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Apostles In One Accord

Do you believe that the way you commune is establishing this state of one accord? Acts 2:46 And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, eating their meat with gladness and singleness of heart. What does being in one accord mean to you?

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 ---Shawn.M.T on 6/8/08
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One Accord

Unity. Unity Is One Faith, the day of Pentecost Acts 2 v 38 when The Church of The Living God was born. The Early Church.
---Lawrence on 8/11/10

And the Early Church from that time to now believe in:

Didache (60-70 A.D.,)

After the foregoing instructions, baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, in living [running] water:


I have no taste for corruptible food nor for the pleasures of this life. I desire the Bread of God, WHICH IS THE FLESH OF JESUS CHRIST, who was of the seed of David, and for drink I DESIRE HIS BLOOD, which is love incorruptible. (Letter to Romans 7:3)
---Ruben on 8/11/10

One Accord

Unity. Unity Is One Faith, the day of Pentecost Acts 2 v 38 when The Church of The Living God was born. The Early Church.
---Lawrence on 8/11/10

Ramon::ONE ACCORD to me means no difference.But yet you point out this Difference.This is beyond my understanding Of ONE FLOCK One shepherd.MY Church Matt16:16-19.I am not here to Prove anything.God Almighty has given us an Edict which we are required to live by.ONE EDICT.You say you made a change .I on the other hand, do follow His original Commands like a child in obedience to His will,congruent with Genesis. I have no axe to grind with YOU BROTHER.
---Emcee on 6/16/08

Emcee. Brother, sometimes I do not understand what you are trying to prove. Your Catechism states we have Valid orders and have Apostolic Succession. Your Catechism even encourages, where available, to take the Divine Eucharist in our Church [even though we Orthodox forbid this]. The way you feel towards us Orthodox Christians, you wouldn't do this right?

---Ramon on 6/16/08

Emcee. I am not angry. I am sorry if my posts seems that way. I do not see the point you are were trying to make in the first place. You made a comment about a Eastern and Western Orthodoxy, as if the Eastern Orthodox is split. Yet, I explain that each rite share the same faith. You do know that your Church teaches the Orthodox Church has valid orders and has Apostolic Succession, Or you do not believe the Pontiff of Rome?

What is your point?

---Ramon on 6/16/08

Ramon the rites you state are still under the Pontiff of Rome are the orthrodox? Yet you say we are the same.Can same be different.
---Emcee on 6/15/08

Ramon:: It seem you are upsetting yourself to the point of Anger.Is this what Jesus meant By ONE FLOCK ONE SHEPHERD.First you were Protestant and now you are Orthrodox.Yet you argue with anger.Is this Jesus's way?
---Emcee on 6/15/08

Emcee. You do realize that there are Western (Latin) Rite Catholics and Eastern Rite Catholis right? You do realize that there are Charismatic Catholics, which the two recent Pope believe there have Valid orders, right? Are those splits in your Church? The Eastern Orthodox Church has a Western Rite, yet we all share the faith.

---Ramon on 6/15/08

#2 I believe Christ' words and the Apostle Paul that the Church will never fall into error (Matt 16:18, John 17: 2 Thes 2:15). A Council is only called upon when a doctrine has been question. For example, the heretic Arius did not believe Jesus was God, and so the Church [West and East] gather to combat his false belief in the First Ecumenical Council.

Without these Councils, Christianity would have been destroyed! We must defend the faith "once delivered to the Saints" (Jude 3).
---Ramon on 6/15/08

#3 The Holy Apostles had One Faith, One Spirit, and One Baptism. We have no evidence to suggest the Holy Apostles each believe different things about Christ, the OT, and so fourth. I follow Christ, the Holy Apostles, the God-Bearing Fathers, the Seven Ecumenical Councils, thus the teachings of the Eastern Orthodox Church for the past 2,000 years. Read Christ own words in John 17:20-21.

What do you follow? Your own interpretations of Scriptures. By the way, I am not Catholic.
---Ramon on 6/15/08

#4 Why don't you tell us where one of the Seven Ecumenical Councils (dated from 325Ad-787AD) ever taught anything that contradicts Scared Scriptures. Please give proper citation from a document from one of these Ecumenical Councils. You do have these documents, don't you? Some of these Councils was not called by the Bishop of Rome, and some, he didn't even attend personally.

