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Do Our Words Have Power

Do you believe the words we speak have power to effect us in body and spirit and do you think that our words live on forever? Could you give me scripture for your answer also.

Moderator - Not in a magical way that the Word of Faith doctrine teaches.

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 ---colupy on 5/14/08
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I do believe that the bible has many chapters onthe words of faith and belief God said it in his own words thru faith you are saved and have grace i go to prepare a place for you there are many mansions in my fathers home if this were not true i would tell you so the blood on calvarys cross bonded Gods love for all but the courts states and leaders in Washington dc have no love for GOD THEY DO SATANS BIDDING TAKE PRAYER THE TEN cOMMAMDANTS AND ANY REFERENCE TO ARE lORD AND MASTER wHAT KIND OF gOVERMENT DO WE HAVE THAT WILL ALLOW muslims to pray to ali and in school five times a day God sent his son Jesus Christ to die on Calvarys cross not some human being thatpromises 73 virgins if you kill
---lawrence on 11/1/08

Yes words have power. here's an example...With words we receive our salvation by faith. Confession & faith, our two keys to salvaton. Something to ponder....We all know what Proverbs 18 vs 20 & 21 says, then there's Romans 10 vs 9 & 10. Read those two & see what revelation you recieve for yourself.

Interesting to know that those very words of faith & power bring us to our receiving salvation....

God Bless
---Clinton on 10/31/08

the bible says "can bitter water and sweet water come from the same fountain?"

when you speak you must speak good things..because as children of God we have the power to speak to situations. If you speak negatively to a situation so shall it be. the bible also says hold your tongue. One has to be cautious with words and ask themselves "Would God say that"
---nikki on 10/28/08

Words carry much weight and power. What we say can make or break us. How we say them and when they are said also carries much weight and power. The bible tells us that. It is time and season for all things.Ecclesiastes chap 3.
---Robyn on 10/27/08

I have a couple of adult step children every disease or alliment they see mentioned on TV they begin to say things like I have those symptoms or I'm afraid I have that.Most of the time when they go to the doc they have it.Now with me I am 73 by the way and a retired nurse.I say I have a symptom of whatever but I believe it will pass and each day I'm better and don't have these diseases.I do think there are virus etc.that people get that have nothing to do with words that we speak or bad thoughts.Also in the cases of children born with some horrible defect.Some things are a cause of original sin.Very pitiful but these individuals will be whole in heaven as they are innocent.Adam and Eve's sin we do still pay for.
---shirley on 10/27/08

Of course our words have a lasting effect on everything around us.You don't need scripture to back that up.
Honestly,I'm somewhat hesitant to respond as i've been on websights where if you dont post the way the moderator believes it is censored.This is a tactic that only serves to stifle the Spirit of truth,and untill i know that there isnt a denominational agenda then i cant in all good consience post my take on the issue.
Thank you,
In the love of Christ,
---Bill on 10/26/08

We are created in the image and likeness of God even though we are flawed.If we speak bad thoughts a lot and dwell on them I think they can have some affect on us.I think we should be as positive as possible.After all as God's children we win in the end.
---shirley on 10/26/08

There is no doubt that words have power. But words alone do not change reality... no matter your confession.

Notice Mt 11:23
For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart....

Jesus taught "speak to the mountain", not that one should "confess" the mountain wasn't there.

When confronted with the giant, David didn't say "What giant?" or "that's no giant". He faced a real giant and overcame him in the power of the Lord.
---Donna66 on 10/26/08

our words have great power, life are death
---netta_3634 on 10/18/08

proverbs says alot about your words and what they do.
---netta_3634 on 10/16/08

Linda: I appreciate you clarifying your position for me. I'm glad to hear you reject WoF teaching.

