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What Is A Revival

Exactly what is Revival?
a)When God starts healing believers in a meeting?
b)When God changes believers hearts and gives them a deeper hunger for him?
c) Does it happen to unbelievers?
I'm really not sure what revival is. Can it be when people get saved in a meeting?

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 ---donna8365 on 6/2/08
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Revivals began in the hearts of believers. Some Scriptures and there are plenty of them>>>Acts 2:1-5, Jonah 3:4-10, A Little testimony: I said to God one day, I am always saying things to Him asking Him questions: I said, "How were you able to stay focus with all the distractions around you", And He had plenty of them? God said to me, "I could not afford not to".
---catherine on 9/15/10

once upon a time a false minister determined that the money plates would become overfilled with money when his brainwashed followers were caught up in an emotional frenzy

a great sales tactic if there ever were

a revival is neither of the choice of a b or c

how about none of the above

look to Holy Scripture to see that no such thing exists ...there is no "revival" and MOST importantly not one of the answers is IMPLIED in Gods Word

although many who have been duped into the MAN MADE "REVIVAL" HOAX have been TOLD by their false ministers which scriptures to read and believe support a "revival"
---Rhonda on 9/14/10

Acts 5:34,35,38,39 Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, had in reputation among all the people, and commanded to put the apostles forth a little space, And said unto them, Ye men of Israel, take heed to yourselves what ye intend to do as touching these men...And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it, lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.
---micha9344 on 9/11/10

I believe revival is all the above.god has no respect of person therefore when he moves it can have a major effect on any & everyone in his holy spirit presence.
---Christy on 9/10/10

Revival begans in the hearts and minds of God's people. So I would have to say B my best answer. Unbelievers, no revivals. There has been a lot of talk about revivals. I have never seen much excitment in this among church going people. Now, I am beginning to see why. And if it should start it could be all a fake. So be aware!
---catherine on 3/10/09

The Gospel of Truth of Fire and Power of the Resurrected Christ should once again be preached in the churches, and also outside the churches. Not only should there be a revival in the country but there should be a revival first in the hearts of Gods people who go to church, but with a willingness to preach the Gospel of Truth to their families and to every unbeliever they meet in their jobs and bring those unbelievers to their churches to be born-again.

Revival does not start in the country. It starts in the heart of every born-again believer who has an urgency of seeing those saved that dont know Christ and are on the way to hell, and that is their mission, to get those people saved.
---Harry on 3/8/09

I believe that a revival could be all of the above answers. I was once lost but now I am found. I was once weak and now I'm strong. I have a deeper love for the Lord than before. I have been revived.
---gynn8435 on 9/16/08

I believe a Revival is when we all meet Jesus and seeing His Father in Heaven
---lyn9648 on 6/26/08

What is revival?renival is a renewing of one faith or renewing of church members and other to profess there faith openly,revival bring growth and it bring back to life, to full strength that which was dead.
---clove6736 on 6/23/08

I believe that revival is to give life to that which is about to die.
---rodah on 6/23/08

A revival is when a Christian or a group of Christians initiate a rally that revives the spirit of those in attendance, having a visible spiritual impact on a community.
---Turk on 6/22/08

I think that a revival is a time when people's hearts are changed,they sincerely turn to God,and want to search more for things of God.It could happen to believers,and some times to unbelievers.It could take place at a meeting or anywhere as God deems fit.
---Joy on 6/17/08

a revival is a based gospel salution to the gospel a revival is realy based on the holy ghost the spirit of it brings together many saved and lost souls and for the world to hear the gospel and recieve god as your personal savior and recieve the spirit
---andy on 6/14/08

I believe it is B - Christian being "revived" in their faith, with God giving them a deeping hunger, longing, and understanding of His ways.
---Ted on 6/14/08

Revival is when we receive RENEWAL OF ZEAL and this creates a refreshing. when we lose focus as christians and our zeal for the Lord becomes cold, what we need is a renewal of zeal and refocusing and this is what we call revival.
when our zeal is renewed, our faith is re-activated and alot of good things eg. miracles happen as a result. stay blessed and receive daily revival in your soul. Amen
---patience on 6/13/08

Reveval is a sovereign extraodinary work of God through and in behalf of a people who have learned and applied the principle revealed in the rema word of God regarding revival
---arthur on 6/13/08

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Revival is when believers are changed and desire to have a bigger and better hunger for the love and knowledge of our LOrd and Savior. At many revivls souls are saved and I truely believe when we as belivers get revived there will be more souls saved.
---Shela4449 on 6/13/08

---greg9083 on 6/12/08

Revival, Jesus is not looking for another revival, He is looking for a Body that will say what they hear Him say, and do what they see Him doing. He has been given that right. Ephesians 1:last several verses. Will He cause a Revival? yes, to gather in His Body.
---Jim on 6/12/08

A revial is a meeting to get revived in the lord healings can happen and many can be saved
---lewia3453 on 6/12/08

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I look back into the bible where there were 120 people gathered together in one accord, all agreeing in prayer, I wish I was there. You can have two people agree on what color the sky is let alone God's word. So how are we supposed to come together in one mind and one accord if we can't even agree on the simple things? Too many people have hand me down religion. Their great-grandparents believe a certain way, and so are they. People just needs to wake up and except the truth.
---Rebecca_D on 6/12/08

what is a revival? when believers need a refreshing from d lord. we all need a revival sometime. it bring u closer 2 d lord. if u allow d revival 2 refresh your spirit. d first 2 questions more refer 2 a revival. sinners can get saved n a revival. believers hearts are suppose 2 b changed when they first get saved. we are like a car we need a tuned up once n a while that is what u call a revival. no, believer have 2 get saved first before they can have a revival. they can get saved in a revival.
---Dot on 6/12/08

