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Do Animals Go To Heaven

Do animals go to Heaven when they die? Are there any verses in the Bible to prove they do or do not go to Heaven when they die? I read one time that Billy Graham was asked this question and he replied that they do...

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 ---shann8497 on 5/11/08
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Hi Anne, I am sorry I did not see your post that you wrote a while back. No I only knew half of what you are telling me. With the onset of Communism, I think we will see the blossoming of black economies in which not just bullets but guns will be made/imported illegally. As long as there is money in it, the government will on the one hand allow it and on the other hand punish it, just as they do with drugs. It will depend on who you are as to whether you get away with it, (or how secret it is.) That is just my opinion. It is tragic to see the US being taken over by a few elites.
---frances008 on 5/1/09

John the discription in Isiah 11 of the animals is symbolic..hence the meaning is explained both of new born babes, or just born, and all such who are weaned from their own righteousness, and live by faith on Christ, who shall not be hurt by the poison of false teachers, nor by the force of violent persecutors, now no more.

I am not sure why there would be anything present in heaven not made in the image of God. Animals are part of the creation on earth to show God's variety, power and creativity. Angels and humans however were created only for worship. Humans are animals but animals are not human and cannot be possessed by the holy spirit.
---larry on 4/30/09

The Bible is the Word of God, and we are to be guided not by what we think but by what the Word tells us. Is 11 and Is 65 both state that animals will be in heaven. For example see Is 11: 6-9: and Is 11:6-9.

If the infant will not get stung by the snake when he puts his hand in the viper hole, then this means snakes, for example, will be in heaven with man.

So, if you believe what God's Word says, then there will be animals in heaven.

God bless, John
---john_9948 on 4/30/09

The Bible is the Word of God, and we are to be guided not by what we think but by what the Word tells us. Is 11 and Is 65 both state that animals will be in heaven. For example see Is 11: 6-9: Is 11:6-9. If the infant can stick his hand into the viper hole and not be stung by the snake, this indicates animals will be present.

So if you believe that the Bible is God's true word then animals will be with us in heaven.
---john on 4/30/09

Shawn.M.T.:-Respectfully your high and mighty worded First Pararaph is not in accordance with the word of God. Men stumble seeking Truth when you all know what is tested and TRUE is already in HIS WORD.I wont say you and pockets of denoms are ALL suspect no matter how rosy the infiltrator makes it appear.
To be in agreement with one another we must be in agreement with the lord This means HIM His church HIS MOTHER and HIS teachings, The reason is it is documented "Follow Him" try to be perfect as His FATHER is.I have no ill feelings But my Catholic teaching via the H/S guides us as well. GOD IS FIRST.
---MIC on 4/7/09

After reading all of this blog, I still did not see any actual scripture about animals in heaven, either pro or con. I did see a lot of individual interpretation, which is not actual black and white (or written in red) scripture. I don't BELEIVE that we should be arguing (yes you are arguing) this point, because if a non-believer read this page, they would only see 2 puffed-up fools trying to prove an unprovable point, just to prove themselves right.
---Debbi on 4/7/09


Mic, We, The Children of God are Drawn into the Way and come into 'One Accord' as we diligently enduring by Faith in the Peace of the Lord's Spirit: where we shall overcome 'he that is in the world', finding ourselves understanding more & more of the Truth as we endeavor to spread the Gospel of Life.

I shall diligently continue my endeavors in the Truth of our Heavenly Father and His Kingdom. I pray your able to do the some with Hopes that the next time we're able to gather together in the Lord's name, we should find ourselves in agreement of His Truth! Until then, Peace be unto You & Yours!

Good Day & God Bless
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/6/09

The blind shall lead the blind and titilate their Hopes based on innuendo The fact is in Genesis The truth is "There are no animals in heaven"!!!! as they were created as instinctive finite beings for mans use.Sawn sees what he wants, so as to gain favour, and make brownie points .sorry Gen2:28-30 is the truth And You sir in your frailty with your provacative thoughts shield the Humility which you think exists in you.Just a thought There are more animals plants and Fishes than humanity there is no hell for them except what man subjects them to on this earth and they shall be held accountable for such Behaviour.Prov12:10
---Mic on 4/6/09


Amen~Anne, to "However God wants animals to be in Heaven is just fine with me", "If animals are of God's Blissful Love for us to see in Heaven, then we shall!---Shawn_M.T.on3/04/09"

There's NO scriptures to the contrary of 'Animals being in Heaven'. Mic would rather misuse God's Word instead of humbly accepting this Truth: As he grasp at straws just for his own demented pleasure, to needlessly dash the Hopes others have of Animals being in Heaven!

