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Lunch With Jehovah Witness

A Jehovah Witness I work with doesn't believe what Christians believe about the Trinity. Minor differences is what she calls it. My dilemma is I've put off having dinner with her for almost a year. I really don't want to sup with her. Any suggestions on how to handle this dilemma? What would you do?

Moderator - Jehovah Witness are a cult. Study and show yourself approved and then have lunch to witness.

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 ---donna8365 on 6/11/08
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DO NOT HAVE DINNER WITH THEM!!! There are some people in here who are sharing their personal opinions rather than the Word of God! 2 John 9-11! :10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him, :11 for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds.
You do not welcome those who teach the doctrines of demons into your home! You do not eat with them either! Jesus ate with sinners, not false teachers and false prophets! He ate with people who had not yet received salvation! He didn't eat with people who were spreading demonic false doctrine concerning the Word of God. Pharisees and Sadducees taught truth, but lived a lie! They were all simply sinners!
---BryanG on 2/8/09

i live across the street from jws. they make up their own rules.
---netta3634 on 10/17/08

The trouble is where I live many churches are not dedicated in their work for Christ and a good church is hard to find so even if I were to evangelise to others I struggle with where to send them.
---Carla3939 on 10/16/08

Refusing to have lunch and develop a relationship with a person in need of the true Gospel is a bad suggestion.

JESUS went in and ate with some of what was considered the worst people of the time. He showed them love and care.

Witnesses are told that Christians avoid them because we do not know what we believe and use hate to avoid having to answer questions.

I have had Witnesses come to my door several times. Most were respectful. I simply pointed out that JESUS said we must be Born again to see the Kingdom of Heaven. Since they are taught they will see it without being Born again they generally do not know how to answer.
---Samuel on 10/15/08

Please tell her very plainly that you do not want to go. Then don't do it. Tell her straight out and don't feel guilty. You owe her nothing.
---Elder on 6/12/08

While Elder and I don't agree on much (at least publicly!) we do agree on this. I have found the JWs who come to my door to be rude and obnoxious.

The other day I was upstairs and the JW came to the door. We have a very LARGE dog who barks at anyone ringing the doorbell. Well, I heard the ring, the dog went off and the JWs couldn't get away fast enough. Do I feel sorry? No, not really..
---NurseRobert on 10/15/08

I see Donna thank you for telling me. I'll do some research on them.
---Carla3939 on 10/15/08

If I was on friendly terms with this co-worker I would go to lunch, at least one time with her but not until we agreed to not discuss church/religion/christianity or any other controversial topics we did not agree on. JW's are very divisive and are not easily persuaded. They look to persuade others but not themselves. Hold to your beliefs and never discuss spiritual things with this co worker.
---Robyn on 10/14/08

I have come to the conclusion after careful research that we should call a spade a spade and not mince wourds in regards to this organization. This is a cult that was founded by the satanical Freemason Charles Taze Russell. Freemaonry is satanical cult. Their God has been proven to be Lucifer. If anyone doubts this then I challenge them to read the Masonic "bible" Morals and Dogma written by the Masons master Albert Pike ( the founder of the KU Klux Klan)
---John on 10/11/08

Please ,can you tell me if a, witness ,can only socially associate with only other witnesses and, never, with non witnesses, I am confused and shocked to hear my, study pioneer say that, that seems to imply that i could not invite the married couple to my home for dinner because, I live with someone and unmarried but, yet it is ok for her, to come to my home every week to study. Confused,catherine of Keighley. England.
---catherine on 9/24/08

hi, i've read the responses and many have many ideas about what to do, but obviously its up to you and what you feel that God wants you to do, it would be good for you to research them go to their site (be prepared) and see what kind of stuff they really teach, and the majority of them do not do christmas / easter etc... the ones who do must do so in secret or they'd be disfellowshipped. i used to study with them and many things i like about them but many i dont, decide for yourself what God would have you do. :)
---aleia8534 on 8/6/08

