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Is China A King Of The East

Is China One of the Kings of the East?

Moderator - It's a high probability.

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 ---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/22/08
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The Lord planted a Garden East in Eden is in Genesis.

If the Sun is considered 'west'...
---yohannes_estonia on 10/14/12

Easier to enter the Camel through the narrow gate...

The Eastern Gate was The Gold gate as Prophesied, dividing between the Gold Gate and The Sheep.

The Kings of the east had their back to the Gold Gate and facing East.
---yohannes_davisdo on 10/9/12

I read the comments on this question and not one comment expressed sympathy, empathy or even the recognition of our common humanity with the Chinese people.

Additionally, it is very ineteresting that western christians and those who are taught by western christians, exclude all western nations from God's punishment. And as one commnent stated that God will punish wrong doing, in China. The suggest is that God will exempt western europe and America's killing sprees and destructive rampages across the world.

The truth is, God is not an American and He is not a western european. Moreover, God is just and His justice is not influenced geography or religious profession.
---Allan on 8/31/12

The 'kings' are written in Ezekiel.

Facing the East. What are The East gates names?
---yohannes_estoniesque on 8/31/12

He will pitch his tents between the seas...

In the middle of the '7' he will put an end to sacrifice and offerings.

Mentioned in Nehemiah by The Governor at that time.
---yohannes_estoniesque on 8/31/12

Read joel chapter 2

it is speaking of the day of the lord, just after the 6th vial

Before it consumed hath fire, And after it burn doth a flame, As the garden of Eden is the land before it, And after it a wilderness -- a desolation! And also an escape there hath not been to it,

before and after seems similar to what happens with the army that kills 1/3

the power in their heads AND tails

..If by the missile they fall, they are not cut off..

sounds supernatural doesn't it?

too much to type on here so read joel 2, and the 6th trumpet,vial
---glen on 7/29/12


"Such a Muslim army would march upon Israel to do battle with the Jews in a final battle".

I can't imagine an army marching along a river apart from a supernatural one

Imagine what an easy target they would be!
---glen on 7/27/12

Is China One of the Kings of the East?

Absolutely not.

the kings of the east actually refer to Jesus and his angels.

i agree with you here
the whole idea of an army that size travelling along a river is absurd and would be totally ineffective anyway against todays technology

Also it is clear that the bowl judgments are directly by God himself, not indirect events for others to execute
---glen on 7/9/12

Cath: 'China is going to reap what it sows, too. '

I agree, and having lived there among the most untruthful supervisors ever, who will tell you every lie the can think of, I know SOMETIME they will reap what they sow.

Because they are generally generally dangerous, I would prefer that time (when they reap) to be as soon as possible, because they are dangerous as long as they are on the surface of the earth
---Peter on 5/3/12

$200 million won't buy you much of an army these days!
---Pat.pat on 3/18/12

I don't believe that the Kings of the East refers to China in any way. A $200 million man army is more likely to be a large Muslim army made up of holy warriors coming together from many different Muslim countries in Central Asia and south East Asia. Such a Muslim army would march upon Israel to do battle with the Jews in a final battle.
China would have no interest whatsoever in waging a battle with Jews in the holy land.
---William on 3/17/12

China is going to reap what it sows, too. You will see. All of you will see. I know my God, and He lives.
---catherine on 6/4/10

Good question. Trav rightly points out that scripture is needed but even Revelation 16:12 has 4 popular interpretations from Kings of the East enroute to worship at the Temple following the decline of Mohamedism (good riddens), China's army, Christianity spreading East on the scripture being metaphorical or even Turkey which geographically makes sense in reference to the Euphrates.
Mima's experience in China is valuable as yes the Chinese do refer to their wall as the ramparts of Magog, seeing Russia as Magog and their empire as the Kings of the East.
---larry on 6/4/10

Is China One of the Kings of the East?

Absolutely not.

the kings of the east actually refer to Jesus and his angels.

Genesis 2:8 Exodus 14:21 Leviticus 16:14 Job 15:2 Psalms 48:7 Isaiah 43:5 Jeremiah 18:17 Ezekiel 11:23 Ezekiel 46:1

Zechariah 14:4 And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which [is] before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, [and there shall be] a very great valley, and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south.
---francis on 6/4/10

The 200 or 300 million soldiers is just because every Chinese is taught i the military for a while

So if they want, they can raise that level of military

But my experience (5 years in China) is that there is one thing the Chinese government HATES, and that is truth, and reality

Their great game is to tell lies until the Chinese believe lies

In China: truth = that the Chinese communist party likes

Lies = what the Chinese communist party does not like

When a country is born which ONLY believes propaganda, not truth, the world is in trouble
---Jacob on 6/4/10

While in China has a missionary I asked this question of many Chinese Christians.
I was surprised to learn that a majority do believe that China is one of the kings of the East.
---mima on 6/4/10

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For those interested in the Kings Of The East and Australia, google up WHAT WILL BECOME OF AUSTRALIA 1974 by Jack Burrell.
Jacks book contains a truly classic revelation of an invader on Australian of many revelations amongst the Christian churches of Australia on this subject.
---Graeme on 6/4/10

Something that will make the whole Bible more clear but, few logic it out.
Is ra el....ruling with YAH,was a people throughout scripture. Not a place. When we realize that Judeans made up only on 1/13 of these tribes....and that we don't know where the others are by name only by signs of blessing. And that the word Gentile..meaning not of Rome, is an aberration of scripture to divert truth.
Then the prophecy's, scripture and New testament are more clear, concerning the House of Judah, and the house of Israel.
I give you Jer31:31- and Heb 8:8-
Most comments on this site are opinions few give scriptures to witness.
---Trav on 8/28/08

Many Chinese believe that China is the king of the East(200,000,000 foot soldiers) but they do not believe that China at that time will be attacking Israel, in fact they believe that China will come against the Antichrist. The Christians in China are fully aware of what the Bible says. And they know that 200 million soldiers means they will play a part, what part? About that they're very confused.--- I personally believe that they come against Israel, because all nations,ALL MEAN ALL, will be against Israel in the last hour, but I've talked to several Chinese people who believe that their nation will be Christian and that they will defend Israel against the ethnic.
---Mima on 8/27/08

BEIJING (Reuters) - A tornado in China tore up 650 houses in just five minutes and damaged nearly 1,000, state media said on Sunday, but only one person died.

