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Type Of Church You Attend

For those of you who go to a Christian Church, what specific kind is it: is it large or small, liberal or conservative, pentecostal, charismatic, baptist, or what kind? and do you like it a little or do you like it a lot?

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 ---Eloy on 6/24/08
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The church I attend I generally like, but at times can be a litle boring. I don't think that churches are suppose to be there for my entertainment or even specifically to meet my own personal needs each week, because I realize others have their own needs and they also attend. My church is rather conservative, we sincerely try to search out God's word, primarily from the Gospels, but also from the rest of the bible. We have some characters and I would guess some would say I'm one of them, but we accept each other, help each other and enjoy each other's fellowship. Our church is small but growing a little, mostly because our community is growing.
---wendell on 11/3/08

Nicole,thanks gave me some things to research. John 10:3 To him the porter openeth,and the sheep hear his voice,-. It says porter open,Strongs 2377 a porter is a doorkeeper,or a male or female janitor even though word is masculine. It also says nothing about needing a key to unlock the door.We are the sheep and Christ is the door whereby we enter in. The Key Peter was given was the fact Jesus is the Son of God which is what unlocks all our way to Christ,then Peter was sent to the Jews to bring the message/key that Jesus is the Son of God. That's also key the Apostles were given to bring people to God,Paul to the Gentiles. That's the Church Apostles were given "Go" orders to build,not a dnomination but the Kingdom.
---Darlene_1 on 7/17/08


John 10:1-18, has 3 figures in the parable. You noticed 2. Jesus and Us. You missed the Church.

V 2 "The One who enters through the gate is Shepherd of the sheep,"
We agree with Shepherd = Jesus. Sheep = Us.

V 3 "the KEEPER opens the gate for Him..sheep hear His voice."

3 Chracters, two singular. Keeper and Him. We know Him is Jesus.

Who is the Keeper?

Well we know the Keeper is keeper of the gate, opens gate for Jesus.

Gates are Locked. A divider, to separate.

Who do you know has Keys?
Only once in the NT is the word keys said and given from Jesus.

Matthew 16:19 "I will entrust to you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven."

---Nicole on 7/16/08

Emcee,sorry but you're mistaken,I didn't say you attacked me. ON 7-7-08 you used the word attack to me,"By attacking His Church you are attacking Him.". You're also wrong it isn't God bearing witness to the truth nor my conscience. Bible I am the good shepherd and know my sheep and am known of mine,John 10:14. None other will they follow. I'm a sheep and know my Master's voice and shall never be led astray by the wrong voice. I will follow where he leadeth,pasture where he feedeth,I will follow Jesus all the way. I don't know of once you said follow Jesus,it is always promoting,come to the truth,the RCC is the Church,change to it. The foundation of Christanity isn't there's a RCC but Jesus is son of God and died for our sins and lives.
---Darlene_1 on 7/16/08

Eloy: "Truth is some Churches and denominations ARE BETTER than others..."

ALL "churches" (not the Bible's definition of church) are man-made denominations having their own traditions, ways of living and interpretations of the Bible. The originator of these "churches" is Satan who is the author of confusion. He's the one that divided the "church" into their own little groups. And it's each one of you that is caught in Satan's web of confusion who argue among yoursleves on whose church is better. Jesus is returning to join with (marry) not a denomination, but His people - Christians. Christians who do not belong to a denomination. Even your so-called non-denominational churches are denominational.
---Steveng on 7/10/08

Eloy::As a member of the congregation of Christ making a statement such as yours is evading the truth and making a cover up.Speak up and unmask those YOU think That are False distributors of Gods word,B/C the truth will Prevail, Not hidden Innuendoes.
---Emcee on 7/10/08

The church that I attend is small and somewhat charismatic, but yet conservative. It is not affiliated with any denomination, they focus on the teachings of the Bible, and what the word of God has to say. They are very relaxed and not judgmental, nor back stabbing. There is not very much church politics involved, which is nice.
---Marsha on 7/9/08

sadly there are more and more churches who are leaving their first love. And there are some posters on this site whom are here for the sole purpose of dissing the gospel of Jesus Christ and those of us whom preach him, and vainly they try to "sell" their own nonBiblical and false way as a horrible replacement. Here the word of the Lord, I will have no strange flesh with me says the Lord. You suffer and languish because you do not glorify me, says the Lord Jesus, I am your only Salvation. Turn to me, all you people, with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your conscience and with all your might. Put me first, and I will heal you, and I will add to you the blessings of my Kingdom says the Lord.
---Eloy on 7/8/08

