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Seldom Goes To Church

Can people that only go to church on Christmas and Easter be considered Christian?

Moderator - Maybe, since going to church doesn't make one a Christian.

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 ---Michelle on 5/15/08
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The bible say 'unto him shall the gathering of his people be' so the church is where we gather to worship there

---joe on 10/23/08

Religion (undefiled, of course), faith, and salvation----God words.

He that is born of flesh is flesh. He that is born of the Spirit is spirit. Ye must be born again, not of the will of man nor of the will of the flesh but of God. By first birth, you are earthy and of Adam. By second birth, you are heavenly and of Christ. Perhaps a great deal of your infirmity lies within not discerning the body of the Lord Jesus (1 Cor. 11:29,30) which, without controversy, is a spiritual body. There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body. To be a part of the latter, you must be born again.
---Linda on 10/22/08

The moment I was born I was a christian. Religion, faith and salvation are man-words what separate human beings from oneanother and cause this type of (uhm) dialogue. I am unable to attend at a building at an appointed time set aside by some people who may or may not be christian. I do attend at 'holday' or event services when I am not so ill that I am bedridden less that I'd like. God and His word is a daily topic (in my home or with others) almost naturally. I look at that symbol of the cross everyday it being present in each room of the home. These things do not determine whether I am christian. It is so simple to have faith.
---Pamela on 9/16/08

As a young teenage boy I knew a middle-aged couple that did exactly that. They went to church on Christmas and Easter and at no other time except funerals. They had two sons about my age, I was very fond of everybody in the family, but I must say that I do not feel good about them now. Also the parents are dead of course and I never drive-by their old house without wondering about them.
---Mina on 8/18/08

Catherine,true we are not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. This is regarding marrying and in close relationships outside of church with unbelievers. However, Jesus Christ approached unbelievers, such as the woman at the well who had had five husbands and a live-in boyfriend. We are to be witnesses to unbelievers, not sin with them or have close alliances.There are churches with true believers everywhere. Paul, Peter and countless others since have won the unbelievers and backslidden to salvation through the preached Word of God! Don't be so convicted. We all were once "enemies of the cross" before we were saved.
---theresa on 7/28/08

Theresa, don't quote scripture to me unless you are willing to quote the whole Bible. Brcause it is also written not to commune with unbelievers or fellowship with them. We are to obey God IN EVERYTHING. And it is also written that the heart is what matters not where you worship, that God looks upon the heart, also, we are to RUN FROM FALSE TEACHERS, PROPHETS, AND PREACHERS.
---catherine on 7/26/08

Catherine,the same Christians who prayed for you and I while we were in our sins wilfully and not born again. The same Christians who realize "such were some of you, but ye are washed, ye are sanctified" as it says in I Corinthians Chapter 6, verse 11. Jesus said let the wheat and the tares grow together in Matthew chapter 13, verses 24-30 and 36-43. He'll do the separating at the end. However, Hebrews chapter 10, verse 25 says "forsaking not the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is." When we go to church, we are going to worship, praise God, hear and receive the truth of the Word and go out as a living testimony to others who need the Lord, loving unconditionally as Christ has loved us.
---Theresa on 7/24/08

If they accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, yes they are still christians
---Toni on 7/24/08

Even the anti-christs are in the churches of today. Who in their right minds, and belongs to God, wants to sit by one?
---catherine on 7/24/08

Catherine,the scriptures you are referring to in II Corinthians chapter 6 says "be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers." If someone deliberately marries an unbeliever, this is the case. In I Corinthians chapter 5, however Paul under the direction of the Holy Spirit says "not altogether with fornicators, idolators of this world", but rather not to keep company with anyone who calls themselves Christians who practice sin. I was a sinner seated in a church when I received Christ responding to the Word of God.
---Theresa on 7/24/08

I will say something about this, I will. And you will not like it. Get all the hypocrites out of the church, the devils too, and make some room for God's people. We are not to commune with unbelievers, for it is written. And have a good night. Amen.
---catherine on 7/23/08

Going to Church will make you religious however it has nothing to do with your salvation. I am more concerned with someones salvation then I am with their Church attendance. However the Bible does say that by your fruit you shall be known. I agree that if a person does not regularly attend Church then you might want to ask them if they are truly saved.
---TIMOTHY on 7/22/08

One is not a Christian baised upon where they sit on any given Sunday. A Christian is one that has given their life to God through the atoning sacrifice of His Son Jesus. Although it is important for a Christian to join themselves to a local congregation, it is not a test of salvation.
If a Christian is not in fellowship with other believers, they should be encouraged to "Not forsake the assembling together, as the habit of some"(Heb.10:25) We need the encouragement of other Christians as well we need to exercice our gifts to the building up of the body of Christ.
---david8437 on 7/16/08

I go to church to worship and praise the Lord. We owe it to the Lord for suppling all our needs the other 6 days a week. I searched for a church that had true not phony christians. One Sunday while in church the Lord said to me are you here for me or them? We need fellow believers to help one another through our walk. Lets face it its NOT EASY to walk with God. So I continue to go to church to be fed. And to worship our Father Jesus Christ.To except anything else is just disappointment. 1cor 1:27-30
---Eileen on 5/28/08

I agree with donna8365, going to church doesn't make someone a Christian. I heard this saying once:
"just because you find a mouse in the cookie jar, that doesn't make him a cookie!"
LOL :-)
On the other hand, I think the proper place for a cookie (true Christian) is in the cookie jar (church)
---Todd1 on 5/27/08

