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2008 June What's Up Blog

WOW, June already! "What's Up'?

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 ---NVBarbara on 6/4/08
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NVB::Hello Thanks for the affermatiom. I do hope you are feeling Better.#25 IsabellR Rose made Her appearance on June\30.4am.Alls well.Rest Prayers are still being said.
---Emcee on 7/10/08

I did indeed MC...TY!!!
---NVBarbara on 7/9/08

NVB::Did you get my 2 E mails.You are still in my Prayers
---Emcee on 7/4/08

Barb: I am so sorry to hear you are going through such a rough time physically. I will keep you in prayers, sis. You know I love you dearly.

I am having a blast with the munchkin in town. We are having her first birthday party on Saturday. She is such an angel.

---Trish9863 on 7/3/08

Thank you Darlene. I have Severe Mitral Valve Prolapse. The meds that I've been on for years isn't working as it should now.
My Dr. is trying some new meds, and its wait and see what happens. In the meantime I'm tired all the time, mostly from the irregular heartbeat, it wears me out.
Some days I feel so useless because I don't get much done. But I have good days too, I just have to be careful not to push myself. I'm happy that your Mom is well!
God bless y'all too! I may live in Oregon, but I'm American by birth and Southern by the grace of God!
---NVBarbara on 7/3/08

NVBarbara I was so sorry to hear you are dealing with heart problems. I know how hard it is sometimes for doctors to get a handle on such as that. Mom suffered chest pain for years,we'd rush her to the emergency room,only to be told it wasn't her heart,until about three years ago while in the emergency room once again,she happened to get a doctor whose speciality is the electrical impluses between the upper and lower chamber of the heart and he ran the right test to find that was Mom's trouble. There are two conduicts,conduction system,makes electricity that makes heart beat,from bottom of heart to top and one of her's was faulty. He performed minor surgery,ablation,and killed faulty one,she's been fine ever since. Praying for y'all.
---Darlene_1 on 7/2/08

Holly: That was a lovely prayer. Thank you. They arrived around 8:30 this morning and I picked up my granddaughter and have been blessed with her presence while my daughter and her husband sleep. Isabel is one year old, and is such a joy to have in my life. God created a thing of beauty when He created her.
---Trish9863 on 7/1/08

NVBarbara_Your welcome & Thank You,
But she's a grown women now, No more ashma!
I'm truly blessed more than i should be!
Your Loving Brother Duane
ps. Soon
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 7/1/08

Thank you Duane, your response truly touched me, so very kind and giving of you.

You have showed me the love of our Lord Jesus, which He has put in your heart.
Don't we ALL deserve to suffer any hardship that comes our way? Not one of us is perfect, but one day we will be!

God bless you my brother. I do pray that your daughter recovered from her illness.

One fine morning when our life is over we'll fly away!
---NVBarbara on 7/1/08

Father God, I pray that You will surround Trish's daughter and family with Your protective angels as they travel to see Trish. Place Your angels above them, below them, to the left, to the right, in front and behind them. Pave the way with good weather and a safe highway. May they also have a really good time as they travel as a family on this trip and may they grow even closer together and be bonded in Your love. Bless the time that they all have together and the time that Trish has with her little "munchkin"!

In Jesus's name...
Thank you and AMEN! :-)
---Holly4jc on 7/1/08

Holly: In today's uncertain job market, that is a great praise.

I would like prayer for my daughter and her family as they travel from Michigan to PA this evening. They are bringing the munchkin for a visit.
---Trish9863 on 6/30/08

Thank you Emcee...I really appreciate that! :-)
---Holly4jc on 6/30/08

I am Happy for You Holly I really am.God bless.
---Emcee on 6/30/08

I want to thank and praise the Lord for keeping me protected from the recent layoffs at my law firm. I still have a job...Praise God! And...they gave me a great raise and a huge bonus for "sticking with them" through the hard times. Many people left out of fear, knowing that recent times have been tough and seeing that quite a few people have been laid off over the past 1 1/2 years, including 5 throughout the firm 2 weeks ago. Thank you Jesus or your favor and protection!!!
---Holly4jc on 6/29/08


Thanks for your kind words of encouragement.
---Moderator on 6/29/08

So what really happened to Jack and MikeM, they've been missing for a long time.

Now don't tell me that they've passed away, because I see remnants of them most every day.

Elder, I remember very well how MikeM went on and on about LomaLinda, So. Cal, and how he was hiding out - all the while, blogging about that elaborate story - year after year.
Yes, we do pay attention.

