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God Restored My Marriage

God has fulfulled His promise and is restoring my marriage! We want to have a Restoration Celebration and get remarried with our family and friends who've been praying for us during this time we have been divorced. How should we do this and word it on invitations? Any ideas?

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 ---Tracey on 5/31/08
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Our lord, it a lord of mercy and miracles.. This is a wonderful testimony..Praise the lord.
---wal_rev on 10/21/08

Congratulations! :) I have been divorced for 2 years, 1 month, and 11 days. Unfortunately, we barely speak anymore (she lives a very ungodly, immoral life, no common ground anymore)---I pray for her daily and hope one day, she will recommit her life to Christ and we too can have a celebration like you are having. Praise God...He is still at work, healing hurts, restoring relationships, marriages, and families!!
---jeff on 7/17/08

Im remarrying my ex-husband as well due God saving my soul and restoring my marriage. The divorce was public so I believe the remarriage should be as well. Proudly announce Matrimonial RESTORATION on the invitations.
---Lucy on 7/16/08

Stipulate no gifts on the "invites" and buy smaller gifts.
Car washes or oil changes for the vehicle.
Lawn mowing service, one time if that's your budget.
Nice tea and coffee gift baskets with cookies.
Summer gift basket for family - sunscreen, tea, sun tea jar, mosquito repellent. Flea/tick collar for their family pet and a box of dog/cat bisquits.

I have gobs of ideas. :-)
---lisa on 6/3/08

I don't have any advice pertaining the celebration. I only want to congratulate you on your re-marriage. May God Bless you and let no man separate what God has joined. Congatulations and God Bless.
---Thabi on 6/3/08

We are not looking for gifts and this IS a celebration for our family and friends. God has provided us with everything we need. I like the idea of giving back something too, but we can't do large expensive gifts like barbecues and large umbrellas.
---Tracey_Dayley on 6/2/08

Please join us in our Restoration Celebration of our marriage on (add date and time and place).
Write your own vowels to one another, personalizing them to the situation at hand. Have a dinner or dinner party afterwards. Have a Pastor with a license to marry there.
---donna8365 on 6/2/08

Weddings, celebrations, expensive dresses are not the material that holds a marriage together.
After more thought, why not give small, thoughtful gifts to everyone who stood by you during this remarriage/restoration.
Use the money for a reception and give back to those who gave to you.
I really believe one wedding is enough and another reception is unnecessary. The proof is in the pudding for the eating - meaning after all is going well, down the road, have an anniversary party.
---lisa on 6/1/08

I really like the idea of giving back to others, especially those who were willing to stick by you through thick and thin.
I don't know how much you were planning to spend, but maybe someone needs a new barbeque, someone needs an outdoor table with an umbrella for the summer. Find out what your true friends need and give back to them. Surprises are great when they're unexpected.
---lisa on 6/1/08

I have alot of ideas when it comes to giving back to others. Someone might need a lawn mowing service for a month, free car service - oil change. How about some free gallons of gas, and a car wash. So many things you can do to be thoughtful, it would be appreciated.
I can think of better uses for money than another celebration blowout for a remarried couple. Put the focus on friends and they'll always be there when you need them.
---lisa on 6/1/08

I'd wait until a season of time has passed...similar to waiting for an appropriate time before you have a baby shower. I'd wait until the 1st re-anniversary and have a small celebration.
Weddings are for newlyweds. It would be in good taste to wait for an appropriate amount of time.
---lisa on 5/31/08

I wouldn't send out invitations without stipulating that presents are not necessary.
Personally, I think once is appropriate.

I'd have a celebration down the road, when all works out as planned - a 10th, 20th, 25th or 30th anniversary celebration.
---lisa on 6/1/08

Congratulations!! :) :) :) That is awesome! Wish I had great words of advice for wording the invitations--but I can say search the Word maybe for some ideas and pray about it. God bless you both now and forever. :)
---Mary on 5/31/08

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