Donna, no I do not fellowship with any J.W.s. I used to have contact with several through the work I did, a member of my family worked with several for years and I have 2 relatives who are ex-J.W.s. This is how I know these things about them. If I had only heard of one who did these things I would have thought little of it but there is a definite pattern to this. They are not as sincere as they claim on these issues but want it to seem to others that they do not celebrate these festivals.
---RitaH on 6/17/08

RitaH, thanks for the feedback. I was trying to show that they are into doing works. "If you don't do this, then you're close to God." I wasn't implying anything else and if you have JW friends who celebrate Christmas, why do they? Are you in fellowship with them? How much? Because I can see where people can influence us if we're not "strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might." Just a thought.
---donna8365 on 6/17/08


I believe the word of God or what knowledge I can gain by the translation where it hasn't changed too much from the original Greek/Hebrew translation. I have no specific doctrine by a certain denomination I just accept the word and throw out the garbage.
Unfortunately theres a lot of Garbage apart from the reading of Gods word.
---Carla5754 on 6/17/08

2. The way they do it and remain 'true to their faith' is to celebrate them on different dates. Christmas might be celebrated one week into the New Year and birthdays a week later than the actual date. They happily exchange cards and gifts, put up decorations and have a feast exactly like our typical Christmas dinners. The refer to these days as 'our special day'. It is total hypocricy but they do it nevertheless.
---RitaH on 6/17/08

Donna, it is interesting that you mention J.W.s attitude to Christmas and birthdays. I know quite a lot of J.W.s and they DO celebrate both Christmas and birthdays.
---RitaH on 6/17/08

Carla, the false doctrines that JW's use are: They don't believe that Jesus is God. They don't believe in the Holy Spirit either that He exists for today. They also don't believe God speaks to man today. And they believe if you don't celebrate Christmas and Birthdays, that is a way of showing God you love Him. All false doctrines. They live by WORKS, not by Faith at all.
---donna8365 on 6/16/08

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When I said "This, of course, rules out those who bring 'another gospel' or 'false' gospel, who lead others astray." I was speaking of all who do this, not of any one particular group. Jesus warned us about those who will bring us 'another gospel'. We are told that He is the only way but there are some who tell us there are many ways. I might have misunderstood you Carla but I had the impression that you feel that there are 'many' ways, or are you just referring to denominational differences?
---RitaH on 6/16/08

Thought I'd report back on how the dinner went with the JW. Turns out she likes to drink and have fun even though she goes to their meetings. She likes to date and have her needs met. I'll let you figure out what that means. This was very light-hearted and we spoke mostly about work. She needed to vent. I told her many revelations about Jesus and she listened intently. She received from me and never tried to sway or convince me that the Trinity doesn't exist. I was ready for her though.
---donna8365 on 6/16/08

What are the false doctrine that they use?
---Carla5754 on 6/16/08

Lisa "Christ said there are other sheep". Yes He did and I believe that He was speaking to Jews when He said this. Wasn't He then saying "I am laying down my life for ALL who will accept this sacrifice, not just for you Jews"? The other sheep were gentiles and anyone from anywhere whatsoever who accepted Him as their Saviour. This, of course, rules out those who bring 'another gospel' or 'false' gospel, who lead others astray.
---RitaH on 6/16/08

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Sorry, my last post should have been addressed to Carla, not Lisa.
---RitaH on 6/16/08

Christ said there are other sheep, now if we were to all have the exact doctrine we would be one Church but all churches are not the same so who are the other sheep?

I find nothing so awful about JW's that other churches are not wrong also It's a stereotypical thing and just as Christ supped with sinners in that case. I speak with anyone who wishes to speak with me, in fact she agreed with everything I have said, there may be news yet that she's converted who knows? LOL
---Carla5754 on 6/15/08

Rhonda, You're right,they dicourage anyone from having friends outside "the truth"(as they refer to the organization) Their prolific use of the word "truth" is part of the psycological technique to control the mind! When confronted with past error their answer is "Oh well the light gets brighter 'till the perfect day".Prov.4.18
---1st_cliff on 6/15/08

You may find it funny, take the cult quiz.
We're not to let cults into our homes.