I don't see dead people, but I see remnants of the ghosts of bloggers gone by - in the sweet here and now.
---Donna on 6/29/08

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Do you know who keeps me coming back to CN? Jesus Christ.

I also come back because of the Moderator.
Why? Because he doesn't really have a mean bone in his body. It's true.
He's not suspicious, onery or mean.

There are somedays that I would like to say Goodbye and be done with it. I do not enjoy the unkind treatment I receive here.

Here's a really good test for a true prophet.

They never, ever mess with minds. An anointed true prophet does not use mind games, imaginary personalities or characters to play with your head. Never.

When you see that going on, they've flunked the test.

The Moderator is anointed. He encourages me to believe in healing and all things Christian.

---Donna on 6/29/08

My Heart & Prayers are w/you NVbarbara,
AS for myself i deserve to suffer & any hardship that comes my way.

If i could take your sickness and put it upon me, I would!
I used to tell my oldest daughter when she was alitte girl as she laid their in a oxygen tent, "It's alright, it a be ok".

So i'm going to say the same to you as if you were my little Girl, It's ok, it's going to be alright...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/29/08

Trish ... I already wrote to the Mods suggesting the password system.

At present, I think there may be three people whose name is being used by others
---alan_of_UK on 6/29/08

Yes, Trish. I believe that it is the same thing, or in the same category as stealing. Feels like it to me anyways. So now we have thieves on here. Goodness.
---catherine on 6/28/08

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DDM, seeing the Lord is the ultimate wanted experience! However when its 'my time' I wanted it to be fast. I don't like having to visit my Dr. so often and be on meds that 'might' help my problem. I'll get better if it be God's will.

Btw--I was gone for 7 months, from last July until the middle of Feb. I doubt that anyone noticed except my friends here that I spoke with on the phone. Can't really say if anyone used my name or not, I only had access to a computer a few times and was not looking here.
Interesting concept Donna.
---NVBarbara on 6/28/08

God KNOWS, And I would be careful messin where you aught not be messin!
You might think it's funny to do such things, But, I doubt My Father does!
Let's pray that the person that's doing this see's the ERROR of their ways and stops such nonsense,.
Would you throw all you have gained away on playing games?
How Sad!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/28/08

Rebecca: It is sad that there are sick people using your name. I think the mods need to find a way to control our identities somehow. Some forums have a sign-in system with passwords that prevent identity theft. I wonder if they would consider that.

Just a thought.

---Trish9863 on 6/28/08

Rebecca D ... Elder has had the same thing happen to him.

There is some sick person out there
---alan_of_UK on 6/28/08

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Wow, I've never seen such rudeness or uncaring attitudes here. Where are the 'Christians'? I hope everyone gets okay.
---Becky on 6/28/08

Rebecca D, maybe it's Alan of UK, filling in while you were away.

You said no one noticed when you were gone.
Whoever it is, they've been holding up your standards. Someone has been using my name, too. It's probably a Nascar fan, lover of fine coffee and books, Elvis fan...including the flying Elvi variety, likes small So. Cal towns and those lonesome desert highways...on the back of a Harley. :-D
---Elder on 6/28/08

I can't wait for my last breath,
It's one step closer to being with my Father and my Brother!
But , while i am here, I will do whats asked of me as a man of God and a Husband, Dad,
Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Friend ect. ect. ect.

Come Lord, Come!
I'm not of this world or do I have the cares of it!
Praise, Glory and Honor be unto our Father and the power of HIS Spirit!
I listen EVERYDAY for the shout of my Brother voice to say "Come up Hither"!

Junes, Whats up, it's almost July! he hehe
God willing & the river don't rise...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/28/08

I have had to leave so many times because someone was using my name. It was constantly happening to me.
If you'll notice, only the bloggers that have been on here a long time are remaining.
So if you're doing this to yourself as a smokescreen, that's really over the top.

It could be that your chickens have come home to roost, you never know.
---Donna on 6/28/08

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Someone has been making replies using my name. Because I haven't been on Christianet since June 20th, I've been camping with my family. So whomever is making replies under my name, stop it please and use your name or find another name.
---Rebecca_D on 6/28/08

NVBarbara, you and I both know that noone here is going to kick the bucket. Everyone is alive and well, blogging each and every day, no way anyone would dare kick the bucket.