Darlene1::Please do not say I attack you. No my dear Lady, I do not attack, I merely state a truth It is your conscience, the spirit of God that bears witness to the truth.Darlene if you knew a thing was utterly wrong would you change it in spite of the fact it has been with you from Birth.This is a hard thing to do .why do so many change churches?.All I say Jesus came to show us the way HIS way.He gave us HIS church He tellsus all about HIS Church and how we should benifit from it.This puts us in the position of making a decided Judgement should I change?Why do people chsange jobs and leave the place of their childhood ,to effect Change Betterment.
---Emcee on 7/8/08

The source I do not know well, I just googled the appropriate words. Since I do not know whether it has an agenda or not, I will not give it. I am sure this information is readily available on many other sites. All you need is the right keywords.
---frances008 on 7/8/08

Does it matter what type of church we go to? As long as I'm worshiping Jesus as my Lord and Savior, the church doesn't matter. As long my pastor is Christ-like, why does it matter what type of church I go to. God wasn't any denomination. He was just Jesus Christ, the son of God. I don't go to church to see the church or the people. I go to see God. If God isn't in that church, then I find one that has Him in their presence.
---antoa7855 on 7/8/08

Frances008, I bet your history source is tinted. I never seen any history stating what you just claim. Please give your source for your information.

Plus, why would you take a nonscripture source over Scripture?

I think you are taking anything you can find to back up your belief. Even if it goes against Jesus Christ's Word.
---Nicole on 7/8/08

Frances008:True history cannot be intersperced with words like- May be, highly likely, could be Ect. when comparing the word of GOD which is POSITIVE this is reality.The truth.Magnus was a Soucerer, even if he taught a spurious cultish trend you should not compare it to God's word.It reflects on your intellect and veracity.
---Emcee on 7/8/08

Nicole,Jesus established a Church and it is His body,that Church isn't RC or Baptist or any other Denomination ,it is people believing what Christ taught and following what His example set. The Believers in Christ as God's Son,that he died for our sins,and because He died whosoever believeth in Him and obeys His Word,shall not perish but have everlasting life. Emcee you are always saying only RCC is saved,you do it without saying it but insisting we can be saved if we come to The Church which to you is RC. Now you condemn me for attacking Christ's Church which isn't true. There is no truth RC is "The Church" that is purely the Tradition of Man/RCC. As I said "The Church" is in the People and actually met in homes.
---Darlene_1 on 7/8/08

Simon the Magus is indeed the one whom Peter fought in Acts and actually this Simon was in Rome for 25 years and founded a religion before Christianity got there. Peter the apostle may have gone to Rome for six years and died there with his family, including his daughter....under the orders of Nero, when he returned to Rome. So it is indeed highly likely that the Catholic Church comes from Simon the Magus. I got this from an unbiased website. (Not Catholic or Protestant, just history.)
---frances008 on 7/8/08

Frances::The only reason I respond to you now is because you are being Irrational in thoughts and words.The KJV is man made not like the Gospels.Simon magnus was a SOUSCERER.a magician in league with Satan.This is right up your alley of the occult,mysticism.You have to get back to reality.To be taken seriously.
---Emcee on 7/7/08

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Darlene1::I am not here to TEACH.although people addressed Jesus as a teacher.He explained and made His words clear and Concise. He left it up to the general populus to accept .This, what He said was the truth and Founded HIS Church Matt16:17-19 on that Basis "Come to me all who are laboured and Burdened and I will Refresh You"all that He left was -IS and about HIS church.This is the truth.By attacking HIS church you attack HIM.YOUR GOD.You must love Him HIS WAY not your way or what is your supposition of His way.This is the truth I reiterate. It is HIS TEACHING,not mine.I serve.
---Emcee on 7/7/08

Emcee,with all due respect to you,what you teach is only RCC doctrine--Darlene_1

Thank you for stating you will never judge on who is and who isn't Saved. Could you also stop spreading false statments on the RCC?

Because the RCC nevers states who is Saved or not Saved. Protestants are the one who claim Catholics are going to Hell.

