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Diabetes In Children

The doctor just diagnosed my 5 year old child with diabetes. I've only heard of adults getting diabetes. Is my doctor wrong?

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 ---Laura on 7/11/08
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Diabetes as diseases can get anyone irrespective of age.
---jack on 8/2/08

Your doctor is more than likely not wrong....yes children can and often do get is very serious and you really must follow the doctors directions...I am a diabetic and I was not that young when I found out , but I was 17 years old...that was in 1959, I am now 65 years old and of course I am still diabetic...many complications from diabetes because sometimes the longer you have it the more effects it has on your body....FOLLOW THE DOCTORS ORDERS....I can't stress it enough....if still in doubt, then get a second opinion, but don't just ignor the problem,,,I will pray for you and your daughter.....sincerely in Christ, Patra9795
---patra9795 on 7/29/08

Type 1 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in children: 90-95 per cent of under 16 with diabetes have type 1.
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, meaning a condition in which the body's immune system 'attacks' one of the body's own tissues or organs.

In Type 1 diabetes it's the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas that are destroyed.
The last 30 years has seen a threefold increase in the number of cases of childhood diabetes.
Causes of childhood diabetes is not understood. It probably involves a combination of genes and environmental triggers.

The majority of children who develop Type 1 DON'T have a family history of diabetes.
Out of 8 children, my sister is the only one with Diabetes.
---NV_Barbara on 7/28/08

Kids have tv to vegetate in front of.
There alot of fast food restaurants.
There are unhealthy snacks out there or food items that kids eat as a snack.
Kids don't exercise as much as kids used to.
They eat more sugared stuff, more starchy stuff(french fries)than you or your parents did.
---julie on 7/26/08

While I don't think that child onset dibetes can be cured (without divine intervention), I do believe that it can be prevented. Dr. John McDougal, in his book "McDougal's Medicine," shows that babies with a condition of "leaky gut syndrome" that ingest cow's milk develop type 1 diabetes as follows:

The foreign milk protein enters the child's bloodstream via the leaky gut fissure and is recognized by the immune system as a foreign invader. Antigens are produced to attack the intruders, but since the structure of the milk protein is identical to that of the lining of the pancreas, the child's own pancreas is also attacked, and Type 1 diabetes is the result.

I beg you, don't give your children cow's milk!
---jerry6593 on 7/26/08

No! the doctor is not wrong, I have a 10 yr old granddaughter with diabetes. She takes about 3 shots a day. She had it since about 4 or 5.
---Pastor_Herb on 7/25/08

Until the last decade, it was thought that only adults have type 2 diabetes. The only type diabetes seen in children was type 1, which required a lifetime of insulin injections.

Now, type 2 diabetes occurrs with increasing frequency in children. Type 2 diabetes in children is usually curable! The disease is directly due to OVERWEIGHT (and inactivity).The child's pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to supply the over-sized body. If a child returns to normal weight and gets regular exercise, the problem is usually cured.

BUT IT IS ESSENTIAL for an MD to determine whether the child has type 1 or type 2 diabetes, since type 1 disease cannot be treated by diet alone. It is fatal without administration of insulin.
---Donna on 7/25/08

Yes, children can get diadets. But most of the children have the family history where either of thier parents has/had diabets. If eary diogonised like your kid may stay long. Dont loose heart with GOD all things are possible.
---Petra on 7/25/08

No u not wrong but is seldom that children gets it.

bless u
---johni on 7/24/08

Yes, any children can by diagnostic with diabetes, but he or she can have a normal live if take care.
---Janette on 7/23/08

Type 1, or Juvenile Diabetes is a VERY real disease that NEVER goes away. My sister was diagnosed at 3 yrs. old, she most likely was born with it but only showed up when she got a bit older. She is now 63 and is very brittle. Rhemetoid Arthritis is common later in life with Diabetics, as are many other diseases, such as Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, my sister has all of these among other illnesses. She has had both knees and hips replaced. Diabetics have to take special care of their feet, and healing is very slow with Diabetics. Sugar levels MUST be monitored closely, Insulin reaction (low blood sugar) and Coma (high blood sugar) are very dangerous side effects.
Check on any Search engine for more info.
---NV_Barbara on 7/22/08

yes children do have diabetes, achild can also born with it
---clove6736 on 7/22/08

No. Your doctor is not wrong. If there is a problem with a member of the family on either side it is always a subject of it being passed on. Also, with the way the children are living and eating today and being so over weight, the possibility of them having diabetes has grown greatly, We need to watch their diet better than we are doing.
---Dorothy on 7/21/08

Yes it is true children may suffer from diabetes. Because one of my cousin(girl)
suffer from this disease. Now she is completely cured by prayers.

