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Elder's Wife Heart Attack

Elder's wife Geraldene is suffering a heart attack as this is being written. He has called me and asked everyone who knows them for Emergency Prayer. Surgery is anticipated immediately. Thank you all for your prayers.

Moderator - I will pray right now.

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 ---Elders_Friend on 5/7/08
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Crystal, thank you so much. I wish I could tell it all.
One of the best Heart Doctors in our area said my wife was having a "Text Book" heart attack. He was so sure and serious about it they made an emergency appointment for her. She was placed in the hospital the same day.
After he worked on her, Heart Cath, Ultrasound and scope down her throat, he came back shaking his head. He said, "I'd take her heart, valves and arteries any day."
Needless to say, Prayer turn the attack away. I believe that.
I thank all who stopped what they were doing and prayed for us.
---Elder on 6/24/08

Barbara, God has created this love that we have for one another. It also extends to the others who post here. I knew who to go for when prayer was needed. You folks have been with me through some trying times. I want all to notice how God always works it out. It is very simple. We want God to glorify His name through us how ever He wants to.
And, wow, have I got some stories to tell.
Three doctors told my wife I was going to die in July 2000. (Humm... maybe that is why I can drink my coffee.)
---Elder on 5/26/08

Wow, Elder, such great news.
Thanks for sharing the details. :-)
---Crystal on 5/26/08

You have been there for us so many times before. I know your heart is true and I thank you for your concern and love. I wish people could really know your heart.
God bless you for all you have done.
I fully believe that you and the "Forum Family" prayed this thing away that God might be glorified and His will done.
Thanks and God Bless
---Elder on 5/26/08

We love you both Elder, and are still in prayer for you both. I thank God for allowing us to know you and that HE trusts us enough to know that we will pray until our prayers are answered-and beyond.
(((((((((Elder & Jeraldleen)))))))))
---NVBarbara on 5/26/08

I paise the Lord for Jeraldleen's recovery. God is oh so good to show His love to those who love Him. He is truely the God of the impossible.
---Darlene_1 on 5/26/08

Hi Elder,

We will continue to keep you in prayer. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to contact us via the penpal system. God bless.
---Moderator on 5/26/08

Two things sadden my heart.
1. I cannot personally hug and thank each one of you for your support in this time.
2. The fact that some have no real relationship or a superficial one with Christ and cannot understand His care for us.
There is no doubt that many stopped what they were doing and prayed for our need. I know the Christianet staff did.
We have been intrusted with a great treasure in Christ. Let's agree to always share it with others. Never forget we do love one another.
---Elder on 5/25/08

Dear Forum Family,
I shall share some of the details of what happened to Jeraldleen.
My wife had been having chest pains for a while. She had been in and out of the hospital Emg room a few times in the last months. They claimed everything was OK.
On Tuesday she began having severe chest pains and complete shortness of breath and weakness after walking less than 10 feet.
We got her to a heart specialist who said her complaint was a "Text book" heart attack.
Cond #2
---Elder on 5/25/08

He put her in the hospital that day. A heart cath was done Thursday. Then a scope down her throat. Next "cat scans," ultrasounds, blood work and all the other. The doctor said everything was above healthy and in real good shape. She was released. Monday morning we rushed back to the Emg room because the problem flared again. A Nurse practitioner found the problem was a malfunction of her other meds.
Cond #3
---Elder on 5/25/08

Now I believe it was a heart attack until the prayer chain rattled heaven.
She is weak because of all of this and still needs prayer. She went 7 days without eating.
We went through my health problems, the total robbery, that some of you remember, and now this issue. Each time we have seen a new part of how much God loves us and what He can do. (Gettn' kinda excited about the next event.)
Thank you all for your love, concern, and most of all for your prayers. God cares and answers!!
---Elder on 5/25/08

God Bless all the folks who sat with me in prayer, even though we were not together. God is great!
I have just got back. It has been a trying time and I will update you very soon.
Jeraldleen is fine. Her condition had the heart surgeon very worried. It became a great time to witness to him. God always has His purpose.
Thanks to everyone.
---Elder on 5/24/08

Hope to hear from you soon Elder. Give Jeraldleen my best, she is in my prayers.
God bless you both.
---Becky on 5/20/08

I spoke with Elder today (Thurs) and he said that they are getting rested up and he'll blog as soon as he and his computer are in the same place! Jeraldleen had some trouble with shortness of breath, but a change in her meds. remedied that. Pray EXTRA for them, Elder is doing the cooking!
---NVBarbara on 5/15/08

Thank you JESUS!
---Carla5754 on 5/14/08

I wish to thank the moderators for alerting us to pray. And we should thank God Almighty for hearing our prayers. Hallelujah and glory to God!!!!
---Mima on 5/14/08

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Praise God!

