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Offerings Registration Fees

Do you think anointed preachers/teachers of the Word should charge registration fees? AND take up an offering? or just do one or the other? What do you think about charging registration fees to go and hear the Word of God?

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 ---donna8365 on 7/8/08
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latonya -- You make a good point. However, if you want a good attendance, you charge... maybe not much, but something.
If is free, people intend to come, but forget or have their plans changed by last minute events. You have no idea how many to plan for.
Another reason is that people instinctively feel that things are worth what they cost you. If it's FREE, they figure it can't be all that worthwhile.
You can still have a free-will offering.
---Donna66 on 6/20/10

When a church has a conference, they incur expenses. I personally believe that if they can't afford to cover the expenses prior to the conference, perhaps they should forego it. However, I do believe that it is okay to take up an offering as a courtesy to the speaker. But, I'd question a speaker who wasn't willing to share the Word of God unless they were paid. I believe that when you are truly doing the work of the Lord, you can trust the Lord to touch the heart of the people to give.
---Latonya on 6/18/10

Marriage is a Sacrament. Matt 19:6-11 Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate. V 9..unless the marriage is unlawful.
Annullment = unlawful marriage. Who is saying no intimacy has happened?

Have you heard of a Shot gun marriage? Is the marriage valid?
If he manages to get away and tells the Bishop what happened, and the Bishop under investigation (why the fee is needed) discovers the man isn't lying. Bishop declares the marriage annulled or unlawful even with kids.

Another man request a annullment, because he wants to marry Betty, his secretary, Denied! Divorces is a civil matter. Separation for safety. You still can't date or remarry. If Bob beats you, leave him. But your marriage is still valid.
---Nicole on 8/8/08

And you speak what you know not Holly. Why?

You do not pay the Vatican money to get an annullment unless you are a citizen of Rome. Only 300 citizens and they are 99% Priest and Religious.

You pay document fees as Andy stated in the Diocesee you live in.

Just like if you live in Austin, Texas, you don't go to Vernon, Alabama to get your car's tags.

Remember Ted Kennedy?
The Vatican questioned the Bishop who annulled his marriage.

Separation not Divorce, and Annullment are 2 different states.

Separation means you can't remarry. Because you are still marriaged.
Annullment means the first marriage is invalid.

Since the RCC follows Jesus' Command of no Divorce.
What about your Church?
---Nicole on 8/8/08

Holly4j i think you have simplified a little too much the catholic system by saying that it is the money which makes their anulation. Catholics do believe that marriage is a sacrament and an obligation for all believers, except bishops priests an friars etc.the money involved is to pay for all the examinations and expenses. since there is normally a real deal investigation involved with that proces. it is as you would go to a divorce in court so your lawyers need to be payd. For those ministers that feel obliged to charge a entrance fee let us pray that also these men of God can put their faith inaction upon this delicate subject. many ask for fees beacause they are afraid for the financial consequences of a ministry bancrupty.
---Andy on 8/8/08

Andy, I hear you. I've sat under some of the most anointed men of God that are unknown to folks here in the United States and they didn't even take up an offering.

I have checked out lots of sites and the very profound prophets are not charging a registration fee.

The fee is small of those who are, but the $125 one really upset me. And ironically enough it's someone who teaches the word without the Spirit. Bland teaching.

Jesus said, "My words, they are Spirit and they are life." If the Word of God isn't ministering to your spirit man, then is it being preached/taught by the Spirit of God that abides inside that person?
---donna8365 on 7/24/08

Stay home and preach by the power of the person of the Holy Spirit. Did you know that this is a great way of praising God. I believe that it is more important as to what you do in private when it's only you and God than what you do publicly. Also, if you have problems praying outloud at home you will have problems praying in public. Praise God anywhere you choose by the power of the Person of the Holy Spirit. Remember this, so if you ever get in trouble. Satan's people all day are praising him, so we should more zealous in praising the righteous God, the true God, Jesus Christ. Amen++
---catherine on 7/24/08

We don't even have to pay the Priest for Weddings and Funeral Services.

You can make a Donation of $25 or $50 if you wish. But, some don't even do this.
---Nicole on 7/12/08

But you do have to pay the Vatican a huge sum of money to declare your marriage "annulled" so that you can get re-married in a Catholic church if you are divorced. How can a marriage be "annulled" when there are kids involved? I've heard of this being done. Obviously there was some kind of intimacy involved there...also known as "consumating the marriage". Yet, as long as you are will to pay for it, the Vatican will declare your marriage "annulled" if it never happened.
---Holly4jc on 7/24/08