Leslie: I'm not quite sure what you mean. Do you believe our words have the ability to affect reality in that, for example, saying I am sick will actually cause me to become sick?
---Bobby3 on 9/26/08

The Bible says that there is power of life and death in our tongues. If you say "I feel sick", whether you feel that way or not, you then start to get sick. This has been proven by science as well, it's called Quantum Physics. It has even been proven that the Healing Scriptures in the Bible read in Hebrew have the power to change cell structure in humans. When these scriptures were read in other languages over a plate of sand, nothing happened to the sand. When the Scriptures were read in Hebrew over the plate of sand, the sand began to have an invisable hand write in it the Hebrew letters.
---Leslie on 9/26/08

Bobby, this is my stance regarding the confession of the mouth:

I believe that everything was created by the Word. The worlds were framed by it. Everything God says is truth, even when our minds cannot conceive it. Many WoF adherers have insisted that we can create anything we want with our mouths. I, on the other hand, choose to believe that simple agreement with God, who is our Father, is done with the mouth and reflects the meditation of the heart. That simple agreement does not make God do anything. He has completed the work. What it does do is release from our spirit the salvation He placed there when we were born again. Everything that pertains unto life and godliness has been given you.
---Linda_G. on 9/26/08

Instead of confessing His Word to make it true or to make it come to pass, I confess the Word to establish my heart in grace and renew my mind to present truth. If you watch people who are always at variance with God with the words of their mouth, you will find them asking why God says one thing and they experience another. Not having an answer to the problem, they impugn God's very character and nature because of a lack of knowledge and they perish in one or more of the aspects of redemption. Death is more than just laying the body down. It includes all the things listed under the curse of the law in Deut. 28.
---Linda_G. on 9/26/08

I am not viewing confession as something we do from the outside to make something true. I view it as my agreement from the heart (inside) with what is already truth and, as I have believed, so be it unto me. Faith is a spiritual muscle. It is always there. Just like the biceps and triceps in our arms, they are there but usually unnoticed unless they are exercised through use. In the old covenant, defilement came from without. In the new covenant, defilement (of the soul, not the spirit) comes from within. Hope this helps.
---Linda_G. on 9/26/08

Linda: I agree with you in that the verses you have cited do indeed show that, as you put it, "what is spoken out of the mouth [reflects] what is believed in the heart". However, I would disagree with any notion that what is spoken out of the mouth has the power to create reality and bring things to pass (as WoF teaches). You did not state whether you held to this position or not, so please clarify if you could. The reason I ask is because I was unsure if your post was in response to the original blog question only or was in response to what I wrote on 08/26, which addresses the "words having creative power" issue.
---Bobby3 on 9/26/08

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Proverbs 18:21
Proverbs 10:20
Proverbs 12:18
Psalm 19:14
Proverbs 6:2
Proverbs 12:14
Proverbs 13:2
Proverbs 15:23
Matt. 12:34
Luke 6:45
Amos 3:3 "How can two walk together except they be agreed?"
Agreement comes by the mouth, by speaking the same thing.
Would you like some more? The Word is full of what is spoken out of the mouth reflecting what is believed in the heart.
---Linda_G. on 9/25/08

Doug: "If Christ IS the very WORD of God, then one can deduce that the words we speak possess life and power inherant within themselves, and have correct definitions given to them by God."

How is such a deduction made? Our words are NOT in any way equal to God's words in terms of creative power, and there is NO evidence to suggest that ours possess such power to any degree.

"Used in accordence with their correct, God given definitions they produce a positive effect, however, if used according to their man created definitions (false) they create a negative effect."

Please provide biblical support for this notion.
---Bobby3 on 8/26/08

Doug-- I certainly agree that Christ was the very Word of God...but, I don't see how you jump from that fact to saying: that If Christ IS the very WORD of God, then one can deduce that the words we speak possess life and power inherent within themselves, and have correct definitions given to them by God. Guess, I'm sort of dense, but I don't see the connection.

I know a few words that I don't believe GOD created! And where is a dictionary of definitions intended by God? How do we know we're using words correctly? In English, or any living language, words change in meaning over time which is why most people today cannot instantly understand every word of the KJV. I don't believe words per se have any power except what we give to them.
---Donna66 on 8/25/08

Matthew 12:36: "But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment." James 3:8: "But the tongue can no man tame, it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. 9: Therewith bless we God, even the Father, and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. 10: Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be."
---Nana on 8/26/08

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To answer this question correctly one must first address the question of where words originated from in the first place. How did Adam learn to speak? Through the use of words. Where did those words Adam used originate? God. God spoke BEFORE Adam was created, through the WORD (Christ). Christ IS the WORD of God, and He possesses Life, therefore IS alive. If Christ IS the very WORD of God, then one can deduce that the words we speak possess life and power inherant within themselves, and have correct definitions given to them by God. Used in accordence with their correct, God given definitions they produce a positive effect, however, if used according to their man created definitions (false) they create a negative effect.
---Doug on 8/25/08

Certainly some words SEEM to live forever. Most adults can instantly recall words they heard as a child or adolescent that still have power in their lives. Examples,"you're stupid", you'll never amount to anything", "you're fat".... or "you're smart, "you look pretty/handsome/cool", "I'm proud of you". Words like these last a lifetime, though time and experience can weaken them. A mere apology is seldom fully able to erase the hurtful ones.

