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What Would You Ask God

If you could ask God a question, what would you ask?

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 ---deb on 5/18/08
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"If"? Christians ask God things all the time, and we have no "if" when we talk.
---Eloy on 9/18/08

This is very funny. In all seriousness as I sit here smiling my question would be the following, " God. It's Pam. Again. What were You thinking when You were deciding on creation and while you were considering it...what did you expect to have 'I AM' get out of this whole bit of business aside from what we think or try to figure out about it as we all go about what should be Your business at hand...since You are eternal are You still laughing about the initial concept having had this long to see how it has all turned out? That is the best I can ask. I have faith God has humor. Pray nobody finds this offensive.I ask it often.
---Pamela on 9/16/08

I would ask God to please help me to stay obedient to His commands and to keep me doing His Perfect Will.
---Nadine on 5/28/08

Hi Virginia.

Since we have free will, an ability to choose between God (good), and Satan, (evil), I think that gives us the ability to love God willingly. Life isn't easy, it's work. But the trials we face teach us and strengthen us. They teach us to turn to God for help.

Everything God has given us is a gift, even the presence of evil in the world. Love you!
---deb on 5/27/08

I would like to know where evil came from since God does not seem to take the responsibility for it. He created man but was disappointed to find man was evil.
---Virginia on 5/26/08

Dear Donna, I'm praying for you. Some day you'll have your answers. In the mean time, know that your struggles are strengthening you.

God bless you.
---deb on 5/25/08

Why did you choose me from the foundation of the world? Because I have serious problems with demons and can't stand being on this earth with them. You know Lord they drive me crazy and I hate them. Why can't I come home to heaven now?
---donna8365 on 5/21/08

We don't have to worry, Jesus Christ is our Mediator. By the time our prayers reach the Throne room, they've been made whole, in God's will.
If our prayer is not answered specifically the way we asked, we know it it was not asked properly. Jesus mediates for us as we plead our case.
I do believe it's lack of faith to keep asking for the same things over and over again, every which way. If you haven't received any answers for those prayers, they're probably not in God's will.
---lisa on 5/20/08

I would ask the Lord for more direction in my prayer life. It is my desire to never to pray outside of the will of God, and when I encounter unanswered prayer I feel certain I am outside the will of God and prayer outside the will of God is not very good.
---Mima on 5/20/08

Patience > "And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body, and be thankful." (Colossians 3:15) I wait until He has me in His peace, submissive to how He *rules* me in His peace > in this peace, He gives me vision and enlightenment, with perfect satisfaction of peace and His guiding by the moment, in detail. And always, there are issues that keep me right on the edge, so I ever keep needing to seek You for Yourself and see what You do with me (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/19/08

well, for one thing the question i've been asking at this time in my life is
Lord why is it that i am not clear about your direction concerning....these serious issues i've put before you?Lord i'm still waiting for your answers so that i can take a step
---Patience on 5/19/08

I can ask God anything if I have the right attitude. Otherwise, He might not pay me any attention. Why was I of all the people on this earth, why was I chosen and given such callings?>>>Because I was so messed up from the get-go. And why you put up with me when I was not so nice to you at all. My Lord and my God, thank you.
---catherine on 5/19/08

I would ask God who I am supposed to marry, if I am supposed to ever get married to begin with?
---Steve on 5/19/08

could you please let me be more like Jesus
---Andy on 5/19/08

I would ask Him for more strength to pray for everyone to be with Him for Eternity
---Gabby on 5/18/08

deb, I dont know.boy thats a hard one.I know that he has given his son,I know about free will, and about a repentent heart.I know the plan of salvation and the choice to believe.I know he tarrys because he wants all to come to repentence.I know he is all good, righteous,all as a human being what could I ask that his word already reveals?I already know why everyone can,t be saved,why everyone doesn,t love him,and their neighbor.and thats all iam concerned sorry i guess i have no question.
---tom2 on 5/18/08

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I would ask God whether the scripture "the last shall be first" means there will be levels of importance for people in Heaven.
---Geraldine on 5/18/08

How much longer Lord, must we wait?
I'm like a kid lost in a amusement park, Waiting to hear over the LOUD speaker,
"Come" to the Main office your Father & Brother are here and waiting...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/18/08

You can ask God anything you want, any time of the day, all day long...we do not have to is the day.

I really don't ask God questions like why God why.... I place all of my trust in His answers for me. When I pray, I trust Him for the answers. If I have a conflict about what I am asking Him, I know it's not His will. The Holy Spirit teaches us what to ask for and with His knowledge comes understanding that God's answers will be best and right on time.
---lisa on 5/18/08

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