-*-*-Mic: Your last question is also foolish & unrelated to this Blog. You have our Prayers & Hopes though Mic, that you no longer remain wise in your own conceited folly of taking Joy in trying to tempt others from these Hopes of the unseen.
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/6/09

Judy dear lady:-Only those HUMANS who obey God go to heaven. Animals do not have to obey or disobey God as Man, who has 10 commandments.Just MAN has dominion over them (Genesis)even plants.I have to admit to your 'honesty of doubt' by your use of the word ASSUME.But of a certainity "No animals in Heaven"their lives cease on this earth.Sorry. Wish I could have said yes but the n I wold be telling a lie and the goldenrule of "being true to yourself would be violated.
---MIC on 4/5/09

Dear Mic,you need to re-read Genesis very carefully.It never ever said that animals were created only for our use and as FOOD.On the contrary the animals had plants to eat and we had the fruit of the trees,it was not til the fall of mankind,when men had to labor to get their food,that animals were permitted to be eaten because of a fallen state.It was not such in the beginning and I assume it will not be in eternity either.Again Mic,you are wrong...
---Judy on 4/3/09

Mic~ No, I don't focus on animals being in heaven...while I'm here on earth I stay focused on His will. Yes, I like animals as well, but however God wants animals to be in heaven is just fine with me. Peace to you too.
---Anne on 4/3/09

Snawn:-Mic shared with you in full accord but You did not agree neither could you support your disagreement Biblically where as I did "There are no animals in Heaven "They are finite and made for Mans use on this earth.One last question Did animals get 10 commandments to follow or do they act instinscintively- if you do not know as a skunk!!! <:-)
Anne:- if you love your God Your Focus will be on Him cant imagine focusing on Animals in Heaven.BTW I do like animals but not before God.My focus is on God and my Family.Peace be with You.
---MIC on 4/2/09

Animals are's hard to imagine a heaven without animals.
---Anne on 4/2/09


I'll do that Mic, When I start 'Babbling None Sense' like this ::**I heard one (human) twin died and came back as a dog to visit his bro (twin), but there was no conversation---MIC on 3/27/09**:: that I've used to prove myself studied & convinced(as you have) that "There's No Animals In Heaven"!


Don't loose Hope because of Mic's folly!

Read my 3/26/09 post to Mic, to make sense of his dribble! God saw fit to placed 'Animals' in His Garden of this heaven, we should never rule out that we shall see them in the Kingdom of Heaven.


Amen, My sentiments actually. Mic is right though, 'the Truth remains unchanged' but unfortunately that's not what Mic's sharing.
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/1/09

Shawn :-Take your own advice iN Prov25 & 16,
Judy as you have children I'm glad too but if you are looking for a biblical explaination go back to Genesis1:26 God gave man dominion over all animals fot their use on this earth to labour and for food.
Yes Bruce it is a shame to name, and sit on the side lines in vain!The Truth remains unchanged.
PS: No animals in heaven!! <:-)
---MIC on 4/1/09

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Changeable arn't we?---Mic 3/10/09, Your inept mind, really is Mic!!

1)To merely say Animals Have souls is wrong.---MIC 2/24/09
2)Animals as I explained have a soul---MIC 3/4/09
3)animals have no souls.---MIC 3/30/09

Next you'll consistently but fallaciously claim 'Animals have a souls', just to read it & smile at your folly.

Folly is Joy to him that is destitute of Wisdom(Pro.15:21). As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly: but there's more Hope for a fool than the wise in his own conceit(Pro.26:11-12).