I will resay my first answerr, If we would be willing to give up our desire for a big stage with big gospelsingers and a proffesional orchest, maybe then men of God would no longer need to rent that big convention centre climatised 10.000 places and television commercials etc. all verry expensive. fact is, i am a precher and i do conventions, yet no money, no name no public. look at it, if ther is a praise night with or without Don Moen. onje will barely ghet 1000 particiants whilst when we say Don Moen 10, 20, 50thousand is no exception. the problem is not with many preachers, however some did commercialize too much, it is with us.
---Andy on 7/24/08

Donna...Those ministries who are charging for their services don't care what anyone thinks. They are in it for the money. I see nothing wrong with paying for services such as hotel, food, etc., for something like a women's retreat. But, there is something profanely wrong with charging admission to a preaching service.
---SusieB on 7/15/08

I just received a brochure in the mail for another meeting near my area. They are charging a registration fee of $125 per person per day. This may include meals, but they're calling it a registration fee and it didn't say it included anything.
Do you folks think I should write to this ministry since I've attended their conferences in the past (and didn't get much out of them). Don't you think it's time we tell these ministries, "Don't you trust God to supply all of your needs according to HIS riches in Glory in Christ Jesus."
I'm not planning on charging anything for my two day conference, nor will I take up an offering. I can afford the airfare, hotel, and I will pay for all of that on my how. Isn't that how it should be?
---donna8365 on 7/15/08

RitaH....I was not referring to all evangelists. My husband is a Christian evangelist and would never think of charging any kind of set fee. We also would not have anyone come to our church to minister who wanted to charge an "admission fee" which is against God's principles. Free will offerings are all that should be received. And, none of those thirty minute offering requests either. A simple taking up of offerings is all that should happen. I was trying to clarify Nicole's question as to what churches charge fees.
---SusieB on 7/14/08

Nicole...You are right about churches checking up on tithes. The LDS have tithing statements that are required of their members. Anyone not reporting their tithing do not receive temple recommends and cannot enter into the "sacred" areas of an LDS temple. That is just one of their requirements for a temple recommend.
---SusieB on 7/14/08

Many are not remotely like this and preach the gospel honestly with the desire that others will be saved. However, I would personally be wary of those who charge for entrance, push the sales of books and tapes and then ALSO take a collection. Anyone organising such an event prayerfully should believe that God will provide the finances.--RitaH

I agree with you. I have been to traveling Preacher's sermons. I was invited by a friend and we went to Church.

No one asked for a donation.

They didn't take up a collection.

Most Protestants Preacher do NOT charge to speak that I know about.

But, I have seen a Church demanding to see your W2 TAX FORM to make sure you are giving 10% of your income to the Church.
---Nicole on 7/14/08

Nicole...This question is referring to special meetings that are held by traveling evangelists or teachers. It's kind of like charging for prayers for those who have died. Nothing Christian about it.
---SusieB on 7/13/08

Unless you charge for prayers, you shouldn't. Because I know you are not referring to Catholics charging.

If Priest can't even charge for funerals, Weddings or anything Spiritual, you know that don't charge for praying for the dead.

But, I thought traveling evangelist are still Christian.

So, they still charge people to hear the message of Christ. Traveling or Special event, it is still a charge.

So, who are the ones charging to hear about Christ?

It isn't Catholics.
---Nicole on 7/13/08

"This question is referring to special meetings that are held by traveling evangelists or teachers. It's kind of like charging for prayers for those who have died. Nothing Christian about it." SusieB please don't stigmatise all travelling evangelists. Many are not remotely like this and preach the gospel honestly with the desire that others will be saved. However, I would personally be wary of those who charge for entrance, push the sales of books and tapes and then ALSO take a collection. Anyone organising such an event prayerfully should believe that God will provide the finances.
---RitaH on 7/14/08

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Nicole...This question is referring to special meetings that are held by traveling evangelists or teachers. It's kind of like charging for prayers for those who have died. Nothing Christian about it.
---SusieB on 7/13/08

I also never heard of registration fees? It this collected every Sunday or everytime you go to Church?

What if you are just visiting over and over. Will they stop you after the 5th week and ask for the fee?

What happens if you do not have any money? Do you skip going to Church?

We don't even have to pay the Priest for Weddings and Funeral Services.

You can make a Donation of $25 or $50 if you wish. But, some don't even do this.
---Nicole on 7/12/08

One of the most well-respected and gifted Christian musicians (Carmen) takes up an offering and does not charge admission to his concerts. That's the way a Christian should present his talent. I saw his show when we lived in Vegas and it was all about abstinence, something that few young people hear about today.
---SusieB on 7/12/08

I'm not contradicting my earlier reply but I do have one serious worry about entrance fees at such events and think an offering would be better, although some would give nothing I know. When there is an entrance fee it tends to be only Christians that attend (or the great majority are) When entrance is free and an optional offering is taken seekers and the curious will attend. There seems little point in these great gatherings if the speakers are preaching only to the converted. Everyone attending such events should take at least one unsaved friend, relative or neighbour and pay any entrance fee for their guests.
---RitaH on 7/12/08

