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What Is The Church

The "church" is simply the assembling of two or more born-again believers in Jesus' name (Matthew 18:20)," For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Do you accept this definition of church?

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 ---Mima on 6/20/08
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The meaning of the word "church" is completely different today than it was in Jesus' time. In Jesus' time it simply meant the body of Christ. Today it means a building ("I didn't see you in church today")or a denomination ("What church do you belong to?").

There are over 75,000 different man-made denominational "churches" in the world today each having their own rituals, traditions, ways of living, interpretations of the bible, and teach a different gospel. Is Christ divided?
---Steveng on 2/17/20

The church is Jesus Christ's one body.

"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body, and be thankful." (Colossians 3:15)

So, we who are the church are called to submit to how our Heavenly Father rules us in our hearts. This is included in living as His church > "in one body", Paul says, here.

So, the obedient church is the people who obey how God personally rules each of us in His own peace.
---Bill on 2/17/20

The "assemblage" (gathering of many) is "the church" (and Jesus is certainly AMONG you all), but even when a believer is alone, God's spirit is INNER.

"he spoke of the temple of his body" John 2:21 (the outer temple).

1 Corin. 3:16
"Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?"

1 Corin. 6:19
"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you,...".

You are the inner temple and Jesus is the outer.

Acknowledge the "anointing" (1 John 2:27) to learn what is TRUE and learn the "depths of God" (1 Corin. 2:10) and have a "faith for faith" (Romans 1:17, Hebrews 11:6).
---more_excellent_way on 11/5/08

i believe the church is in your heart.and the way you feel inside about god.
---nettiel on 10/25/08

i believe you can be your own church, you can sing to the lord, you can pray to him, theres even psalms you can praise the lord with.yes i believe you are your own church.
---nettiel on 10/19/08

the church is each individual definition the church is the total sum of all born again believers in jesus dont have too be gathered with anyone to talk too or be with jesus,as a believer jesus is always with you.
---tom2 on 9/28/08

This church is the body of Christ.
---John on 9/8/08

Actually, the chruch is the body of Christ. It is not a building or place that people congregate. It is the body of Christ. The entire collection of true believers who have been placed in that position by spirit baptism.

---Cross-Bearer on 6/30/08

"I choose small groups...". Me too Barbara. Like the song says, "Little becomes much when you place it in the Master's hands". Also, for many Christians, I believe our mission field starts at home -- not on the other side of the world. If we'll but practice God's love at home, as we mature, God will give us increased outreach responsibilities & capabilities. Sadly, the way it now works, U.S. Christians are making mission fields in other nations top priority while folks at home are going to Hell in a hand basket.

Sorry for the drama. This is how I feel. :) Don't get me wrong, I know world outreach is as important as meeting the needs of people in our daily lives -- at home, in the work place, etc.
---Leon on 6/26/08

I'm turned off by church groups that make grandious claims of having thousands of members. I wonder how many are really born again believers? It's about saving souls, not counting heads.
---Leon on 6/21/08

True Leon, in how many of these groups are the blind leading the blind? I have attended 'church houses' where many hundreds were in attendance, it turns into little 'cliques'with different agendas. I've heard arguments break out over what color carpet should go in the building!

The last large group I attended, the pastor of many years commited adultry with a woman in the church. He later said that he'd never really been saved!
I choose small groups in one accord with the Word of God,a family.
---NVBarbara on 6/24/08

Please forgive me of my spelling errors.

"...have a new speacker at our church...," or "our church is beeter than your church," etc."

Should be...

"...have a new speaker at our church...," or "our church is better than your church," etc."

---Steveng on 6/24/08

Even though the word church has been substituted for "ekklesia," Christ has "called out" every believer so that He could assemble each of them together into ONE spiritual body by perfectly fitting each of them in place (in local assemblies) according to each individual's spiritual gifts and assigned function (e.g., apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher, and so forth). That's why the "church" is the globally recognized spiritual body of loving, caring, born again, saved believers in Christ over whom Christ is the Head and the Lord.
---Nadine on 6/24/08

It SEEMS everyone is in agreement about the meaning of church, so why do christians continue to say "let's go to church," or " did you go to church last weekend?" or "We're having a rivial at our church this month, are you coming?" or "we have a new speacker at our church...," or "our church is beeter than your church," etc.

contrary to what most Christians believe, the names of the churches in Revelation are not names of denominations, but of locations where groups of Chrisitans come together.
---Steveng on 6/23/08

Mima:You must always keep in Mind that anything That Jesus says is in reference to HIS CHURCH in Matt16:17-19Why would he give us His church and then refer to another denomination as you SURMISE.Verse 16-17shows how to deal with one who sins.The dispensation of Confession lies in JN20:21-23.Here He speaks as the RISEN CHRIST.would you deny that.!To deflect anything away from his church or Teachings is erroneous.
---Emcee on 6/23/08

james_The real "?" is: Does God?
Anyone who goes to Church(Building) should ask themselves, Are we doing the WILL of God or our OWN will?
Am i a weekend warrior or do I put the Armor of God on everyday to do battle with Satan & his demons?
Do we Love one another as our Lord LOVED us?
Are we a Light for ALL to see?

