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Credit Counseling Unbiblical

Is credit counseling unbiblical?

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 ---sara on 6/23/08
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No I do not think credit counseling is unbiblical tho it is not written in the word of God,but in the book of Proverbs it does speak so often of how to use your resources wisely, and be productive with your money, and not to use it foolishly to bring proverty.
---jenna6755 on 7/14/08

In it's purest definition, "credit counseling" would be fine as stated by so many below. However, if you do a search on the same 2 words, you would come up with a massive list of companies offering services (boasted as non-profit, and many as Christian) to help with this problem. Doing a little research will show that many of these companies are under federal and irs investigation, the whole industry is under scrutiny to see if they need regulation, and a huge number of people fall out of the programs, and are left in worse shape than when they started. The main purpose of the scheme is to get creditors to agree to let consumer pay less than agreed (go back on their word)and then collect handsome fees for doing so
---ed on 7/11/08

i can't personally say i have found anything in the lords word that deals directly with debt counseling but i don't believe the lord has a problem with it.some people just don't know how to work things in a budget so you gotta do what helps.i would tell someone to pray about it first then if lord says its okay, then check up on the counseling agent if they check out good and you just can't seem to get understanding on it with the lords help, go for it. like i said the lord does want us to use our or his money wisely so if you need help in doing that i don't see where the lord will mind.
---chris on 7/7/08

Not paying your debts is unbiblical. Running out on your responsibilites because you've made a royal mess out of your finances is unbiblical.

Moderator is a financial and no doubt, mathematical genius. It shows.

Who am I going to listen to? Someone who runs everytime the going gets tough or someone who knows what he's talking about.

Financial counselors, "gifted", called by God. I'll listen to one of them any day over someone who can't manage the grocery money.
---Elder on 6/29/08

i do think its depends if you counsel in using the bible its biblical if the counseling is coming from oneself i think its not in conclusion it depends with the point of view the counseling is coming from.

---RACHAEL on 6/28/08

it depends on how you look at it counseling could mean any thing counseling could be good for others but the point is pray about the counseling thing
---andy on 6/27/08

I can't go so far as to say that credit counseling is unbiblical. However, we as God's people are responsible for our own actions in handling our finances wisely. Several years ago, the thought of filing for bankruptcy was there. However, as time went along, I realized that in a way, it would be the easy way out. Although I still have a way to go with getting my financial situation in order, it is, however, going in the right direction.
One mistake I made several years ago was saying YES to too many things financially, and I paid dearly for it. I still owe over $20,000 in student loans, credit cards, and lawyer bills after my divorce. God has been teaching me to chip away at that debt slowly one piece at a time.
---Russ on 6/27/08

I've been telling Neil Cavuto(Fox news) that this economy is going to fail.
Farther then it did during the depression.
Don't trust that your money will be here tomorrow!

I have always thought it strange how the same piece of paper can have a differance in value.
A $1.00 & a $100.00 bill is on the same kind of paper, the only reson you have believed it to be worth more, is because you have been told that it is,
However, Apiece of Paper is a peice of paper in the end!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/27/08

The Bible says 'Where no counsel is, people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety' (Proverbs 11,14). It further says, 'Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in a multitude of counsellors they are established' (Proverbs 15,22). As such no counselling on any issue is prohibited in the Bible, in fact it is highly recommended because without it failure is sure to happen.
---Florence on 6/27/08

The sad part of reality now days is that when many households receive that "rebate" we are getting, they will take them and buy something they want rather than pay down their bills.
---SusieB on 6/26/08

Elder, that makes perfect sense to me.
I'm so glad that you've returned to the blogs. I have always found your blogs to be sensible and real.

Many new bloggers may not know your long standing in the field, but I always like a jolt of reality. Far better to live in reality than live in lala land.
---John_T on 6/26/08

Living in reality is being able to live in the present.

Living in the past so you won't risk getting ambushed by the the definition of being unstable.

Facing reality of your debt, what put you into debt, and how to stay out of a "gift" that many people never grasp over their entire lifetime.