If the Church is Christ' Bride, then there cannot be different beliefs. There must be One Faith taught by the Holy Apostles.
---Ramon on 6/15/08

Todd 1. There was only one time that a problem happened and the Apostles had to gather to settle the matter. Yet, we know from Scriptures, that the Apostles were one in faith. Please show us a Scripture where a Apostle taught something that contradicts another Apostle. Did a Apostle cause a Schism?

The Seven Infallible Councils are not "Roman Catholic Councils". You do not know your history. Nothing in these Councils contradict Scriptures. Christ has guided His Church to all truth.
---Ramon on 6/15/08

Ramon::If there was no discord and there was Apostolic succession in the Orthrodox and That of Matt16:16-19 "MY CHURCH" by Jesus Christ,The RCC. How did that Happen.And again in the western and Eastern Orthrodox,another split
---Emcee on 6/15/08

Ramon, ok lets see if I get you:

The apostles "never disagree with each other", yet
"when a disagreement happened, the Apostles gather together and settle it"?

So there were sometimes disagreements, yes?

Jesus promised to guide us into all truth, doesn't "guide us into" imply a process, not an instantaneous knowledge. Do you really think anyone has "all truth"?
---Todd1 on 6/15/08

Ramon #2,
So you're saying that the Roman Catholic Church councils and popes and doctrines (which have so often contradicted themselves and the Word of God) have obtained "all truth"?

Since there were 7 of these "infallible" councils, doesn't that imply a gradual learning process...being led into the truth?
---Todd1 on 6/15/08

Todd1. The Holy Apostles never disagree with each other on doctrines and practices (the Faith was one) or else one Apostle will have made a Schism. Jesus promised that he will protect and guide His Church to all truth (Matt 16:18, John 17, 2 Tim 2:15). The Holy Apostolic Faith was preserve by the God-Bearing Fathers, the 7 [Infallible] Ecumenical Councils, thus the teachings of the Eastern Orthodox Church [which has Apostolic Succession] for the past 2,000 years.

---Ramon on 6/14/08

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Todd1 #2 St. Paul said, "[let] no schism in the body" (I Cor 12:25). Saint Paul believe that the Church was one Body. Thus, the Faith was one during the Apostles time. When a disagreement happened, the Apostles gather together and settle it, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit (Acts 15). The Holy Spirit still do this (i.e., through the 7 Ecumenical Councils). There is no evidence to suggests that each Apostle held to different beliefs/practices.

---Ramon on 6/14/08

Raymond, yes I have to agree with you then. I was thinking of the group called "THE WAY" and not the Catholic Church. Thanks.
---james on 6/14/08

Yea I believe that Acts 2:46 should be a picture of Christians today. I'm sure not all of those that were in one accord agreed on every point of doctrine...even the apostles disagreed with each other occasionally...
I think being in one accord possibly meant they all had their eyes on Christ. They were all being led by the Holy Spirit, not quarreling amongst themselves or holding onto their own beliefs with a closed mind.
---Todd1 on 6/12/08

What the Scriptures declare to us is that the Testamony of Jesus Christ should reside in His people. When that happens, the state of one accord happens, because Jesus is the Head of the Church, and we (all together) are His body.
---Jim on 6/12/08

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When we find ourselves confronted with a contradiction in terms of what we see & hear, we must open our heart to the Spirit of God so He can show us the truth of His Word spoken through men so we may once again achieve the peace of being in one accord with one another in all of His Word. This will keep us from getting lost in the words of men. Rebecca D on 6/11/08 spoke it well.God Bless
---Shawn.M.T on 6/12/08

James. The Early Church always accepted the Gospel of Luke and believe Saint Luke wrote it. Among the more important witness are Saint Irenaeus (Against Heresies 3.11.8, whom saids all four Gospels are Scriptures, 180AD), Origen, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, and Eusebius.