Mic, As stated before: Your posting only warrants a response to keep your inept state of mind from being wise in its own conceited folly!---Shawn_M.T. 3/10/09
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/31/09

Oh Mic,I am so impressed that you know how to make babies--that really shows me you are the Biblical scholar.Instead of answering my comments with unrelated banter,how about you answer my comment with Scripture?see my comment 3/24/09.God does not make irrelevant.Animals are wonderful and a gift from God.I have children too and love them more than my dear pets.But I have enough room in my heart to "love" them too?How about you?Peace out...
---judy on 3/31/09

Silly mind games.
For shame.
---bruce5656 on 3/31/09

Shawn.M.T.:- You sure swallowed it Hook line and sinker,That is why I said 'I Heard'.Men who die do not come back as animals, B-c animals have no souls..It did not need an answer. You swallowed the equivocations, I just read and smile. <:-)
---MIC on 3/30/09

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--Mic:*I heard one (human) twin died and came back as a dog to visit his bro (twin), but there was no conversation---MIC on 3/27/09**

The only thing more staggering than the ignorance of the above content, is the fact that this is what you've been reading to prove yourself studied & convinced that "There's No Animals In Heaven"!

Mic, You've stated "I do not desire to banter the point---MIC on 3/23/09". You should have heed to this desire & just stopped trying because you're clearly lost! You've gone from the unrelated 'Wishy Washy' contradicting of yourself, to the maladroitness of tripping as if in the dark, to the use of inaccurate equivocations, and now to the staggeringly ignorant babbling of none sense.
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/30/09

"Hope this helps- It brought me great peace to know that even the animals live past the flesh life"

Would you be so kind as to answer the two questions I asked on 3/24/09? (also seem my comment on 12/7/08)
---bruce5656 on 3/27/09

Shawn.M>T:-where ignorance is bliss it's folly to be wise.Study to be convinced.I heard one human twin died and came back as a dog to visit his bro (twin), but there was no conversation.Vanessa may draw a conclusion.
---MIC on 3/27/09

Shawn.M>T:-Where ignorance is bliss it's folly to be wise.Study to be convinced.I heard one (human) twin died and came back as a dog to visit his bro (twin), but there was no conversation.Vanessa may draw a conclusion.What is the eligibility for a dog cat or snake to be in Heaven?what comandments do they follow since they kill rob, steal by instinct.Maybe Shawn has an extract from scripture ambiguous or not. Bruce couldnt find one.Animals once dead go in the ground game over.NO PETS in heaven.
---MIC on 3/27/09

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There are 4 beasts sitting around the throne of God. ALL belongs to him, including the animals- I believe that animals do return to the Lord and I'll tell you why- I had to put my dog to sleep because of cancer- It broke my heart and of course I cried and grieved- I always believed that God cares for the animals too since ALL belongs to him and he created Everything- Well the next day I was in my kitchen doing something and "out of no where" I heard this child like voice say to me, "It's alright mom, I'm ok" in a very happy tone- I "knew" it was my dog and the Lord revealing to me that he too is in god's care- Hope this helps- It brought me great peace to know that even the animals live past the flesh life- AMEN!!!
---vanessa on 3/27/09

I am not sure that anyone has difficult with the idea that there will be some animals in Heaven.

What generates the controversy are these two concepts:

a. when (some or all) animals in this world die, they go to Heaven and,

b. when (some or all) pets die they go to Heaven were we will be reunited with them some day.

Both are entirely unsubstantiated by scripture and the second in particular is based on the same kind of sentimentality that supposes we will be reuniting (as partners) with previously departed spouses.
---Bruce5656 on 3/27/09


Mic, Ambiguous only mean something has two or more possible meanings, all of which are unrelated in regards to this Blog.....and your inaccurate use of these scriptures(which isn't hard to understand) is what makes them an 'Equivocation'!

"Your main theme is you cannot prove that there are animals(pets)---MIC on 3/26/09"

Mic, Your above remark is another testament to why you need to slow down and FOCUS! If you need proof 'that there are animals', go to the zoo,LOL.

If you feel your focused enough to use your 'Concordance' to reveal chapter & verse where it's stated that 'Animals' will not be in Heaven: All of us on this Blog would greatly appreciate seeing that? After all that's why we're here!
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/27/09

ShawnMT:-If I am ambiguous how is it you understood my Post?and aptly responded.Your main theme is you cannot prove that there are animals (pets) so you do not desire to be wrong, so keep on insting. I have offered you Biblical proof .Get a conordance and prove yourself wrong since you do not wish to be told by a mere RCC-I believe like Fido are barking up the wrong tree,
---MIC on 3/26/09

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You're equivocations are always ambiguously inaccurate in regards to this Blog!