Why? Because their "mission" is to enter into your home and have you depart from the gospel of Jesus Christ.
---lisa on 6/15/08

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Many Christians would probably wing it, have lunch or invite them over to your house for a nice heavy duty discussion of theology.
Heavy on theology and light on solid food.

We may have much to say, find it hard to explain to those who have become dull of hearing. Solid food belongs to those by reason of use have discernment of both good and evil.
---lisa on 6/15/08

I think it's a funny thing to hear Christians saying "their mission is to convert everyone" etc etc as if that's a bad thing.

Shouldn't that be our mission, too?
---Todd1 on 6/15/08

"Any suggestions on how to handle this dilemma?" Non judgmental honesty.

"What would you do?" Be honest about how I feel, without condemnation.
---josef on 6/15/08

JW's only mission in life is to convert everyone who isn't JW to JW ...years ago a friend almost joined ...when she backed out JW's sent more of them to persuade/pressure her to reconsider ...very disturbing ...maybe 1stCliff may better answer but my understanding is they are not looking for friends outside of JW ...only reason to sup with you is to convert you ...she will no longer be interested in having dinner with you once she knows you won't convert ....JW's don't have friends outside their group
---Rhonda on 6/14/08

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She has a mission to 'covert', convert you to the JW way of life, cult, false doctrines. They're very determined and driven.
But that doesn't mean you have to go, unless you're determined to tell her that JW is a cult. It may be your only opportunity, because afterwards, she may not want to have dinner again, but plant the seeds of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
---lisa on 6/14/08

There may have some things wrong Pray tell me pls which Church does not have one single error. And if they do are they called Cults? If your wrong in one thing you may as well put down your weapons and let them live cos aint no other church I see witnessing regardless of the spit, urine and abuse these people get thrown at them, I DON'T agree with some of their doctrine but I wouldn't agree that these churches claiming gold dust, Toronto blessings, prosperity Gospel etc are correct either.
---Carla5754 on 6/13/08

I know from experience (was a JW for 22yrs.)Was "disfellowshipped and shunned" since '77" That long with them you have no "worldly friends" When shunned,you have no winess friends.results-No friends(or family) BUT I learned more since leaving then I did as one! Some theology is correct,the "Organization"- Man made!
---1st_cliff on 6/13/08

If you "really don't want to sup with her" as you said, why do it? Perhaps the Holy Spirit is telling you not to do it as the JW is probably figuring she can convert you. That is always their major goal in anything they do with non-JWs.
---KarenD on 6/13/08

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I would go to lunch with her. Do not bring up relgion unless she does. But show yourself a person who is a friend. Do not pretend to be one for a convert be a real friend.

You see they are taught that we are afraid of them because they have the truth. Study the truth and be ready to defend it but only when they know you care about them.
---Samuel on 6/13/08

Most important the JW are taught they do not have to be Born Again. They are taught they enter the New Earth another way where they will serve the 144,000 witness leaders forever. Bring her to know JESUS first before anything else. Pray. GOD be with you and may you be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT.
---Samuel on 6/13/08

Go to a book store and get one of those pamphlets refuting the errors of the Jehovah Witnesses. They are skilled/trained at getting around the truth so that you will need to have your ducks lined up:). Be sure to pray and even fast before the meeting. You might be insturmental in pulling your friend out of the fire and cover a multitude of your own sins:). I pray salvation to your friend.
---jody on 6/13/08

RitaH ... I would not go along tfor supper to a group of JWs or Mormons.
But I would not be afraid of including a JW within my group of acquaintances, any more than an agnostic.
I think that by withdrwaing from social contact with non-Christians, we can damage our own stature as mature confident Christians.
---alan_of_UK on 6/13/08

