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Evil Spirit Manifest Itself

Have you ever seen a manifestation of a evil spirit?

Moderator - Yes during a deliverance and during false revivals such as Lakeland Flordia.

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 ---Mima on 7/17/08
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Every time somone from the Word of Faith Movement opens their mouth.
---Rob on 12/4/08

Yes I have. In all the evil, hurtful & bad things around us all. Bad things DO NOT come from God. Those things come from Satan. He can get into our minds and impress things into our hearts. We have to be on constant guard through prayer and relationship with Christ.
---dayce on 7/20/08

"Have you ever seen a manifestation of a evil spirit?" Yes many times. As the spirit -mental attitude- consumed of the evil that influences the heart -focus and desires- of man. Manifested as "Evil thoughts, 'adulteries' -apostate in abandoning the Spirit of Truth, 'fornication's' -Playing the religious harlot by mixing the truth of the Father's word with the traditions or intellectual deceptions of man, 'Murders' -maliciously laying in wait to take a life, angrily hating one another without cause. Thefts, covetousness, deceit, lasciviousness, blasphemy, 'pride' -arrogance and high-mindedness. The manifestations of spirits that will lead those willfully bound by them to have their part in the lake of fire.
---Josef on 7/20/08

Jesus and HIS Apostles did not teach financial prosperity. They taught the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST---SALVATION. If anyone preaches another gospel, they are not of God.
---SusieB on 7/19/08

I've walked in a different state of conciousness, (no drugs, people always ask that) one that revealed the reality of tormenting fallen spirits crunching people down making them small and miserable.

Even in light of the horror of this event there was surreal peacefulness and close kinship with the father. I knew some of the demons from the time of Christ's crucifixion, and their names. They were literally mine to command.

Friends fight will all you've got for God's righteousness, fight against yourself and what you know will bring you to perdition, and you'll find a high road that doesn't quit. Remember God is a surgeon and doesn't use dull and dirty instruments. He will entrust to you what you are able to be trusted with.
---Pharisee on 7/19/08

Revivals are magic shows for those men who call themselves ministers of God ...they USE Gods Holy Word to LINE their pockets full of money using the people who attend knowing they are weak in Christ and have no discernment for the Truth because they would rather watch the show then read Gods Word

so full of themselves with their devoted followers ...these false ministers NEVER preach the same message ...go to any revival anywhere in the world and you will hear a different message a different interpretation of Gods Word ...they get away with what they do because those who attend want signs ...when one understands that there are hundreds of revivals going on every day and the message is never the same you can be sure it is not from God
---Rhonda on 7/18/08

Donna....Type in "true third wave movement" and see what you get. It isn't real! Get away from it. NOW!!!!!
---SusieB on 7/18/08

Moderator-I left the word false out and looked up Third Wave Movement. It is such a controversial subject and when people start putting labels on themselves and others, judgements are bound to happen. I already see in the Spirit what is happening. If you remove the word FALSE from your google search and just type in "Third Wave Movement" it explains what the third wave movement is without the gunky stuff added when you type in the word false. I'm not stating an opinion here, I'm just saying leave the word false out - it's a controversial subject, but I can see exactly what's going on.
---donna8365 on 7/18/08

Donna.....Not all prosperity comes from God. That's why you see such heathens who are "filthy" rich and don't care about God. Watch the news and you will see very wealthy people (actors, politicians, singers, etc.) who have no use for God. The way those "gemstones" are falling from above is that someone is standing in the back and throwing them in the air first. Or they are lightly applied to the top of the tent at tent revivals. Then when the wind blows or someone shakes the tent, they fall. Of course, they are not real. Like you said, you wouldn't recognize a real one if you saw it. You need to RUN from all the nonsense you have been associating with and get into church.
---SusieB on 7/18/08

Moderator-yes they should have been interested in discipleship, but I've got to tell you this. I was born again into a small 20 people church in 1983. The Pastor started his own church after leaving another one. After attending there for 3 years and seeing how gunky the Pastor was getting. All he talked about was getting 400 members-he was obsessed with numbers. So I see how obsessed a Pastor can get with wanting church growth. When I told this Pastor I was leaving, he preached against me from the pulpit for 45 minutes condemning me to pieces for leaving. Here's my point: GOD closed his church down within weeks after he did that to me. So I'm curious as to why God isn't doing this with more Pastors and churches?
---donna8365 on 7/18/08

Even when Jesus performed many signs and wonders, and despite that he said "greater things shall you do than I have done" many religious people, as then, will not believe and accuse that it is fake or it is the devil. Just go and ask the ones who see and hear now that were blind and deaf before and they will tell you the same as the blind man that Jesus healed. " I do not know how this happened, all I know is that once I was blind and now I see." I bless God for all he is doing in Florida and everywhere else.
---john on 7/18/08


"were hungry for church growth" - Instead they should have been interested in discipleship.