God Bless your Child.
---nasir4479 on 7/20/08

Type 1 (Juvinile) Diabetes is totally different than Type 2 which occurs in adults.
Many adults develop Type 2 usually from being overweight, and blood pressure also figures in.
---NV_Barbara on 7/19/08

yes, children can have diabetes.
---robert on 7/18/08

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Yes, as some children are born with it, and it is many times passed down from one generation in a family I understand.
---Betty on 7/18/08

Yes they can I was suprised when I heard of children but pray because sometimes people can speak death to our lives. One time my Pastor from my old church said that some symtoms I had where diabetic but I didn't recieve it. Rebuke it in the name of Jesus pray and stand on Gods word. Ask questions of how they know that your child has diabetes always get answers and listen because the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy, I belive that God will get all the Glory.
---virga3334 on 7/18/08

No, your doctor is right. My sister had 2 sons who had diabetes. The first one was born with it. He was very ill when he was born. Unfortunately he died at the age of 2 just a few months after his brother was born. Soon after the first son died, the second was diagnosed with the same sickness and he was also diabetic and insulin dependent. He too died at the age of 9. Their diabetes was related to the disease they had which I cannot remember what it is called. It is a rare disease.
---Pat on 7/17/08

im 52 yrs old ...i foound out the hard way i had diabetes 10 yrs ago ....i was at the point of coma or death ...since then i have found out what to do about my diabetes to treat it and live with it ..i have found out anyone can get it ...if your child has it now ..then you or your spouce need to keep watch on yourselves ...
---gary on 7/17/08

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I think diabetes can occur at any age. But I have learnt in the last few years that most diseases we get are caused by our diet and if we ate God's original diet as prescribed by God when he first created man kind we would rarely get sick. In the beginning we were to eat of the fruits on the trees and the plants from the garden and no meats and processed foods. To get the most nutrition from our food we need to eat mostly raw as cooking destroys the food value.

---Normand on 7/17/08

I have a 10 year old niece that was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 5.
The medical tests are pretty conclusive,
if you doubt your dr, see another for a 2nd opinion. There are 2 types of diabetes: juvenile & adult onset. There is a lot of information available to you: internet, magazines, books, Diabetes associations. What helped my niece & her parents was to meet & get to know other kids with diabetes. It really helped- especially at first.
---marilyn on 7/17/08

Unfortunately, yes. Children get diabetes. The juvenile type is worse than what adults get (type II). Part of the problem is kids don't want to be limited in their diet. They can't accept that they can't eat sweets and junk like other kids, but it is crucial they follow a strict diet. An adult usually has more discipline in that regard. My cousin was diagnosed at age 9. He took insulin shots immediately. He didn't live a long life, by mid 20s he needed a kidney transplant. This is not to be taken lightly. Get a second opinion if it makes you feel better, but the signs are usually unmistakable -- constant thirst, increased appetite, fatigue, frequent urination, and the urine has a strange almost fruity odor to it. .
---Michele on 7/17/08

Inthis day and age with all different types of medicine, pills and off the shelf nutrients yes anything can eventuate.Plus the xray in the clinic and rays out in the sun and different types of food cookec in one continent and consumed in another yes we all prone to this type of diseases. The child can only be the scapegoat of what parents and grandparent were exposed before she was even conceived.Natural organic foods are simply the best. But if weare with Jesus and you have taken steps to made whole spiritually and mentally and spiritually, if you have taken first step God will take care of the rest.
---Apete_Naitini on 7/17/08