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Alan, the answer is yes if you mean on a one-to-one basis. I would not wish to be alone with one or several others of a false religion. If it were a large works group of multi-cultural, multi-faith people getting together socially I might JUST think about it. I meet, daily, with many people of different faiths - shop keepers, bus drivers etc. but that is the way life is. We live together in this land but I would not socialise unless for the purpose of witnessing and I'd then want back-up!!
---RitaH on 6/13/08

I agree with the moderator, though I hate using the word "cult", I'd prefer to say they just have Biblical misunderstandings...
anyway, study the points of your faith, be able to prove your beliefs from the Bible, then go enjoy lunch with your friend. I'd let her bring up the religious topics at your first lunch, other than that, I'd keep the conversation light. :-)
---Todd1 on 6/12/08

I, too would avoid a spiritual confrontation if you really didnt feel prepared for it. Trust the Holy Spirit in you that says you're not ready. Christianity is a weak argument for the unbeliever, and the absolute truth to the believer. And dont feel bad about not being ready to defend your belife just yet. I suggest that you ask the Lord for an inexplicable and tangible experience with Him, one nobody could argue, and I will bet he will oblige.
---big_mike_fr8 on 6/12/08

I would definitely have lunch or dinner with her, and bring along a Christian friend to introduce to her to fellowship with, to make it light and friendly.

My daughter went to elementary school with a JW, and her mother came and witnessed to me regularly. We visited and shared the Bible on a regular basis. I pray that the seed I planted does not return void.
---Trish9863 on 6/12/08

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RitaH ... Again I accept your point.
What, then about Buddhists, or Hindhus Sikhs or even athesits.
Should we refuse to eat with them?
I'm not challenging you, I am just asking!
Well, maybe I am challenging you, because we are not told to withdraw from the world, we are told not to be part of it, but still to be in it, which includes communicating with it
---alan_of_UK on 6/12/08

So long as you believe (have faith in) Christ the son of God, who die and was resurrected in flesh and bone by the father (God) and is the only one who can save you. You can eat with anyone. If you dont have this commandment of God, get it first.
---Frank on 6/12/08

Elder/Mima, Are you suggesting that you only eat with those that agree with you? Doesn't that present an "arrogence" to all who know you? Humbleness and humility are the traits of a Christian not their denomination!
---1st_cliff on 6/12/08

If you know that you strong in your belief, then go to supper with her. Jesus had meals with tax collectors. He said only the sick need a Physician. Maybe Jesus knows that only you can help her. Some Christian are weak and JW knows this. They only visit weak people. I had many JWs knocking. I treat them respect. After a debate with the Bible, they leave promising to return. They never return.
Jesus is counting on U. But, be sure you are stable in Christ before you attempt to help her.
---Nicole on 6/12/08

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Alan, the differences you mention are denominational differences within Christianity. J.W.s are not part of Christianity, they teach a false gospel. They do not fellowship with Christians (which means THEY know the difference) and do not give to any charities, except to help J.W.s. The differences are much greater than many think.
---RitaH on 6/12/08

Are you guys planning on having dinner to debate whos believes are right and whos are wrong? You guys are going to try to convert each other over dinner? Its just dinner. Plus, you dont know what effect you might have on this person by just showing up. If your faith is strong, you wont be swayed by what she might say. Remember, Jesus ate with everyone, believers or not. You represent Him, your actions will show that you are His disciple in deed. Do what He would do. God Bless.
---Ghost on 6/12/08

"Minor differences is what she calls it." The official Jehovah's Witnesses consider it a very BIG deal, how they insist Jesus is not God. And they officially do not consider ANY person to be a Christian *unless you are a Jehovah's Witness*. So, is she ignorant of what JW's officially hold to? Is she lying, in order to play you in? I suppose, also, she could find your life testimony credible and doesn't want to admit she's in something different which is NOT of God.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/12/08

