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Do Women Dress Appropriately

Do today's women dress appropriately for church?

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 ---Moderator on 5/21/08
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Amen Yolanda!

many CLAIM "christianity" and attend church as a show looks good and it sounds good however BY their ACTIONS one can determine if they are converted

a converted mind does not seek vanity, pride, and wordly things ...a converted mind seeks to please GOD

GOD gave all of mankind free will ...if these women were truly christian they would not dress suggestively and would willingly follow Christ

these women simply exercise their free will and live their lives APART from following Christ
---Rhonda on 9/14/11

When Christ comes in to your heart,the holy Spirit dwell in you,that way our minds star to chance and lead us to style of life and that way we star it to testify to who we belong.
---yolanda on 9/12/11

Yes, most do, although occassionally some do not. We live in a world where many women choose to dress provacatively. But then it is our responsiblity to control out own desires and to blame them for our naughty thougts or desires is to deny responsiblity for our own imperfections.
---Rocky on 9/12/11

Many women & men are dressing inappropriately these days. The root of these is from the evil one, degeneration. It started gradually many years back but it has now graduated to a very disturbing phenomenon. May God help His own.
---Adetunji on 9/12/11

Before I found God, I indulged into my lust for women. I have learned well what it is that provokes man to "want" a woman very badly. It has become very painful for me to be in public.

Nearly all women are dressing "sexy" and provocative. Children's clothes make them look sexy these days.

I believe in the old beliefs that a woman must wear a dress and anything that will cover up her body and shape. She should not appear in any way as to lead a person to Sin. The Bible speaks of this clearly about ALL people. This isn't about dress code specifically. This is about ANYTHING that leads a person astray. Your appearance AND your conduct are both important.
---J111 on 9/11/11

Let's talk about this some more. Maybe we should ask a different question: Do women dress appropriate...period? Now that comment is going to raise a lot of eyebrows. In some cultures, it is approved by the culture to wear sexy apparel (as defined by the culture), even if married, engaged or with a minister. some cases, the more "attached" someone is, all the more reason to "increase" the public visibility of one's "God-given" beauty that all might receive the "benefit" of His Glory. What I am saying here is that one's attachment, in some cultures, has little to do with the way they dress.
Rev. David Hammock
---Rev._David_Hammock on 6/25/11

It is a shame that more and more professing Christian women (married or unmarried), are bolder in their expressions of their sensuality, sexuality and feminism, through their choices in apparel, conversations and other interests that it becomes increasingly more difficult for a man (and a minister such as myself)to find a woman who can dress "with modest" apparel in order that God might be pleased and a man of integrity might be respected.

If a woman's body is available for visual public consumption, then who does this "Christian" lady belong to? Does her body belong only to her, God and her chosen one? If everybody has a peek, then what makes the woman special in the first place?
---Rev._David_Hammock on 6/15/11

Good morning. You are right. God is love and cares about all his children. In one way though, you were wrong: In the Bible, there are instructions (all over it) about how women should dress and how men should react to it. It is stated that women should not dress to make men think sexual thoughts, not be fancy with hair and jewelry, and not to be distracting attention away from God. It also states that men should look the other way when women behave in this manner.
---Terry on 10/27/10

i know a particular lady who dresses moderately when attending services alone and inappropriately (mostly in tight slacks) when she attends with her husband.

once i commended her dress when she was beautifully and decently dressed

she commented that everyone except her husband likes that particular dress. that she is fat so her husband prefers she wears tight slacks
---patie3447 on 10/27/09

I think there is a problem we all dress as we have come a custom to with our life styles Jesus didn't ware a suit and tie I don't ware dresses nor did Jesus ware pants. I don't think dresses show modesty I keep covered in pants though some churches don't approve of that. I read and listen to Jesus teachings And no matter what church his words are interpreted by man. So I decided to let God teach me what is right and wrong not man I don't look to offend anyone I want to be able to worship the Lord the way he leads me.
---christine on 10/27/09

I don't think women dress as they should for church. Some of the clothing is too tight,too long,too short and everything in between. I do not believe women should come to church in tight-fitting slacks,exposing the breasts, panty lines and bra straps showing. We as christian women should be humble and modest, at all times. This includes our outer dresswear. We should always seek to be well-groomed and well-dressed,however.Not too much makeup.Looking otherwise does not glorify God or our husbands. This goes for the husbands,as well. Be well-groomed,well-dressed,clean and godly is a great combination to me,in a christian man. And oh so sexy!
---Robyn on 4/30/09

The Church is becoming more worldly. Christian men cannot tell their wives what to wear. Christian wives do not see anything wrong in exposing their bodies and permitting their daughters to do so also. When Christ comes, shall He find true faith upon the earth?
---Emmanuel on 4/20/09

Let me diverse a bit on the question. Not only "in church" (i guess that would mean during mass, or prayer meetings of your congregations) should women dress appropriately.

