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Have You Witnessed Recently

How many people have you witnessed to this month?

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 ---Jolin on 7/17/08
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This month, I have left gospel tracts on store shelves, gas pumps, public restrooms, and phone booths. I also use my blog and Facebook for Internet Evangelism. However, this month I have not witnessed to anyone face-to-face.

During Halloween, I handed out tracts and candy. A couple years ago, a friend and I went to malls, football games, movie theater, door-to-door, festivals and a Jehovah's Witness Convention to present the gospel and hand out tracts. During a 5-hour drive, I stopped at every Welcome Center and handed out or placed tracts, and witnessed to (and prayed with) one guy. I want to start doing these types of things again.
---Jeff on 4/2/09

A story about witnessing.
Last Saturday while sitting in a remote corner of a baseball field with my son a lady approached me who I had not seen since last July. As I turned from my son and recognized her she said, oh I just wanted to say hello, at which time the Holy Spirit said to me, she is highly appreciative of her salvation.
Later I ask her, you know we prayed together for your salvation last July at a baseball game in Memphis and I want to ask you, do you still feel good about that situation. Oh yes, I am so very very happy that you witnessed to me and the Holy Spirit influenced me to pray for my salvation. My joy is unlimited because of what happened that day.
---mima on 3/25/09

I have witnessed to roughly 5 people this month. I love people at the mall at kiosks, because they approach first, sometimes. I also love the people who set up stands at Wal-Mart right outside the exit door - I have a captive audience. I also love the people who push the carts back into Wal-Mart because we can walk and talk.
---margaret on 3/25/09

A bunch and it did no good. A bunch of devils.
---catherine on 11/23/08

I have witnessed to 5 people this month - able to talk to 2 completely about the gospel and the other 3 I left with a gospel tract. Amazingly, or maybe not, these were Salvation Army workers ringing a bell in front of stores I go into. On asking the Evangelism explosion question, neither had a good response to give to God when asked "If you died today and were standing before God on judgment day and He asked, "why should I let you into my kingdom" what would you say" Neither had answer showing they understand salvation. One said "I would say Please," and the other said "Because I've made amends and don't do that stuff any more."
---margaret on 11/23/08

Great testimony Mima. I find that you are really in the evangelizing spirit. I know some might be convicted for not doing more. Some might feel anger for you showing what you are doing. I believe you do what your heart feels and everyone should do the same. Many have different ways of evangelizing. Some go to prisons, other on journey's as missionaries. Some witness at work but however they do it, they are been led by the Spirit. We might not even have the words to say, not been prepared, but the Spirit gives us words to say that can lead someone to Christ. God is in control of everything. When He want's to save someone He will save him.
Keep up the good works Mima, and may God keep blessing you on your ministry.
---MarkV. on 11/22/08

Part 1- MarkV-a little story I know, about 8 years ago I worked with a young soulwinner in Phoenix, Arizona. One of the sharpest soulwinner's I've ever know, he always took the other person's conversation and turned it into an opportunity to ask a penetrating question.
One day he was talking to a skid Row bum, when the bomb asked him for a dollar. Okay he said I will give you the dollar if you answer my question. He then asked him the question, are you absolutely positively certain going to heaven when you died? No I'm not the man replied. Continue
---mima on 11/21/08

Part 2- young men then witnessed to the skid Row bum and the bum agreed to pray with him. My young friend led the bum in a sinner's prayer. Afterward he asked the bum how do you feel now. The bum straightened up and said, I believe I am saved! I'm going to get off the streets and get a job and that is exactly what the man did.
The story was in some Christian magazines under the title of "SALVATION FOR A BUCK"
This soulwinner was named Rick and he has introduced hundreds to salvation!!!
---mima on 11/21/08

Mima, you do a great job in witnessing. I believe you are one on line that does more for bringing the Truth to people. But you have to remember that you are been guided by the Spirit. If you are in a place you think the word is needed, it is because the Lord has guided you there. If you use a testimony it is because that person needed that and God knew they did.
When we plant the seed by God's word, God takes over. Many times it is not the time for that person to hear and perceive, but it will stay with him for a while until it is time for him to come forward, it could be years.
Love is a part of us because Christ is love. Love comes when He comes into our hearts.
---MarkV. on 11/21/08