---John on 5/14/08

Glory be to God! Please keep us up to date nivBArb:) Thank you. I will keep praying. I now pray that both Geraldene and Elder will increase in strength daily and that God will bless them with wisdom and health.
---jody on 5/14/08

I am so delighted to hear about Jearldleen. When I read it I had the Spirit all over me as I rejoiced for them. I praise God for His goodness and mercy. For His keeping and restortive touch for her. I pray they get rested soon,and may God continue to bless them in many ways. Glory to God,Praises for His unending love.
---Darlene_1 on 5/13/08

I just spoke with Elder, Jeraldleen is home and doing fine, both of them are tired.
He can't get to his computer to write a blog, but he will soon. They live in Virginia, but were in Maryland when Jeraldleen had her 'attack', so they are there resting up. It was a pure miracle, her Dr ended up by saying 'he wished his heart was in as good a shape as hers'! They are praising God, as are we all! He said to thank all of you for your prayers.
---NVBarbara on 5/12/08

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thoughts and prayers for your wife and your family during this time
---Rhonda on 5/12/08

1) Father God, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth on behalf of Geraldine. Lord, I pray that You will cover her with Your healing blood and You will fill her with Your peace and joy, even in the midst of these circumstances. I come against any and all attacks or assignments of the enemy that are being sent to or against Geraldine and I cancel those assignments and call their power null and void to operate in Geraldine or Elder's life.
---Holly4jc on 5/12/08

2) I decree and declare that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST Geraldine shall prosper and that God's perfect will SHALL be done in this situation. Lord, I thank You that as believers in You, Jesus has gone before us and defeated death and the grave and that through the shedding of His blood, we are healed. I thank You that we have been given ALL authority against the enemy in Your name. I pray and speak blessings over Geraldine and Elder and all of their family and...
---Holly4jc on 5/12/08

3) ...I thank You Lord that what the enemy has meant for harm, You shall turn to good and that many will be touched by this event and see the love of God that is in Christ Jesus and resides within Elder and Geraldine and that all involved will be a witness to this love. Thank You Lord for anointing the hands of the doctors and nurses who are attending Geraldine. May You shower Your love to her, in her and through her. In Jesus's name I pray...AMEN!!!!
---Holly4jc on 5/12/08

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1) Elder will not be replying to your emails, that has been my experience in the past. Don't bother writing to Geraldine, either. She doesn't have time for emails.
Elder has alot on his plate, and hopefully he has others around that can help him.
I knew Geraldine would be healed, as Emcee was healed after his rush to the hospital. He was healed immediately, too.
---Holly4jc on 5/12/08

I did not write the above post...I have not replied to this post at all...
---Holly4jc on 5/12/08

2) ...this is the first time I am even reading it...someone is playing games and using my name...please forgive their rudeness! And Elder...I am truly sorry to hear about your wife, I will certainly say a prayer for her.

And as far as the person who is impersonating me...I might not know who you are, but God does and He will deal with you accordingly.
---Holly4jc on 5/12/08

Thank You Father,
Who is likened unto you, with such tender mercies?
I say, None!
Praise, Glory & Honor be unto our Father!

Thank you Jesus, Because of you, we have a way to Petition our Father, ALL my Trust & Faith, IS in you!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/12/08

Elder will not be replying to your emails, that has been my experience in the past. Don't bother writing to Geraldine, either. She doesn't have time for emails.
Elder has alot on his plate, and hopefully he has others around that can help him.
I knew Geraldine would be healed, as Emcee was healed after his rush to the hospital. He was healed immediately, too.
---Holly4jc on 5/12/08

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Crystal, Elder probably does not have the time to read emails at the moment, or if he is reading them he will probably not be replying. I don't think we should expect replies in these circumstances but we can still pray. God knows every detail of the situation and is in control. Elder will dertainly be appreciating our prayers for Geraldene.
---RitaH on 5/12/08

Jeraldleen was TOTALLY HEALED!!
Elder will give us all a full update!
---NVBarbara on 5/12/08

I have to answer in 85 words so abbreviate...there are things that are extremely helpful but I can't get the info to you. It's a problem I talked about with my prayer partner, unless people hear on the TV they've been conditioned to get answers from, they don't listen. Naaman, fortunately, listened to his slave help and got his answer. All I can say, there are answers, seek for them. And have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying so when you find an answer, you don't discount it due to tradition.
---Cheryl on 5/11/08

