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Sow A Seed Ministries

Do you believe sow a seed ministries such as Mike Murdock is biblical?

Moderator - Sow a seed ministries are spreading false doctrines and have damaged millions of Christians by stealing their money especially from the poor.

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 ---Kella3336 on 7/16/08
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Mary, that is sweet of you to say. I have thick skin and can handle myself so its all good. it is still good to know someone cares, thanks
---shira4368 on 1/21/12

Hi Shira, I agree with you--we can sow a seed by living a godly life. I'm just so sorry for your pain and for comments that may have hurt you in the past, God bless you hon.
---Mary on 1/21/12

you can sow seed by living a Godly life. At any one time, 100 people are watching your life especially if you say you are a christian. The unsaved are watching to see how many "mistakes" you make and the saved are watching you to see how you handle a certain problem. When my husband passed away, I had a lady to actually ask me why I wasn't distraught and uncontrolled tears. She even told me I act like it didn't matter. Yet another one said she watched me the day of his funeral and thought to herself I wish I could be like you if I am ever in that position. I had already cried so many tears, my tear ducts were shock and not believing what was happening to me.
---shira_4368 on 1/18/12

Mike Murdock is a con man .There are a lot of mikes coming out and making you feel guilty to steel your money.What does the Bible say about these false prophets in the last days!One thing i would like to say about mal.3 is if these preachers have knowledge of what is going on here in mal. they are steeling from Gods people!these tithes started when the jews went into the promised land.there was never any money giving only food from the people god gave land to.tradesmen never tithed.Jesus nerver tithed or the deciples.Look it up!this tithe was giving only to the jews that went into the promised land and got land.If you study who god is talking to in mal.3 you will look at the preachers preaching tithes in a differant way!Study!!!!
---scooter on 1/8/12

You probably won't know, ever, about the oil wells or any other details of their finances.
They are not forthcoming. An operation of that size that does not make their financial statement available...looks suspicious to me.
I wouldn't give them a penny (even if I agreed with their teachings, which I don't)
---Donna66 on 9/24/09

Truth is He and Gloria Have some oil wells on their property so they are not sucking you dry of your money but are just reminding you of your obligation to God on his command to tithe

curious were the oil wells an inheritance?

or did they get the wells after tithes and their book and cd info-mercial sales?

they are not "reminding" anyone of tithing

They are takers simply false ministers ...sheeps clothes wolves of deceit duping MANY into giving them money by USING Gods Holy Word as a weapon to PREY on the simple minded

this "ministry" is VOID of God their work is pure evil True minister of God CHARGES money for Gods Word
---Rhonda on 9/24/09

Well well Kenneth Copeland eh? Truth is He and Gloria Have some oil wells on their property so they are not sucking you dry of your money but are just reminding you of your obligation to God on his command to tithe so if you want to be blessed in your finances obey Gods word also remember you reap what you so so don't rip to hard it can come back on you.Give your tithe to who ever need you want but remember you are going to answer to God where you place it this command not only to bless you but also your childrens children so obey him in this let me tell you it works
---les on 9/23/09

to rickey
first of all, christ rebuke the pharisees & told them that they are 'lovers of money' then in luke 13:12-15, christ healed a woman on the sabbath, but the synagogue ruler or (pastor/televangelist) said it is unlawful to heal on the sabbath. the point here is there are people who are suffering & they are asking & believing but there are arrogant self righteous christians or pastors/televangelist (bec. the 'yeast of the pharisees' has infected them) who are a hindrance to the healing & blessings. those are the people who have the problem not the ordinary people.
---mike on 7/28/08

These people have to stand before God at judgement and it won't be a pretty picture. They are false teachers and money seekers.
---jody on 7/26/08

Rob that is exactly, to the point, right on the money as to what I wander about you and many folks on these sites. A person could teach something from the word of God line upon line, showing scriptures, & how it has worked for them in their life, but Pharisee (or folks who don't think that it is fair to see the word working for them) always despise it & criticize it.

Christians do it daily to other christians by just hearing part of what someone is saying & not listening to the entire thing. It always happens even on this site.