I believe this is the meanung of Proverb 18 that "Death and life are in the power of the tongue". It's not merely trying to create something we want by speaking words of faith.
---Donna66 on 8/23/08

Do you believe the words we speak have power to effect us in body and spirit and do you think that our words live on forever?

I believe if you say something you regret, and apologize for it...and are is remembered no more....even as our own sin.

The Word of the Lord endures forever, but I've never heard that our words endure forever.

We are to be careful what we that little member of a tongue can start fires from hell....gossip is murder.

So, yes, what we say does have power to hurt others...but will lies about you endure forever....NO. Is God's POWER to heal and expose lies have a Higher Power...absolutely.
---kathr4453 on 8/21/08

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. The word trains us in righteousness. It is a double edged sword, cutting away what is not of God, both going and coming. The bible says that the washing of the washing of the water of the word, cleanses, from all iniquity. The tongue is a small member, but, can be set on fire of hell, when used against someone made in the image of God. The bible says that it is hard to tame.
---gayla on 8/17/08

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Many people do not realize the power of the tonue, the words that we speak, and the impact that it has on our lives and the lives of those around us. In the book of Proverbs, we are told that words can bring life or death to us. " The heart of the wise teaches his mouth, and adds learning to his lips. Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:23-24. Praying the word for the church is one way of expressing the kind of faith which pleases God. We can be sure we are praying God's will when we pray His word, and we have confidence that He does what we ask. (1 John 5:14,15. Keep the good work up Sister, and continue to let the Holy Spirit use you.
---Anne on 8/16/08

Different people have contacted me about the word of knowledge that Kay Arthur had in Atlanta, Georgia sometime in early July.
Yesterday while attending a prayer group, praying for our nation, when it came my time to pray I was led by the Holy Spirit to quoth the words from the Bible," Is anything to hard for the LORD?" Now of course these are not my words, but rather a direct quote from the Bible, and I believe that have great power!!!! This quote was like putting salve on the open wound.
---Mima on 8/15/08

The Word says: Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Another scripture says: a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in goblets of silver.Another: A soft answer turneth away wrath. Proverbs: as the swallow by wandering and the bird by flying, so a curse without cause does not come. Another: by your words shall you be justified and by your words shall you be condemned!
---Danelle on 6/20/08

The word of God conceived in the heart and spoken of the mouth is creative and healing power." For "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." Therefore "Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it flow the issues of life." "Out of the good treasures of a mans heart, he brings forth good things. Out of evil treasure, evil things." "If you have an evil thought, put your hand over your mouth." Seed time and harvest applies to words as well.
---Josef on 6/4/08

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I have a hand printed sign on my bedroom door, the door I stare at the most. It is Ps.141:3 Words have tremendous power accordingto the Word.With our tongue we can bless or curse.I make it a habit to alwys bless and never to curse anyone.
---Danelle on 5/30/08

The tongue of the wise is health.

Let your speech be seasoned with salt.

Let no corrupt communication come out of your mouth...
(corrupt would also include anything that tends to corruption or decay, disagreement with God's word, for instance)

The Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned, that I may know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary.

Grace is poured upon thy lips....

Thy lips are as threads of scarlet....
---Linda on 5/30/08

My heart is indicting a good matter, I speak of those things that I have made touching the King, my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Isaiah had a message of "woe, woe, woe" in his mouth until he saw the Lord high and lifted up and the train of His robe filling the temple. Then he got a new message. "Behold, a virgin shall conceive...."
Still talking like an earthy man? You need to see the Lord.
---Linda on 5/30/08

I would say that God, who is the Word, places a great deal of value on the spoken word. Sow to the flesh, reap corruption. Sow to the spirit, reap life everlasting. He gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater. The sower sows the word. How much clearer do you need it?
---Linda on 5/30/08

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"Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof" (Proverbs 18:21, KJV)

Anyone who loves to talk should know that he or she will experience the consequences (fruit) of what he or she says.
---Nadine on 5/29/08