The tornado touched down in the eastern province of Anhui on Saturday, causing 18.5 million yuan ($2.7 million) in losses.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/22/08

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Now, one must realize that we, The product users of China are Paying for the growth of a Nation that will Attack Israel and be Utterly destroyed for it's attempt.
Just as Russia will be Utterly destroyed,
except a 1/6,Yes my Father is that intriquit.

Despair is coming upon the unbelievers,
the loss of their money and other things in there lives will drive them to do things like in no other time in History.
Brothers & Sisters endure that which is coming upon the world, Pray & Watch!

The Great Depression was a flea on a dog's butt compared to whats coming.

To you that will call me a Doomsday Preacher,
I would say as i always have, It's only Doomsday for the ungodly!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/21/08

In 2000 at a big dinner in China. I heard the number of 200 million spoken of, and I also heard that Mao was a god!! When the dinner was over my interpreter ask me to stay seated as the vice president of the college wanted to speak to me. After seeing the others out, the vice president asked my interpreter to have me explain about God to him. I did so.
Later at my going away party. This vice president of the college came to me, and leaned close to my ear and said, thank you so much for telling me about God I will never forget.
Things are tough in China for a believer.
---Mima on 6/21/08

Today, China is closer to having 300 mil. soldiers.(thats the U.S population)...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/20/08


Back in the 80s, I had heard that China had claimed to be able to field an army of 200 million soldiers, so that leads some credence to theory.
---StrongAxe on 6/20/08

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francis, I find what you write very interesting.
---james on 6/19/08

Look into HAARP. It is a freemason plan that there should be a third world war with Muslim fighting Jews and Christians, and the East versus the West. The aim is to make a total world population of 500 million. These will be microchipped and watched by the One World Police. It is all coming together now. We are to prepare for WW3.
---frances008 on 6/19/08

Duane > 200 million soldiers? That was the population of the United States, not long ago (o: I have heard from a woman who says she has taught English in China, that now we have American fast-food places there, and the kids eating French fries are getting plump like OUR kids. Nadine, is this true?

Also, can they produce 200 million troops who are in shape enough (after all those fries), AND keep them fed and hydrated for a trip to Israel? I suppose, but it will take some doing.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/18/08

DUJIANGYAN, China (AFP) - China rushed Friday to remove radioactive and chemical materials sitting downstream from a "quake lake" that threatens to burst and send torrents of water into heavily populated areas.
Nearly 100 unidentified radioactive sources were ordered to be removed by Friday evening from the path of the potential torrent of water
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/30/08

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The bible CLEARLY says that The Kings of the East will cross a Dried up Euphrates River
W/200 Million Soldiers.
The Kings of the East ARE NATIONS that are East of Jerusalem(Iraq,Iran,India,China,ect.)
The Kings of the North ARE (Russia alliance's)
The South(Egypt, Ethiopia, ect.)
The west (the E.U)
ALL of these surround the HolyLand of God,
as it was foretold so long ago.
Israel is in control of Jerusalem after the 6 day war in 67', But the Gentiles still tread upon it to this Day.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/30/08

Maybe my understanding of the word "literal" is too literal.
But how can a country be a king?
Or a king a country?
---alan_of_UK on 5/29/08

Having lived in China for a year, and having labored in China's mission fields, yes, I believe that China LITERALLY is one of the Kings of the East.
---Nadine on 5/29/08

MIANZHU, China (Reuters) - New aftershocks toppled 420,000 houses and injured dozens in southwest China on Tuesday, heaping destruction and fear on a region struggling to recover from the country's worst earthquake in decades
The houses collapsed when a 5.4 magnitude aftershock rocked Sichuan province's Qingchuan county on Tuesday afternoon, injuring 63 people, six critically, Xinhua news agency said.
Another tremor, of 5.7 magnitude, hit neighboring Ningqiang county in Shaanxi province,
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/27/08

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I believe in a literal translation of this Scripture. Therefore it would have to be either China or India, and I'm convinced it's China!!!
---Mima on 5/23/08

14Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.

15And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

16And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.

200 mil. soldiers like china has?
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/22/08

I dont think the kings of the east are meant to be taken as literal kingdoms in the last days...I'd think more spiritually. Think about how the euphrates was dried up and babylon was conquered from the east by Cyrus, and Israel was delivered. Think about Matthew 24:27 "For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.". Also look at how the Bible speaks of Cyrus (Isa. 44:28, 44:1) Just something to consider. :-)
---Todd1 on 5/22/08

Throughout history, migration has come from the East.
That's why Britain's stock is a total mixture ... they have come all across Asia, Europe and finish up spreading to our little island!
It had happend before Biblical times, so the reference to the East was understandable.
The population rise in China is just the latest aspect of this.
---alan_of_UK on 5/22/08

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