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Stranger Asks For Money

Stranger asks for money. Husband asks me for money for the man. I give husband a ten and the ones that I had. He sorts through the money and gives the man the ten. The man says, "Would you tell me why you wouldn't let your wife give me the rest of the money?" What would you have done?

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 ---KarenD on 5/28/08
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If something like this happens, I just take the money back and tell the person that whoevern is not faithfull over the little will never ghet the big. and then i will find the smallest piece in my pocket and give that instead. believe me i allready did that more than once since I live in Africa.
---Andy on 12/17/08

Here's a story about begging. Is there any possible lesson to be learned from this statement?

While in China I saw numerous people I Was living in a city of 6 million people. Of all the people I saw and all the places I went the only place I saw anyone begging was outside the "passport church". This church was made up of foreigners who held passports and in this church the name of the Lord Jesus Christ was spoken often.

Any ideas why the situation(people sitting on the streets begging in front of a passport church) should have any significance to you and I as Christians?
---mima on 11/24/08

Karen D

what did your husband tell him? Just curious husband would never give money to a stranger husband knows as I do whatever money you give to someone they only want more ...they will never be satisfied with what is handed to them without having to work for it

we give money to people in need by way of shelters that PROVIDE necessities like food, clothing and shelter

to hand over your hard earned money to a stranger is foolish don't know how that money will be spent ...many who beg for money use it for their own personal use NOT necessities
---Rhonda on 11/22/08

All over the world, people beg for money. In many countries "begging" is a recognized career. An American in such societies can count on many strangers asking for money. But the poor are often so poor, that even a little in terms of dollars,
can help quite a bit.

In this country, I'm often taken off guard. A stranger appears from nowhere needing a meal, gasoline, bus fare etc. Last week I gave gasoline money to a young woman and she helped herself to my checkbook as well!

I sometimes feel guilty if I don't give... but actually feel stupid if I do.
---Donna66 on 11/20/08

KarenD_Praise God that he makes an Escape for people such as us.
We've Endured the Chastisment of our Father,
and Now are treated as HIS Children.
6For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.

7If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons, for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/7/08

Duane_Dudley_Martin: "DO U GOT that?"

Need a little softening of the heart , eh?
---Steveng on 6/6/08

Of course they exist,
I've just never seen any where I've lived though.
I take that back, in Japan & the Philippines & a couple other little islands,
I gave to them.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/6/08

stevenq_My family Built and Preached from some of the Earliest Churches in America.
Strangers(Germans)in a New Land (1748).
We fought W/G. Washington against the The French & Indians, And then again in The Rev. War.
We Preached, Farmed & Fought through the War of 1812, My granpa's brother Rev. Holmes Dysinger-A. B. from Pennsylvania College at Gettysburg & graduated in 1881, (Yahoo his name)
Alot of preachers in my family.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/6/08

stevenq_"God says IN the End times, Preachers **"WOULD BE"** making Merchandise and Broadening the Hems of their Garments(Getting FAT)off His Children."

**"Preachers WOULD BE"**
---Should'nt be considered as "ALL Preachers ARE", as the SELF proclaimed Blindman Stevenq suggest!
IF YOU would read other things i've said elsewhere,YOU would KNOW that I would NEVER Suggest that "ALL Preachers ARE" Bad!
DO U GOT that?
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/6/08

There is nothing wrong with a preacher being rich. If he is rich because his congregation is going without to help him get rich or because he tells to give to him so you can get rich, that is greed. My husband and I are very comfortable financially and have never been paid anything for the ministries we do. We believe in tithes and offerings and are generous in that area. You cannot out give God. God will bless you if you give.
---SusieB on 6/6/08

"I've yet to see a POOR preacher!" Well, they certainly exist. You probably don't know about them because they don't shout it from the rooftops. There are many preachers whose wives buy their children's clothes in charity or thrift shops and have hand-outs from parents or other relatives. Preachers in U.K. vary, financially, from just making it to being very well of and I'm guessing it is probably that way in most countries where the gospel is preached.
---RitaH on 6/6/08

lisa: "...but make sure you call me for dinner. "

Pizza? With everything on it? (except anchoves)
---Steveng on 6/5/08

Lisa. Besides, I wasn't calling you names. I was just saying you were blind. Not literally, but metaphorically.
---Steveng on 6/5/08

Duane_Dudley_Martin: "Stevenq_Show me where I said "ALL" Preachers!"