These are some of the things our Father looking at and measuring you by...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/23/08

Do you know what Jesus meant by that scripture?

If you have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, then you have Him indwelling in you, and you and Him makes TWO. When you two are in unity and worshipping Father God, that makes three.

I've had to ask Father God why people thought that it had to be 2 people gathered doesn't.

So the church can be you, the Holy Spirit and Father God and Jesus all fellowshipping with one another, together and that would be church. Another human being doesn't have to be involved. "the gathering of the brethren" is what church is. Shambach used to say, "I can have church all by myself." I agree with Rev. Shambach.
---donna8365 on 6/23/08

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YES!. The bible says it, I support it. I also attend a church building & fellowship with other believers, but if the building was taken away we still have the people as the church, so even though the building is good for shelter, it isn't nessesary.
---canda7893 on 6/23/08

Yes, I can accept your definition of church, but the real question is, does the IRS?
---james on 6/22/08

This verse says that we are the church, unless I am reading it wrong but in researching this topic I find that is the case.

Colossians 1:24

24 Now I rejoice in what was suffered for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ's afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church.
---Linda on 6/21/08

I agree with this. That is why if Christians make a date to meet up, this should be honored as if you were going to church. A brother or sister in Christ might have an important message from God for you. They might be in need of money. Or you might be in need and they might be meeting to give you what God has told them you need. To meet with Christians is a responsibility and privilege.
---frances008 on 6/21/08

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You mean when it's the same voice writing all of the blogs? Yes, I suppose you would find that refreshing. I find it to be something else altogether.
---Donna on 6/21/08

I agree. The "Church" of Jesus Christ is made up of born-again believers, only. God's Church is not the building wherein Believers congregate for prayer, praise & worship.

The devil has cleaverly devised a trick (deception) whereby many people are led to think if they join a certain congregation/ denomination, then they're saved. Most assemblies are likely composed of a few believers & many unbelievers. Not everyone who has his/her name on the so-called "church role" is saved.

I'm turned off by church groups that make grandious claims of having thousands of members. I wonder how many are really born again believers? It's about saving souls, not counting heads.
---Leon on 6/21/08

Wow, everyone seems to be in agreement,
How refreshing one voice sounds when its in one accord.
It's music to my ears, thank you for the sweet smell of this song...

When I was asked, What church do you go to?
My reply has always been "I am the Church",
alot of people thought i was a odd Littleboy.

I agree that where 2 or more are gathered in the name of Jesus, He is in the midst of them, so,
they are of the Body of Christ, which makes them part of "The Church".

It also depends on what your doing when your gathered, are you a Den of Thieves or A LIGHT for all to see?
Shabbat Shalom

---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/21/08

The church is NOT a building, but the Body of Christ (people).
---Leslie on 6/21/08

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Church comes from the greek word ecclesia, and that indicates a gathering of people of the same opinion. (roughly translated)so to be a church all by your self is not biblical. as Matt 18 say two or tree are needed to form a local church. Paul actually did warn us that he would not that we would neglect our meetings as some of you have the tendency to do. So to have church in front of your television sunday morning or internet church as others now tend to do is also not an option. just go to that building wher a real preacher preaches, comune(ion) with your fellow believers and servethem. then you are in church.
---Andy on 6/21/08

Mima ... You are right in what you say here.

But don't limit the mesning to such small groups.

You are wrong when you have implied elsehwere that organised "churches" are wrong, for what are these except larger groups?
---alan_of_UK on 6/21/08

Tom2, I totally agree with you.
---stephanie on 6/21/08

my point is you can be the church all by yourself,as long as jesus lives within you.
---tom2 on 6/20/08

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My definition of the Church is those people who have a trusting and commited faith in CHRIST and CHRIST ALONE.

Not everyone who comes in the name of CHRIST is of CHRIST, Matthew 7:15-23, and 2 Peter Chapter Two.
---Rob on 6/20/08

Yes and more.I believe each individual person may be referred to as the church because each of us is indwelt by His Holy Spirit.
---shirley on 6/20/08

i accept the definition of the church as the body of christ.all true believers,livers,and followers of jesus,in obidience,and submission too the word of that being said you actually need to only be with jesus as a believer.the church is actually every believer.
---tom2 on 6/20/08

I do Mima. We are the church, the believers in Jesus' shed blood and death for our sins.
I will honor Him all the days of my life, whether I am in a 'church house' or in private prayer with my family. I will praise and thank Him at every thought of Him.
---NVBarbara on 6/20/08

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