Going to church doesn't make you a Christian just like going to McDonald's doesn't make you a hamburger. You are yoked to HIM, The Lord Jesus, not to a church. You can have church with just a few folks. Watered-down, raga-muffin gospel is being preached, so how do we expect new babes in Christ to grow?
---donna8365 on 5/27/08

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Jeff, someone either IS a Christian or is NOT a Christian. Are there non-bible believing Christians? I think not. There are churchgoers who are lukewarm and the bible says they will be spewed out so I guess they are not actually Christians anyway. Before labelling those who attend only occasionally we should all be sure that we know WHY they attend that way. Things are not always as they seem. If we care why not find out why this is so and ask if we can help.
---RitaH on 5/23/08

2. Some people might have caring responsibilities which limit their attendance. Others might have no transport and a long walk on a rainy day plus an hour sitting in wet clothes could harm their delicate health. We don't know as much as we think we do about others in our churches but, without prying, we should perhaps endeavour to find out why the 'seldom attendees' are just that. They might just be waiting for some help.
---RitaH on 5/23/08

When a person turns their life over to Christ, he will give that person a desire to go to church. If they don't have a desire to go to church and stay home when they're able to go, I'd question their salvation. A person needs to do what they can to go to church if they have a desire to go and are able to go. My mom walked to church with 3 kids, (dad wasn't saved at the time), she had a desire to go. And she sacrificed to go, and I believe God rewarded her for that.
---Rebecca_D on 5/22/08

Sure...although the Bible is clear that God wants his children to come together for community worship, uplifting and fellowship. If it's possible, I think you should go to church. :-)
---Todd1 on 5/22/08

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Even though you can still be a "christian" only going to church seldom, but what it also makes you is a "lukewarm Christian", or a "social Christian" not a bible believing Christian.
---jeff on 5/22/08

yes......Church is for building strong relationships..staying accountable..and growing in the Word..find one. It does not make you a Christian..just as sitting in a garage does not make you a car. You will never find a perfect church...the only way to find one is to go to one with no people. :)
---melanie on 5/19/08

MY husband and I are not in church every time the doors open, but we are submersed in the word everyday sometimes most of the day. We do believe that fellowshipping with other Christians is very important, therefore we have set up Tuesdays for Bible Study in our home. By all means if you have a church that feeds you spiritually "stay" if you don't live everyday as if you were in the presence of God then church isn't helping you.
---pgfdottie on 5/19/08

I know a pastor and pastor's wife that speak out about their hatred for one another. Church is their business, money is their God, and craft is king. There's nothing Christian about either one of them, but they're raking in the dough, after all, people will buy anything.
We shall know them by their fruits.
---SuzyQ807 on 5/19/08

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can people who say they are saved,and call themselves christian,and go too church everytime the doors are open, BUT never live the life jesus says too live be called CHRISTIANS?this might be a beter question.I agree totally with the moderator going too church don,t make you a a life after accepting jesus, second by second,minute by minute day by day year by year,for your entire life is what makes you a follower of jesus.
---tom2 on 5/18/08

"A committed and serious christian would definitely want to be with other christians,most of the time." Yes Robyn but not all CAN get to church. Some simply can only get there occasionally and these people should not be dismissed as non-Christian just because they do not assemble regularly with other Christians. When I cannot get to church I try to watch a service on T.V. although, I admit, some are not very good. Also it gives extra time to study scripture or read Christian books.
---RitaH on 5/18/08

When will we stop judging by outward appearances. If you never, ever, go to church it does not mean you are saved or lost. I would think that if you are saved you would want to go to church. Unbelievers has taken over the church. Wanting to go and not going because of corruptions in the church,is a lot of it. You would have to be saved to understand what a dilemma we Christians must face everyday, simply because Satan has his evil influences, his ugly nose, in everything.
---catherine on 5/18/08

Regardless of how many times a person goes to church, they may not be a Christian. I once knew a minister that pastored a church 7 years before becoming a Christian.
(This is a true story.) ONLY by the acceptance of Christ as a personal Savior can a person be a Christian. Going to church is nice but it will not make a person a Christian.
---wivv on 5/17/08

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I disagree with the moderator. Church is very important in a christian's life. According to the word of God. He wants us to go to church and fellowship with like-minded people. To love one another and support one another. Christians need the love and closeness that church gives. A committed and serious christian would definitely want to be with other christians,most of the time.
---Robyn on 5/16/08

I go to church everytime the doors open only because I feel like im missing something when I don't go, but as for you I don't see anything wrong for u not going considering alot of ppl can have church anywhere it don't have to be a buliding Jesus never taught in a building did He?
---Ann on 5/16/08

Well, when I was a Catholic, I heard a thing like that if you were not going to Mass regularly, you had better at least go on Easter . . . something like this, in order to make sure you didn't get all the way away from God and being able to go to Heaven. But if that's the reason for going on Christmas and Easter, I'd say I am only concerned about myself, not caring how God feels or my example to children and others. I'd be too focused on a church building and if I was going there.
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/15/08

Well, there are churches worth going to, because they have real Christians to share with and to help you. And the word is good. And other things > worship should be all the time, though, in spirit and in truth . . . how you ARE having a lot to do with this, so you ARE pleasing to God. But ones who come just on certain holidays can suppose church is Christianity. But a good church is ready for them to come, with the message they need to hear. So, encourage them to come (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/15/08

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It would depend very much on why they only went on those occasions. Some true Christians have become disillusioned by organized religion and now don't attend church regularly but they have not forsaken their faith, they are not backsliders. However, the majority of people who only attend as you describe are usually not Christians. Attending in this way is usually more of a superstition than anything else 'just in case God really exists'.
---RitaH on 5/15/08

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