Only after the 'Fall' did God make coats of skin for clothes, as He drove man out of the Sanctuary of His Garden. That's the first time ever man had to seek for ANY form of shelter: & only after the 'Flood' did God ever state that every beast shall be for meat(Gen.9:2-3).

God gave every green herd for meat, to every living thing on earth(Gen.1:29-30). All of God's Creators existing so close to Heavenly, in His Garden, He even called the firmament upon which it was created heaven(Gen.1:8).

Barring scriptures to the contrary, We can't rule out 'Animals' being in Heaven, if God saw fit to placed them in His Garden of this heaven.
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/26/09

Shawn:-Again you you attempt to divert the conversation away from the truth citing me as being unfocused Piqued,maladroit. by your clever manipulation of words.Give it up- Animals are NOT IN heaven I state it on the authority of God who said He made animals for mans USE food shelter and clothing.If you want Yappy Fido or Petunia to grace your presesence instead of God-then you may have to go elsewhere to satisfy your longing instead of Gods realm. (<:-)
---MIC on 3/25/09

judy:- Thank you for your ability of discernment.With 10 cildren we were too busy thinking about animals.May be that is why some people keep animals instead of Gods word - bearing children.Poor Judy animals to some are the equivalent of Children.which is more relevant Children or animals.Of course Judy picks animals. I picked God's word.
---MIC on 3/24/09

How about sea animals. Whales, squid, sponges, plankton, amoeba? Will they all be there too?
---ralph7477 on 3/24/09

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Sorry you're agitated! Anyone unsolicited stating(out of the blue) that they're not perturbed, is revealing that they are perturbed.

You need to realize that you're not as rightly focused as you believe. Despite having the Light of the Truth shined on what you submitted, you continue to keep maladroitly tripping, as someone still walking in the dark.

Your Piqued because where you're standing, that there will be no animals in Heaven, can't be proved by scripture!!

So, never be so Proud as to think you know(as you put it) the mind of God and As far as 'Do Animals God To Heaven' I agree "we do not know except to say we shall enjoy eternal Bliss-Provided we make it to His realm.---MIC on 2/26/09"
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/24/09

Poor Mic,you must have had some bad experiences in your life with animals.You surely dislike them,calling them "irrelevant".Do you not know the scripture,"A righteous man cares for his animals",God never thought of his creation as irrelevant.God does not make irrelevant.And loving your animals does not mean you dont love God or love them more.Wake up man...
---judy on 3/24/09

Hi Frances~ Yes, I'm glad I don't live in a city now, and I'm glad I'm out of N.J. now...way too populated. Love it here in the midwest where I grew up.

I'm not sure what you mean by plans A,B,C, and D. I don't think we'd need to flee home since we have well water etc. This is probably one of the safest areas of the whole U.S. God's led you and me etc. safe thus far, and I'm sure He'll continue to do so.

P.S. Did you know here in the U.S. there will be unique serial #'s on people's ammo? Plus the ammo will only last a fairly short period since they are making the primers to only last a short period.
---Anne on 3/24/09

I don't care how many "preachers" get onboard the pets in Heaven bandwagon. It is pure speculation.

For those of you who believe animals have souls for whom Jesus died that they might be redeemed, exactly at what level of cuteness or number of legs perhaps does and animal be regarded as having a soul?

Are the people who want to see fido in Heaven prepared to have the not so cute pets -scorpions, ants, millipeeds, snakes, roaches, etc etc - there too?
---bruce5656 on 3/24/09

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Shawn.M.T.:-At my age I am as slow as I ever will be, and rightly focused.My contention is a definite- NO - that animals do NOT go to Heaven. I proffered the reason of Finite souls and that Animals were created by God For mans use ON THIS EARTH.Gods will is already declared in this regard and you know God does not change His mind.I do not desire to banter the point, as it is of no important relevance, but you may believe what you so desire even if wrong.Man's soul is more important.I leave you in peace and me unperturbed.
---MIC on 3/23/09

I do ot know.There is one famous minister on TV who preaches a lot on the Rapture.His name slips my mind at the moment but he is offering a book that he says has verses in it to prove that they do.I do remember lions and lambs are mentioned as being there.I sure hope my Baby dog does.I love that little animal.I know one thing they do fulfil God's will for their short lives so no Hell for them at least.
---shirley on 3/23/09


Just Slow down! Slow down Mic & focus before you speak. Don't start grasping at straws again and getting off the subject. This discussion & Blog is about 'Do Animals Go To Heaven'. It's NOT about if animals were made in the image of God nor is any one here, except you, talking about the souls of men.