A revival is a time to reflect on Christian hearts and renew our strength in Jesus Christ as well as bring new hearts to Christ's altar. It's a powerful, uplifting, confirmation time in which God's power is stronger than every Sabbath's sermons and music.
---Karen on 6/12/08

Revival begins with a change of heart in one person.That person through the agency of the Holy spirit effects others. It does not matter the age of the person, it can be a young child or an aged man. U can be rich or poor. there is no special rules other than Being U and in touch of the HOLY SPIRIT
---KEITH on 6/12/08

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revival does mean an awakening, but it has a life even outside of that! it's a refreshning to god's war wereay soldiers and a brand new start to the unbelievers who will her his voice! it's a total change naturally and spiritually. like a cool breeze on a warm day or that first sip of cold water on a very hot day it can be mind blowing and humble all at the same time. in short revival is necessary in this life no matter what stage of god your in or if you have never even met him.
---steph on 6/12/08

Revival refers to a time of reawakened interest in religious faith. Another revival definition would be to recover, repair or restore. Compare Hosea 10:12, which says: "Sow to yourself in righteousness, reap in mercy, break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord till He come and reign righteousness upon you."
---Nadine on 6/12/08

I would think that re in revival is important. A saved person can grow weary,get spiritually lazy,etc...and need a touch to the heart from theLord. He is the one that saves,grows and sustains.Psalm 138
---gary on 6/12/08

Revival simply means a spiritual awakening. When believers return to their first love for christ and there is there is great spiritual exploit taking place both personally and as church
---Joy on 6/12/08

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A revival is an awakening renewal to believer's and often unbelievers will be touched and accept Jesus as Savior and begin to follow him.There are usually healings and miracles too.
---shirley on 6/12/08

Revival begins with the individual person, then the individual will be able to see others saved by the Only & ONE Salvation Plan that God's Word offers,which is found in Acts 2 v's 37-40 & it Fulfills Matt. 28 v's 19-20. Thank you.
---Lawrence on 6/12/08

well a revial is when there is going to be a large gathering and people will be saved and give theire hearts to god and totalaly submit and surender to the lord jesus christ and there will be singing and praiseing and rejoiceing and its a wounderful thing to be in or go to ............
---ERNIE on 6/12/08

I don't normally go to Revivals,because I ask the Father in Jesus Name on a daily basis, to give me the strength to say and do things that are pleasing to His Eyes & Ears.
---Gabby on 6/12/08

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Revival is when hearts and wrong thinking is changed my our Lord, Jesus Christ!
---loretta on 6/12/08

Revival Is To Receive God's Healing,Salvation,And His Love So Revival Tent Meetings Is A Place For Others To Hear The Good News!
---Elizabeth on 6/12/08

Revive means to awake, revival means awakening. When a Revival meeting happens, the Holy Spirit has come among the people to baptize them if they are ready and open for it.
a. yes, but there are other gifts of the Holy Spirit besides healing.
b. yes, but this can happen anywhere.
c. yes. Paul, the apostle was a unbeliever until he came across the vision of Jesus and was struck blind. After that he went on to do Jesus' works.
---julie on 6/5/08

A revival is an admission that you're dead or moribund.

You don't "revive" a living, healthy, conscious body, now do you?
---kumquat on 6/5/08

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When some one passes out you revive them. Heaven is dripping down revival, we are awaiting a huge wave coming from west to east. It is starting. Can you hear the sound?
---Lynn on 6/5/08

When people pray for hours, weeks and months and wait upon the Holy Spirit to move, then revival will happen. We do not direct the Holy Spirit. He comes when HE is directed to come. Real revival must start in the hearts and minds of Christians who are willing to wait upon the Lord for HIS timing.
---KarenD on 6/4/08

When people can lay their differences aside and come into one mind and one accord. But until then, how can the Holy Ghost move like he needs to? He can't. Too many people are hung up on religion instead of just letting go and agree on the word of God. It is hard for God to have a revival if people can't even agree on the word of God.
---Rebecca_D on 6/3/08

A revival is a reawakening and restoration to life, strength, and vigor. It is to revive. Healing is revival because it is restoration. Getting saved is not revival, it is an awakening, not a reawakening.
---john on 6/2/08

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it may be best described as the holy spirit convicting the hearts of believers,deeply on a spiritual level,and thus drawing them to a closer more dedicated service to God,
---tom2 on 6/2/08

best description is in scripture.God has said in the final days i will pour out my spirit upon my people.then it speaks about young men and vision,and old men and basically its a ho,y spirit manifestation of Gods power on earth.
---tom2 on 6/2/08

part 2 m which will include signs and wonders,and people being saved,and usually it turns quickly into a 24 hour a day marathon,and spreads sometimes like wild fire.
---tom2 on 6/2/08

A service of Revival is to Revitalize the hearts and nature of previously Christian Believers. Other things may take place in such a series of services but that is it's intended purpose.

No person can get saved of his own volition he/she simply can come to an understanding of their dependence upon God. And if God has previously chosen them, become aware of their ransom and adoption into the family of God with Christ as their brother. with all the fill rights of that membership.
---notlaw99 on 6/2/08

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