May she be out of danger and fully recovered soon. God help her!
---Caring on 5/10/08

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I have left several messages for Elder, but I don't think he's getting them. Hopefully, he will return them so we can all know how to pray.
Some of us are very concerned.
---Crystal on 5/9/08

We can only pray until we hear further news, and pray that it is good news.
---Karen_Burns on 5/9/08

Elder, I'm praying for Geraldene night and day without ceasing. Amen?
---Holly4jc on 5/9/08

I'm concerned for Elder, his health is not so great, but he is strong through God. When Jeraldleen is stable I pray that he can get some rest. Both are in our prayers.
---NVBarbara on 5/9/08

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Elder,so sorry to hear this has happened, my prayers are with your sweet wife and you. May God be with her and be her strength in every way and may he give you his comforting touch and the Gift of Faith for this time. Love and God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 5/9/08

Elder, I certainly will be praying for Geraldene.
---suzyq on 5/9/08

I'm with you Barb, I'm still waiting to hear anything, I've called a few times too.

The silence is good in one respect, I am continually prompted to pray as they are in my thoughts. This is hard.
---pharisee on 5/9/08

I pray for God to heap his healing mercies on her and the Holy Spirit to comfort the family.
I am a heart attack survivor and I know it is scary but it is survivable.
---randy on 5/9/08

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In my prayers...
---Kella3336 on 5/9/08

I have one thing to say you know both you and Geraldene are loved by Cyndi and myself.We are continuing to pray for you both.
---willow on 5/8/08

My thoughts and prayers are with Elder and his family. Let us believe God for a miraculous healing.
---frances008 on 5/8/08

Elder's _ Friend..PLEASE let us know any updates on Jeraldleen and Elder!
We're all praying, thank you.
---NVBarbara on 5/8/08

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I tried to call Elder to inquire about Jeraldleen, but got no answer, didn't think I would. I left him a message to let him know we're in prayer for them.
---NVBarbara on 5/8/08

I just found out you and your Geraldene are as always are in my prayers!
---willow on 5/8/08

God's love is with you
---alan_of_UK on 5/8/08

My spirit immediately began to pray. Father, I release your healing power over Elder's wife and ask you to heal her Oh God I pray in Jesus name. Thank you Father that you hear and answer our prayers.
---donna8365 on 5/8/08

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NVBarb, I'll pray.
---Mark_V. on 5/8/08

Geraldine is in my prayers. I am praying for Gods peace over the rest of the family. I am sorry to hear of this Elder.
---jody on 5/8/08

Elder, you and your wife in my prayers and my thoughts. I know that the Lord will uphold you in this time of trial.
---RitaH on 5/8/08

My heart and my prayer are with you all for Elder's wife and for him. I am all too familiar with heart problems as my wife has a total of 5 stents. Just 2 weeks ago she suffered a couple mini-strokes. The following weekend she got ahead of me and mowed just about the whole yard before I caught up to her! Our yard won "Best Yard of The Month" in our development. I am very happy for her. Blessings.
---Nana on 5/8/08

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I will be praying too, definitely.
---Mary on 5/7/08

Prayers are being said,I will lift her up to The Lord
God Bless
---Gabby on 5/7/08

Lord we come into this world to die,we do not know when where and how,but keep us free from Mortal sin This I pray as your will is enacted Give her Peace as also your servant who stands and pleads her cause, Console those affected with your grace.Amen.
---Emcee on 5/7/08

Father, Your Will be Done.
You are the ALL knowing, But if it be within your Will, Let her stay for now.
In The name of my Brother I petition you on their behalf, Amen!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/7/08

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Bless her, we are starting prayer right now and will put her on our prayer chain through church. We love you Elder and Jeraldeen.
---NVBarbara on 5/7/08

I am also praying. God bless your wife and family Elder. I know we have had disagreements on some things in the past, but we are brothers in Christ and I love you. May God's mercy go forth. -John
---John on 5/7/08

Father Elder and his wife Geraldine are your children. And we beseech you to remember the healing stripes placed on your son the Lord Jesus Christ's back. Therefore this healing is already paid for by your son and our Savior. This is the petition we make of you in the name of your son Jesus. And, we thank you expecting an affirmative answer.
---mima on 5/7/08

Praying as I write this. Please keep us posted as to her condition.
---Trish9863 on 5/7/08

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