"I really don't want to sup with her." It can be good to spend time with people, in order to bring them to Christ. But do sense what the Holy Spirit has you do. If you have an aversion to supping with her, this could be because of why God knows it would not be a good idea. She could be planning to have someone show up to help her sway you. But Paul became "all things to all men", in order to reach people at their level, I understand (1 Corinthians 9:19-23)
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/12/08

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Thought 'cults' had charismatic leaders and kept apart ? Is she waiting a year to have a meal with you? "What fellowship does light have with darkness?"(2 Cor 6:14) If you decide meal partners by their view of trinities, do you sup with Hindus also? JWs disfellowship .not associating with those not holding their beliefs,yet writer does the same to her>because of her Bible beliefs about Christ and his Father. Do you eat with atheists,agnostics? Your dilemma is greater than a meal companion.
---bruce on 6/12/08

When I start talking with a Jehovah witness. I always tell them. I believe you're going to hell. This of course is the truth. The Bible says that he who has not the Son has not the Father so they're very name states plainly there believe. I believe Elder is correct, be straightforward, do not hesitate nor backup. Do not let a snake near you.
---Mima on 6/12/08

I don't know why people call these witnesses a cult? What is it about them that people fear I thought cults were diverse religions which were dangerous? I believe that if you have a calling from God you should be able to witness to anyone and be able to communicate on a reasonable level, I do and I'm taken in by witnesses or afraid to witness to them in my home. How will the hear if you shun them away. I totally disagree with their ideas but I do witness/communicate with them.
---Carla5754 on 6/12/08

RitaH ... Your point is taken, but where do we start to draw the line ... with those who disagree about infant/adult baptism? predestination? Tithing? Women? Music as worship?
---alan_of_UK on 6/12/08

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alan-I know who I am in Christ Jesus. I have NOT compromised the word of God in 25 years I've been in Jesus. I think my motives are being misunderstood. I will not be influenced by her, but I don't want to listen to her beliefs. She is drawn to me because I share the word of God with her and tell her what God is doing in my life and she wants that, but won't budge on her beliefs about the Trinity. I would have dinner with a Baptist, etc., because they are NOT cults. alan, I hope you're hearing my heart.
---donna8365 on 6/12/08

Alan, I believe that there is a verse in the bible which says we should not offer hospitality to those who bring us a false gospel - perhaps someone can remind me where that is. I think that Donna is being wise to be so cautious. Sharing a meal might come under the same heading as giving hospitality (I'm not 100% sure) but witnessing does not have to be done over a meal. I can guarantee that the J.W. will have more of a say in what the bible proves than Donna will unless Donna is VERY prepared indeed.
---RitaH on 6/12/08

2. A less formal and shorter encounter to witness would be better for most people and we should ensure that this is what God wants us to do before barging in.
---RitaH on 6/12/08

Please tell her very plainly that you do not want to go. Then don't do it. Tell her straight out and don't feel guilty. You owe her nothing.
---Elder on 6/12/08

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Yes,Jehovah Witnesses are a Cult.
And always Remember what Jesus told us in Mark 13: Let No Man deceive you,I have forewarned you of ALL Things.And when you know the true word of God No one can sway you,and we all know who the father of lies is... Satan,he is a deceiver and a liar and the father of them..........Gabby8758
---Gabby on 6/11/08

A good point to make for this question is that it is better not to mix your personal life with your work life. There is no reason why anyone should feel like they have to have dinner with any of their coworkers.
---KarenD on 6/11/08

Donna ... You must live a very sehltered and restricted life it yoonly lnch with Christians whom you perceive to be of your own persuasion.
Would you lunch with a Baptist, or a Methodist, or a Calvinist, or a FreWiller, or an OSAS?
Further would you lunch with a on-beleiver? If not, you need to search yuor motives and fears, and refresh you attitude to the challenge of being a Christian in the World.
---alan_of_UK on 6/11/08

Study like Mod says and you'll find out that Jesus is the Son of God and Jehovah is His father ,like yours and mine (Our Father which art in heaven.....)
---1st_cliff on 6/11/08

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