Jesus, GodMan indeed started the Organized His Church. You all always want Scripture only when they benefit your ways. It is clear that Jesus started a Church and He said not the gates of Hell shall prevail against it. His Words not our words. But, RCC isn't closed, it is open for all.
---Nicole on 7/7/08

Emcee,with all due respect to you,what you teach is only RCC doctrine and means nothing to other people. No matter how firmly you adhere to and believe in it History doesn't bear it out. Even one of the Early Popes said Peter as first Pope was tradition. It is elitist for the RCC to teach they are the only true church and begun by Christ and it is strictly man's doctrine. It was Pentecostal what happened in the Upper Room,not a sect,but God's pattern for whosoever will receive the NT pattern laid down then for God's church. I will never judge who is or who isn't saved by the Organized Church they belong to for God looks upon the heart and receives all who come to Christ believing and accepting the Lamb that was slain for our sins,Jesus.
---Darlene_1 on 7/7/08

For while one saith, I am of Paul, and another, I [am] of Apollos, are ye not carnal?

Who then is Paul, and who [is] Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man?

I have planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase.

So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth, but God that giveth the increase.

If you believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ, confess Him as Lord of your life and Obey the word of God, all of his statues, ordinances, commands, and New Testament teachings, then you belong to the Church of Jesus Christ.
---donna8365 on 7/7/08

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Truth is some Churches and denominations ARE BETTER than others. Some are very Christ-centered, and others are synagogues of Satan.
---Eloy on 7/7/08

Emcee, the Catholic Church was built on Simon the Magus who was in Rome, when it is not proved Peter ever went to Rome. Matthew 16 that you always always quote, but never correctly, refers to Christ being the Rock, but the Catholics translated it to suit their requirements. Get a KGV Bible and a Strong's Concordance. In John 1.42 it says Cephas means stone not rock. In Matthew 16 Jesus next words to Peter are 'Get behind me, Satan.' Peter was a rolling stone who denied Christ. After Christ's death Paul, not Peter, led the Church. Peter was too afraid of the Jews and had to be rebuked by Paul about this fact. Binding and loosing was for the disciples and about demonology.
---frances008 on 7/6/08

You people are so foolish. You bicker continusously without end saying in effect that "my church is better than yours." Don't you know that all "denominations" are man-made. The "church" you believe in is the denomination, the building, the non-profit corporation. Jesus is not returning to join with (marry) a denomination, a building or a corporation, He is returning to marry His people - the true church.--Steveng

So, YOU JOIN in the argument by saying there is no denominations or a Church for Jesus to return to meet.

But He is meeting an invisble true Church, a individual made up image of Jesus' Church that suits his or her own needs?

---Nicole on 7/6/08

"Did it ever occour to anyone that the RCC was formed in responseto the growing threat of the JESUS Movement"
Steveng::OnlY Satan would address Jesus as a MOVEMENT.HE is your GOD,unless you have made your open declaration.May God have Mercy on Your soul.Seems you rejoice in Satans Joy and we know from where the inspiration came to you. BIRDS of a Feather.You have proved beyond a doubt that The word of God is TRUTH and you and your -----are False.
---Emcee on 7/6/08

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Darlene1::The Teachings of the RCC have its roots in Genesis.Just as all Christianity.The birth of Our Saviour was the fulfilment of Gods Prophecy,from Genesis The institution of His church was By Him alone which later came to be Known as RCC and its universetailty made it Catholic. Your claim to Pentesostal as you claim does not rest in Jesus Church Matt16:17-19 and if it was not for the fact that Jesus said He would send the Holy spirit to Guide His church JN17:^-26 The pentacostals would not be existant, as a break away in its own denomination as a speaking of Tongues sect.This is the Truth which must be told.
---Emcee on 7/6/08

I was born & raised an Eastern Orthodox Christian. Then I was born again when I was 30. I feel at peace with the gentleness & humility that is prevalent in some Non-denominational churches. However, Scripture says that acceptable religion to God is to take care of orphans & widows & don't get caught up in the ways of the world. I believe He'd be quite pleased if His Bride, we beloved children of God stopped arguing and resumed our positions quietly serving our brothers & sisters, both the lost & the found. God Bless you all!
---Koula on 7/5/08

You people are so foolish.

You bicker continusously without end saying in effect that "my church is better than yours."

Don't you know that all "denominations" are man-made. The originator is Satan who has confused the world using denominations. And you people are caught in Satan's web of lies. The "church" you believe in is the denomination, the building, the non-profit corporation. Jesus is not returning to join with (marry) a denomination, a building or a corporation, He is returning to marry His people - the true church.
---Steveng on 7/4/08

Did it ever occur to anyone that the RCC was formed in is response to the growing threat of Jesus movement? The Roman Empire was failing having it's back up against the wall, and to save face tried to keep its complete destruction from happening by starting a similar religious movement (having its own traditions, ways to live, and interpretation of the Bible), to prepare for the end-time fulfillment of prophesy and to Satan's joy that one billion people are on their way to Hell for the road to Heaven is narrow.