A true christian woman dresses properly all the time. "In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety, not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array, But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works."(1Timothy 2:9-10).
---manny on 10/27/08

I have often wondered why Christian women want to show to men other than their husbands parts of their bodies that should be reserved for spouses only. It amazes me even more that a Godly husband would allow their wives to parade before other men that which God has made specifically for the husbands enjoinment. Does this answer the original question?
---Brooks on 8/29/08

It's not clothes only that are the problem, it is not even people who are the problem in church, it is the whole idea of the Church being in a building at a certain time every week when in reality the Church is the Holy Spirit in the hearts of Christians all the time, and everywhere they go.
---frances008 on 8/27/08

I have observed for the most part at my church they do. Honestly its the visitors that often don't..
---Melanie on 8/27/08

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no by far they don,t.most dress as the world does,and as their flesh tells them too.vanity,is another problem with peoples thoughts.
---tom2 on 8/24/08

the ways women dress today is dictated to them how men would rather want to see them has always been in control of all advertisings on tv, books who dictate how fashions should be..thats how satan wanted things isnt it?? he uses us to do his work unknowingly..anything that goes against Gods teachings..unbeknown to us, we do willingly...
---jaock on 8/7/08

As Christian women, we should not dress prevocatively anywhere but in our homes for our own husbands. We should never let our clevage show to anyone other than our husband - if not married, we need to not let our clevage show at all. Dresses to short and/or tight, tops to revealing I believe are all way beneath a Christian woman. It shows we don't believe enough in ourselves that we have to show our bodies off to get attention. We allow our you girls and young ladies to show their bodies off, teaching them it is ok.
---Gophylann on 8/4/08 intent was not to "excuse" men for stumbling. That's a matter for every man to deal with between himself and God. I don't think even God falls for the excuse that women are the ones responsible because of their dress.

But the truth is, men are seldom indifferent to exposure of female bodies...on TV, in the work-a-day world. Those who advertise men's products take full advantage. They bombard men with images of the female figure. Ads directed toward women only occasionally feature young partially clothed men. Women are not affected in the same way as men.

I'm just saying that as Christian women in church, it doesn't hurt to be considerate of our Christian brothers.
---Donna on 7/27/08

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It's just totally inappropriate to "under dress" in any fashion that you choose to interpret the word in God's House of worship. It's disrespectful. Grow up, and get dressed properly which means thoroughly and neatly. Don't go to church and distract others. Get over yourself.
---Yvonne on 7/25/08

She may think she's just being "stylish", not "sexy". He may think she's deliberately being provocative.

Difference between thinking and teaching

many men stop using "wired" differently as their proverbial stumbling block and walk with Christ instead

if men are sooooo "distracted in church" by women who dress to show off their bodies for one hour do they managing their lives for remaining 167 hours of week in a world where women of all ages young and old dress to show off? guess they don't watch tv or read a magazine

stumbling block isn't how women in church dress ...stumbling block is men using it as their excuse to "stumble"
---Rhonda on 7/24/08

This type of conversation invariably ends up with women accusing men and men accusing women. A lot of women, young women especially, honestly don't realize how their style of dressing (or lack of) affects men. She may think she's just being "stylish", not "sexy". He may think she's deliberately being provocative.

Truth is, women and men are just "wired" differently when it comes to sexual attraction.(It's nobody's fault) Men are predominantly visual. Women are only slightly so. To avoid misunderstanding it's best for women to dress conservatively.
---Donna on 7/24/08

Church is no forum for provocative displays of whoredum

then I guess by these very haughty self righteous words Mary Magdalene was the only whore on earth who will ever be saved by Christ?

women in churches should be teaching and showing (quite possibly newer Christians) through love repect kindness how to walk righ with Christ

it's no small wonder the churches of the world drive away so many in the name of Christ with the anger and hatred

stumbling blocks are any blocks one uses as an EXCUSE takes away ones responsibility

many "christians" just cant take their eyes off of all the "wrongs" of others condeming and judging rather than work on correcting their own path
---Rhonda on 7/22/08

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Church is no forum for provocative displays of whoredum. If you want to enter into God's place of worship, cover up, and stop trying to tempt His holy servants. Get a grip. Why is this so hard? For one hour, these exhibitionists can control themselves, I hope.
---Talli on 7/22/08

