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Cost To Covert A Soul

According to church records, how much money is tax deducted in relation to souls converted? Do you have any idea? You're a Christian, you know, it costs money to get people saved, so how much do you think, per conversion?

Moderator - Since the majority of churches have zero salvations per year, it cost too much in most cases. More evangelism is greatly needed in the average church.

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 ---Mima on 5/7/08
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eve7583: "... our jobs are to show people the gospel, then let them go from there whether they choose your church or one on their own. The main point is for them to lead them towards God , not make more money off of converts."

If you truly want to build a strong foundation in your spiritual walk with God, then don't join a denominational church.

Look online for joining or starting your own "home church"much like they did in the beginning of Christianity. And while you're at it, do an online Bible search for "one another" and "each other." compare what these verses say against whet you do at your denominational church in which you are just another face in the crowd.
---Steveng on 8/12/08

Our church has figured out the average money we spend on evangelism and the number of people baptized. That in average In Texas we spend $3,000 per conversion.

Evangelism is truly done though on a one to one baiss. In South American we our church aveages baptizing 100 every day the cost is $15. The reason people there are on fire for the Lord.

Being a Christian should be a life long devotion not a part time hobby.
---Samuel on 8/12/08

part3,no on second thought I would say most questions here are worldly questions,people seeking answers for a life in the world,and not a life following the teachings of jesus in his kingdom of spiritual rebirth,aka being born again.
---tom2 on 8/11/08

part2, and actually as I understand it there are no taxes paid by any church in the usa.all are tax matter what the ultimate cost per conversion is,it is well worth it.and might I add a command from jesus himself.jesus never said to spread the gospel only if it was economical.most of these questions here are so far out there as being ridiculous.
---tom2 on 8/11/08

not really interested at all in the monetary cost.and as a christian the cost must and should be illrelevant,as far as monetary consideration is concerned.the real cost was paid for by jesus.our cost if it can be called that is too give up our worldly life ,follow jesus,and love everyone.this cost is too high for many,even so called believers,and their lifestyles reflect this usually.but ultimately the cost is spiritual death,which when you understand this,you realize that the cost of not following jesus is WAY TOO HIGH,and actually leads too death.
---tom2 on 8/11/08

It should be for free. The saddness here is people are getting too greedy in the buildings they build for God. It is less expensive to have a simple church that isn't fancy, but meets the safty requirements for people to meet to fellowship with one another. As far as converting, our jobs are to show people the gospel, then let them go from there whether they choose your church or one on their own. The main point is for them to lead them towards God , not make more money off of converts.
---eve7583 on 8/8/08

Mima: No disrespect intended to you or your friends (members at the church "you say" hasn't won one person to Christ in 22 years). But, there's clearly a very serious spiritual problem going on in their ministry despite the external/outward signs of prosperity. It seems like they're religiously going thru the motions (2 Tim. 3:5-7) without having a notion of what it's really all about. How can anyone be a great soulwinner & his church hasn't won a soul to Christ in "22 years"?
---Leon on 5/26/08

Lisa, good explanation! I have prayed with people at my kitchen table who were 'converted'.( No 'covert' action involved!)
A Muslim couple in my house after witnessing to them and loving them to Christ, didn't cost me a thing, but it gave them everything!
---NVBarbara on 5/7/08
I am reposting this as a reminder that MANY people get saved in other places than church, I DID!
---NVBarbara on 5/24/08

If the local Church would start preaching the Word of God, "Jesus" and "The Truth", and stop being so afraid of the devil and start using their God-given Authority and stop teaching Christians how to live such defeated lives...Then we would start seeing more people being converted...However, this is why I so love Christian TV, because you can turn off all the false teachers and turn on the few preachers that are actually teaching the Word of God "The Real Truth".
---Elisabeth on 5/23/08