Todd1, in Genesis 1 He was speaking to a situation. His words changed what Satan messed up. We, as speaking spirits, are to do the exact same thing. It is not God working through us at all times. We can speak a thing into existence at anytime w/o His permission.
---Rickey on 5/29/08

When God said, " Let there be light", in the original context He said, "Light in Me be",
He spoke what He had in His heart. We are to do the same when we meditate on the word. We speak/call money to us. We declare healing on our own bodies. We call favor & wisdom to ourselves. We are the same faith, believing therefore we speak.(2Corinthians 4:13)
(Philippians 4:19, 2Peter 2:24, Galatians 3:13, Psalm 1:2-3, Joshua 1:8, Matthew 12:34)
---Rickey on 5/29/08

Be careful when comparing ourselves to the Almighty Creator, Pastor Bill. We are made in His image, not with His power. Only God can create. The only power we have is His power working through us. :-)
I certainly wouldn't use Genesis 1 account of creation to teach the power of our words, but His words.
---Todd1 on 5/28/08

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I do believe that words which comes out of your mouth can effect you spiritually. But, I believe that is not the topic here. Certainly, if you are preaching the word of God with the annointing that God has placed on you, then it is powerful, and will last forever. Prophets in the Bible never became appreciated until after they were dead and in heaven with their Lord and Saviour, their God. I am sure there is a scripture to back me up. Sorry I don't have it with me. But you can hunt.
---catherine on 5/27/08

To Mike F.'s 5/19 post: Brother, you almost got it right about God's name in vain. Problem is: we don't USE His name in vain, we TAKE/RECEIVE/ACCEPT His name in vain. The 3rd Commandment is a warning not to become a Christian (take His name) to NO AFFECT. If our lives don't change after we take His name (1st it was Isrealite/now it's Christian), He will hold us responsible. We go to heaven no matter what we do (after we trust in Jesus), but we may be ashamed in heaven for our lack of works.
---Chris on 5/26/08

Pastor Gibbons you are so right on and I hope that you are teaching your entire congregation this message intensely...When True Christians receive this truth it will so change their lives...Amen...Charles Capps explains this message so wonderfully and He uses the Word of God to teach this message...He is a farmer but He knows the Word of God.I love His books...But I always back everything up with the Word of God before I believe it...Amen...
---Elisabeth on 5/25/08

Of Course -- There is power in the spoken word. Look at Genesis 1. God spoke things into existence. We were made in His Image and likeness. There is power in the spoken word. Refrain from vulgarity and see how it blesses your soul. Speak life and blessing into people lives and see how it builds your soul and those you bless by doing so.
---Pastor_Bill_Gibbons on 5/25/08

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God rewards our faith in His Promises.

The words we speak do not have power as the WOF teach. It's God's POWER that transforms the heart that obeys HIS WORD!
---kathr4453 on 5/25/08

Words are very powerful. It matters how and what we say .This is why we are told to call on the name of Jesus and so forth. There is power in His name and when we say His name the devil has to go and leave us alone.When we feel discouraged,down on our faith. We call on the name of Jesus, we speak the Word(scriptures) this gives energy and strength to our spirits.We become bold and able to stand up to the devil and hold our ground(resist temptations etc...)
---Robyn on 5/24/08

if people would just allow their motives to be based more on love, then their words would have even more power.jesus,s whole life was based on the fact that God loves us,all of us.and there was plenty of power in his words.and guess what? it still is alive and well.
---tom2 on 5/24/08

Read all the Scriptures concerning the tongue, speech or speaking, and Words...There are many verses in the Bible concerning our speech!
---Elisabeth on 5/23/08

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The words we speak to someone can either bless them or curse them. If I spoke harshly to my children and that is all they hear, then I have cursed them and chances are they will do the same to others and their spouse when married. It is very, very important what we say and how we say it. The bible says every word that comes out of our mouth, we'll be judged by God. Just like the children's song, Oh be careful little ears what you hear, oh be careful little mouth what you say. Alot of truth in that song.
---Rebecca_D on 5/22/08

There is power in His name Jesus!
God and His word hold the power! God does work through us. His power does too.
---lisa on 5/21/08

Our words definitely are recorded somewhere...Matthew 12:36-37 "But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.
---Todd1 on 5/21/08

I will say it again, " When someone says that what the word says isn't true, they are calling God a liar, plain and simple."

