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Anorexia Treatment Daughter

I think my daughter may have anorexia. Should I just pray that everything will be alright or go broke spending 100,000 dollars for anorexia treatment?

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 ---Susan on 6/26/08
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Anorexics are addicted to not eating. Anyone with any addiction is just as loved by God as you are. You should pray for God to heal your daughter of her addiction.
---julie on 7/26/08

Hi, I suffered from anorexia in the 70s,
was down to 80llbs., I worked with a
christian doctor, as well as spiritual
pastors, I received a complete recovery
and have not relapsed. Pray at all times,
however, try and get connected to a
christian doctor.....on your medical, it
should not cost you all that money.
maria 9976
---marion_k_cole on 7/26/08

PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!! Then listen to the Lord!

Quickly find a support group for you and your daughter. If this illness proceeds it can lead to heart problems and a myriad of other health problems.

Our society throws out these 'role models' who look like sticks! How old is your daughter, any other problems that you know of?
A support group may get her to open up about her feelings.
Try your best to keep her in church hearing the Word!
---NV_Barbara on 7/25/08

My wife was hospitalized in her teens for Anorexia and she is now 47 years old. We have been married twenty two years and have seen more than our share of therapists. Treatment may or may not help however prayer certainly does. I think that my faith and not our therapy is the only reason that I have stayed with her for so long. I would suggest that you both seek some form of affordable treatment however never stop praying for her and her future family. Take care of yourself as well.
---TIMOTHY on 7/25/08

there are lots of people who pray for newborns to be saved from death, but many times does not work. God has a will and purpose in everything, yes pray UNCEASINGLY, but walk it, too. Don't forget to walk! When jesus healed the cripple he said now get up and walk! We have a big role in how God interacts with us. So use those legs, get involved in a support group, call the local hospitals, look on the internet for self-help.
---kate on 7/24/08

Here is the bottom line. Pray about everything. You obey in everything. God will take care of the rest.
---catherine on 7/24/08

Yes dear in Christ ,you must pray for your daughter to be healed.No desease is too big for God to heal. Amen
---Johnson on 7/24/08

Pray in everything and for all things.Its comforting to know Gods in control of each day and life cause we often want to fix things but cannot.We can be there to support loved ones but not to the point where we become depressed.This can exhaust us in many ways and is not from God.I cannot imagine what your family is going through.Trust God,always pray but also believe that God has used todays society to help fight these illnesses.He uses people to help us,we cannot do anything alone and need support networks.Theres alot of advice around but the best advice comes from God.Have faith,be strong,courageous,face one day at a time.The more people you tell about your daughter, the more prayers there will be.Bless you
---julie on 7/19/08

I believe that faithfully when you pray, everything will come well. You have to really pray your heart out and not just once, but in constant prayers.
---cleme9778 on 7/16/08

Listen to Trish, Sandy. It will not be that much money for you. God has given us medical breakthroughs so that we can get the help we need. Prayer and action combined will help your daughter. Anorexia is a disease just like anything else, it is tangible. Don't wait! Run to find her the help she needs through hospitals, clinics, counseling services, etc. And pray, pray, pray.
---kate on 7/15/08

Sorry to hear that your daughter is suffering from an eating disorder. Unfortunately treatment must be sort as well as prayer. I cannot see how this should cost so much as there are charitable societies out there dealing with such matters.

Pray, also, that God might have mercy upon your daughter and turn her to Himself.