Folks today are worse than Adam pointing the finger at Eve.

Also, keep in mind, that these pastors who always get hated on pay their tithes too.
---Rickey on 7/26/08

to rickey - part 1
then if you are saying that christ is the high priest, then explain to be how & where did these pastors/televangelist get their money to buy their houses, luxury cars? also you say that we get defensive when it comes to money. but why are these televangelist get defensive when they are audited bec they seem to be able to acquiring luxury cars, multi million dollars homes? kenneth copeland is able to purchase a $20 million private jet. so does christ or people in need benefit from the millions of dollars that they collect every sunday?
---mike on 7/25/08

to rickey - part 2

matthew 23:25 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye cleanse the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full from extortion and excess

2 cor 2:17 - unlike so many we do not peddle the word of god for profit.
---mike on 7/25/08

Mike, there are 2-ways that folks can look at tithing, vertical or horizontal.

Many christians are looking horizontally at it as if they are giving to the pastor.
Folks should look at it vertically, giving to our High Priest Jesus.(Hebrews 7)

Just by looking at how folks get defensive when it comes to money simply shows that folks are not fully doing what Jesus said in Mark 12:30.
If folks were doing Mark 12:30 then there would be no debate or schism when it comes to tithing or many other things listed in the bible.

On another note, folks wouldn't have to go preach or teach about giving or sowing again and again if people would just do it.
---Rickey on 7/25/08

Rickey, from reading some of the things you have written, I am wondering if you believe the Word of God (THE BIBLE), is true, it is complete, and that it is without error.
---Rob on 7/25/08

to rickey - part 1
then why do pastors & televangelist always use Malachi? I even heard that retirement is based on that verse. and if you say that tithing is for the kingdom of god, then why do pastors, televangelist have multi million $$ homes & luxury cars, their salaries are half a million dollars a year. is that storing treasures in heaven? that is what you call greed & selfishness. they preach about contentment & self denial but they themselves do not practice what they preach. they condemn self confidence but they provide for themselves. just bec. the pastors said it, it does not mean it is always right.
---mike on 7/24/08

to rickey - part 2

in the bible, the pharisees were rigid & absolute. they condemn & accuse of christ of law breaking when he healed the blind on the sabbath. christ question them that what will they do if a child or a sheep falls into a well on a sabbath. he was not blind in obeying everything those pharisees & experts in the law were teaching. he warned us of be careful of the 'yeast of the pharisees. if a person is dying of hunger but a pastor or televangelist has a salary of millions of $$/year then something is wrong there. isn't that 'common sense'
---mike on 7/24/08

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Rob in Acts 8 he was trying to buy the Holy Spirit. In Mark 4 Jesus was talking about sowing the word. Of course, sowing the word goes right along with sowing money. If a person sows money, but has no word then he/she has no foundation. Then when they don't get what they wanted they will wonder why.

Neither of those passages of scripture are knocking sowing money.

Again, they are still not knocking sowing money in order to get money.
---Rickey on 7/24/08

Rickey, You asked to show where in scripture sowing money and reaping is not correct.

I can only assume you did not take time to read Acts 8:20-23, and mark 4:13-20.
---Rob on 7/23/08

Mike, show me according to scripture that sowing money and reaping isn't correct. No one is saying that a person shouldn't work & just sit around waiting for his/her harvest. Use common sense. Genesis 8:22 is a prime example. As long as we are hear on earth we can sow & reap.

How come when a person preaches on sowing money folk get all defensive & say that that person is a "false teacher" or is "not of God"?
Now, when someone talks about paying for a house, car, bill, etc. I never hear "christians" getting defensive about their money then.

Christians waste money all of the time, but get religiously defensive when it comes to giving money for kingdom business.
---Rickey on 7/23/08

to rickey - did christ practice blind obedience? yes, pastors would say anything & back it up by saying 'it is biblical'. but again what about other scriptures in the bible that talks about working & planning. proverbs talks about sowing & reaping & not only about tithing or giving your money away. to me that is blind obedience & laziness. if you sow ignorance, you will reap poverty, misery & more ignorance all in the name of obedience. basically, they are saying, you sow tithe & they (pastors) will reap the tithe. that is how the bible is exploited & perverted for one person to get rich. in genesis, adam was told to work not sit down give his fruits & god will take care of everything.
---mike on 7/22/08

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Aside from what you've heard about folks giving & not getting or about folks doing it for the wrong reason, why do you disagree with sowing money & reaping it? It is scriptural. No scripture says that it isn't.

