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Prophet Divinator Differences

Can anyone tell me the difference between a prophet and a divinator since both are bassically doing the same work.

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 ---Andy on 7/17/08
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Paul says they bewitched the hearers of God and he hopes they are casterated.
---tonne on 2/5/09

Dennis, it is verry strange of you to label Paul as a false prophet, since nothing that he teached ever contradicted Christ's teachings. it rather emphasised and strengthened them. Paul could never have teached anything else then what Christ teached. yes Paul used 2 standards for pagan and Jewish believers, yet so did the twelve apostles in Jerusalem. Paul basically teached that Jesus is God, and his blood has set us free. and Christ rose again. what falsehood?
---Andy on 7/23/08

The "prophet" here uses bible codes and other occultic divining tools for their prophecies. That is witchcraft.
That's a prophet of divination, a false prophet.

God's prophets do not require any kind of a tool, herescope or sign to give a prophecy.

They are led of the Holy Spirit. They can hear God's voice without any form of witchcraft. They also know when someone is lying through their teeth. They can recognize one person trying to be all things to all people and getting it very, very wrong.

A doubleminded false prophet, taking all sides of the debate will receive nothing from the Lord.
---Ryan on 7/18/08

Pretty ignorant labellling Paul as a false prophet........
every thing paul shared from God came true( see the shipwreck verses)
and his preachng was from Christ
Itd be interesting to see you tell God THAT when u stand in front of him.. if i was there id probably laugh at you lol .,. You undoubtedly dont read the scriptures deeply as its plainly obvious to see Paul was an ambassador of Jesu Christ.
Hope this helps you brother
---steve5637 on 7/17/08

The difference is that a true prophet glorifies God. A divinator{false prophet} doesn't.
---stephanie on 7/18/08

Dennis...How do you suppose the books that Paul wrote got into the Bible is he was a false prophet? At what point, do we start tearing out pages of the Bible?
---SusieB on 7/17/08

God does not predict the future, God knows the future. A prophet of God tells what God knows. If a prophet claims to be of God and is wrong ONCE then that prophet is not of God. Many are 'inspired' by God, this does not make them prophets. Matt. 24:5, Many will come in my name saying, 'I am of Christ', and will deceive many. A 'divinator' is always a false prophet, and is working on behalf of Satan. Anyone who claims to be a prophet of God and teaches anything different than what Jesus Christ himself taught is a false teacher, or prophet.This category includes Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddie, Ellen White, Nostradamus and the 'apostle' Paul. All of them taught something different than Jesus Christ, which excludes them from being prophets of God.
---Dennis on 7/17/08

Prophet====Called of God

Divinator=====Self-called from Satan

Lots of divinators running around today.
---SusieB on 7/17/08

2) Unfortunately we all have the mentality of both, our character is not perfect so we find ourselves living our lives between the facts & truth, from this stems all misunderstandings.

Jesus came to explained this to the disciples in Matt19:24-29 when He told them that "its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." The disciples were amazed & did not understand because they were reasoning & looking only at the facts of what Jesus said. When Jesus tells them "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." He's letting them know that all understanding is possible only with God's truth.
---Shawn.M.T on 7/17/08


1) A prophet is somebody who is divinely inspired by God. Eagerly awaiting the understanding of God revealed word, transmitting it to the world.

Divinatory is the method or practice of attempting to foretell the future or discovering the unknown through omens, oracles or supernatural powers to seek knowledge.

The difference between the two is that one deals in the facts and the other deals in the truth. One is moved by sight and the other is moved by faith. The knowledge of one is limited to only that which can be seen and the others understanding is limitless. One seeks out his own will, the other seeks out the will of God. Divinatory discoveries are by the hand of man. The prophet's understanding is revealed by God.
---Shawn.M.T on 7/17/08

Unless it is a false prophet, then a prophet does God's work. A divinator (false prophet) does Satan's work.
---Leslie on 7/17/08

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