Prove that I am wrong that man cannot conceive such a plot.

(This was revealed to me while taking a course in fashion design and came across some research of the pope's fashions from the beginning)
---Steveng on 7/4/08

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Ramon, there are many Orthodox Jews out there who would entirely disagree that the Old Testament did not exist before the Church. Only the New Testament came with the Church. You need to take logic lessons. Nothing came before Adam and Eve. The whole of Christianity is based on the Old Testament and cannot stand on its own, except if you wish to see Christianity as a new upstart religion of the first century After Christ. By your own words you make Catholicism into a cult and not the true faith that believed on the Messiah of the Old Testament.
---frances008 on 7/4/08

Ramon: God's Word pre-existed mankind, let alone any church or its traditions, so to say that the church predates the Bible is just plain error.
---Trish9863 on 7/4/08

Ramon,look at what I wrote. I didn't say you were Roman Catholic,I said Catholic. I said to Emcee he is RC,not you. Isn't Eastern Orthodox a Catholic Church but not RC? I'm not a Protestant but a Pentecostal,our denomination began on the Day 120 were in the Upper Room and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with evidence of tongues. That is what sets the Pentecostal apart from Protestants,they never had to pull away from the RC church. There is an unbroken line through History, and not through any kind of Catholic Church,of Christians who accepted all the New testament experience and not just part of it. Don't ask me to show you evidence,research it for yourself under History of tongues not Pentecostals,in beginning just called Christians.
---Darlene_1 on 7/4/08

Frances You are wrong:By the words contained in the bible.The H/S resides in the teachings OF and FROM the RCC which produces the infallibility when The word is being delivered ex Cathedra.JN1:33--JN14:26You all forget Jesus came to show us HIS way Through HIS Church Matt16:17-19 all His teachings is directed to this same TRUE church.Apostates and those who grew up in other denoms did not understand and created their own version of the revised Bibles plus false institutions,thinking they were serving God.NO Satan has lulled you ALL into a sense of self security. THE truth must be told.Its yours to follow or perish.
---Emcee on 7/4/08

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I attend an Apostolic-Pentecostal Church. The Same Plan of Salvation that The Lord gave to Apostle Peter & he delivered it to the Jewish people FIRST on The Day of Pentecost as it was instructed by God,because God gave the Keys to the Kingdom to Apostle Peter,---> Acts 2 v's 37-40 which fulfills Matt 28 v'19-20. Apostle Paul bought this very Same Salvation plan to us gentiles a little later.
For catholocism denies this, & they are,Matt 15 v 9,2nd Corin 4 v 4 & with other scriptures.
---Lawrence on 7/4/08

Frances008 and Trish9863, Holy Spirit was breathe on the Disciples of the Church. He didn't breath on Mary Magdalene and she saw Him FIRST. John 20:15-18, Jesus even told her to go to his brethren. Do you think Jesus forgot to breathe the Holy Spirit on her? No. He told the Disciple to teach and baptize all nations in the name of the Trinity. And He promised to be with the Church always. Matt 28:18-20.

Baptism is when we receive the Graces of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said to teach and Baptized. Jesus always intended for the Church to interpret and teach all Christians. No mention by Jesus in the Gospels of the sinner prayer for obtaining Salvation. If the sinner's prayer was so vital, why didn't Jesus command this, but baptism instead?
---Nicole on 7/4/08

"Church traditions [did not] came before the Bible" (Trish)

Yes, it did, because there was no NT Scripture for at least 30 years or so after Jesus ascended to Heaven. The Apostles past down the Holy Traditions by mouth, some were written down in letters [2 Thes. 2:15]. Scriptures is part of Holy Tradition. It was through the Church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, that gave us the books that belong in the OT and NT in the 4th Cent. Reject the Church, reject the Bible!

All 33,000+ Protestant Churches say that ["I have the Holy Spirit, I do not need men to teach me"], yet they all can be correct. One will have to wonder why your interpretation is the correct one. That is why Protestantism is so corrupt!
---Ramon on 7/4/08

Nicole, the Holy Spirit dwells in which Church? God does not dwell in temples, but in the bodies of believers, or His Spirit, rather, dwells in their Spirit. So we (bodies) become temples, dwelling places for the Holy Spirit. If anyone defiles that temple they are destroyed by God, and that is all in the Bible. So our own words can destroy us if we use them to slander (speak lies about) or to insult (make less holy) the Holy Spirit-indwelling Believer.
---frances008 on 7/4/08

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Darlene. O.k, please post a quote from me that I said I was "Catholic"? I have never said I was. You accuse me of being Roman Catholic with no support whatsoever! I am a Eastern Orthodox Christian, not a Roman Catholic Christian as you falsely claim I am.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

---Ramon on 7/4/08

Nicole: John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word and the Word with God and the Word was God." Don't tell me the church traditions came before the Bible, because it didn't.