Let's take it a little bit closer. If your pastor preached on sowing & reaping, which he/she should, would you do it?

Tithing is obedience too. It is not part of the law. It began before the law did. If you pastor preached on tithing & showed it to you in scriptures what would you do?
---Rickey on 7/21/08

Mima: "I consider the advice given by Frances to be very, very good."

Even Satan gives out good advice. She may have good advice at times, but most of the time she spreads her conspiracies, gossips and debates. And you, of course, know what the Bibles says about such people.

Frances, if you spend as much time spreading the gospel of the Kingdom of God and how to get there than spreading lies, God will gladly look favorably upon you.
---Steveng on 7/18/08

Mima Yes I agree with you which is why I aid "There needs to be some co-operation between the parents and the donor for this to work to the child's advantage" We should be careful who we discuss another person's needs with as this could cause offense. None of us should just barge in and buy an item because we can see or have been told that the need is there. We should tread warily, ensure that we have our facts straight, that our gift will be accepted and used etc. Otherwise there could be an abundance of one thing but none of another or gifts could be refused. It is more blessed to give than to receive, yes but we must also ensure that the recipient will feel blessed and not offended in some way.
---RitaH on 7/18/08

to rickey - and?
part 1
pr. 12:11 he who works his land will have abundant food but he who chases fantasies lack judgement
pr 12:24 diligent hands will rule
but laziness ends in slave labor

proverbs 22:29 do you see a man skilled in his work? he will serve before kings he will not serve before obscure men

eccl 10,10 - if an ax is dull & its edge unsharpened more strength is needed, but skill will bring success

but pastors & televangelist always use malachi. their perception is success is based on 10%. the answers to the issues in life is religion. that is why there are believers who are in bondage with immature teachings in the name of obedience.
---mike on 7/18/08

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part 2 to rickey - the moderator is right, if you give $50, will you end up having $500? then they will aggrevate the situation by saying "YE not have faith" if the malachi verse did not work.

believers have faith & they want to believe but they are given the wrong verse bec. it is convinient for televangelist to make a living especially malachi.

the books of matthew, mark luke & john showed that the pharisees, experts in the law always point to sin when they see suffering around them. they are a hindrance to healing, to faith & to knowledge & understanding.
---mike on 7/18/08

RitaH you bring up many good points. But many (99%) of these points can be answered by going through a third person to accomplish giving. Such as the classroom teacher, a pastor's wife, or even just a TRUSTED friend.
---Mima on 7/18/08

Mike read Genesis 8:22, Luke 6:38, Job 4:8, Psalm 126:5, Ecclesiastes 11:4, Proverbs 22:8, 2Corinthians 9:6, Galatians 6:7-8

They all talk about sowing and reaping, but not only money. Sowing and reaping applies to everything. Money is just one thing.

Genesis 8:22 & 2Corinthians 9:6 show that sowing and reaping can apply to money.

Aside from what folks have done wrong pertaining to money & sowing & reaping, God's word is still true. There is a law of sowing and reaping that will remain as long as the earth does.(Genesis 8:22)

There is a good selfishness & fleshly selfishness. Good selfishness is also called loving yourself.(Mark 12:31) If a person doesn't love himself they won't love others.
---Rickey on 7/18/08

Frances, I really like your suggestion of giving a coat to a needy child. I've often thought this way myself but there are pitfalls if we do things this way. The parents of the child could be grossly offended and hurt. Some would be very grateful I know but others wouldn't and, unless you know the family, you wouldn't know which way this could go. Another problem in 'going it alone' in a matter like this is that 20 people like you might have the same idea and all turn up with a coat when what is actually needed (besides the coat) is new underwear, shoes, socks, school uniform etc. There needs to be some co-operation between the parents and the donor for this to work to the child's advantage - but it's a lovely idea, don't get me wrong.
---RitaH on 7/18/08

