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Will A Degree Help My Career

Will an online degree or associate degree help me achieve my career goals?

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 ---Missy on 5/7/08
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Here's some helpfulness for you:

From now till the new year '09, Decide to be nondecisive about where you want to go with your career. Even if you have ideas as to what you want to go for. Write them down if you know and add/subtract as you research each job prospect and school. Tell yourself that you will remain indecisive till the new year then you'll make your decision where to go and what to do.
I did that and I was asked to aide in a Sundayschool room. I got there early to make a good impression and I was the only one standing in the class room feeling like I just got HOME.
That was actually God saying: "Remember when you wanted to be a TEACHER?
---Nicola on 8/28/08

First, take it to Jesus in prayer and ask Him for guidance/wisdom. A degree will definitely give you an advantage to get in the door. Before you decide what to study, you shuld look at your skills and what you like to do. I see you like computers and games. There is a lack of game professionals who can develop Christian Games that teaches Bible principles and is fun to play. One program I recommend to study 3DS Max if you are ever interested in this field. There are a sort of other programs as well. An advantage of this career, you may be able to work from home and submit your work online. This of course depends on the company.May God Bless you always in your decision and May His Kingdom be glorified for what God has in stored for you.Martin
---Martin on 8/27/08

Yes it can but remember,...Unless the LORD builds a house, They labor in vain who build it, Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain. Psalms 127:1
Ask God to prosper your ways. I have seen people with university degrees yet jobless or holding a job that does not merit there educational standards. Allow Jesus to make your dreams come true.
---caroa9397 on 8/21/08

it will give you a better chance but on todays'sjob vacaciest there are no garanties sometimes they say you are over qualified but if you do best of luck
---maryv on 7/17/08

i don't know if it will help or not. im in the process of getting a degree in criminal justice myself. just have to wait and see
---chris on 7/7/08

yes this would help you to get a better carrier oppertunity
---andy on 7/7/08

I think these is not true but you degree can help you do what God had planned for you.some people graduate just because their friends did the same thing so what matters most is the effort you put in your area of work.
---chara on 7/7/08

An associate's degree is a great stepping stone toward advancement in your career. However, depending on how far you chose to grow in your career a Bachelor's as well as a Master's Degree are the steps that you need in order to climb the ladder (corporate)
---wendy on 7/4/08

hi,to have career goals is good and a degree could help for but let's take a different way to see the things by answering this simple questions:
1) did God want the same?
2) how much time you will use to get the degree?
3) you finally have a degree and your desired career how much time you will dedicate to this?
4)there will be some time left for the lord?
5)and family? service for the lord?
are you sure that a better offer to the Lord will be appreciated instead of time?
---leonardo on 7/4/08

I would want to say that a college degree can in fact assist you in attaining your career goals. But from my own experience you have to stay focused. We start out thinking this is what I like to do, but in all actually what you like to do and what will fulfil you spritually are two differnt things. I think that once I accepted Jesus Christ as the head of my life and I developed a relationship with him, my education was just a stepping for me to be
used by God. All those years of education and life experiences were setting me up to know that I am most effective helping souls in the kindgom. My career allows me to financially help the Word of God to be spread in the community.
---Lellean on 7/3/08

yes it can help you to get a better job
---christine on 7/3/08

This depends on many things. Experience verses knowledge has always been such a problem because ideally you should have both for a job. But then you end with the chicken and the egg situation without one then you cant get the other.
A degree like any other teaching situations, is mostly theory based and there is often no substitute for the real thing. So ideally get as much experience as you can while you are studying (preferably in the area of work that you want to work in). Often experience will give quyou key areas to build up your knowledge in for progression later on

ie computer networking requires knowledge of tcpip/ routing etc and loads of other related things.
---stuart on 7/3/08

It all depends. Surely there is other than the Med-Field. I sure dont know what they might be.
---Lawrence on 7/3/08

Yes I Think Your Degree Will Help Your Career And Its Good That Way!
---Elizabeth on 7/3/08

It really depends on the goal. I got a 1 semester certificate in CAD and right away got a job as a CAD draftsman. I also got a non-traditional BS in Computer Science from Thomas Edison State College, and right away got a job as a software engineer. Edison grants credit for life experience and offers online courses as well. You can also go to a local community college and transfer credit to Edison.
---obewan on 7/3/08