We both are in agreement that when it comes to 'Do Animals Go To Heaven', "we do not know except to say we shall enjoy eternal Bliss-Provided we make it to His realm---MIC on 2/26/09"

....and I've always stated "IF" it's part of the Will of God's Blissful Love for animals to be in His Heavenly Kingdom, then we shall SEE THEM: for His Will shall always be done. AMEN

Good Day & God Bless
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/23/09

Jack VanEmpe is pushing his latest book on this subject and says yes they do. In the book, about 10 or 15 prominent Christian preachers build the case for why animals go to heaven. I have not read the book and don't have an opinion yet.
---obewan on 3/23/09

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Hi, Anne. I would love to come. Unfortunately, I greatly fear what the US government would do to me if I tried to get in. Probably they would send me straight back here as I would be on their black list. I am so happy that you and your husband are well prepared for taking care of yourselves. Things are going to get really bad in the cities. I hope you have plans A, B, C and D. We don't know what 'wild fires' are going to be brought on by the government, or allowed to happen by them. Do you have stuff ready so that you could flee your home? I do. I cannot imagine what scenario would happen here in Tokyo, but I am doing wartime preps.
---frances008 on 3/20/09

Shawn.M.T.:-You do expose a loving heart in your posts.You should take a piece of your own advice which was not asked for by me. Animals were not made in the Image of God. The subject does not change by me but you are adept at doing so. There are no animals in Heaven unless you can prove it by scripture. Good Bye and as they say Have a nice day!.:-)
---MIC on 3/20/09

Frances~ I think you need to come help out on my acreage when the crisis comes. I've seen deer in my front yard, and wild turkeys in the back yard. My husband and I are buying needed items to learn how to can food in jars. I think you'd be mighty happy here.

I just haven't talked to you in awhile, and wanted to say 'hi' to you and hope things are going well for you. God bless.
---Anne on 3/20/09


YES, Man was made a living Soul in the image of God & He wants us in Heaven but how do you get all THIS: "He gave us a soul and you say it is not necessary---MIC on 3/19/09"......From me stating THIS: "FYI~Having a soul isn't the requirement for entering Heaven & that's why it's irrelevant if animals have or don't have a soul---Shawn_M.T. on 3/4/09"

Mic, You're maladroitly perverting the discussion by trying to misconstrue my statement into something unedifying. You're desperately grasping at straws & twisting the issue, in the process. Plus, You're changing the subject: as your always so avid to point out!!!

You really do need to be Swifter to Hear & Slower to Speak.

Good Day
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/20/09

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God gave us animals to name them, to care for them, to work with them, to provide us with wool (even skins) and (if necessary) to be eaten for food. We can easily manage without meat, if we grow more crops. Dogs are our friends and work-mates, horses are good for transport and working. What we do not need is cars, wars, GM crops, farms run by machines, animals treated like products and all the other sinful things that are going to bring on the anger of God against the children of iniquity. The coming crisis is going to teach us what the basic needs of humans are. Anyone who defines happiness as having possessions and being waited on hand and foot, is going to be badly hit by what is coming up.
---frances008 on 3/19/09

To Whosoever has an ear to hear?

When you pessimistically view a discussion as a fight, that's all you'll hear & receive from that encounter but in the same discussion when we endeavor to optimistically ear, with hopes of edification, then that's what shall be revealed to our eye & ears.

Always remember that whatever is perceived, is perceived only do to the eye & ears of the beholder's heart! If a heart is Loving it will tend to all things as such, despite the intents of whatever may be presented.
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/19/09


Georg, Originally every green herb was for meat: Gen.1:30. It was only after the 'Flood' that God spoke of animals as such, to be followed under the SchoolMaster of the Law which prophetically brought in Christ.