Right on Leon...We are the Church, We are the "Body of Christ"...Let me break this down...Body---of---Jesus Christ..He depends on us to do his work down here on planet earth...he is the Head and we are the Body...The building{Assembly} is where we gather together to fellowship...if you can call it fellowship anymore.
---Elisabeth on 5/23/08

Leon how dare you imply that my friend's(he himself is a great soulwinner) church is not in the body of Christ. This is a nice clean Lutheran Church, which has recently made a big addition to their building, believe in baptismal regeneration, and regularly whole communion Sundays(at which time they get their biggest crowds). So you can plainly see, you are out of line with your suggestion.
---Mima on 5/23/08

Sunday night in church we had a man turn his life over to God. What did it cost him or the church? Nothing at all. Salvation is priceless. It does cost money to keep a church going, paying the utility bills. For us to be saved, it cost Jesus' life. It is a shame that some churches cares more about how much money they rake in instead of seeing a soul saved. I'd much rather see a soul saved than for our church receive a big fat check.
---Rebecca_D on 5/22/08

A new car: Approx. $45,000. A new house: Approx. $350,000. Salvation: Priceless!
---NVBarbara on 5/16/08

"...not seen one conversion in 22 years!!!!"

Very sad. Is it possible (even probable) the so-called "church" really isn't a part of the Body of Christ (His Church)? (Matthew 7:15-23)
---Leon on 5/16/08

You take the amount of money that the church's handle tax-free and you divide it by the number of conversions on the church books. Cost per conversion over 1,200,000 per saved person. As moderator says too many churches have zero salvation's per year. I know a church that has not seen one conversion in 22 years!!!!
---Mima on 5/14/08

Jesus didn't pay a cent to save ALL of us, on Calvary's tree. It is free > "Freely you have received, freely give" (in Matthew 10:8).

(o: (o: (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/8/08

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Ones claim to be out to get souls, but their members are emotionally undeveloped in God's love. We need to be strong as God's church so we are healthy enough to beget and bring up real children of God. So, the church needs to grow, first, in love and God's word, so it can be a family for ones who come to Jesus, and feed new converts with their example > "nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." (1 Peter 5:3)
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/8/08

I can't imagine any church stupid enough to set up their taxes in this way. I would hope that they are God fearing enough to NOT attach a dollar value to souls won. And like the moderator said, church records won't show much money with refference to "SAVED SOULS" because they save very few IF ANY.
---jody on 5/8/08

How much money does it cost to convert a soul?

Why don't you ask Jesus Christ, it cost Him everything.

This is one deduction I would do away with immediately. Whatever price you've arrived at for a soul, if those souls do not stay converted, you may have to pay a price for placing a monetary value on their head.
---lisa on 5/8/08

Is there a book, where you write the names down of the souls that are converted?

Is so, that might be in conflict with the Lamb's Book of Life where only He has the authority to write down the names of those that belong to Him, that Jesus paid the price for.

I would get rid of the going price for the cost of a soul, and I would never use it again.
---lisa on 5/8/08

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Thank you for sharing this practice, it's a real eye opener for churches that are a business more than anything else.
I find this very disturbing. I'm certain it's common knowledge for church accounting purposes.

But there is a day of reckoning and this is wrong for many reasons. There are true missions and true evangelists that don't charge a dime for their Christian website. It's free for us to evangelise, witness and share our testimony of Jesus Christ.
---lisa on 5/8/08

There are missionaries out in the field that have never charged a dime for the conversion of a soul in a 3rd world country. The conversions are too numerous to count but they know that our Heavenly Father has each one written on the palm of His hand.
He has not lost a single one of them, He knows the hairs on their head, and He knows each one of their names.
---lisa on 5/8/08

This practice is a reflection of everything that is wrong about evangelism.
Highly paid evangelists feel very deserving of the $300,000 car, mansion on the hill, jet, marble toilets for snooty faces, upturned noses in the air. Church is their business and it's none of our business as they deserve it.
I am not jealous. There is a day of reckoning for those who make merchandise out our Father's House and charge for the conversion of a soul.
---lisa on 5/8/08

I did not blindly ask this question. I have a figure arrived at, not by me, but by people who have some knowledge of the situation. I'm going to give the figure after the question has played out. Figure is going to be absolutely inconceivable to the average person. Friends and I believe it takes about two dollars in our little ministry.
---Mima on 5/8/08

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Salvation is a free gift.
Jesus Christ paid the price for every soul.