Lord prosper for good.
---alan on 7/15/08

My first daughter-in-law had this illness, and she was negative, about her future and fianancially, it was helpfull at times to support her in what ever seemed positive but in the end she did die. This was an adjustment we have all had to make the loss of some one you love, during her thirty six years i new her about half. I believe she lacked a secure believe sometimes of who she was because of the hurt endured from others , but it was also self inflicted so it became irresponsible.
What i believe is this young woman was devoted to whoever she could trust and who claimed that they did love her, but who can be for this type of illness.
---Bella on 7/13/08

your gal needs prayers but she needs God far as i knw he says in his word that seek mi kingdom first and the rest will be added unto God but not mainly 4 healing but knowing him.his amercyful blessed.
---mugwanya on 7/12/08

i think its best that before going for medical treatment pray to god so that your efforts will not be in vain.The bible says that horses are made ready for the battle but the victory belongs to the lord so if you take the daughter to specialists without submitting the whole issus in god's hands it wil be a waste of resources.
wish you all the best in your endevours
---kudzai on 7/12/08

Sandie: That $$ amount for treatment is not in reality. Medical insurance covers all sorts of treatment for eating disorders because it is a diagnosis of mental illness and is covered under mental health benefits.

There is also outpatient treatment available now, and I have undergone two such programs. My out of pocket expense was $25 a visit, 3 times a week, for 8 weeks. That is nowhere near the amount of money mentioned in the OP.

As I have mentioned, treatment coupled with prayer is the best course of action.
---Trish9863 on 7/11/08

Prayer is essential but you need to be able to deliver those important scriptures based on scripture showing her how not to conform to the things of this world, but by the renewing of her mind kick out those negatives life sucking thoughts and retrain her thinking towards a Godly life.

No amount of money can help her if she has her thought focused on food being her demon or her dislike. You need to know how powerful the word can be in the hands of a believer and have faith in the word.

It would be more like fighting for her soul with the only help of the word and re programming her back to Life in Christ.

You have a lot of research and work to do!
---Carla5754 on 7/11/08

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I would seek God first and that amt of money is ridiculous . I would seek him for healing and deliverance from anorexia it is a spirit and needs to be cast out............. this is what I believe everything is in him , Jesus..........
---sandie on 7/10/08

Anorexia is a disease just like any other sickness. If your daughter had cancer wouldn't you want to do all you can to see her well? I am not saying that you should go broke but I think you should pray as well as spend some monies to help her get well, God has given man the knowledge to use medicine to assist in the healing process. I ill be praying for you.

---Patra on 7/10/08

TO GREG the assister-Before you pass yourself off as someone qualified to assist in a medical situation, develop enough respect for other people so that you use capital letters and proper spelling.
---more_excellent_way on 7/10/08

iwill assist you in this situation. it is a sad situation iam not a medical person i am nothappy with the way fashion magazines and fashion companies must take reponsability for young girls suffering from the condition mentioned. i would like to encourange you to seek out true christian people to talk to and be asupport group youcan trust and share your feelings and pray with you and abouve donot let yourself get caught up in the guilt trap and as much as is possible support your daughter and let you know that you love her.
---greg on 7/10/08

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It is not either/or. God can be honored with the young lady getting the medical treatment she needs. In treatment, she can learn what her faulty thinking is, and be guided to learn new habits and coping skills. Coupled with prayer, she can heal. Treatment also affords the family to be in therapy together, where they can learn healthy communication skills, and grow and heal together.
---Trish9863 on 7/10/08

anorexia is kind of illness that only few are can pray and ask God's leading how to deal with it and at the same time see a doctor what advice he/she can give so that you can start how you can help your daughter. joy8864
---Joy on 7/9/08

it truely is a sad situation but i believe God has everything under control i went threw a situation last july i can not begin to tell you the horror but thru my church and Pastor i have begin to come around i do not no how much longer i will go thru but Jesus Christ is in control you spend thousands on this terrible affliction all the doctors in the world cannot help its a long line of doctors after doctors the greatet phyican is Jesus Christ it seems impossible now but Jesus will not let you down after al he sent his only begotton son to die on calvarys cross you you i and your draughter a God this great will surely be with you and your family God bless all and take care aFRIEND INcHRIST ETENALLY
---lawrence on 7/9/08

maybe you should pray about it and see what god thinks you should do but you should take her to a doctor and see what they say.
---julie on 7/9/08

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pray that god will help you through this when i have a concern hat i dont know what to do i give it to god hope this helps wilma
---wilma8484 on 7/9/08