I think woman should remember that priest are MEN, and that dressing provocatively is cruel and just NOT necessary. Give these guys a break. The aren't showing up to you Pole dance, and there just aren't DANCING poles in God's house of worship. Put some cloths on, and show respect!
---Yvonne on 7/16/08

It is interesting to note how little about the actual Bible people really know, when it comes to these topics. One must remember the Bible is more about the sociology of the people of Israel and their surrounding mankind, as it is about their misgivings with respect to religious rules. Today, is really no different with many Christians.
---Dr._Bill on 6/2/08

Jesus cares about the person and the relationship with the person. Jesus does NOT have a dress code!! This topic stumbles many and drives many away from a relationship with God. We are told NOT to judge one another!! This survey is asking people to judge one another and is wrong in itself!
---sunshine on 6/2/08

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Mary_I bet when she comes back next week,
She's dressed Better...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/2/08

Nadie. I understand what you saying, but a Christian women must be aware on what she wears. Saint Paul told the Early Christians to dress modesty. We must understand both sides of the issue. St. Paul told the Early Christians not to be stumbling block to other Christians [who are weak] (1 Cor 8:11-12). We are called to a life of purity and to live in union with God to achieve Theosis, not to make other Christians fall.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy on me, a sinner.
---Ramon on 6/2/08

Hi y'all :) I just have to share something so beautiful :) Several people in our church today "got real" regarding their problems and struggles in front of the whole church, and all of them were prayed over by us, including one woman who some would say don't belong there--she was dressed very sexy. It's a good thing some people weren't there to chase her out of church today!
---Mary on 5/31/08

Nadine ...thank you for stating the obvious's amazing how many Christians believe other Christians (or others in general) are their "personal" stumbling blocks NEVER taking accountability for their own actions or NON-actions

...much like the world the ambulance chasers of society ...never take responsibility just judge others pointing the finger at someone else deceives only themselves when they cannot right their own path
---Rhonda on 5/30/08

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Ooooh Keyblade--your words are sharp like keys, be glad you're not married to me 'cause I'd have to take you down a notch or two lol! :D
---Mary on 5/30/08


Do you believe that what a woman wears to church is the reason for Christian "brothers'" ungodly behaviors, either in thought or deed? The Christian "brothers" who behave ungodly and then claim that a woman's attire made them do it are looking for excuses rather than looking inwardly so that they can deal with their own accountability.

This "woman" could be coming to Christ just as she is in what she has available to wear?
---Nadine on 5/30/08

Althought God judges the heart, women should be a bit more discert what they wear in church they don't want to make a brother in christ to stumble during services.
---Johnny on 5/30/08

The robes worn by Jesus were of the finest. Roman soldiers threw lots (similar to dice) at the cross for them.
---Ken on 5/29/08

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yes and no.some dress properly, others do not and depending on 'kind of church', indesency may be more profound. the priestly garments were for beauty and glory but some forget. i read a muslim witness book and the author stated that there is no way a descent person can feel descent in indescent clothes and i agree. what's on the inside is what shows on the outside. no wonder christnet has policy on picture uploads.if we are showing light to the world, then our light should be light not darkness!!
---Patience on 5/29/08

Unfortunately, there are too many confessing Christian women and men who do not dress in a manner that readily would reflect their position in Christ. Thankfully, though, God is looking at individuals' hearts and minds (at their human spirit and soul's motives, intentions, will and desires) rather than their outward appearances!
---Nadine on 5/29/08

Totally agree with Senya!
---melanie on 5/29/08

So many times people are caught up on clothes than souls. What did Jesus wear? What is appropiate attire. Jesus wants to cleanse the inside of a person. So many women have long dresses but no love or all the biblical sense as far as the word but are as mean as a rattle snake.
---Senya on 5/28/08

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no not all weman dress properly for church
---andy on 5/27/08

I understand where you are coming from. I find that if you do feel it appropriate to tell someone about their dress I hope it is done completely in love and you have some type of relationship with them.
---melanie on 5/27/08

such a funny answer carla...not rly though cuz that was the stupidest answer ever just stay home and clean and cook like your supposed to
---keyblade on 5/27/08

Hi Melanie,
The heart is what drives us to do the things we do. When women come to church dressed inappropriately, that is a heart issue. It is called disobedience to Scripture. Second, it is almost impossible not focus on the outside when the body is overly exposed for everyone to see. Also, sometimes we don't need the Holy Spirit to convict us about our dress. Oftentimes when it comes to clothing we know it is inappropriate from the moment we try it on in the store but we buy it anyway.
---pg1 on 5/27/08