In fact, we both know that noone here can stay away longer than a hour or two. It's always been that way, and always will. Come rain or high water, shine or tornado, wind or hurricane - everyone is here for a good run.
---Rebecca_D on 6/28/08

NO one is promised their next breath,
I've seen a few people take their LAST breath, who the night before,
thought they were going to do this and that and have a good ol'life!
Just as God can deliver us from temptation & evil,
He knows how to preserve evil men unto
the day of Judgment!
So don't hold your breath and act as if today could be your last!
Anyone who has been on a death bed should know this....
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/28/08

Andrea: While I'm away in the hospital recovering, there isn't any need for anyone to take my place in my blogging. I used to blog everyday, but since school was letting out and the kids are at home, I don't blog as much. There was 2 weeks I didn't blog, and guess what? No one seemed to noticed. And no one blogged for me. But thank you for thinking of me. BTW, people would notice if Alan blogged for me. We don't agree on everything.
---Rebecca_D on 6/9/08

Just maybe our main concern on this blog of 'what's happening' is the state of our health, obviously its been yours on MANY occasions.
In fact Rebecca its possible I could 'kick the bucket' if my heart disease can't be arrested by medication. Thanks for your concern.
---NVBarbara on 6/28/08

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Of course, I know why they found styrofoam on Mars.

The point, why does everyone have to talk about their aches and pains, sickness and disease, woe and misery on what's up?

Is life that miserable for everyone, it's depresses me to read about it.
---Rebecca_D on 6/28/08

So, that said, why don't people have gizzards?
Rebecca_D on 6/26/08

Rebecca you know the answer very well. God has all things planned out perfectly.
Considering how some of us eat... could you imagine how much we would weigh if we ate rocks?..... Then all of the complaining about my wife didn't fix the rocks the way I like them. They were too soft.
You see, I'm having a hard enough time ridding this planet of chocolate.
(PS. I know how to hypnotize a chicken. Does anyone else? Now this is a true fact.)
---Elder on 6/27/08

Glad you liked it, anything to change the sickness of the month club.

This has turned to what's aching you this month. Ailments, sickness and disease. Everyone's on their last leg, ready for the old folks home.

What's up? Are you ready to kick the bucket?

NO. So why does this always have to turn into what's the matter with me now. What do they call that? Hypochondria?
---Rebecca_D on 6/27/08

Hmmm Rebecca...maybe because we don't eat rocks?
But thanks for the visual picture you gave us of why chickens have them! I'll try to erase that image from my brain!

Whoopee Trish!! Make sure to take lots of pictures of Isabel (as if G'ma wouldn't!),
I want to see how she's grown!

I pray that you're well. What did your tests show?
I'm going through a rough time right now. My Dr. is changing my meds around, trying me on some new things. I stay tired all the time, but the new vitamins are helping, especially the Vit D.
God bless all...
---NVBarbara on 6/27/08

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I was internetless for over a week. My school year ended, and I am now working part time at the hospital.

Guess what, Isabel, my granddaughter, is coming to town on Monday. I can hardly wait. I am like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. We will be having a party for her first birthday next weekend.
---Trish9863 on 6/26/08

Speaking of kidneys...As anyone that was raised in the country knows, and most city folks too ...a chicken ain't got no teeth. But, they like to eat a lot of hard stuff, like shelled corn and grain. Everything goes straight into their gizzard as soon as they swallow it. Inside the gizzard are rocks, which take the place of teeth and do the actual grinding up of the things that they eat. That is why you see chickens pecking at the ground all the time ...they're not only eating bugs and worms and grass seeds, they're picking up rocks too.

So, that said, why don't people have gizzards?
---Rebecca_D on 6/26/08

I hope you stayed inside with the A/C cranked up Duane!
Only got to 70 here today, opened all the windows and enjoyed the breeze.
---NVBarbara on 6/23/08

Well, it was a 119 yesterday!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/22/08

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John, are you OK? Write anytime you wanna talk.
God bless you my brother.
---NVBarbara on 6/20/08

Thanks Barbara, I know, So many words and now I don't know what to say. Oh well, I'll think of something one of these days. I'm sorry, I thought you knew mine. It's john6747 God bless you sis. I'm catching up to Steve now.
---John on 6/19/08

Ramon, the big cities in CA are crowded, also smog filled and places like LA are just plain scary!
I love parts of SF my neice lives there, its SO expensive, but my kind of weather!
As Mark Twain said "The coldest Winter he remembered was his Summer in SF!"

I personally like S Cal. Loma Linda, San Bernardino and that area. Small lovely towns but close to Anaheim and bigger cities.