The Muratorian Fragement, a second century Christian document called the Gospel of Luke Scripture. The Council of Laodicea (c.360), and the Decree of Pope Gelaius (492-496) said Saint Luke wrote it and are Scriptures.
---Ramon on 6/11/08

#2 Among this, Many Holy Fathers of the Church wrote commentaries, homilies (etc) on the Gospel of Luke and Acts (among the God-Bearing Fathers, Saint John Chrysostom stands out [a wonderful Saint and Father of the Church]). You can find this on the Ancient Christian Commentary Series and other sources.

In Acts, we are told the disciples was baptize with the Spirit and spoke in tongues. I do not discredit any books in the Holy Bible, as you do.

---Ramon on 6/11/08

Moving with one purpose together in the Lord's Word is being in one accord. This comes from being of one mind with others, in all of God's Word that we hold in our hearts.

When we commune in this way the fruition of God's Word becomes stronger & stronger with-in us through the abundance of testimonies & conformation from the Spirit.

By always keeping our hearts open to the Spirit of God, He shows us the truth spoke through man so we do not get lost by just taking the word of man.
---Shawn.M.T on 6/11/08

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Raymond, Ok, John the Baptist said he baptised with water and said that Jesus would baptise with the Spirit. Please show me one place where Jesus Baptised with the Spirit and the person(s) started to speak in tongues? That never happened. Oh, and I checked it out if the 'early church' accepted Luke's writings and I can't see where they did. Can you show me how and where you got this information. thanks.
---james on 6/11/08

Simply put... being in agreement with whatever everyone else says. That was the question, right? Why not just answer the question instead of bringing other stuff in?
---betty4667 on 6/11/08

James, They were not baptized by the Holy Ghost and with fire. Jesus prophesied that being baptized by the Holy Ghost shall come to pass and it did, on the day of Pentecost. Jesus said he would send down a comforter to us, which is the Holy Ghost. That is different than the Holy Ghost baptism. No one got baptized by the Holy Ghost until much later after Christ had died.
---Rebecca_D on 6/11/08

It does not mean that all Christians are the same in personalities. John was more quiet and retiring, one who was tender and compassionate. Peter was impetuous, forth-right, and very bold. Yet, at the established hour of prayer, both went up together into the temple. It means like-mindedness. We all love God, and worship God, and praise God, the only true, living, God. One accord>Yes!
---catherine on 6/11/08

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James *Why did they need the Holy Ghost to come to them IF Jesus had already given it to them....John 20:22?*

They needed to be Baptize with the Holy Spirit [Chrismation]. I believe all the Gospels writers and every book of the Holy Scriptures. It is sad that you wish to discredit a book of the Holy Bible. Should I believe you or the Early Church (1st-8th centuries) which accepted the Gospel of Luke and Acts?

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
---Ramon on 6/11/08

Rebecca, Why did they need the Holy Ghost (Spirit) to come to them IF Jesus had already given it to them as found in John 20:22? This is really confusing! Should I believe John or what Luke wrote? John knew Jesus and Luke didn't and was not even a Jew and got his story from others (hearsay evidence). Don't you find this interesting? How can we have unity if the bible writers didn't?
---james on 6/10/08

I thought it meant that the Apostles were in a Honda - - Never Mind!
---NVBarbara on 6/9/08

They was all in agreement. One mind. They all wanted a visit from the Holy Ghost and they all prayed for the same thing. But they all had faith. Faith is the key word. Without faith, the Holy Ghost wouldn't have come down and filled them.
---Rebecca_D on 6/9/08

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to me it meant they walked in love,one for another.
---tom2 on 6/8/08

In agreement with the will of God In obedience Trust,chastity & faith.
---Emcee on 6/8/08

If I am to be in this one accord with real Christians, this is going to mean me not being so ready to judge and criticize *others* first. And be submissive to the LORD, all the thime, attentive to Him, prayerful.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/8/08

Being in one accord means they were "liked-minded" in that they "agreed" upon the Scripturural basic essentials of Christianity as prophesied in the Old Testament & fullfilled by the Lord Jesus Christ.
---Leon on 6/8/08

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After reading Acts 2:46 in 4 different commentaries, here is the bottom line in todays culture: After church they visited a home of one of the members and had dinner.
It was a regular meal and not a religious service or a feast, etc.
---WIVV on 6/8/08

I think that being of one accord means to have the same mind and that would be the mind of Christ.
---jody on 6/8/08

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