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A registration fee? I've never heard of a registration fee. You need to be aware of false prophets. Matthew 7:15 Watch out for false prophets, They come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. There should be an offering. We are to give to the Lords ministry whole heartedly & happily. But a fee no. The Word was given to each of us free so for those calling themselves preachers, prophets charge us to hear the Word would be doing wrong. But for us NOT to give an sacrificial offering is wrong too.
Matthew 10:8 ... Freely you have received freely give.
---dayce on 7/12/08

Last summer a local ministry sponsored a "revival" by some out of town ministries. The charge was $40 per person or $70 for a couple. During the 45-minute altar calls (each night), one preacher said that if you need money you should get a bag, pick up the rocks around that "anointed" property, put the rocks in the bag and take it to the bank the next day and it would turn into money. Seriously! Then they said that there were "gems" falling out of the sky and some people had "instant weight loss" at that meeting. By the way, that local ministry filed bankruptcy last fall to avoid foreclosure on their property. Guess they forgot to take that bag of rocks to the bank.
---SusieB on 7/11/08

Mima, you talk about money. What about Christ and Salvation.
---Rob on 7/11/08

Mima>>You can do what you want to or feel good about, but really if someone offers me money, I am gonna take it. You know as long as it's legal. We must be careful on this false pride. I have to admit, I am kinda shy about such things. But on the otherhand, if God wants me to have it, I will take it. Perhaps, you will have a change of mind and start receiving. You sound like a giver, already.
---catherine on 7/11/08

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Many years ago while praying(and not about money) the spirit told me to not worry about money. Twice I have had millionaires hear my message and immediately take me aside and say," if you need money let me know". When people see me giving away cars and trucks and just raw money they ask, how can you afford to do this? I just smile and remember what I was told. Many times people offer money, but I never accept. except one time, at a nursing home, a lady gave me $.50(two quarters) and ask me to use it for the Lord, this gift from her so touched my heart that I did not have the heart to refuse it.
---Mima on 7/11/08

I always wonder how many unsaved people are still lost because the preacher charged an admission.
---SusieB on 7/10/08

Registration fees. What's that? That is a new one. Watch out for false prophets and preachers. They are permeating the churches of today, and legally stealing money. Only God says, "it is not legal at all". People are getting away with stuff down here, that God will not let you get away with. I believe people are being punished for the stupidest things today. If you have an addiction, it is 20 years. They ought to be going after the real important stuff!
---catherine on 7/10/08

Don't you folks believe that what God ordains, He pays for. What I mean is: If God is sending and anointing that person to preach and teach the word in certain cities, and that person takes up an offering, don't you believe God will put it on people's hearts to give a certain amount of money to cover the costs?
Not only was a registration fee charged, but tons of teaching CD's, books, and other stuff was sold that night. Lots of money was made at the book and CD table alone.
I give according to how I was fed. Some may not agree with this, but if the word is watered down and they don't know what they're talking about, I don't give hundreds. But if the word is profitable to my Spirit and I learn from it, I give to the fullest.
---donna8365 on 7/10/08

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most men of God do this because of u. since no-one want to go again to a lended barn sitting on stacks of hay. expences are made and these expenses need to be paid. upon that they have a ministry, travelling expenses, hotels, etc. all to be paid. most of us critisize their notes of expenses, yet the way most of us want them to minister is expensive too. their goal is to minister and they do that at any cost.
---Andy on 7/10/08

Hearing the word of God should be free to hear by anyone. It is okay if a Preacher or even a group of singers take up a love offering to help their expenses if visiting another church. But what gets me is when you try and get someone to come to your church to sing or to preach and they charge the church a large amount of money. But to charge an overhead just to come to the church is just not right. I understand they too have expenses but shouldn't charge a church hundreds of dollars. Selling tickets is okay if there an reasonable amount. We had singer Michael Combs to our church twice now and his tickets are $10.00 each. Which is not a not bad price.
---Rebecca_D on 7/8/08

Did Jesus charge an entrance fee to the people who listened to Him?
---alan_of_UK on 7/8/08

Offerings only! No registration fees! The gospel is not for sale.
---SusieB on 7/8/08

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If by 'registration fee' you mean an entrance charge to hear the preacher then I do not believe they should also have an offering. These events are not funded with fresh air, they cost a lot of money to organize and bills have to be paid but they should not expect those who come to hear to pay twice. Anyone choosing to give more later can do so but a plate should not be passed around for the purpose. The entrance fee should be an amount which (providing enough tickets are sold) will cover the costs involved. As with all 'businesses' there are sometimes losses and sometimes gains but this is usually allowed for in calculations.
---RitaH on 7/8/08

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