Bless you on your quest!
---NVBarbara on 6/19/08

John, rats I missed your b'day by a day!
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY my brother! Mine was on the 8th.
I don't know your penpal addy so this is the best I can do! But my best wishes are sincere and true.
Just for you I'm playing "Happy Birthday" by Stevie on my 'puter just for you as I write this! Strain REAL hard and you can hear it!
We've traded many blogs and I feel as if I know you, you're a blessing!
God bless you and yours today and always.
(Man I'm going wacky here with so much room for words!)
Love and prayers old dude. (barba5354)

(Its 1:30 AM here and 54 degrees and breezy--eat your heart out!)
---NVBarbara on 6/19/08

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Thanks to all of you who sent Birthday blessings and cards. I was blown away by so many! I'm truly blessed to have you as my brother's and sister's in Christ and helping to make this day wonderful. God bless. John
---John on 6/18/08

John. I agree. It is getting really expensive here in NYC. Everything is going up! I love NYC, but every thing is expensive here, I would have to move soon. I will probably move to the surburbs (to be close to the city).

I wanted to move to California because the weather in beautiful (etc), but I keep hearing it is way too crowded! Anyone here live in California, how is it?

I do not know about the Mid-West. I would have to investigate if there is anything good in the Mid-West.

NVBarbara, I will be praying for you Sister!

---Ramon on 6/18/08

Thanks to all of you. Your prayers are MUCH appreciated!
---NVBarbara on 6/18/08

WASHINGTON - With gasoline topping $4 a gallon, President Bush urged Congress on Wednesday to lift its long-standing ban on offshore oil and gas drilling, saying the United States needs to increase its energy production. Democrats quickly rejected the idea.

Congressional Democrats were quick to reject the push for lifting the drilling moratorium, saying oil companies already have 68 million acres offshore waters under lease that are not being developed.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/18/08

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NVBarbara_My prayers are W/U!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/18/08

NVB:: You are always in my Prayersso get wellsoon.Dont fret over other thingsjust Steve andyou for now.L/Cliff
---Emcee on 6/18/08

NVBarbara I will be in prayer for you and Steve. I hope you both are feeling better quickly. Trish hope you are feeling better with the asthma,will be praying for you. It must be hard to try to teach,using your voice so much when you are having an attack. I have asthma too but it is in a very strange form. I just start coughing and will get worse and worse until I use my inhaler,then I stop.
---Darlene_1 on 6/18/08

Hope your healing comes quickly Barbara. 2 months ago my friend Johnny was visiting us and slipped and cracked a couple of ribs on the edge of our Kitchen counter. The doc said that all he could do was recommend Tylenol. Johnny was in pain for a couple of weeks and finally healed. It's still not fun. God bless your whole family, in Jesus name.
PS: I'm at the tender age of 63 today. I don't feel any different.
---John on 6/18/08

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I also live in the Northeast and love it, I just hate my part of Pennsylvania. Too flat and too urban. I prefer the mountains of Western PA.
---Trish9863 on 6/18/08

Ramon, I also agree. I'm a native New Yorker. I used to live in Rockland county (30 miles north of NYC) and I used to go downtown a lot. The only thing is, it's so darn crowdwd in NY now and the taxes are much higher than where I'm at now. God willing, I'm heading west to explore more of this beautiful land that God gave us.
---John on 6/18/08

I beg to differ with you people :), I love the Northern Eastern States. I live in NYC, and I love it! Temperature are fine during the summer, although we just got out of a heat wave (It hit 96+ degrees last week for 4 days!) and Winter is great (love snow!).

The only thing is that going to Manhattan (like Times Square), there will be lots of tourists (sometimes you can't even walk!). We do get tornadoes and hurricanes, but there are rare. We get lots of Severe Thunderstorms though!
---Ramon on 6/18/08

Bros and sisters please be in prayer for Steve and me. I've been going through a very difficult time the past few months. Concerned about my ill siblings, and I'm having some health problems as well. Steve fell today and hit his ribs on the kitchen counter, it hurts him to take a deep breath. I adjusted his back and got good 'cracking' movement out of 4 of his vertebrae. He took some Advil after that and went to bed.
TY and God bless.
---NVBarbara on 6/18/08

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I don't care for the rainy season so much here. But I think Oregon is one of my top 2 as far as beauty, history (Lewis & Clark) and friendly people and YES wide open spaces and clean air! I live in the Umpqua Valley surrounded by the Cascades, and still only 55 miles from Oregon's breathtaking shoreline. 400 miles of mixed 'sugar sand' and rocky coastline, awesome.
C'mon out John!
---NVBarbara on 6/17/08

Barbara, I agree. I love the west. There is so much diversity there and it's just down right beautiful. clean air (except LA) and places to find peace and room to ride! Hoo Doggie!
---John on 6/17/08