There are credit counselors that are gifted in the area of finance, and if you can't manage your finances, you need to find one who can put you on the road to financial stability.
If not, you can go 'round the mountain for 40 years and never make it out from under debt.
---Elder on 6/26/08

the problem is not this but " do the councelor gives you correct advice according with the word of God? we all know what the bible is saying about (better do not have debt otherwise we will be in the hand of the financier) in the other hand the actual way of life brings us to go to the bank ans ask for more money needed for anything we think we need. solution the prayer is the best solution and ask to the Lord council then evaluate very carefully what the uman are telling us as the bible is saying in mattew 10:16 and remember a crack in your finance can destroy your family, your faith, and all is near you.
---leonardo on 6/26/08

Please read Hab. chapt. 2 and tell me what you think. Now you know my day job. I get rid of debt LAWFULLY! Yep, I just use the law against lenders for people. There is nothing unbiblical about credit counseling.
---james on 6/26/08

No it is not unbiblical. Actually, good money management is called for in scripture.
I believe though there are 2 sides to this issue. First is a warning to those who would miss use money, i.e. being slave to those who lend to you, but also to the lender who is blinded to the fact that his lust for money puts him in opposition to God. We all fall into the trap of wanting to live beyond our means, and as a result, need help getting back on track, but what's really important is whether we go back onto debt, or learn from the sin of our lust.
---David on 6/25/08

I don't think it is . My church offer a class on money .
---calva8984 on 6/25/08

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I dont think that it is wrong for anyone to have credit counseling. we all fall short. things happen in life. that is life. so, we need some help sometime. some of us was not born into a rich family. or had misfortunate along life's journey. god is a forgiving god. he dont think like we think. he knows all things. so, he is a forgiving god. and we should be as well. We never know just what may happen to us in this life. do what we have to do, as long as it is right. god understands.
---Dorothy on 6/25/08

Credit counseling in one way or the other may be unbiblical but on certain circumstances in life it is.
Everything in life is according to God's plan. We as christians surely will face struggles and challenges in our physical and spiritual life to fulfill God's plan on Earth. As christians we have the christian duty to assist other fellow christians to be strong in their faith in Jesus Christ as we walk the journey to the promise land. In that manner it would be biblical to do credit counseling to fellow believers and others who are in need as in 1 John 4:7-21 and Galatians 6: 1-10.

God bless.
---diaiti on 6/24/08

I don't tnink credit counseling is un-godly , in fact I think the Lord would like us to get our finances under control and if counseling is the way to do that then do it.
---Marie_Morphew on 6/24/08

I Don't Think Credit Counseling Is Unbiblical,You Can Go Out Of Debt!
---Elizabeth on 6/24/08

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This is only my personal opinion. If we were to follow the Word of God it would not be necessary. Credit Counseling is for those who tend to live outside of their means. Everything we see is not necessarily for us, if it does not fit into our budget. My father always said live within your means. So that is something that always stayed with me. It is especially needed if you are a material person, they need credit counseling if they can not conform to the Word of God. The key to good credit is being realistic about what you really need and what you want.
---lelle9876 on 6/24/08

dear Ayyan, credit counselling is Biblical and it is mentiones so much in the Bible an example is the prodical son, there is also the widow giving her mite. when u understand the teachings of bible u understand that God has set people to advice on credit.One of the problems especially of today is the number of people who suffer from lack of knowledge of credit information. People are suffering because they get into debt, many christians too allow them selves to get caught and need good counselling. hope this at least will be in agreement with your teaching thanks Keith
---keith on 6/24/08

Is riding in a car unbiblical? Is having a computer unbiblical? Is going to counseling for a personal problem unbiblical? Seems silly to believe that everything must be recorded or at least mention in the Holy Scriptures in order if it [doctrine, practices, or anything else] to be true and genuine (something invented in the 1500s).

Now to your question, no it is not. But if you are in debt, perhaps it is time to sit down and figure out "Why"! Trust me, I know many people who have good jobs [and don't even have "high" expenses), yet there are still in debt. Perhaps shopping [Credit Cards, etc] is a number reason for debt?

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
---Ramon on 6/23/08

Didn't we use Jesus to get from a sinfull nature to a Godly nature? We obviously cannot do it ourselves. Getting into trouble is easy and not right in the first place. But getting out of trouble using the wisdom of a multitude of councillors IS declared in Scriptures.
---Steveng on 6/23/08

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Getting so far into debt that you need a credit counselor is unbiblical.
---SusieB on 6/23/08

Bankruptcy is far more unbiblical.

Credit counseling to avoid bankruptcy reveals far more integrity and ethics than taking the easy way out.

If credit counseling is unbiblical, than counseling to avoid a nervous breakdown or mental meltdown would be unbiblical, too.

When in doubt, apply common sense directly to the forehead.
---Elder on 6/23/08

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