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Yes, children certainly can become diabetic.
I have a nephew, who is now 52, who has had diabetes since age 7. It's a hard road for the child and the parents. Learn all you can about the disease and explain to your child as much about it as he/she is able to understand. There is so much more can be done today than 40 years ago. My nephew is a grampa today and has his diabetes well under control. IT wasn't always so, because he did a fair bit of drinking in his late teens and early twenties and that caused a lot of problems with his blood sugarlevels and going into diabetic coma. Don't despair! Focus on what your child can have rather than what he/she can't have. Blessings!
---lucy on 7/17/08

Dear Writer,
Yes, a 5 year old child can have diabetes.
Your doctor is not wrong, but you should get a second opinion if in doubt.
Good luck and God bless,
---Inge on 7/17/08

hi, yes children do get diabetes. my sister was 7 years old when she got it, because she was so young they were not really checking for it and almost cost her, her life. God bless, vickie
---vickie on 7/17/08

Yes I Think Your Doctor Is Wrong,Your Child Should Not Be Diagnosed With Diabetis And My Mother Is Diabetic Is On Medication For That And Uses Something To Maintain Her Blood Sugar!
---Elizabeth on 7/17/08

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Yes indeed childred cand get diabeties. Maybe that child was taking in too much starches or maybe there's a family history of juniville diabeties. Only God knows. The doctor was right. Now all the child needs to do is to eat the right foods, exercise when needed and visit his/her doctor. A know all of this sounds like a tall order at this time, but doing the right thing saves the child from complications later. I could go on and on but time is limited on this page so the parents should encourage him/her to stay focused and NEVER feel sorry for him/herself.
---Johnny on 7/17/08

Yes Children can get diabetes A child I went to school with had diabetes growing up and his sugar would go up and he would be in and out of the hospital. I was told by my doctor that more children have diabetes because of diet and with a change of diet they will live a long life. God Bless you
---Grace5867 on 7/17/08

I am a biblical counsellor.i have come across many children and infants with diabetes.yes it is true that this is common now a days.
---francis on 7/17/08

Yes childrens can get diabetes,they can inherit it,or can be pass on to them from their mother.
---Herman on 7/17/08

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Yes its true I have seen it that children get diabetics. But we has christinas we are to believe that God will heal your child.

Let join hands and pray for your child.
---Lackelo on 7/17/08

Yes it is true,My friend was diagonized at the age of 3, but got disapear with prayers at the age of 25.
---azime9938 on 7/17/08

Yes, children can and do get diabetes. As with most serious illnesses, such as diabetes and cancer, the disease is much harder on the child. So,now that you know this it is also important to know that as a parent you've got to stay on top of your child's diet (and they will resist it) and monitor insulin dosages. It is too serious a disease to take lightly. Actually it is not the disease itself that is the most worrisome factor, it is the effects it has on all other organs of the body, namely eyes and kidneys, but it affects the whole body. Take heed to what the doctors/dieticians say.
---jade on 7/17/08


There are different types of Diabetes mellitus - the most common ones are called Diabetes mel. type 1 and Diabetes mel. type 2. Type 1 is caused by an reaction of the body against insulin producing cells in the pancreas - it's usually diagnosed during the childhood, that's why is often called "juvenile diabetes" - this kind of Diabetes is not difficult to discover (if the doctor got the first clue..), thus your doctor is probably right - and as your doctor told you hopefully your child can be helped easily with insulin replacement...
Diabetes mel. type 2 is extremely rare in young patients, maybe that's what you've heard about.
(I just got this question via system message, maybe it was already answered before)
---Marius on 7/17/08

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Yes, children can get diabetes. There are lots of children with this disease. It is called juvenile diabetes.
---denia3789 on 7/17/08

yes all kids of all ages can get diabetes no your dr is wright children of all ages can get diabetes all we can do is pray that this problem goes away all diseases is caused by the devil all sicknes is caused from the devil all we can do is stick together and pray for all healings of all
---andy on 7/17/08

I have heard that children who have diabetes usually inherit it.But I don,t think this is nessecarily true.I think that children can get diabetes without a parent or other relative having had it.I used to work in insurance and we had many clients who had diabetic children.So yes,children can have this terrible illness.Thank God one day we will all be free of any illness and have eternal health and life.
---Irene on 7/17/08

Not all Type 1 Diabetes is genetic. My sister is the only one in our family as far back as we know who developed Diabetes. She has 4 children and none of them have it, they are all in their 30's now.