It depends on what your career goals are. My suggestion is to take a career assessment test first to see what skills God has given you. Then choose a Bible based Christian college to attend. Now days, you will need to go all the way to a Bachelor's or Master's degree depending on your career. But you have to start somewhere! Lord Bless!
---Ron on 7/2/08

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hi there,
the answer is Yes.that it's true that online degree or associate degree will help you to achieve your career goals.But also this will depend on how you perceive this degree,if you perceive it positively you will get a positive result that i'm sure.Also according to Ben Carson from the book Think Big,he said No knowledge is wested,it's just the matter of time
---peter on 6/7/08

Majority of the time it will help you but putting God first and believing in his power over every situation is most helpful. god can take you where a degree can't
---senya on 5/28/08

It couldn't hurt, my friend! But remember to keep your guard up at many professors espouse super-liberal anti-Christian viewpoints.
---Todd1 on 5/28/08

I think it is a good thing to have some credit.
---Charles on 5/15/08

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Associate degree is the beginning of mental challenging activity. Hope you try several classes to find the perfect career path for you
---Betty on 5/14/08

associate degrees certainly cannot hurt. looks good on a resume. will it help, experience is what helps, but if you do not have it, go get the job as a paid intern during your time earning your associate degree be sure you like what you are training for. if not, change it.
---la on 5/13/08

I can say yes to the question,"Will an online degree or associate degree help me achive my career goals"?Education help us to improve our standard of living. good counselling helps us to pursue discipline/courses in relation to our career goals.
---charles on 5/12/08

An associate degree will definitely help you achieve your career goals. Just make sure that the course you are going for is in line with your career path.
---Vera on 5/12/08

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Ham greatful to hear that you want to go for an asociate degree but still not sure.. fine, i assure you that after achieving that degree you will never regret! and remember you will be exposed to many new things that will help your life. have you asked yourself these questions? time management, what type of an associate degree to go for? possibly mechanics? en how comited are u in other duties? i mean you may be a nursing mother? look at that. and then go on for it
---NYANG3978 on 5/12/08

I would say in almost every career it would help unless you want to spend your life digging ditches or waiting tables.
---shirley on 5/11/08

of course it will. you only ensure u choose the degree that will help u in ur career. goodluck!
---jayne5357 on 5/11/08

online degree or associate degree can help you achive the carreer because before you were born,God planted talent in you and what makes you fulfill the dream you have is the tarlent you have.There are born doctors,Teacer,you can name the only go to school to develope tarlent and have some guide.Having online degree is still schooling towards that course you want to follow.There resons people look for multiple degree is to increase knowlege and to secure better possotions in job
---Samuel on 5/11/08

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It depends upon your goals. You may find that vocational courses would give you more of a financial return than academic courses, especially if you're only going to get an associate's degree. Degrees are a glut in the market in some fields, and hard skills are more appreciated.

Whatever your goal is, I'd recommend at least one computer course, encompassing all the Office basics. It's a very rare field that does not find these skills valuable, and they can get you in the door even if a degree won't.
---Nancy on 5/11/08

Check the job descriptions online for positions in the field where you have your "career goals" and see what the qualifications are. Since you have not stated what your goals are, we cannot really discuss them adequately.
---KarenD on 5/10/08

I definitely believe that an Associates degree will help your career. I am attending a career college and I see these young people get their Associates in the field that they would like to work and I have seen them get jobs in their careers. By the way I am 85. My granddaughter is the program director and teacher for Criminal Justice.
---Dorothy on 5/9/08

Probably would. Go for it. And have fun.
---catherine on 5/9/08

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Yes, I think this will help you a lot. Go for it! Good Luck.
---Judith on 5/9/08

Yes, an associate degree can help to achive career goals, depending on what those goals are. Although I have a four-year degree (my career goals could not be fulfilled with Assoc. degree) I know many successful people who have 2 yr. degrees. Go for it because you can always return to school for BA or MA.
---Jessica on 5/9/08

Yes I certainly do but I do suggest also that you look at other avenues of study too so that you have an all round knowledge of many subjects. I found this really helped and helps still in my capacity as an Ordained Overseas Missionary Priest.
---Nasharina on 5/9/08

Depending on the kind of course you are taking. If it is genuine and recognisable, then you will achieve your goals and if it isn't, then you won't make it.
---Geoffrey on 5/9/08

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I certainly believe that getting an associates degree will help your carrer. That is what I am doing now.
---Summer on 5/8/08

Yes im sure that you can through Jesus Christ.

