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Confession Repentance

Would it be possible to get a CONFESSION blog started? I feel the need to confess, and ask forgiveness, for my sins. James 5:16. Confession, and praying for one another, helps everyone.

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 ---Augie on 5/2/08
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Paul, however it can be usefull for some weak christians to go to an elder or the elders confessing his/her sins openly with them. it is by no means Gods ordained plan. this advice was given in James 5 and also in Hebrews (just read it completaly) it is shown to us that we have FREE acces to the father THROUGH Jesus Christ. if confession makes you feel better go ahead, yet to kneel down to the Father and confess to God himseldf is
A much deeper
B much heavier, since with a priest most tery to soften there sins a bit yet with God we KNow he knows, so we better be honnest.
---Andy on 3/12/09

That is why it is good to confess to a priest..who is under the power of God. Ordained by God. God hears that confession, because it is spoken with the phrase " I confess to God as well"
To the Lord as the priest is the witness to that confession.

Just Do it!
---paul on 2/28/09

i think its best for you to take your sins to our loving father.
---netta_3634 on 10/18/08

Can confess whatever...But,it just depends on who you confess it to..There are Christians that cannot be trusted with their speech...Life and death are in the power of the tongue and some people have not gotten that revelation as of yet.This is exactly what the enemy is after, are those negative Words.But, Unfortunately most Christians have not been taught this...They can't seem to figure out what is causing all of their issues,and haven't figured out that the real problem is right under their own nose!
---Elisabeth on 5/22/08

May I suggest that you use a very close friend to do that with, because Words are very very Powerful and if the wrong person gets wind of your situation it could be not so good.Life and death are in the power of the tongue and you do not need hundreds of people speaking out your situation to the world.So stop and think before you start confessing your flaws...Start Confessing God's Word over your circumstances only...This is what brings
the Victories...God forgives u no matter what you have done...
---Elisabeth on 5/22/08

I don't know about this one. >>>Caution before you spill your guts, I just found out by looking up scripture, you should only confess your sin publicly if it is already made public. As always go with the leading of the Person of the Holy Spirit.Warning...[if one becomes desperate about a critical situation, he will not be satisfied uttering a few pious sentences] >>>If you have a situation of graveness, You ought to call out to God in the name of Jesus, HELP ME, My Lord and my God.
---catherine on 5/8/08

I should mention that we are ALL bad examples in one way or another. ALL have sinned and tarnished GOD's plan. This is why we need to confess and pray for one another. Gluttony or something else.
---Augie on 5/4/08

The AWESOME part of this James 5:16 process is it allows others to intercede and call down Heaven to help keep that believer's sanctity in the planned walk that God has for them.
---pharisee on 5/4/08

Thank you that people have decided to confess their sins one unto another. This sheds light on the dark places. Do not scorn those who feel impressed to openly confess sins. Churches are full of people who are too busy looking and sounding right. Jesus was a man of no reputation in yet people still try to look and sound o'holier than thou. I welcome those that confess their sins openly to the Lord Jesus Christ. May He be glorified through His continual Grace and mercy to forgive the sins of His creation.
---rosalie on 5/4/08

The more people around the world who read this, hey, that's fine with me. They ALL need to know that being over-weight, obese, etc. isn't good for anyone.

GOD views gluttony as a SIN and disapproves of their over-eating behavior. That's just setting a very bad, poor example for others. Look at how many families, especially children of obese parents, grow up to be obese themselves. Exodus 20:5. Food has become their IDOL and GOD absolutely hates that. No question!
---Augie on 5/3/08

Augie: If you feel the need to confess your sins on the internet, then so be it. But for me, I confess my sins to the Lord in private. I already get talked about the way it is, I don't need to make things worse. Because once you slip up, people won't let you forget it and throw it back into your face. I know we are supposed to confess our faults to another, but I confess to a good friend such as my husband or a sister in the Lord. You have to watch who and what you say to others, cause some will blab.
---Rebecca_D on 5/3/08

Well, Pharisee, considering how caring and helpful you seem to be with people who have problems . . . I see you also can be honest enough to admit to things about your own self (o: And though this is on the Net and ones say to keep certain things more private . . . our confessing, here, can be an example of honesty, so that ones can be encouraged to be more honest about themselves, also. And admitting things about ourselves are wrong can help others to see these things ARE wrong.
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/3/08

Augie if the offence was committed HERE then perhaps it is right to confess it HERE but there is a limit to what people should tell or confess via computer. You have said it now so those who might have been offended should accept your apology. Now confess to Jesus and get on with your life being forgiven.
---RitaH on 5/3/08

John 20:22,23 applies to sins another person has done against you personally. To obtain forgiveness, you must ask it from the one you offended or sinned against. If you sin against me, I can forgive that offense: but if you sin against "someone else", then only that "someone else" can grant you the forgiveness for the wrong you have done "against them". Only God Jesus has power to forgive sins that others have done against others. Please Read- Luke 7:47-50+ Matthew 5:23,24.
---Eloy on 5/3/08

Eph 5:21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.

I've gotten rid of buckets of sin through changing habits, what I found true for me is that the oldest ones are the most stubbornly set within me.
I still struggle with gluttony, and I daydream way too much. I start too many things and don't finish enough. I don't praise people enough to diffuse my criticism, and I should be there more often for my daughter.
These are the points I fail in most often.
---pharisee on 5/2/08

Go ahead, Augie. Not a wise thing to do on a nationwide blog. I will give my confession to God directly or with a Christian that I am close to. Jesus had His close friends that He shared with, and we should have those kind of friends, too.
A really unwise thing to do on a computer that belongs to your employer.
---Mark_V. on 5/2/08

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"Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." (James 5:16)

So, each of us is ordained, by this scripture, to have MUTUAL confession "to one another", plus MUTUAL healing prayer "for one another" to be "healed", I understand, of whatever makes us able to sin and then suffer emotionally because of the spirit (Ephesians 2:2) that had us sinning.
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/2/08

Augie...How about confessing to Jesus. There is no forgiveness for your sins except through Jesus. He died for you on the cross.
---KarenD on 5/2/08

Brothers and Sisters:

I have felt the need to confess to you that I have "ridiculed" people who are having weight problems. Another way of saying "ridiculed" is: "criticized".

Example: People with eating problems are the reason why the USA's health care costs are increasing so much. Why don't the obese just learn how to control themselves?

Please forgive me for being so critical. That type of spirit is not from GOD. Matthew 7:1-6.

---Augie on 5/2/08

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