The cause of Type 1 diabetes is still not fully understood. Some theorize that Type 1 diabetes could be a virally induced autoimmune response. Autoimmunity is a condition where one's own immune system "attacks" structures in one's own body either destroying the tissue or decreasing its functionality.

Type I diabetes, T1D, T1DM, IDDM, juvenile diabetes, is a form of diabetes mellitus. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that results in the permanent destruction of insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas.
---NVBarbara on 7/14/08

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No..I have a friend that has a son that was diagnosed with diabetes at five. They believe it was actually a result of all the vaccinations he had before the age of five.
---melanie on 7/14/08

According to my research, genetic (type 1) diabetes has the body producing *rogue antibodies* which kill insulin producing cells in the pancreas. This starts very soon in children, since it is genetic, I understand. And generally type 1 diabetics don't get obese.

*Type two* diabetes HAD been called "adult onset" because of it starting later in life after ones put on a lot of fat. One belief is excess fat tissue can put out a hormonal order called *insulin resistance*, which tells cells to resist insulin's action of getting sugar out of the blood into cells.

But nowadays *kids* are putting on enough fat to get the type 2 process started. However, ones losing enough fat have been able to get off insulin.
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/14/08

Most always Diabetes in children is Type 1 and will require Insulin.

"Aspertame in diet soda, diet food, etc. is actually a poison to the body,it mimics M.S. and has been known to cause heart palpitations, some have died or ended up in wheelchairs."

VERY true MEW, thank you for pointing this out!
At 80 degrees Aspertame turns into its natural state of Formaldehyde!

Many years ago someone gave me iced tea with *Nutra Sweet* in it, I had a stroke and my heart stopped twice in the ambulance and I was 'brought back' by the work of the EMS people in the ambulance (and by God!).
NO ONE should injest these artificial sweeteners!
It also affects your long and short term memory, among MANY other side effects.
---NVBarbara on 7/13/08

I have been a diabetic all my life, though I was only diagnosed 20 years ago.
While there are restrictions on what he can eat, they are not impossilble. Probably the hardest to understand will be that she can't have chocolate, amd alchohol could be a problem.
It is not certain she will need insulin, i was 45 when I started, but if offered, take it.
---mike8384 on 7/12/08

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Yes, diabetes in young children is possible. You first want to be sure whether it is type 1 or type 2. Then you have to realize that conventional medicine tends to be very reckless with medications, so it's better to do some research into alternative medicine and REVERSE diabetes.

Dental amalgams will leak mercury into the body and wreak havoc (SAFE removal is very important).

Aspertame in diet soda, diet food, etc. is actually a poison to the body (it mimics M.S. and has been known to cause heart palpitations, some have died or ended up in wheelchairs).

There is a book called "Death to Diabetes" (also a video/lecture on youtube) but I'm not sure it addresses such a young age.
---more_excellent_way on 7/11/08

Type 1, or Juvenile Diabetes is a very real disease and will require close care for the rest of her life. My elder sister is 62 and was diagnosed with Diabetes when she was 3 years old. In those days it was a hard diagnosis and little was known about it.
Adults that develop type 2 Diabetes have an easier time handling it.
Don't lose hope, she can live a normal life but MUST be monitored closely. Is she taking Insulin?

God bless you and your child.
As Trish suggested check WebMD for further information, however I'm sure that your child's Dr. will be giving you a lot of info and instructions. An Endocrinologist can best deal with this disorder.
---NVBarbara on 7/12/08

You are wrong. There is Juvenile Diabetes, where children are diagnosed with it. And, unfortunately, many children are now being diagnosed with Adult Onset Diabetes, where obese children, and adolescents are developing it.

I suggest you do some research. WebMD is a great resource online.
---Trish9863 on 7/11/08

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