As a good Christian,always put God First in all you are doing. Thus Faith and Prayer will remove every mountain that is infront of you.
Madam, your daughter will be healed compleately if yu are going to take her to prayers.
Our God heals his kids.
Are you one of them? Ask Jesus to save you and he will not only save you but heal your daughter.
---Pastor_Abraham_Mawer on 7/9/08

I think that you should pray and pay. Praying should be the first and foremost thing that you do. Call on the heavenly Father for guidance. Pray about who you should take your daughter to see. God has blessed us all with abilities and there is a fine team of specialists who can help you with your situation. There may even be treatment a lot cheaper than that. Most people can't afford to pay that sum. So pray and God will reveal what you should do. I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers.
---miranda on 7/9/08

hi it would help to pray if two agree on something it will happen cometrue prayers i mean drs can only do so much then tell you they cant do any more but all we need is god and our prayers to heal and keep our health trust in god as we pray together agree and he will heal your daughter as he promises he heald the sick the blind see the deaf hear the dead raised the lam walk so yes god will heal lets pray and agree together
---andy on 7/9/08

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You have to pray first and ask his healing power. He has an answer for the prayer and for sure He will show you the clue to go to the church /Prayer group/ or hospital. We are a citizen of a kingdom and believe in your Father healing experience, and develop the confidence on your Heavenly Father.
---Tirsit on 7/9/08

Bill: Most treatment programs utilize family therapy as part of the program, in order to address family relation problems, as that is a big issue with eating disorders. Therefore, treatment is indicated for eating disorders.
---Trish9863 on 7/8/08

This is a comment to the lady, who is dealing with anerexia, with daughter. I am here to share with you, that all things are possible with God. I had been, I say, had been a bulimic for many yrs. The power of God, came upon me and I was healed. I believe in medical help and doctors, but mostly Jesus! He is the healer. He healed the woman with the issue of blood, why not your daughter! Only Believe! I am praying and believing for her healing.

---Mary on 7/8/08

I believe you should both pray and pay to get your daughter the help she needs. I personaly battle with an eating disorder and from experience I know what she is going through. Anorexia is a seriouse medical condition like diabetes,cancer,and high blood pressure. If you don't get professional help as well as spiritual help then your daughter can and most likely will die. I will keep your daughter as well as your whole family in my prayers.
---Melan5494 on 7/8/08

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Most of us do not have that kind of money for outlay yet sill would spend every penny to help get our loved ones well. I truly believe that working the two - prayer and medication and having all of us praying, too -you will find the answer to your situation.
---odessa on 7/8/08

I would diffinetly pray and the Lord will open some financial doors for you. I don't know much about anorexia, but my son is an addict and every time he needed residential treatment there was grant money available from the state for him to use, maybe there is something like that for anorexia treatment. I pray that Our All Powerful Lord will lay His healing hand upon your daughter and remove this sickness from her. In Jesus precious name..Amen.
---Lily6979 on 7/8/08

Remember that "Prayer is the key of heaven, and faith unlocks the door"! God can do all things but fail-pray and put your trust in God for the healing of your daughter-He is the greatest doctor, ever!
---awaina on 7/8/08

I believe that you should seek out Holy Ghost filled Pastors and/or counselors first. Also the criteria for these abovenamed individuals is that they believe in divine healing. By all means it is not necessary that you spend so much money for secular therapies. Jesus has the power to heal your daughter but she needs to be counselled by qualified people and then have prayer through the laying on of hands of the qualified Holy Ghost filled ministers.
---Frank on 7/8/08

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Oh, so there is medical expertise about how to get an anorexic back to eating.

IF, of course, it is anorexia.