I lived in Orlando for 18 years--hated every minute! Heat,humidity AND tourists what a mix! Yukky BIG bugs and lizards, snakes, alligators and tornados spun off hurricanes.
My son lives in Ft.Myers and he's trying his best to get transferred to one of their other offices in a more temperate climate and out of hurricane alley.
I like the West!
---NVBarbara on 6/17/08

Ancient date seeds from Masada are seen in this undated handout photograph, made available in London on June 12, 2008. Israeli researchers who grew a sapling from a date seed found at the ancient fortress Masada said on Thursday the seed was about 2,000 years old and may help restore a species of biblical trees
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/17/08

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Darlene...I sympathize with you...I lived in Miami, Florida for 24 about hot weather, high humidity, huge bugs, daily rain/thunderstorms and hurricanes! Sheesh! I am soooo glad I live in Southern California now. Even when it hits 105 (usually a few days in July or August) the humidity is only I don't even sweat! In Miami, at 75 degrees and 80% humidity, I would be dripping with sweat. I DON'T miss that! But I DO miss Cuban food!
---Holly4jc on 6/16/08

Poor Darlene lives in 100 degrees W/100% Humidity, Tornado's, Hail the size of softballs, Now Thats brutal!
I don't miss that weather one bit!
I like the Dry heat in the desert,
where nothing moves to fast, well the wind gets alittle outta hand sometimes, but thats about the worst of it, SO FAR! he he he
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/16/08

My asthma is what is up. It is flaring big time this week. Sure could use some prayer about that.
---Trish9863 on 6/16/08

What's Up? The temperture!!! Texas is experiencing 5 degrees higher tempertures than normal for this time of year. If this continues we could be looking at temps from 117 degrees to 125 degrees for my area in Central Texas,not even suppose to be the hottest area in Tex.. That is based on high temps from 112 to 120 actual degrees,not heat index,which we have already had in years past. Plus we have 2 lakes 15 min from here and within 1 hour several,State total 168 lakes,which keeps humidity higher.
---Darlene_1 on 6/16/08

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I want to wish a very happy and blessed Father's day to all you fathers out there, whether you are a natural father by birth or acting as a father to a special somebody or somebodies in your life. May you be a true representative and conduit of our Father in Heaven's love, to all of those around you.

And to our Father in Heaven...a huge Happy Father's day to YOU!!!! Thanks for being the PERFECT Father! :-)
---Holly4jc on 6/15/08

My Bad!
It's a 113 right now!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/15/08

NVBarbara_Thank You Sis, my kids & G-kids are coming over for some fun & food.
Yes, BHC, AZ., 80 miles from Sin City.
I love the Desert W/all the stars so bright at night, the coolness of the River or the Lakes(Mohave,Mead,Havasu).
I've lived on the Ave. of the giants(The Redwoods) in N. Calif. sure is Beautiful, 3 diff. countries, Tornado alley,
and i always come back to The Desert(River).
ps. I will share your kindness W/my family
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/15/08

Are you in the desert DDM? Your temps are like I used to bear when I lived in Las Vegas.
The 0 humidity helps! Happy Day bro.
---NVBarbara on 6/15/08

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Happy Fathers Day to all you fathers.May your day be blessed.
---Darlene_1 on 6/15/08

It's going to be a 108 today,
I'm going to the lake in a little bit...
Happy Dad's Day!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/15/08

Well June 15...Fathers Day. I wish all you Fathers out there a very Happy Fathers Day....pagan or not!
---kathr4453 on 6/15/08

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there.
May God draw you closer, and may you be blessed in abundance.
---NVBarbara on 6/15/08

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Darlene thank you so much. The Lord has done so much.
He loves me so much That He has given me people like you. God Bless you.
---Elder on 6/14/08

Hey everyone, today, June 14, is my granddaughter's 1st birthday. She will have a Pennsylvania party in a few weeks when they come to visit.

My nephew got 3 silver and 1 bronze medal at the PA Special Olympics championship last week. He enjoyed himself immensely.

Friday, the 20th is my last day of school this year. YIPPEEEEE!!!!!! Then, I work at the hospital filling in for vacationing therapists.
---Trish9863 on 6/14/08

Even with record highs in the U.S., prices remain far cheaper than in Europe and some parts of Asia. Oil-related protests have swept Europe, with fishermen staging strikes in Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium and Italy. Several Asian countries, including India, Indonesia and Malaysia, have slashed fuel subsidies, raising prices for millions of consumers and sparking demonstrations
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/14/08

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