The gemstone more than likely was not real, however like the golden tooth I saw it is possible on RARE occasions it could be real, however it's not of God.
---Moderator on 7/18/08

Moderator-YIKES I found this site when I googled third wave movement that mentioned Vineyard churches, John Wimber and Mike Bickle - all of which I am familiar with. This site also mentinoned Willow Creek Church where my former boss is now working. Neither he nor his wife ever seemed like Christians and so I got away from them also. I will read further sites on third wave movements, but what I don't understand is: if they were hungry for church growth, thus performing signs and wonders, why didn't God close them down? See what happens when a person ONLY follows Jesus? The Lord kept his eye on me the whole time and I got away from these things. The lady who showed me the gemstone, I bet that wasn't real..huh?
---donna8365 on 7/18/08

I began to write about some of my experiences but something came into my thought that I should not give these evil spirits the opportunity to mess up some innocent souls mind by transporting information that can be used negatively, so I am just going to say unless this question is that of deliverance do not elevate the devil and his hosts. let sleeping dogs lay so to speak!
---Carla5754 on 7/18/08


Please go to the "Lakeland Florida Revival" on ChristiaNet's blogs to learn more about the Third Wave movement and do a Google search "false third wave movement". I know you take these issues seriously and I believe they will catch your attention. Please come back with specific questions after reviewing.

As to why Satan would give gemstones? In almost all cases Satan didn't as it was faked. I did see one video out of Lakeland with a person's tooth that turned to gold, however I don't know if it is real or they were fraud. If Satan can get people to believe these occultic things as Biblical then he can get people to follow other damnable lies.
---Moderator on 7/18/08

Moderator-this is the first time I'm hearing of a Third Wave movement-what is it and how did it get started? and WHO started it? I've been in the Kingdom of God since 1983 and have the gift of discerning of spirits so I've seen demonic activity in people. What is this Third Wave movement? This is the only site and first site I'm hearing about it. Please explain further.

My other question to you would be why would satan or the devil, whichever you prefer to call him, give people gemstones? Where is he getting them from and why would he be giving out gemstones? I'm just curious so I'm asking questions. Thank you kindly. Please be patient with me as this is the first time I'm hearing the term "Third Wave" movement.
---donna8365 on 7/18/08

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The gemstone manifestations are from the occult not Christianity. That isn't an accusation, but a statement for all to avoid the occultic Third Wave movement. This same movement has people barking like dogs, acting like chickens, etc. This isn't Biblical or Godly. The greatest demon manifestations that I have ever seen in person has been from the Third Wave movement. Please avoid it.
---Moderator on 7/18/08

Moderator-I wasn't at that meeting, but someone showed me a very tiny gemstone. I'm not a jewelry person, so I wouldn't recognize a real one from a fake. I'm still very naieve and don't like to pass judgement on anyone or anything God may be doing-so I will pray about this accusation. MODERATOR-why would God be blessing me in every area of my life if I was going against His will? There's not one bad or evil thing happening to me in my life - your accusation will be brought to the Lord, Father God. I could be coming from your theological mind. I still love you very much in Christ Jesus.
---donna8365 on 7/18/08


"I've seen the gemstones that fell out of heaven" - Good I will buy one from you - name your price. So far NOBODY has actually ever had one of these gemstones. Donna if you are going to those Third Wave meetings you are playing with the occult not Christianity.
---Moderator on 7/18/08

Ohhh SusieB, did you go to the One New Man Conference in North Carolina last year in August? I have travailed in prayer over Jewish folks who now call Jesus the Messiah. That is not a demon, that is God revealing himself to the Jewish people as Messiah. Sid Roth is NOT a false prophet. Sid is actually one that God has chosen to lead other Jewish folks to the Lord. I would prayer-fully travil in prayer before an opinion is made. I've seen the gemstones that fell out of heaven. I believe God is sending signs and wonders to Jewish folks. As far as taking rocks to the bank, I did not hear that in North Carolina. Too easily we don't understand supernatural things and we quickly judge them.
---donna8365 on 7/18/08

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Once, while praying for a very drunk Spanish-speaking man, I began saying Gloria Dios (Praise God). The man who spoke very little English raised his head from the altar and in an evil voice screamed, "NOOOOOOO." It was not the man's natural speaking voice. That's when I knew there was a demon of alcohol.
---SusieB on 7/17/08

Donna....Sid Roth can be lumped right up there with the other false prophets. He was part of a revival with David Herzog in this area. At that revival, the people were told to get a bag and go outside and pick up rocks. Put those rocks in the bag. Take the bag of rocks to bank and the rocks would turn into money. Also, during their many 45-minute offerings, they were told that there were gems falling from the sky. The ministry where this nonsense was taught is now in bankruptcy. Guess they didn't pick up none of those rocks.
---SusieB on 7/17/08

Yes. In the 1980's and early 90's I attended Wyn Worley's deliverance services when he came to Pennsylvania. I saw how evil demons can be. They threw grown men up against a wall. They spit large spit balls on people. Their eyes dialate very large. They scream and yell.

MODERATOR - I have listened to Todd Bentley being interviewed by Sid Roth, a very anointed Messianic Born Again Jewish Preacher/Teacher who recognizes Jesus as the Messiah. Sid Roth sat next to Todd when he interviewed him and said he saw no demons and that demons can't heal people. Instead, he said he felt Jesus's power coming out of him. He doesn't claim everyone he lays hands on are healed.
---donna8365 on 7/17/08

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