The Holy Spirit of God lives in believers and interprets the scriptures and teaches them for the believers every time the believer reads the Word of God, because the Holy Spirit is God interpreting His Word for the believer.

I do not need a human being interpreting God's Word for me. You might,but I don't.
---Trish9863 on 7/3/08

Emcee,Ramon,Nicole aren't you Catholics and think noncatholics aren't Christians,aren't saved. Emcee keeps saying you must be saved by the church,pointing to Matthew 16:17-19 as beginning of the Roman Catholic Church and coming to RC Church as way to salvation. Salvation comes through Jesus not the denomination. I quoted the Bible,used more than one verse to do it,if you can't accept facts in Bible because it doesn't agree with your Churches teaching go ahead accept their beliefs,but I won't. Nicole,the Holy Ghost lives in God's people,not the church or denomination. He always has. Prophets,Priests and Kings in Old Testament,NT Rev 5:9,10 believers in Jesus are Priests,began Upper Room Acts 2:4 all filled with HG and spoke in tongues.
---Darlene_1 on 7/3/08

Darlene1: Can the blind lead the blind?Who are the LOST?ALL christians "of HIS Church" Have the commission Matt28:19.If you desire to seek Look no Further Matt16:17-19 shows you the door by which you May enter.It is from here that HE says"I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE"he who eats My body and drinks My Blood I live in Him and he in Me JN6:56 Would you agree?The truth must be told.The choice in complacency is YOURS.
---Emcee on 7/2/08

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"The Traditions we are to hold fast to are those taught by Jesus [...]2Thess,2:15" (Darlene 1)

Nice interpretation, except 2 Thes 2:15 does not say that, neither does any other Scriptures. Here is what Saint Paul said: ""So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter" (2 Thess. 2:15)

Some people, in error, approach the Bible with the idea that they will depend on the Holy Spirit alone and they will discover all the hidden truths of Scripture. Spiritual teachers of the Church are given by the Lord to help us to correctly understand and obey Scripture. We must read Scriptures through the Living Tradition of the Church.
---Ramon on 7/2/08

Traditions outside of Bible lack Holy Spirit.---Darlene1

If you go by your own statement, where was the Holy Spirit for the first 300 years after Jesus' death?

Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would remain with us always.

Tradition was first in the Church. Then came the Holy Bible from the Church.

So, the Holy Spirit dwells in the Church and directs interpretation of the Holy Bible.

This is protection of the Holy Bible.

If you notice, Protestants do not have a Church as a foundation. No Church, no Tradition. No Tradition, no CORRECT interpretation of the Holy Bible which came from the Holy Spirit in the Church.

No correct interpretation, 33,000 different Protestant Churches and counting.
---Nicole on 7/2/08

Ramon,you twisted what I said,I said "Christians" don't need men to teach them and so does the Bible. We servants are all called to teach the Word to the lost and the babes. We are to know the Word to correct error. Christians hunger and thrist for the Word of God and can't get enough of it. Mt28:19 All Christians have the commision to go and tell of the Good News of God, Jesus Saves. As Christians all we have to do is pray for God's truth and study the Bible and we will be led by the Spirit into all truth. Matthew 7:7-, Seek and ye shall find knock and it will be opened unto you. The Traditions we are to hold fast to are those taught by Jesus and carried on by the Apostles 2Thess,2:14,15. Traditions outside of Bible lack Holy Spirit.
---Darlene_1 on 7/1/08

"Christians don't need man to teach [...]it's in the Bible" (Darlene 1)

I guess the Apostle Paul was a false teacher then:

"And he gave some, apostles, and some, prophets, and some, evangelists, and some, pastors and teachers" (Eph 4:11)

The Apostle Paul instructed His Son, Timothy, in the Faith, so that in turn, He may teach others, and so forth:

"What you have heard from me before many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also" (2 Tim. 2:2)

The Early Christians was instructed in the Faith by the Holy Apostles and there Holy Successors. They didn't just read Scriptures by themselves [Acts 8:27-40]. In fact, there was no Bible until the 4 Century!
---Ramon on 7/1/08

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Yes, 1 John 2:24,26,27 and John 14:16 is true, but these Scriptures can not be taken out of context and one can not ignore the many Scriptures that said God entrusted Men the ability to teach. The reason why we have 33,000+ different Protestant Churches is because every one wants to interpret Scriptures there own way because they "Have the Holy Spirit" they say. Saint Peter made it clear that is easy to fall into error by private interpretation of Scripture (2Pet 3:16-17). We cannot interpret Scriptures outside the Living Tradition of the Church.