And it may not be an issue of treatment versus prayer or even both . . . if there is a problem in the house causing the anorexia and this problem is not taken care of. I can see that there could be relating which is not right, and there could be bad example however. So, honesty is very important, and "nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." (1 Peter 5:3)

Paying attention mainly to "prayer" and treatment could be an evasion, then, of dealing with what may be needed, deeper, in oneself and the house and relating. God bless you!
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/8/08

If you have the money to pay for your daughter's treatment, then you should both pray and pay.
---Nadine on 7/8/08

First it is important to know if you are treating anorexia. Reguardless what your religion is you definitely should pray about something this serious. pray before you take her to a doctor pray while she's at the doctor. pray in jesus name that God will. get all your friends to pray also. when two or more are together in my name i will be there too. Definitely find out if she is anorexic and not a physical reason she is losing weight abruptly. I go through this myself periodically. my problem is stress.
well good luck and God bles you!
---Suzan9468 on 7/8/08

The Jesus I know is a friend and it is said of him, ''on the cross he bore all our infirmities and sickness ." If you have no doubts of your friendship with Jesus ask him and he will speak to you. Our Lord is a great and merciful God. with love in Christ

Joy Mathew
---Joy on 7/8/08

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first, do not think sickness.... refuse it

confirm your faith by seeking help to find out if your daughter is ok

thank God when your medical report shows confirms she does not have any such condition

for by His stripes we were healed.

i agree with the blogger who said your daughter may only be going through a time.....

Stay blessed and all the best
bye for now
---pat on 7/8/08

I think you should pray, not pay for anorexia. It only takes Jesus to cure it. You could pay 100,000 of dollars for treatment but the only way to cure anorexia is to go to Christ. People in Jesus times didn't have money for when they was sick. Jesus cured them. Or when the woman who touched Jesus in the croud. She paid her last dime and none of the doctors she went to couldn't cure her. So she went to someone who can, JESUS. Her faith was that strong. So I think you should go to the one who gave you life. Jesus is the only one who can cure anything.
---antoa7855 on 7/8/08

Satan is the reason for your daughter's sufferings!!!
---catherine on 7/8/08

When you pray. ask God to bring healing to the your daugther,to you and the whole family.My experience with My God (OUR GOD)is I thank him for the sickeness,(IN EVERYTHING Praise the Lord) and remind Him when He say - Seek and ye shall find, ask and shall be given and Knock and it shall be open).Remember God will always honour his words- And He said also Whatever you ask believing it shall come to past.God will assist the Doctors, lessen financial burden and give peace of Mind to you and your daughter- that is the road to recovery. God Honours those who honour Him.First healing here would be the healing of the human spirit-Seek,Knock,Ask and Believe.God will provide a Doctor who will not be a financial burden but bring healing to the family.
---Apete_Naitini on 7/8/08

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As christian we must always line up every thing the concern us in this life, the bible says that with prayer and supplication let your request be made know onto God. So with this I believe that anorexia is a name of a sickness and the bible also says that God has highly exalted Jesus and given him a name that is above every name in the earth in the sky, beneath the earth. That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow. Anorexia has to bow in Jesus mame it must obey the name of Jesus go. Jesus said what soever you ask the Father in my name he will do it. So have we asked in Jesus name to deliver this precious child from anorexia, this assignment from hell that has come to steal, kill and destroy .So I say now in Jesus name anorexia Go.
---Joel on 7/8/08

Jesus is the Great Physician, why pay thousands of dollars for "treatment" when you can get God's "healing" for free.(BY "HIS" STRIPES WE ARE HEALED)! My son "had" autism, ADHD, OCD, and ADD. He suffered for 12 years. He "had" been on medician for 8 years. But PRAISE GOD,God completely healed my son of "ALL" his disorders. What God does for one, He can do for another. Get your daughter to a church that believes in the healing power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let them annoint her and lay hands on her. The Bible says by our faith we are healed. I know God is "still" in the healing business.I have seen it with my own eyes. God Bless.