-*-*-Anne, My middle name isn't Michael but I think it's a very nice name. I have a cousin with the middle name of Miguel, which is Spanish for Michael (o:

Good Day to You Both & God Bless
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/19/09

Shaw.M.T.:- Man is made to the image and likeness of God (Genesis) He wants us in Heaven He gave us a soul and you say it is not necessary."Was it edifying to say we have no soul" are we an inanimate object.Sorry but I do not soft soap, animals were given by God to us for our use, purpose, need on this earth.
---MIC on 3/19/09

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Please don't mind me saying but I thought God has given Animals to eat?Nevertheless, it is true that to have a soul is not the requriment to be with our Lord, but the acception of Jesus into our heart as our personal Savior.Can Animals do that?Still, since nothing is impossible with our Father in heaven, the Creator of all things, the deepest seas, the highest mountains, the earth fromed with his hands and the stars flung into the sky, setting us, his beloved children (as bad as we all are fighting about such minor aspects when we are told to love one another tsk), in the midst of all this, why He should not let us have our pet turtle or tropical fisch in heaven ,)
---georg on 3/19/09

Shawn MT~ Thanks for the polite response, and that makes good sense.

I was wondering if your middle name is Michael, since my son's name is Shawn Michael.

Have a good day and God bless.
---Anne on 3/18/09


Anne, There was no ill found feeling form you post and I pray that you took none from mine. Everything regarding our Heavenly Father's Kingdom is of importance: which His Children diligently endeavor to carry on in, in His name!

I was only in Hopes of conveying how the faults of many may be revealed, in what may seem like even the most trivial concerns of other, which enable us to warn them of their shortcomings: so we may heal the Brotherhood.

Good Day to You Sister & God Bless
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/17/09

Shawn MT~ Sorry for any wrong feelings that may have been conveyed. This seems to be an important topic to you so carry on and God bless.
---Anne on 3/16/09

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Every concern regarding the Kingdom of Heaven is important to the Salvation of mankind. Never to be so 'Proud' as to think that any concern that a brother or Sister may have regarding God's Kingdom is rather trivial: for God resisteth the proud.

Each concern we address is to be compassionately & patiently handled so the confessed faults of others may be revealed, upon which we may pray for their shortcomings & heal the Brotherhood.

Shann8497 concern of 'Do Animals Go To Heaven' has enabled us to pray for the Salvation of Mic's revealed shortcoming in thinking that he'll be going to Heaven under the false belief that having a 'Soul' is THE requirement for entering Heaven.

Good Day & God Bless
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/16/09

I'm a little surprised to hear people arguing about a rather trivial topic as this one. We are to be concerned about HUMAN souls and the salvation of men must be the top priority and the first love of our life.

Yes, most animals/pets are darling creatures no doubt, but God has this situation under control and everything about heaven will be perfect. There will be animals in heaven, and they will be in perfect peace together...the lions and lambs etc. Other than that, the Bible does not say much on this topic.

Now please, let's move on to the most important concern...the salvation of mankind. God bless you all.
---Anne on 3/15/09


Mic, Any one who thinks they will be going to Heaven under the false belief that having a 'Soul' is THE requirement for entering Heaven, really should be asking themselves
"Are You for Real a christian or what?---MIC on 3/12/09"!!!

We're to endeavor to keep all our conversations edifying. It's not for us to needlessly dash the Hopes of one another when it come to the Sovereign Love of God in any matter:

'Do Animals Go To Heaven', "we do not know except to say we shall enjoy eternal Bliss-Provided we make it to His realm---MIC on 2/26/09" and if it's part of the Will of God's Blissful Love for us to see animals in His Kingdom, then we shall SEE THEM: for His Will shall always be done. AMEN
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/14/09

SAWN.MT:-"Having a soul isn't the requirement for entering Heaven" Are You for Real a christian or what?You need to study before you come on these posts.any wonder why you say no one listens.Go learn some Christian Doctrine .Goodbye.Start at Genesis.Goodbye.
---MIC on 3/12/09

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--Mic:*Changeable arn't we**

We know you by your Fruits Mic & Once again you're only talking to yourself about yourself...and the Wishy Washy record of this is below!