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I consider the advice given by Frances to be very, very good.
---Mima on 7/18/08

Giving your money directly to the poor will be in no way wasted. I don't mean putting it in charities, I mean the ragged man, the neglected child. Do you see children running around in winter wearing summer clothes? Buy one of them a new coat? That is sowing. You will be taken care of, because God watches and is pleased by such acts. By the way, giving money to needy parents is not as good as giving a coat to a child for example, we need to be worldly wise. A parent might waste the money, but is less likely to sell their own child's coat. Some things even wicked people will not do for fear that it is seen by neighbours.
---frances008 on 7/17/08

to rickey - is malachi the only verse in the bible that teaches sowing & reaping.
what are you saying that if somebody losses his job, he just go to church, give his tithe, sit down & wait for an opportunity to come to him? that is what you call laziness.
there are verses in the bible that talks about work, skills, & knowledge & understanding & that is 'sowing & reaping'. these pastors televangelist have perverted & exploited the bible & their defense will be either 'you lack faith, you call god a liar or some 'immature & childish teaching'to justify their 'laziness teachings'.
---mike on 7/17/08

When you give - unselfishly - expecting NOTHING in return is when you receive the most wonderful blessings. The blessing come in many different ways and can be as precious as someone telling you that your life or something you have done has been a great blessing to them. Just remember, there is no way we can outgive G-d! Other times, the blessings come in bigger ways - and may even include monetary blessings - but, we can't give expecting to receive in return. And, it is better to give than receive.
---gophylann on 7/17/08

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Holly, thank you that is partially what I am saying.

I agree with Bobby3's statement: "Christians must have an eternal perspective, and our expectations should reflect such a perspective."

If sowing and reaping isn't in the bible then I guess Genesis 8:22 doesn't exist. Then I guess Luke 6:38 doesn't exist.

Rob don't get it twisted homey. I am not dependent on money, but it is a defense.(Ecclesiastes 7:12)

Susieb, I agree about tithing. Read Malachi 3:10. I do it & see great success financially. Folks wouldn't have to go on TV to preach about it if folks would be willing to give instead of saying, "I don't feel that the Lord is telling me to."
---Rickey on 7/17/08

Folks, I am not defending preachers who do it for "the love of money". I say what I say because I do it & know that it works. And not for "love of money".

I agree with Donna, " I think we're forgetting that God judges by the "thoughts and intentions of the heart" and by our motive for doing something."

When we bless someone else it's coming back on us as well. It's a spiritual truth found throughout the bible.(John 3:16, Luke 6:38)

Praying and praise is sowing. Reading the word is sowing. Giving money is sowing too. Why sow a seed w/o expecting a harvest.
Many SAY they believe that money isn't evil, but their actions speak otherwise.
---Rickey on 7/17/08

I consider how the Macedonians gave > 2 Corinthians 8:1-7 > it looks like they were giving for "the ministering to the saints" > does the money sown get used to help needy saints, like (I understand) Paul used the Macedonians' money?

Also, when the Macedonians gave, "they first gave themselves to the Lord" (in verse 8). Before we give or sow, we need to first give ourselves to the Lord, then see what He has us do.

Or else, God doesn't want your money, anyway. He wants family sharing. Those in really Christian churches can help each other, all things common, and they can sow in their own churches. And as family, ones can learn how to manage finances, not just seek a quick fix.
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/17/08

Rickey...Giving is not something that should be done so you can get back. It is done because you want to help someone or because you want to support the work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. God is not bought. He does not hand out money to you because you give to some false preacher on television. I have faith that the Lord will provide as HE says he will. He has abundantly blessed our home financially. We believe in giving tithes and offerings above 10%. However, we do it for the work of the kingdom. And, our abundance has come as the result of years of working good jobs prior to retirement. God does not expect us to just sit around and wait for that seed to grow. He expects us to plant the seeds of the gospel (not money).
---Susieb on 7/17/08

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We are not to reap riches and treasures on the earth. For it is written that every person we bring to God's kingdom it will cover a multitude of our own sins. This is what reaping and sowing is all about.