You didn't. It was, or is, implied. Think logically, like most people. People are blind. I am a people so, therefore, I am blind. But not all people are blind. "Preachers are..." is implied that all preachers are... But you and I know that not ALL preachers are... Got it?
---Steveng on 6/5/08

I used to live in the Washington DC area (1980's) and the city was contemplating making the homeless pay taxes on their donations. Studies indicated that many homeless people brought in more per year than many that worked. Often panhandlers are never really poor, in fact one guy even put himself thru college by begging for hand-outs. It is all a matter of know-how and proper management of resources.
---Marty on 6/5/08

Stevenq_Show me where I said "ALL" Preachers!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/5/08

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Oh Steveng, I've read all of your testimonies before.

Call me names, but make sure you call me for dinner.
---lisa on 6/5/08

Duane..Dudley...When I was a kid I would have been happy to get those mustard sandwiches. We went without food for days at a time because of the alcohol our dad drank instead of buying food. Our dad was too proud to take welfare after our mother died when we were children. I figured anything in life that I went through was nothing compared to my childhood. Thank the Lord HE saved me and healed my mind.
---KarenD on 6/4/08

lisa: "Homeless live on donations and givers do not..."

You are so blind about the homeless. There are homeless people who don't receive donations and still give out money. I should know, I was one of them, but you would never know I was homeless if you passed me on the streets. With the money I did earn, I kept myself well groomed and gave out money to people worse off than I. I met many homeless in the same situation. I was content in my situation and trust God to get me out.
---Steveng on 6/4/08

Duane_Dudley_Martin: "God says in the End times, Preachers would be making Merchandise and Broadening the Hems of their Garments(Getting FAT)off His Children."

You are as blind as Lisa. The Bible doesn't say ALL preachers. While living on the streets, I met a few homeless preachers while I was myself homeless. We would meet at parks in the areas I visited. Once finished praying and singing, we would go our separate ways to preach to the homeless.
---Steveng on 6/4/08

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My experience...

I hitchhiked for 1-1/2 years throughout North America in the early seventies. I never had a problem finding a Christian home to stay for a day or two. I became homeless four years ago and knocked on the doors of thirty five churches without success. One offered me to sleep under the bushes in front of the church, another offered to help if I joined their church. A big difference within a generation, eh?
---Steveng on 6/4/08

*I've yet to see a POOR preacher!

Those who have graduated with degrees in ministry are generally well off financially.

But those who have little formal education and whose ministry is in the streets seldom have much to live on.

I used to do the audits in a former church and the pastor makes well over $70K per year counting his benefits and I have done income taxes for ministers at HR Block.

They do very well for what little they do.
---Lee1538 on 6/4/08

It was just God, Jesus, My G-Ma & Me until
i was 14 and my G-Ma Passed away, then it was just me The Lord & God until i met my wife.
He took Away ALL that Misery and gave me 3 kids & 2 G-kids, I am Loved AND I Love, BECAUSE I know what it's LIKE not to be LOVED.
Thank You Father, You restoreth my Soul and called me Son...
I Love you More than words can say.
I Pray that you never have to feel this feeling.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/4/08

Elder_I was a kid, My Mom was a
Bar-room Whore, I HATED IT,
But that was the only place for me,
Man have some Compassion!
ALL Gods done for you, and you treat me this Way, Shame.
You have NO Idea what I've Endured in Life.
God says in the End times, Preachers would be making Merchandise and Broadening the Hems of their Garments(Getting FAT)off His Children.
WHO's really on a short leash/Blind to their surroundings?
I do forgive you.
Mods. Please don't delete this.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/4/08