---cecy on 5/9/08

The information that we get to earn the degree help us to earn more information to teach and preach. The degree gives soome special impression to the hearers
---Francis on 5/8/08

Yes, a online degree, or associate degree from a accredited school will help you achieve your career goals. A bachelors degree would be better.
---inge3583 on 5/8/08

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i really dont know that much about what you are asking so i really cant answer that question for you thank you for asking me
---priscilla on 5/8/08

I believe that education helps those who apply themselves but we should all seek Gods will regarding what and where we go in this life God may want us somewhere completely opposite of what we want. So what does God want you to do? And where does He want you to go?
---Marie_Morphew on 5/8/08

I don't see that it would hurt for a degree online.but I'm sure you must look into it before signing anything. Plus I feel it depends on what your goals are
---Gabby8758 on 5/8/08

I sure think it helps thank you Lord for mines
---Lashan on 5/8/08

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A degree won't necessarily gaurantee a job. However It will most definitely expand your qualifications for a job(s). Plus if it is a desire that God has put into your heart then go for it. God will use it for His Kingdom.
---Marc_Moore on 5/8/08

An online degree is alright as long as it is from a reputable university. An associate degree is of very little influence when you apply for a position unless you are applying for an entry-level position. If your career goals are to work in a professional area, you need a four-year degree.
---KarenD on 5/8/08

Most companies are looking for folks with at least a bachelor's degree. Many of the companies that people work for are paying for them to go to school in order to get a degree.
---Rickey on 5/8/08

It depends upon the career as well as the respectability of the program you choose. Some professions require more advanced degrees and some don't like online degrees. Others accept 2yr or online education to fill criteria. What do you want to do? Blessings in your endeavors:)
---jody on 5/8/08

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It's always good to further your education.
With a degree you will most likely earn more money than people who has no degree. so the answer to your question, I would say yes I think it will help you achieve your career goals.
---Timmy9996 on 5/8/08

A degree may get you in the door, but hard work and your ability to deal with people will keep you there.
---dan on 5/8/08

It depends. Degrees are helpful in your professional career - lawyers, doctors, CPAs, etc. - or when you work for another company or get into a new career. Now a days, a person needs two degrees.

Also, the world is so full of opportunites to earn money by working for yourself - either a small business or commercial real estate (to create passive income) without the need for a degree.
---Steveng on 5/7/08

What are your career goals?
---Trish9863 on 5/7/08

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Any and all education will always help in a job, and in life! My Mom used to tell us that if we didn't learn something new everyday, it was a wasted day!
---NVBarbara on 5/7/08

I hope a degree will help your career or it's a waste of your time.
---Jimmy on 5/7/08

Academic degrees are alway useful in your profesional credentials. The type of Associate Degree makes a difference as well as the reputation of the granting institution. On line degree are a newer accademic tool, and again the reputation of the institution and the program granting the degree is important. It is often better to have a degree from an institution that has dominant residency programmin and also offers courses by remote learning, simply basses on the acceptability of their academic paper.
---notlaw99 on 5/7/08


I've talked to a lot of managers and they've told me that online degrees are the "best" for people who are already working and want to further their career potential.

Any education won't hurt you at all. But consider that online schools can be an "expensive" way to obtain that education. You just need to research the online school thoroughly and make a decision about the school. Seek advice from other people who have attended that school.
---Augie on 5/7/08

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Yes online degrees can, provided you do your research and make sure the online degree is from a reputable college.
---Larry on 5/7/08

be careful... take your time and research throughly
---janet on 5/7/08

It won't hurt you with your career. My husband did 20 years in the navy and still works for the government but when he looks for other jobs they are asking for a degree and he has the experience of what they are asking for but won't talk with him without that degree that they ask for. So go for it. I know I would do it if I was in that situation for a career goal. Good luck in whatever you do.
---debba6884 on 5/7/08

Hi Missy,
A degree would definitely help you to achieve your career goals. I would also say that your career goals should play a role in the type of degree you pursue. A two year degree is good but in many instances it will not even get your foot in the door. If you are willing to pursue a two year degree, I would suggest that you go the distance and complete your undergraduate degree and beyond.
Best wishes in your endeavors.
---pg1 on 5/7/08

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