It is arrogance to think that you cannot gain understanding through the lifelong work of others who have studied Scripture [especially the Early Church Fathers]. 1 Corinthians 12:28.
---Ramon on 7/1/08

.cliff, you are deceived, for out of the mouth the heart speaks, and your words prove that you are not part of my body, but instead you are still separate.
---Eloy on 7/1/08

Christians don't need man to teach,or Churches tradition to guide,and it's in the Bible. 1 John 2:24,26,27 Let that therefore abide in you,which ye have heard from the beginning,if it remains in you,ye shall also continue in the Son and the Father. These things have I written unto you concerning those who would seduce you. But the anointing which ye have received abideth in you,and ye need not that any man teach you:but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things,and is truth, and is no lie,and even as it has taught you,ye shall abide in him. John14:26 But the comforter which is the Holy Ghost,whom the Father will send in my name,he shall teach you all things. To God,man's tradition no more than filthy rags on dead men's bones.
---Darlene_1 on 7/1/08

"Papal authority must interpret all scriptures? I dont find that anywhere at all in the Bible" (obewan)

Yes, but there is no Scripture that teach one can interpret Scriptures themselves outside the Living Tradition of the Church. What did Saint Paul told Timothy? "And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also" (2 Tim 2:2). They couldn't study simply from reading The Bible, because there was no Bible until the 4th Century. The Holy Apostles' Successors taught the many faithful men and women the Apostolic Faith for generation. The 1st Ecumenical Council refute Arius and his Beliefs, and so forth.

---Ramon on 6/30/08

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emcee, thats my point,their is no truth in men ,exceopt imparted too them by God , thru jesus,and his word.scripture tells us that men love the darkness,that they hide from the light,that all have sinned,so what do we believe?only God.thats my position.and believe me we have all these denomination only because men cant agree on squat.there is only one truth,and it ain,t in men,unless jesus has moved in and taken over.I really,really,really,dont even in a inkling in my mind consider denominations,scriptural or of God.theres only one truth,and thats the truth of God.
---tom2 on 6/30/08

Eloy, I became a slave of Christ while you were still in diapers. You used the term *us Christians* 6.28.08 Humbleness and humility are the marks of a "Christian"! When I read your arrogant and self-righteous posts it's only natural to assume that that's what Paul sarcastically referred to 2.cor.11.5 as "super apostles" Am I right? If not then, really ,where do you fit in?
---1st_cliff on 6/30/08

Ramon:: Your declaration of Non Denominational is a true statement, just as all non denoms are,as in the robe of Diverse colours.I say this not to cast a slur, but to draw attention to the fact That Jesus came to offer us salvation "His way THROUGH HIS CHURCH" matt16:17-19All his teachings and instructions was about HIS wayjust as in Jn6 "My Body is Food"YES sustenance for your soul. This is the truth. The power of evil has blinded man by condemning HIS CHURCH.This is what will Happen when he comes one flock one shepherd but in the meantime and between time Satan makes Hay while the sun shines at YOUR EXPENSE
---Emcee on 6/30/08

Ramon:: Your declaration of Non Denominational is a true statement, just as all non denoms are,as in the robe of Diverse colours.I say this not to cast a slur, but to draw attention to the fact That Jesus came to offer us salvation "His way THROUGH HIS CHURCH" matt16:17-19All his teachings and instructions was about HIS wayjust as in Jn6 "My Body is Food"YES sustenance for your soul. This is the truth. The power of evil has blinded man by condemning HIS CHURCH.This is what will Happen when he comes one flock one shepherd but in the meantime and between time Satan makes Hay while the sun shines at YOUR EXPENSE
---Emcee on 6/30/08

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Papal authority must interpret all scriptures? I dont find that anywhere at all in the Bible.