Don't knock what someone else is doing, seek God for yourself. Opposing what the word says is just making it of none effect in your life.

Get in the word. Find scriptures on what you need/need help in and speak them.
---Rickey on 5/20/08

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Contrary to popular belief, God will not resist the devil for you!(James 4:7) It's up to you to do so & the no. 1 way is by the word of God spoken out of your mouth.(Revelation 12:11)
---Rickey on 5/20/08

Jesus only spoke what the Father taught him to say (John 8:28) Jesus followers hear his voice (John 10) When we speak what we hear from Jesus then there is power in those spoken words. When we speak words and attribute them to God (God said or In Jesus name)and they are not truly from Him, then we are using God/Jesus name in vain. Jesus words will never pass away (Mt 24:35)
---Mike_Ferguson on 5/19/08

I honestly hope that we are answering these questions to edify one another and not simply expressing opinion because the word of God is not based on opinion and should not be expressed in opinion. His word is Truth and if we are to be like Christ we need to have the FAITH that christ had because it is by faith that we are even saved.
---Ruby on 5/19/08

The holy spirit has been given to us by God without measure John3:34. 1cor 6:19 WE are the temple.We are to be the image of Christ by Faith in the power of the living God and through the attonement of Christ and by the Holy spirit bearing witness with our spirits that we are children of God. Rom8:16. If God is in us, then are we not made Holy through Him? It is FAITH in the promises of God, not self justification or proclamation.Is what God says "mumbo jumbo"? Where is the Faith?
---Ruby on 5/19/08

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Jesus prayed for His disciples to be ONE as He and God are ONE. Therefore we are made unified through Christ with our creator. Otherwise how would His glory be made manifest in us? If you ask anything in my name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the son. John 14:13 Although it is true that If we live for christ we seek things which are above and we do not lose heart if they are not quickly supplied.
---Ruby on 5/19/08

I believe that our words do have power. The bible says Jesus was the word made manifest by God. If you believe in the power of Christ, why do you not believe in WHO and WHAT He is? God is not magic, magic is deception. The WORD of God is TRUTH. But if you do not have FAITH then NO ONES answer will be of any help to you. You should ask God instead of other people who only provide you with their biased opinions. Remember Jesus asked: And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things I say? Luke 6:46
---Ruby on 5/19/08

I'd never call God a liar, but I did find two contradictions in the bible. God didn't write the bible, people wrote the bible based on stories that were passed down from generation to generation...hence, the contradictions. We need something to use as a guidance, the bible is the nearest thing to the Lord's life that we have to rely on, therefore we read the bible in hopes we're getting some similance to the life and times of God, and to guide us in our daily lives to be as good and Godfearing as we can.
---marie5855 on 5/19/08

When someone says that what the word says isn't true, they are calling God a liar, plain and simple.
---Rickey on 5/19/08

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Has God lied? Has He made a mistake by putting Proverbs 18:20-21 in the bible? If He has then He needs to cease from being God.

If you want to be broke, it's your choice. If you want to be sick, it's your choice. If you want to stay bound up, it's your choice.

Whatever you desire, speak, & act on is on you. Jesus Himself was never even broke, sick, or homeless! Why should you be if you are a "Christian"?
---Rickey on 5/19/08

My thing about folks knocking what WOF folks teach is the misunderstanding that folks get.

Yes, some may use it for selfish motives. But many times folks who think they are being selfish are totally misunderstanding and too darn stubborn to listen. Jesus talked about folks like that. Folk like that are like the Sadducee. They are just "sad, you see".

It's sad when someone is knocking the word of God because of someone else's mistake.

Is God a liar?
---Rickeyr on 5/19/08

I also wanted to ask that since the devil cannot read minds, then if you speak something, then it might give him something to attack you on, thank you on your answers and may God Bless.
---colupy on 5/16/08
YES, we should watch our words and not open ourselves up to the devil knowing our weaknesses. That would apply to movies and TV, evil speaking friends as well.
---NVBarbara on 5/18/08

well ,Gods word says that the power of life and death are in the my answer would be YES.
---tom2 on 5/18/08

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Pt. 1 Thank you everyone for your responses. You know the old saying- sticks and stones etc..
Well we know that words we speak in anger can stay with people for the rest of their lives. Or we could speak with words of praise that will uplift. So I was thinking that this might be one way of our words living forever.
---colupy on 5/16/08