To merely say Animals Have souls is wrong.---MIC on 2/24/09
Animals as I explained have a soul---MIC on 3/4/09

You wouldn't be so maladroit if you were just swift to hear, slow to speak & slow to wrath. You might even stop unnecessarily subverting the Hopes of Pets in Heaven, since "we do not know except to say we shall enjoy eternal Bliss-Provided we make it to His realm---MIC on 2/26/09"

FYI~Having a soul isn't the requirement for entering Heaven & that's why it's irrelevant if animals have or don't have soul---Shawn_M.T. on 3/4/09
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/11/09

Shawn.M.T.:-Having been discovered you revert to Pets in heaven although you said it was Irrelevant-Changeable arn't we?"By their Fruits you shall know them"!If I am maladroit I am Human Rom3:23.I do not profess such qualities of perfect changeability as you.Supply the scripture to say Pets will be in heaven, since you say you know God's will.(I SAY -NO PETS in heaven)
---Mic on 3/10/09


Mic, You're very maladroit, so much so, even you're unable to see the Truth that you're the one subverting the Hopes of 'Pets in Heaven': clearly seen in your 2/27/09, 3/3/09 & 3/5/09 posting. These posting only warrant a response to keep your inept state of mind from being wise in its own conceited folly!

I've addressed your question of contesting God's Will, in my 3/4/09 posting.

Does "Us having a desires for the Will of God's Blissful Love", sound like contesting God's Will?

Having a soul isn't the requirement for getting into Heaven. So, if animals are of God's Blissful Love for us to see in Heaven then His Will shall be done & we shall see them!
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/10/09

Shawn.M.T.:-You are very adroit at changing the subject, directing attention away from the Subject of Pets in Heaven, evidence from your last two Posts."FYI its irrelevant if animals have, or not have a soul". I was not contesting about God's will but showing you what is the procedure, in this regard""Contesting God's will"was a question for you to answer.You deny what you say sorry but it does take all kinds to make a world even on CN.Yours is recorded in Print.
---MIC on 3/9/09

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Judy,I sure hope you do not own a pet,it seems you are determined to ignore every Bible word study

well Judy now the challenge comes. prove us that animals do go to heaven.since there is no scripture to my knowledge about this.
---Andy on 3/9/09

--Mic:*I don't desire to associate myself with the light you mention**

Prayer is what's needed if you think the darkness of 'Contesting' God's Will is some form of 'Light', & especially if you think that's a healthy state of mind. You really need to reassess what you associate as being the desires of your heart because your current beliefs(like that fallen angel) views the inverse of God's Word as being the Truth: Light as darkness & darkness as Light!

We wouldn't be having this conversion, if you really believed that "I'm as Righteous as the Children of Bliss in Heaven". I see you're still only talking for yourself & not to edify others: but You will succumb to God's Will. AMEN

Good Day to You & God Bless
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/6/09

Judy:-I have in all honesty given you the knowledge with regards to 'Pets' in Heaven Your bubble is intact, so believe what you desire, especially as you love your dog, cat or mouse more than your God, But it won't be Heaven.You make a mountain out of a mole hill.Happy Landing!
Shawn.M.T:-Thank you for caring for my healthy state of mind & let me assure you That I do not desire to associate my self with the light you mention.You being as Righteous as the children of bliss in Heaven are secure in your belief in your mind, But just like the irrelevant animals, You will succomb to God's will.AMEN.
---MIC on 3/5/09

Mic,I sure hope you do not own a pet,it seems you are determined to ignore every Bible word study,regarding animal souls and spirits,and proclaim a doctrine of your own making that has no Biblical basis.You refute nothing based on Scripture.God is not some tyrant,that we must be afraid of and worry that our requests may not be His will..He is our loving Father.Abba,and it is HIS WILL to bless His children and make them happy.He desires that we make our request known unto Him.You seem so confused by your responses.We already know He created "eternal"animals before the fall.We already know that all creation is waiting for the day that He returns to restore all creation to the original state He had planned for us.
---judy on 3/5/09

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Mic, I did say it was O.K. to AVOID the question & as usual, you did. The first question you tried to answer wasn't a question, they will always end with a '?': and you made up the second question!

'CONTEST' is your word & only speaks of your state of mind toward God's Will being done! It's like you're talking to yourself. Let us pray your contesting mind doesn't end up like that angel?