2 Timothy 2:15
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (KJV)

Of course, there are numerous other passages that pertain to the priesthood of individual believers.
---obewan on 6/30/08

Crystal. In reality it comes down to one thing: Interpretation! You can believe the Holy Scriptures all you want, but you are going to interpret it the way you feel like it. Unless we follow the Holy Apostles, there Holy Successors, The God-Bearing Fathers, The Seven Ecumenical Councils, we will never be in the "Faith once delivered to the Saints" (Jude 3). Many here do not follow what the Early Church [1st-10 Centuries] taught. They do the opposite: They follow what Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others said the 1500s.

The reason why we have so many denominations is because Protestants beliefs of Sola-Scriptural and Private Interpretation. The Early Church was ONE, and it still is today! Just look towards the Orthodox Church!
---Ramon on 6/30/08

.cliff, more dissing from the empty one. When I posted that I would truly like to have my own church, you replied with your falsehood, posted verbatim, "If this ever happend you could meet in a phone booth,'cause you'd be the only one there!" Will cliff ever get saved, or will cliff forever remain condemned?
---Eloy on 6/29/08

Ramon: The reason why I say our belief is Non-demoninational church is because we don't believe in all the things the Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Pentecostals believe. We have similar beliefs as they do but do not fully agree with most of them. We do not have a religion sign hung on our door. We are not Baptists, or any other religion. We are children of God, as with others but do not have a religion sign hung on our door. And yes Non-demoninational churches do exist, cause they (we) don't belong to a religion.
---Rebecca_D on 6/29/08

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I think people whom say that they are NonDenominational means that they do not follow the well-known major denominations, but instead they are a gathering of people whom have diverse kinds of beliefs, and perhaps are therefore a little more liberal then their larger denomination counterparts in their doctrinal view points.
---Eloy on 6/29/08

do not understand why people say they go to a "Non-Denomination" [this doesn't exist]. Just a thought.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

---Ramon on 6/28/08

Amen! I thought this the first time I ever heard of this type of Church.

Look in the Phone book, they listed as a Denomination under the N's: Non-Denomination
---Nicole on 6/29/08

">>they go to a "Non-denominational church" but this doesn't exist.<<"

What can I say. We live in an imperfect world. I apply the def to churches that are not part of a major organized denominational body. There will always be differences. Even the Roman Catholic Church is no longer "catholic" because the protestants have left. When it comes to the issue of defining church membership I have a different view. I always say that I am a member of the Holy Catholic Church of the Apostles Creed - which only exists in virtual reality I suppose.
---obewan on 6/29/08

Tom2::While agreeing with you on most of your thoughts here I tend to digress.The words "My kingdom is not of this world" was used By Jesus JN.36-38.While truth is not a doctrinal issue in a denomination, but when uttered By Jesus is a 'command'.Therefore born again believers who have their own agenda do not conform to the command. This is found in Matt16:17-19 Not ONLY as a doctrine But as A Command,which we follow as a doctrine, by Apostolic succession.We trust and follow as directed, like children of the Father .
---Emcee on 6/29/08

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Eloy, Please identify this "falsehood" that you claim I speak! or is it anyone not agreeing with you is automaticly "false"? Be careful that you don't fall off that pedestal!
---1st_cliff on 6/29/08

actually by scripture this question,and the fact that we have sooooo many denominations is not even a question of truth.though denominations are a fact or this world,when God looks into the heart,he dont see a baptist heart,a lutheran heart,a methodists heart,whatever heart,he sees a believer in his son jesus,or actually in this world we see denominations,God sees the saved,and the unsaved.there are no denominations in heaven,and actually our thoughts,our ,minds are too be like denominations are of the world,not of God.
---tom2 on 6/29/08

Look around a lot of Pentecostal churches are the ones calling themselves "non-denominational". I agree with the change. It's not about what denomination you are. It's all about Christ. The "Body of Christ" which is what a church is. We need to stop separating ourselves and come together as one church ONE "Body of Christ" that teaches the WHOLE bible and not pick and choose what we do and don't like. Take the word for what is says and not twist the meaning to suit your "religion". See that's what religion does. It adds, takes away, twists the word and separates the Body of Christ. Do away with the "religion" and get down to the truth, the basics of life, the Holy Bible as it was written.
---Crystal on 6/29/08

"until people understand that truth is not a doctrinal issue open for discussion,as though what I believe is the only truth then most people will always be deceived,and lacking the power that our lord promised his church."
---tom2 on 6/28/08
Here is a statement to ponder. It also is a statement that makes you think twice about your denomination or any nomination.
---Mima on 6/29/08

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Nicole...Because I disagree with you does not mean I hate you. There are many posters on this site who do not consider the Catholic Church to be Christian. If Catholics do not bow down to the Pope, what are they all doing when they bow to kiss his ring?
---SusieB on 6/28/08

