its wrong. I have a tattoo of a rose and a butterfly. I got them before I was saved, but I still don't think it is wrong having them. I see it as a way to make myself more beautiful and as a way to express myself. I wear jewelry and makeup to beautify myself. The only difference is that those aren't permanent, but same purpose, to beautify. But it has nothing to do with rebellion, paganism,or immaturity. Maybe for some people but not all.
---Mary28 on 5/1/08

I have to agree with the Moderator's response. Tattoos are probably symbolic of insecurity or something of that sort. I can't see how they can possibly glorify GOD. That's why I believe the Bible has this verse: Leviticus 19:28

"Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord."

---Augie on 5/1/08

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