Pt 2 Also, some people hear of illnesses going around and they think that they have it. And I've also heard people say that if you have an illness then that's why you have it or still have it, because you spoke it.
---colupy on 5/16/08

Pt 3 I also wanted to ask that since the devil cannot read minds, then if you speak something, then it might give him something to attack you on, thank you on your answers and may God Bless.
---colupy on 5/16/08

People seem to forget that Jesus was God in the flesh. He was no normal human being. His power came from HIS Father.
---KarenD on 5/16/08

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Cursing people with words, none effect for the Christian. Curses without cause have zero effect on the Christian.

That's why when someone speaks resurrection life over a dead person and God's not in it, the dead person does not come back to life.
God is in control at all times. All power in heaven and on earth belongs to Him. He alone decides who will live and who will die.
We can pray, we can ask, but it's God's power, His spoken word that decides whether we live or die.
---lisa on 5/16/08

Interesting question, I agreed with the moderator, but at the same time, I believe there is something to be Said for positive speaking. As an old football coach. I understand that positive, virtually bragging, speaking about and to a player will produce his top playing ability. All this is very interesting and has a place in our lives.
---Mima on 5/16/08

WoF doctrine is a skewing of the Scriptures that promise abundance just like refusal to use modern medicine is a skewing of the Scriptures that promise health! AND YOU CAN DIE FROM IT JUST AS QUICKLY.
You can "confess" someone healthy and they die ... "confess" someone resurrected before they're buried.. the truth of the matter ... God is SOVEREIGN .... KING ... and HE WILL DO WHATEVER HE SEES IS BEST FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL BELIEVER!
---Chris on 5/15/08

I feel sorry for people who have been deceived by these teachers and pray daily that all those who have been romanced by this stuff will find the Truth in Jesus ... that He is not a vending machine where we can drop in the right words and out comes our candy bar!
WoF teaches the same things witchcraft teaches ... that words have power and that you can create your own reality with your words ...
---Chris on 5/15/08

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When I hear metaphysical mixed with Christianity prayers, I honestly want to wretch. They make me sick, especially the extremely selfish, self-centered ones.

So many people want to be complimented, adored, rich and prosperous, and POWERFUL.
" I am One with the Power that created me. I am totally open to the abundant flow of prosperity that the Universe offers. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask."
I humbly beg in Jesus Name.
---lisa on 5/15/08

Do you think God's Holy Spirit is behind those words?

If the metaphysical type of Christianity prayers worked - then tell me, truthfully -
why are there so many starving people in the streets of countries where the metaphysical is the religion of choice - where visualization and meditation is practiced.

Why can't they visualize an ocean of abundance that actually puts real food on the table to eat?
---lisa on 5/15/08

If your Christianity consists of being prosperity conscious and your flow of money is dependent upon Jesus from whom all blessings flow - do you think you can "brainwash" God by repeating prayers for oceans of abundance and eventually He will answer because you've worn Him out with visualizations and repetitious prayers for abundance?
---lisa on 5/15/08

The law of supply and demand.
Demanding comes first with the metaphysical type of Christianity.
The request for money is spoken out over and over to come where it's needed in the form of prayer - humbly begging in Jesus' Name for all of your prosperity and blessings to flow and flow and flow. After all, even the poorest family can gather money together for a funeral.
---lisa on 5/15/08

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Even speaking about it, makes me want to throw up.

"There is no way to drain the ocean of abundance dry. You are an abundance container and it can always be exchanged for a larger container." "I am open and receptive to all abundance in the Universe and it gives me expansion." I humbly beg you in Jesus Name.
---lisa on 5/15/08

The metaphysical may not be so blatantly mixed with this form of Christianity, but it is very, very close.
The bottomline, gimmee, gimmee, gimmeee.
---lisa on 5/15/08

Rom. 10:9 - Our words have power if we truly believe with our heart what we are saying. "Life and death are in the power of the tongue." It all depends on "IF" you believe with your heart what you are saying. A lot of people say a lot of stuff in jest and don't mean it at all, those words have no power, but if you say some thing for or against some one or something and mean it in your heart, those words have power to bring life or death to who ever or whatever you are speaking.
---Debbie_Jo on 5/15/08

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