If riches on earth is just by giving money, I should be a billionaire by now. I currently earn a decent wage as a technical writer and live an unusually simple lifestyle and I'm allowed to give half my paycheck away and minister to the homeless in my area in Los Angeles. I've been doing that for over thirty years. Except, of course, the time I owned a company making decent revenues and I squandered my money in which God punished me by destroying the company and making me homeless for a year which brougt me back to my senses.
---Steveng on 7/16/08

Rickey, At the risk of sounding like I'm defending "Moderator," people who give these "seed faith" pledges, are identifying their god. If you truly trust God's promises, you know that He'll provide for your needs here on earth. We ALL tend to focus too much on money and material posessions. The only thing of true value is a right relationship with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
---tommy3007 on 7/16/08

thank you mr. moderator. I totally agree with you. It not having faith anymore but exploitation & perversion of the gospel.
---mike on 7/16/08

If we give of our money, we will be blessed in return, but we should not expect or even hope that that blessing will be in money.

How would you prefer God to bless you ... with cash or spiritual blessings?
---alan_of_UK on 7/16/08

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Rickey, you are doing what is written in Romans 1:25
---Rob on 7/16/08

The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. So if he is crooked, then he's doing all that work for us who are meek.

Don't ever be scared to ask for whatever you need. Phi.4:19 . God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Just make sure you're asking in the loving faith of God, never doubting in your heart and it shall be done.

We are called to be sowers. So we need to start thinking like a sower. Understanding that it is the Lord that is our sources of seed, multiplies our seed sown & providing bread for our food. A sower looks to sow his seed whenever & wherever the Lord tells him, knowing without doubt that the Word of God will not return void.
---Shawn.M.T on 7/16/08

God has done alot for humanity. He does not ask anyone to feel beholden, but He is a jealous God, and if you prefer to have your kingdom be of this world (Mammon), He will still be gracious to those who call on His name (because that's the way He is), but you have already chosen your kingdom (James 4:4)...
"...whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God".

Money is a useful tool to pay your bills, etc., but when it's used for devotion/worship, it becomes MAMMON.

ALL ministerial DEVOTION/worship to JESUS that DEPENDS on and is performed with money/mammon is a devotion to the treasures of THIS world (MAMMON will be your master).

John 12:25...
"...for eternal life".
---more_excellent_way on 7/16/08

I think we're forgetting that God judges by the "thoughts and intentions of the heart" and by our motive for doing something. So if someone is giving to GET, then they may not GET what THEY wanted.
We don't give to get, we give to give, to bless others, to pour out a blessing upon other people's lives to show them God's love by meeting a need of theirs. Do you know what "My God shall supply all of your needs according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus" means? Who is in Christ Jesus? The church, the body of Christ. We give out of love, not out of wanting money back. Amen?
---donna8365 on 7/16/08

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Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount: "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal." (Matthew 6:19-20)

It is a mistake to believe what we "sow" (monetarily or otherwise) will NECESSARILY manifest in rewards during our lives on Earth. Christians must have an eternal perspective, and our expectations should reflect such a perspective.
---Bobby3 on 7/16/08

Moderator...I believe the point that Rickey was trying to make about John 3:16 has nothing to do with money and money is not what he was referring to. What I believe he meant by that statement is that God sowed a seed of sacrifice of His only begotten son as a seed to reap a harvest of souls, not money.

Rickey...correct me if I am wrong.
---Holly4jc on 7/16/08


John 3:16 has nothing to do with sowing and reaping for money.

Do you believe you give a car to get a new car, give money to get more money, give a house to get a bigger house? That is what the sow a seed false ministries teach. That teaching isn't in the Bible. These false teachers are making merchandise out of the poor and greedy.
---Moderator on 7/16/08

Moderator, the same principal that God used, as stated in John 3:16, applies to every area of life. In a marriage, if a person sows disrespect he or she will reap it in one way or another.