Love from Christ,
---Diane on 7/8/08

It depends on your level of faith.If you dont have that much faith to beleive that God can heal you from this disorder then i guess you have to pay but on the other hand God can heal you very easily only if you have the faith.jesus said that you can command mountains to move and they will move even if your faith is as little as a mustard seed.
---lily on 7/8/08

Yes You Should Pray That Everything Will Be Alright And God Will Heal Her!
---Elizabeth on 7/8/08

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Yes, you should Pray and also take her to doctors, because God is the Heeler, but he also gave the Doctors the know how and education how to do what needs to be done. If you don't do all that you can then you are losing faith in all that God stands for.
God Bless
---Doloa on 7/8/08

There are other affordable treatments for anorexia. I am sure people do not pay $l00000 for treatments. In Canada here we have good medical benefits. Shop around
---Helen on 7/8/08

$100K? Why not a few visits to a counselor for a few hundred dollars. I think it might need more than just prayer since it is a psychological illness. It can be fatal if not properly treated and things go to extremes over a long time.
---obewan on 7/8/08

Jesus was never against physical doctoring. Tough question. Sometimes, God's ways will surprise you. To get as much from God as one needs, you have to stay close to Him, and He will help you in ways that you will never, ever, understand. That's it.
---catherine on 7/6/08

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She will begin to feel better about herself once she starts to get healthy from regular eating habits, but for now she must not overload her body with solid food, not stress herself out in the summer sun, drink normal amounts of WATER (runners can sometimes drink too much and cause very dangerous mineral imbalance). You will learn alot at Curezone). DO NOT let her do any 'cleanses' or 'flushes', they are almost ALWAYS unecessary and strain the body (even in good health). A little SEA salt is very healthy (6 dozen minerals) everyday (also honey for ENERGY).

Digestion drains alot of energy from the body (digestion would be too strenuous for your daughter right now). Right now, her digestive system is weak.
---more_excellent_way on 7/4/08

Good health is centered around a healthy colon (digestive system). Eventually, her recovery would depend on her colon health, but for now, she could substitute vegetable juices for all solid food. When she becomes strong enough to digest solid food, let her eat easy to digest foods (ground up hamburger minus the oil and grease, cottage cheese, macaroni, tuna twice a week, etc.). She needs probiotics and also F.O.S. (fructo-oligo-saccharides) for digestive health (also GARLIC kills bad bacteria).

It is not popularly known, but stomach acid is very corrosive to the teeth (when she throws up she must rinse thoroughly). I'm not a doctor, but I understand general health.
---more_excellent_way on 7/4/08

The first thing is to find out for sure. Does your daughter live with you? If she does, then you not only have the right to know, you have the responsibility.

No matter what she tells you, if she shys away from eating in front of you, or sneaks into bathrooms soon afterwards in order to expel her food (throw up), if she has bad breath because the stomach acid is rotting her teeth and also causing her throat to burn, then TELL HER (don't ASK, she is not in charge, you are) that she has to PROVE to you that she is not throwing up her food in the bathroom.
---more_excellent_way on 7/4/08

Susan: It has been almost a week since you posted your question. Have you gotten your daughter to the doctor yet for an evaluation? Please let us know how she is doing.
---Trish9863 on 7/2/08

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Susan, take her to the doctors and get her evaluated. My cousin had it and denied it to her mother, all of her doctors, her friends, etc., and almost died. Unless you have a word specifically from God NOT to take her to the doctors because He is going to heal her NOW, then GO to the doctors. She needs both physical, emotional and mental help. Spiritual help can come as she progresses through treatment. Money is nothing without your daughter around. Your heart will be broken for the rest of your life and you'll still have your 100,000. Does that make sense to you?
---donna8365 on 6/30/08

First off, take your daughter in for a check-up, just to make sure her weight loss is not due to other factors.

If it is anorexia/bulemia, then psychological treatment is in order. Pray too, but get the medical treatment as well.

You should be aware that the underlying cause of anorexia is a feeling of a lack of control in the sufferer's life. Examining the situation your daughter is in can help get data that might help in her treatment.

Oh, and if you can persuade your daughter that food supplements are medicine, not food, they can help ease the damage until the treatment starts working.
---Nancy on 6/30/08

It's very possible that the parents and daughter will need treatment.