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"I've yet to see a POOR preacher!"
You are either blind or on a short chain.
If your statement were true you would be a Preacher.
Maybe you need to take a Mission trip, work a Rescue mission or just wake up.
Why are there such attacks on Preachers by folks on here? I'll bet you never acted this way toward any of the Bar owners that lived off of the misery of their customers.
The Bar Room is Satans church and he has his "ministers" there.
---Elder on 6/4/08

I've yet to see a POOR preacher!
I was probably one of the 1st kids on welfare in 60's,
I remember eating Mustard Sandwichs,onion sands.
I was raised in Bars, so i did eat alot of good Bar food.
When i was a Kid, I had a couple of B-Days in a Bar.
Maybe thats why I never really cared about the Bar seen When i got older!
A lifetime of Listening to Drunken Losers at a young age.
POOR, what they know about Poor?
If they knew, There Would'nt BE SO MANY.
Thank You Father.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/3/08

Pastors live on donations and congregants do not, huge difference.

Homeless live on donations and givers do not...
---lisa on 6/3/08

There are pastors who act one way in front of their congregation and another way to homeless people. The same for the people in the church.
---Steveng on 6/2/08

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The rest of the story!!! While talking with the man, my husband suggested he go to the church that was across the street for the evening service. The man began telling him how the pastor had treated him in the past when he asked for help. He said the pastor was in too big of a hurry to leave church the night he asked for help. Then he said under his breath that he had not gone to church, but had approached the pastor after church. We know the pastor well. That's our home church. He's not like that.
---KarenD on 6/2/08

I know many stories concerning money. But here's a question for you. If a person takes a handful of $20 bills and starts down any busy sidewalk in America, offering one of those $20 dollar bills to anyone he comes in contact with, what do you believe will be most people's reaction???
---Mima on 6/2/08

Great object lesson for a pastor here.

"I would take the ten out of the offering plate" and say, how about a "one", is that better?
How about nothing? Can you live on nothing?Without donations, where would you be?
Without all of the donations, would you have any interest at all in being a pastor?
What if you had to go out and find a job?
---lisa on 6/2/08

Wow, it's amazing how some make this all about headship and submission, all I see in this is a generous woman and her husband and a very rude stranger.
---Mary on 6/2/08

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Whose money does that belong to?
---Steveng on 6/1/08

Today I bought a homeless man a bunch of bananas, a cold bottle of water, (it went up to 95 here today), and a container of cantaloupe. He looked at me in surprise and said, "This looks expensive. Maybe you should have it." After smiling in response and asking God to bless him, I drove away and cried, privileged to have met such a humble and sweet man on a sweltering Sunday morning.
---deb on 6/1/08

I would have taken the $10.00 out of his hand & gave him a couple one's, and Said Is that Better.
A person like that, "ISN'T" one of those that the Lord Spoke of, When you have done it unto one of these that are Mine, you have Done it unto Me!
I'm a Sheperd not a Lamb, Wolves Don't MESS with Me.(Not in person, Anyways!)
I have a Sharp Sword(Bible) & a Big Stick(Jesus) and I can use them well.
Thank You, Father...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/31/08

I believe in helping genuine poor people. I wonder how poor this man is, if he is so astute. I wonder how much he makes by extortion every day. I give to people who do not ask, but look in need. I don't give to anyone who pushes a plate in front of me. People have to start to be discerning or end up giving to people who do not deserve it. The Good Samaritan went back and ensured the man who was mugged was being taken care of by the hotelier. We don't know where most of the money goes.
---frances008 on 5/30/08

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When the shoe is on the other foot....

"Pastor asks for money, husband sorts through the money, gives the ten, and takes back his change from the offering plate..."
I would say that this is an object lesson for a pastor, especially if it keeps happening, strangers - maybe random, maybe an angel unaware, asking for money. There's a lesson here for someone.
---lisa on 5/30/08

It is seldom questioned what happens to the offering in the plate, it's an assumed given that it will be handled properly.
---lisa on 5/30/08

I wonder what the preacher does with money?