Sowing and reaping not only applies to money. Money is just one of the ways it works.
Teaching this isn't what damages folks, foolishness, greed, & flat out stupidity is what is damaging folks.

I totally agree with Bill.

Moderator to tell someone that sowing in faith to get money is a false teaching right there. Be careful in how you state that. It's because of stuff like that that folks faith is hindered from receiving from God or doing what is plainly stated in scriptures.
---Rickey on 7/16/08

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We should give generously,cheerfully and sacrificially. God is no man's debtor and he will reward us in His way and time. If someone gives to get (100 fold is what some preachers tell them - pound for pound, dollar for dollar) then they are not giving cheerfully or sacrificially or generously they are just waiting for payback time. There are so many extremely poor people in the world who need our money, other material things and our prayers, why should anyone expect to receive monetarily or materially in return? Our joy is in knowing we have done God's will and helped those who cannot help themselves. Shame on any teacher who teaches otherwise. If you give one of your two coats to a poor person do you really want 100 in return!!!???
---RitaH on 7/16/08

Moderator, what did you tell the folks that you dealt with? Did you tell them that it is a "false teaching" to sow & reap. People should not base their faith on experiences, but on what the word of God says.
True, at times it is easier said than done, but it is still correct.

God sowed in John 3:16.
Why do folks put so much emphasis on what someone has done wrong & not on what he/she does right?

If someone told the woman with the issue of blood that touching His garment was a "false doctrine/belief" then her faith would've been hinder & she wouldn't have been healed. Same applies to sowing & reaping if you tell someone it is a "false teaching" then you hinder his/her faith.
---Rickey on 7/16/08


John 3:16 doesn't state God sowed Jesus so that He could make more money???

I dealt directly with hundreds of Christians that were damaged by this false doctrine of sowing to GET which isn't in the Bible. Of course out of 100 people that give to get, some will get more money simply because someone is always getting a raise or bonus, etc at any point in time. These false ministries steal mostly from the poor and God will judge them according to Matthew 7: 22-23.
---Moderator on 7/16/08

Biblical teachings on sowing are not monetary. They are always talking about sowing SPIRITUAL seed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. People need to stop watching TBN and these other channels carrying all these false doctrines.
---SusieB on 7/16/08

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Yup. It is biblical. Moderator there you go with the "false doctrine" label. Don't get it twisted. If it is false then why is it in the bible? Why is it working for me?

Let's be biblical about it: Genesis 8:22 & Ecclesiastes 11:1-6 are scriptures showing that sowing & reaping is true.
The best example is the One Who started it, God Himself. (John 3:16)

Usually it doesn't work for folks because it isn't done in faith. Folks do it in distress. They give hoping to get instead of biblically hoping(elpis)/expecting.
Many give focusing on the seed & not the Supplier.

Why is money such a sensitive subject when it comes to Christians? Once a person gets saved do they just desire to be broke?
---Rickey on 7/16/08

Mike Murdoch is the wolf in sheep's clothing. He dresses nice but like a woman of the streets he cannot keep his true intent(which is to steal your money) off of his face.
---Mima on 7/16/08

I don't know anything about Mike Murdock. But I have seen how ones say to sow a seed of a money gift, in order to get a lot of money in return from God. If God has me giving, it is so others can be blessed. I might sow a seed so someone I don't even know will be prospered "somewhere", IF I love all others as myself. Why if I care about others as myself, would I sow seeds just to get what *I* want? But Jesus did say if I give it shall be given to me, much more than I have given...pressed down and above measure . . . more than I know what to do with (o: So, why sow just money? How about love? I have more lady pen pals than I know what to do with (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/16/08

If "sowing seed" is taken in the true context which it is written, it has nothing to do with money, and has everything to do with sharing the true Word of God, Mark 4:13-20

Mike Murdock and those like him are false teachers and heritics who are preying on those people who are ignorant of God's Truths.

An example of what they teach being in direct contradiction what what is written in scripture is found in Acts 8:20=23.
---Rob on 7/16/08

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Mod, I agree with you completely. It is really very sad how they use the name of God to rob many people. Many of these people are naive and they are being taken advantage of.
---Kella3336 on 7/16/08

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