A child doesn't develop anorexia overnight. If there's problems at home, children quit eating or stuff themselves to compensate for problems at home or school. It's not something you can broadbrush. If you let it go, it could go on for years until it takes a toll. If symptoms are there, why wait?
---Rebecca_D on 6/28/08

Pharisee: You pointed out something interesting. Susan asked if she should pray OR something else. As a parent of a former drug addict, I did not pray OR anything. I prayed and got him into treatment. I prayed while he was in treatment. I pray still today.

I do suggest that any parent suspecting an eating disorder take that child to the family doctor for a complete physical with bloodwork. Weight loss and nutritional levels in the blood must be checked.

When I was in outpatient treatment, there was a daily weigh-in, and the girls with anorexia would sometimes have to be admitted to the hospital because of weight loss. It was for their safety. The danger of heart attack is great, as well as osteoporosis, and tooth loss.
---Trish9863 on 6/27/08

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Let's start by not going to extremes. It might be wise to not say anything to the daughter at first but gather specific information about her habits and moods and how they effect her appetite at the table.

You might just have a daughter going through a phase and nothing more.

If you can't keep your cool and not go off the deep end whenever there's a problem, how will your children learn a right response to conflict?

You asked "should I pray," but in the same sentence you gave an alternative that your fearful heart believes will happen...showing me that your struggling to believe in the power of God.

You need to LISTEN to good preaching to help bolster your faith and improve your ability to focus.
---Pharisee on 6/27/08

Hi, I hate to be blunt, and I can certainly understand the fear of "going broke" but losing your daughter, God forbid, would be far worse than "going broke" at ANY price. My parents lost my brother, as have countless parents, and believe me, they'd pay with their own lives for one more day with their kids. Definitely.
---Mary on 6/27/08

Susan: Anorexia treatment takes many forms. Not all treatment costs thousands of dollars. I was in eating disorder treatment that was outpatient, and my insurance covered it. Anorexia is a mental illness, and is covered under all mental health benefits, which are included in most medical insurance policies. Many states have mental health parity, which requires insurance companies to cover mental illnesses at the same level as physical illnesses. The Senate is considering a bill that would make in national.

I do not know where you live, but you can contact a psychiatric hospital, or your family doctor for a referral to a treatment facility. On the East Coast, there is one called Renfrew Center that has a great reputation.
---Trish9863 on 6/27/08

Susan: Someone has deceived you if you think you must spend that amount of money to get treatment for your daughter. Psychotherapy, and outpatient treatment are sometimes an option. If your daughter's physical health is endangered by her lack of nutrition, then hospitalization is required for her safety. This is also covered by medical insurance.

I urge you to get her to your family doctor for a complete physical, and ask for a referral to a treatment facility or psychiatric hospital that also offers eating disorder treatment.
---Trish9863 on 6/27/08

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It doesn't really matter what your insurance covers. As long as a child is in your protective custody, you have a mandate from God to take care of that child...seeing that no harm comes to her.

If anything should happen to her, you are responsible. So I suggest you get moving towards your nearest state agency that will help you.

Sitting home on your blessed assurance while this has been going on is procrastination.
It's neglect of your child's welfare. Get moving today.
---Rebecca_D on 6/27/08

I don't think my insurance covers anorexia especially because of the large price.
---Susan on 6/27/08

Are you saying that you do not have medical insurance, because anorexia treatment is covered by most insurance? Anorexia is a serious mental disorder that requires treatment and your daughter deserves to get the help she needs.
---Trish9863 on 6/26/08

Do things normally go alright at your house?

Anorexia is the need for control and it usually starts because of a home that's not functioning very well.

If your home is not operating very well, praying that the anorexia will stop before your child is harmed is not a good idea. That could be negligence. There's always a way to help a child when the parents cannot afford it through the state. There's a way and you have to find it.
---Rebecca_D on 6/26/08

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If one of my children had anorexia, I would both pray and seek treatment. You never know how God will do the final healing. Maybe God heals the anorexia by prayer or heals the anorexia by a treatment ranch or hospital.
---Barbara on 6/26/08

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