To put a price tag on "conversion of a soul" is to make merchandise out of Our Father's House.
---lisa on 5/8/08

It's one thing to claim deductions for the general running of God's House, lights, water, grounds, paving parking lot, transportation for SBC, elderly, food closet....

It's crossing the line when you put a price on someone's head. Especially if you're teaching predestination, eternal security or OSAS - using that theology you couldn't stake a claim on someone's soul without going against your own beliefs.
---lisa on 5/8/08

Well, I think this question is absolutely ridiculous. Whoever heard such a thing. You cannot buy salvation at NO COST. If Jesus wants to save you He will and it's FREE. Praise God forever.>>>++
---catherine on 5/8/08

I would add to the moderator's comment, that it is not more evangelism, but proper evangelism that is needed. We should use the book of Acts as a bluepring to spreading the gospel. It is our responsibility, not some paid 'evangelists' who does it for a living.
---dan on 5/8/08

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it cost jesus,s life,which is and was Gods plan,it also cost the lives of the apostles and many early christians that have been and continue to be martyred for their spent is illrelevant.but the actual cost for conversion ,was one life,that of jesus christ,now the cost of not helping to convert is or may be high. I would be more concerned with that cost.
---tom2 on 5/7/08

the cost is ilrelavant,and no institution in the soul saving business pays taxes that iam aware of.all are tax free.and even the cost of presenting the salvation message,in my opinion should never be discussed ,except at board meetings. and then only as to what can be accomplished with the funds availiable.not what it is costing.
---tom2 on 5/7/08

Lisa, good explanation! I have prayed with people at my kitchen table who were 'converted'.( No 'covert' action involved!)
A Muslim couple in my house after witnessing to them and loving them to Christ, didn't cost me a thing, but it gave them everything!
---NVBarbara on 5/7/08

The word is "convert" (to change) not "covert" (to cover). However, to be converted is to be covered by the blood of Jesus. :)

Just a thought: What if we Christians, when we hear the word of God (in the church-house & our personal study/meditation time) would take it to heart & live it before our unsaved (unconverted) spouse, children, relatives, friends, etc. How wonderful & cost effective would that be? (Matt. 5:16)
---Leon on 5/7/08

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That was the truth, Moderator.

How much money does it cost to keep a church safe from the tax man? Probably alot in some cases. Cooking the books can keep a church in the red, safe.
---lisa on 5/7/08

This is a very interesting question. After I thought about it, I remember taking all of the "costs" into consideration for my church. Here is what I found out:

Last year, I gave about $3,000 to my church. The church has about 500 people. According to the Pastor, the church gave "several thousands of dollars" to other ministries and overseas missions. It sounds like hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people were saved in those other ministries.
---Augie on 5/7/08

I remember hearing another Pastor give a sermon titled "Bloom Where You Are Planted". That is exactly what I've done.

I've attempted to disciple a lot of people. Some of them have accepted Jesus Christ. I did all of this without getting any monetary help from the church. GOD was my sole source. Amen.

I don't know whether the $3,000 that I gave to my church helped win souls or not. Anyway, I trust GOD that the money was put to good use.
---Augie on 5/7/08

Question "covert a soul".

I think it is covert. A church claiming tax deductions to "covert a soul". I think it's really called cooking the books.

Truthfully, it's no better than making merchandise out of our Father's house.
Placing a price upon a soul is covert.
---lisa on 5/7/08

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