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Sometimes is hard not to focus on the outside! This guy I work with loves to talk to me about just everything. The thing with him is that after a while he starts by touching his nose, then again until he ends in a frenzy picking at it. Afterwards he gets his hankie out, a bit too late for me! He loves to shake hands and sorry, I've turned to greet him Japanese stile!
---Nana on 5/27/08

Knowing woman as well as I do, i'm sure it was'nt long after God made Clothes for Adam & Eve she started altering his design? he he

Women of God know how they should Act & Dress, The Convicting Spirit of the Holy Ghost reveals such things to Gods Children.
Just as well for you men too!
A person has major issues with themselves if you feel Comfortable going to Church Showing body parts.
And if the Preacher did'nt put an End to it, I would Leave!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/26/08

I get real frustrated with how we focus on the outside of a person and do not know the heart. There are so many things that need to be healed and changed or just plain taught..Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks..out of your heart you act and do..that is why it is so important to renew your mind through the Word of God!! Focusing on the outside of a person is turns people off to the gospel! Share the good them and after time the Holy Spirit will convict them!
---melanie on 5/26/08

The nuns in the convent near me dress the most appropriately of all for church.
---LoveOneAnother on 5/26/08

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No they don't dress appropriately.The world has dictated how we dress and we have followed along.Many things change with time but the reaction of a man when he sees the formations of a female body doesn't.The dress leaves a man little to imagine
---Tumwine on 5/26/08

LOLOL!! Love your answer, Carla--good one! :D
---Mary on 5/25/08

This can be over come easily Just hand out large baggy T Shirts with a logo of the church or a message on it, reward house points and free beverages for those that remember to wear them with the shields (bibles)SORTED lol
---Carla5754 on 5/23/08

no, women need to wear what is appropriate, i dont like the fashion shows either, let God attract a mate to you [either gender], dont flirt
---Winni on 5/23/08

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Hi, I think both sexes need to focus on God during church--not the other people around them. I can't say I've always done that right myself but honestly, church should be about drawing closer to the Lord and not "what thy neighbor" is wearing.
---Mary on 5/23/08

The women at the church I belong to almost always have very modest dresses on. Occasionally some of the younger girls will wear something a little the years go on I think it will get worse and worse.
---Todd1 on 5/22/08

If you plan on having people lust after you by the way you dress then it's wrong. Other than that it is up to you and God>not man...
---Loretta on 5/22/08


An inappropriate outfit would include low cut shirts, skin tight clothes and mini skirts and super small shorts. Also people in the choir both male and female need to dress appropriate and act accordingly as most people's attention is forced in that direction.
---Moderator on 5/22/08

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I am wondering what is okay dress for a woman? Are all tank tops and summer dresses immodest? Mods welcome:-).
---Kella3336 on 5/22/08

OH-oh . . . yes, Donna.

But in church there can be more of the Holy Spirit through others to sustain me from lusting like I might all by myself somewhere.

And I'd say there are women not so spiritual who can attract my attention more, though they might cover up. Her spirit can have some to do with it, no excuse for me, of course. Full covering can wrap and display, for moments, here and there. If your spirit is immodest, any clothes can be used.
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/21/08

NO! Some of today's women dress very poorly at church. My niece was baptized on Sunday, 05/18/2008. I attended the Catholic Church service. Was I in for a sinful surprise: A young, thin girl, with very short SHORTS on, sat in the pew just in front of me. It was probably the only pew that her extremely OBESE parents could fit into. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of both the young girls's bare legs, and her parents' fat legs too. Lust? Yes. GOD, forgive me for sinning at church.
---Augie on 5/21/08

Moderator, some do, some don't. In my church I cannot think of a single one who dresses inappropriately but in churches with many young people many do. It's very much a generational thing. The majority of the young do not deem the same clothes as inappropriate that we older ones do. My personal hate is young girls in very low cut tops but I also know of many young girls who dress modestly, and not just for church.
---RitaH on 5/21/08

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Emphatically and absolutely no we do not dress appropriately for church. Shorts, minis, bare legs, low cut blouses, etc. are the norm in many churches. The pulpit is the blame because the church is being taught that God is only concerned with the inner man. That is true but if your inner man is right before God, you will be careful about how you dress both in and out of the church because God has called for women to dress modestly. That means cover up your goodies!!
---pg1 on 5/21/08

I do, but I've seen some outfits I would never wear to church. Although God judges by the thoughts and intentions of the heart, the lust of the flesh and the carnality of man can cause a man to sin if he sees a woman dressed unappropriately in church. My next question: Do men lust in church? .
---donna8365 on 5/21/08

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