Same line of thinking, he lives on donations, too.
---lisa on 5/30/08

I wonder what the stranger did with the money?
---alan_of_UK on 5/30/08

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Charity begins at home and spreads abroad.The wifes action in giving FIRST $10 and then the rest,to her husband is an unspoken, yet,acknowledgement of her unspoken intention. She also shows that he is the head .An astute woman.IMHO they were both in accord.
---Emcee on 5/30/08

Thanks for the clarification Karen.
---RitaH on 5/30/08

the lord expects us to be cheerful givers.of course this gentelman had no right to expect any given amount from either you or your husband,and apparently needy,that still is no excuse for in my opinion being rude.
---tom2 on 5/30/08

Only your husband knows what was in his heart at that moment, so no one but your husband can answer the strangers question.
I give of the things of this world because of (James 2:15-16). But I would also let the man know that neither this money nor I was his source, looking to share with his John 4:10-14 the women at the well which is the Lords equivalent of the saying it is better to seek & ask for a fishing pole than for a fish.
---Shawn.M.T on 5/29/08

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After my husband gave the man the ten, he asked my husband to start our vehicle so I could roll my window down. The man said he wanted to shake my hand. I rolled my window down while this man watched my hand with the ones in it while I shook his hand. I figured he expected me to go against what my husband had done. I had felt led to give my husband the exact amount that I gave him. The Lord definitely taught me a lesson on this one. My husband is the head of our household and his decision stands.
---KarenD on 5/29/08

For sure the man held back and that constitutes stealing. And the husband should be blushing, ashamed, written all over his face. You know God sees everything, I mean nothing escapes God. It is beteer to know that you are not much>>>without Him.... Confront husband.
---catherine on 5/29/08

To clarify this situation, we had stopped for gas and my husband had empty pockets as he was on his way to do a service in a jail. We normally would have taken the man to eat something, but had no time to do so. My husband's answer to the man was that he was now reluctant to give him any money because of his attitude. He did give the man the ten.
---KarenD on 5/29/08

Give and it will be given to you > this works in obedience to God . . . not, I'd say, if we are giving in order to get what we want (o: And I'd be careful to give what I want to be reaping. So, I need to give LOVE with the money or whatever (o: And example of being obedient to the LORD. And spend time giving myself, by talking with the person (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/29/08

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All too often refusal to give one money to those on the street can endanger one life.

I often hand them some pocket change and walk on.
---Lee1538 on 5/29/08

At a recent dinner, a man was complaining of how hard he had worked to better himself.(He had worked and went to college and got a degree), and he stated that nobody had helped him. Sitting across from me at the table, unbeknownst to the men talking, was one of the most generous in men in our community. And I am reasonably sure that he had supported this man indirectly. He wasn't dressed the nicest,and he's 71 years old,but the man who was speaking was totally unaware of who he was speaking at.
---Mima on 5/29/08

Addiction is a disease, and an addict will do anything to get the next high. They still have to eat. I don't give $, I give food.
---deb on 5/29/08

What a wonderful, insightful question into human nature for which I have no answer!
---Mima on 5/29/08

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After hearing many testimonies from x drunkards and drug users not to give money to them because all they do is use it for their habbit, I ask them if I could buy them a meal. Almost all of them refuse. The few who have taken me up on my offer spent the whole time trying to get cash from me. I will never give cash but I will give clothing and food.
---john on 5/29/08

Go back, find the man and empty out your purse. Give the man everything, including your checkbook, jewelry, keys to the car, and to your home. Give him the kids and husband, if they're driving you crazy.
Trade places with the stranger or homeless man, let him have your house and you take the underpass.
---Ulrika on 5/29/08

Tell him beggars are not choosers.
---Thabi on 5/29/08

Perhaps it would help if you told us what your husband's answer was when the man asked him why he hadn't given all you handed over. Are you asking us what would we women have done if our husbands had done that, or are you asking what would we have done if we'd personally been asked for money by a stranger?
---RitaH on 5/29/08

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I don't have a spouse, so the stranger would have received the money directly from me.
---Nadine on 5/28/08

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