While your talking about 'Contesting God's Will', I'm sharing the desire of every Child of God, in Heaven, which is the 'Will of God's Blissful Love': and if animals are of God's Blissful Love for us to see in Heaven then we shall!

FYI~It's irrelevant if animals have or not have soul, for God's Will shall be done.
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/4/09

Shawn.M.T.:-Your lesson in Grammar was taken with a smile.To answer your question"If we make it to heaven, then the desires of Gods children shall be according to the bliss of His love,and If or provided, one of those desires,is to see animals,then we shall"
FYI the Lords prayer is "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven"Animals as I explained have a soul that ceases to exist after death -called finite- so they "dont go to heaven".The next question left would you contest Gods will in order to see your animal or animals? One angel of Light lost Heaven for this reason, contesting - You may try if you so desire.If or Provided you make it to Heaven.
---MIC on 3/4/09

--Mic:*we do not know except to say we shall enjoy eternal Bliss-Provided we make it to His realm.---MIC on 2/26/09**

Mic, It seems you're partial to hearing the use of the word 'Provided' which is just another form of 'IF'...and if or provided you wish to avoid answering the question, it's O.K. with me!

Would you disagree that we must have remembered to keep God's First commandment 'If' or 'Provided' we made it to Heaven?

We don't know all the desires of God's Love which shall be manifested & beheld by us in Heaven, except to say that in Heaven the desires of God's Children shall be according to the Bliss of His Love & if or provided one of those desires is to see animals, then we shall!

Good Day & God Bless
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/3/09

Shawn MT:- You use the word "IF"This is earth Not Heaven.
---MIC on 3/3/09

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Mic, Would you disagree that if we're in Heaven then we've must have remembered to keep His First commanment?
---Shawn_M.T. on 3/2/09

Animalis don't don't go to heaven they don't have spirits
---Betty on 3/1/09

ShawnMT:-Theres no need for me to burst your bubble.But bubbles dont last forever, even teeny weeny ones.!!!Just remember the First commandment of God.
---MIC on 2/27/09

Mic,not one of my past blogs have you refuted.Not one scripture to back up your opinion.Noone is saying the souls and spirits of animals are the SAME as mankinds,but they do have a soul and spirit,which is Biblical if one does a word study.Originally death was never supposed to be in the Garden,Adam and Eve were meant to live forever as well as their animal "friends".God will renew the earth and return things to its original heavenly state.There will be "eternal"animals.Can they be the ones we had?No 100% guarantee,but studying the character and love of God and his past convenants with animals,one would surmise that this possiblility is most likely-esp if we ask and desire it.
---Judy on 2/27/09

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Mic, God's Love that He has revealed to us is to becomes the Hopes of Faith of our hearts desire while in the earth, as it shall be in Heaven: This is God Will being done on earth as it is in Heaven.

The concept of your hearts desire should have already started to change to the focus of the Lord's Love: IF YOU haven't forgotten the "Lord's Prayer"!

The one thing we do know is that we'll be as the angels of God in heaven enjoying unequivocally & completely the Eternal Bliss of the Love God's Spirit has diligently endeavor in revealing to us in the earth.

....and as I originally posted~" We'll be able to see all that we Love in heaven", and 'IF' that desire is to see animals, then we shall.
---Shawn_M.T. on 2/27/09


Amen~Bruce, "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit" (1 Cor. 2:9-10).

The Love God has prepared for us & revealed to our hearts by His Spirit is what keeps our Hopes of Faith alive while in the earth.

Everything that we value in the earth should be of the Love of God & neighbor and those things that aren't, won't be of value or desired by our hearts in Heaven: For we'll be as the angels of God in heaven....and as I originally posted~" We'll be able to see all that we Love in heaven", and 'IF' that desire is to see animals, then we shall.
---Shawn_M.T. on 2/27/09

Shawn.M,T.:- Do you disagree that God will Manifest and give his children their Hearts desires? Shawn have you forgotten the "Lords Prayer""Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven"?Your concepts will change and Your focus will be on the Lord. Bruce is nearer the truth .But we do not know except to say we shall enjoy eternal Bliss-Provided we make it to His realm.
---MIC on 2/26/09

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