.tom2, there is absolute truth, and there is absolute wrong, therefore you cannot blur the lines and by saying that denomination or a specific named body of belief does not matter. When a denomination worships Jesus Christ and obeys him, that is altogether right, and when a denomination does not worship Jesus Christ nor obeys him, then that denomination is altogether sin.
---Eloy on 6/29/08

this all comes down too the flesh,even peter had too be admonished by jesus.people just allow the flesh to pull their minds away from the truth.they get defensive,and try everyway too justify themselves,and their becoming a specific denomination which they believe meets their criteria.when in truth the they are deceiving themselves.truth is in God,his son,his holy spirit,his abides not in any denomination.the truth can live within you thru jesus,but until people understand that truth is not a doctrinal issue open for discussion,as though what I believe is the only truth then most people will always be deceived,and lacking the power that our lord promised his church.
---tom2 on 6/28/08

I keep hearing people like Rebecca_D and obewan say that they go to a "Non-denominational church" but this doesn't exist. The phrase "Non-Denomination" is a Oxymoron. These churches still have beliefs [some not accord with the Early Church] and practice that set them apart from other Churches. They do not even have Apostolic Succession to begin with!

I do not understand why people say they go to a "Non-Denomination" [this doesn't exist]. Just a thought.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

---Ramon on 6/28/08

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I believe this question was directed at the "church"made up of millions/people. Jesus is the head of this church. There is no Pope leading this church. That is why Eloy clarifies his question. The Catholic Church excludes everyone who does not bow down to the Pope.--SusieB

The only people bowing down to the Pope are those in your dreams.

Jesus is the head of the RCC. That's why He gave the keys to Peter.Only the owner of the house can give out keys to whom He pleases.

Are you trying now to change the interpretation of the word 'Church'?

Why is it, when everyone is following the rules and being peaceful, you have to try to change the mood?

SusieB, what type of Spirit do you have?

Stop hating.
---Nicole on 6/28/08

yep,if we could just show people that their little building is not the church,that the church is the truth that lives within the heart,and mind of a believer.but alas people want to bash one another,and continually discuss their denomination,and how close it is too their actual beliefs.not realizing that the truth is within jesus,and revealed thru the holy spirit and the word.and its exclusive to the afore mentioned,not in any denomination.or building.
---tom2 on 6/28/08

emcee.ism,t it just wonderful how many people describe themselves as baptists,pemtecostal,evangelical,or those doctrinal denomination issues are even a thought in Gods mind.the church is,and belongs to is the spirit filled born again believer,following him.thats why he said his kingdom was not of this world.because if you truly follow him you are not of this world,but part of his kingdom.
---tom2 on 6/28/08

Debbie Jo::Again thank you .I note your answer of disagrement,which is not unusual, having being given by God CHOICE.Jesus gave us HIS CHURCH Matt16:16-19 and His Gospel to direct us to His church and the way to Salvation same as he Does in JN6.The message is clear .THE OPTION is yours and all like you to Follow.He says "My kingdom is NOT of this world"But if you desire to be admitted there, Then this is the way,the truth, and the LIFE "FOLLOW ME-MY WAY" not your way.which is doomed to Perdition.Sorry but the truth must be told.
---Emcee on 6/28/08

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I attend a non-denominational mainstream evangelical mega-church. We have 5000 people and around 300 singles. The music is almost all contemporary and the church is like Bill Hybel's Willow Creek or Rick Warren's Saddleback. There are 400 small groups that meet weekly for intense Bible Study, so there is something for the mature Christian as well as the seeker. It is both very Biblical and very non-legalistic.
---obewan on 6/28/08

I go to a Non-denominational church. We have about 50 or so regular members. We are a mixture between Pentecostal because we believe in speaking in tongues, and Baptists because we all love to eat chicken. Ha, Ha. So I guess we are Bapticostal. I love going to church there, everything is out in the open. The Pastor keeps no secrets from the congregation. We don't have to have a meeting before someone can join, they don't have to read a decree so we can put their name down on paper. We don't have members names written down anywhere. We are family in God's army. We all have each other's backs. When one is in need, we see that they are taking care of. It is a blessing to be a part of this church.
---Rebecca_D on 6/28/08

I believe this question was directed at the "church" which is made up of millions of people. Jesus is the head of this church. There is no Pope leading this church. That is why Eloy clarifies his question. The Catholic Church excludes everyone who does not bow down to the Pope.
---SusieB on 6/28/08

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