Mark V.~ I think you said that very well and I agree. Every situation is different and unique, and we have to let God's Spirit be our guide. In 'AA' they teach, you can't turn a person from alcohol until they truly want to turn from it...often this means the person has to hit his 'bottom.' I think the same often applies to Christianity, and people won't turn from sin, unless that person truly wants to...he has bottomed out and is seeking hope and truth. It is amazing the way God opens some people's spiritual eyes and helps them see their need for God. Thanks for sharing, and PLEASE expand more on this topic of how to witness best if you can, since witnessing is such a crucial topic.
---Anne on 11/20/08

Anne, I believe that where your conscious guides you, you should go. The Holy Spirit directs us and teaches us and influences us. And when we walk in the Spirit we are doing the will of God. I have to disagree with Mima about showing love not been a part of evangelism. The way God works through us is love.
When God prepares a person for salvation, He does it in so many ways. All we do is follow God and we are there where He sends us to plant the seed. We react to what the Spirit shows us.
The parable of the growing seed is that all we do is plant the seed, God does the rest. Man cannot make the seed grow. It grows by the will of God. And when it has grown as tall as it will be, it is ready for harvest.
---MarkV. on 11/20/08

---Anne has given a perfect description of lifestyle evangelism. Question is how successful are you Anna? Now Jesus Could use lifestyle evangelism. Why? Because he was without sin! We are not trying to get to enter heaven by being better people. No. Jesus has already made it possible for us to enter heaven if we first receive him. And how can we do this by openly calling on the name of Lord Jesus Christ to save our souls. He will not say no, in fact he has said in John 6:37" any man comes to me I will in no wise cast out". Oh let us praise his name for what he has done, the race has already been run by him our Savior and Redeemer!!! Kindness and friendship is wonderful but it does not bring about salvation.
---mima on 11/7/08

I feel like people do not really like to be 'witnessed' makes people feel like they are someone's 'salvation project.' People want to be treated with kindness, respect, and decency. Planting seeds of love is probably the first true step in witnessing. After that, if we can open up and talk to certain individuals about God, this is beautiful, but we can't talk to them like we know more about God than they do. I have to examine my life every day to make sure I am walking steady and true to God and His will...I think that is another basic step to witnessing. I like how Jesus did not have a step by step witnessing approach when talking to people, He just reached out to them and their needs, and expressed His intense love for God.
---Anne on 11/7/08

i witnessed to alot of people this chat rooms are a great place for that,netta
---nettiel on 11/5/08

After I started witnessing a dear Christian said to me, oh you need to keep records(keep count). Almost immediately the Holy Spirit said to me, "You do the witnessing I'll keep count." I have never keep anything but a estimation since. Some I try to remember for our radio program but never an exact number.
---mima on 11/4/08

i witnessed to alot of people this month.and will keep doing it.i love god and i know he loves me , he died for me.
---netta_3634 on 10/18/08

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There is someone everyday. It is doing no good. I must witness by the power of God, whether it's at home or out. Always eyes is on Jesus. When He says speak, I speak. I want to add something: All God needs is a few good people. And He tells me, "not many are equipped". I do not understand what the problem is, Perhaps, most cannot stand the heat. [ this I do understand] God does not need armies. However, Satan has armies. The people who God intends to use had better learn how to FIGHT. Some are trying to witness without the power of God. Go home....I wish, because most of them are probably lost, anyways....God, in these last days are looking for Paul and Nehemiah's types.
---catherine on 7/27/08

Mima: The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 3 "6 I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. 7So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow."

You obviously are wrong, because Paul is speaking about evangelism in this chapter, and he is referring to it as planting and harvesting.
---Trish9863 on 7/19/08

The Bible says, John 4:35"Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest."
Notice it does not say the fields are white unto planting but unto harvest. Think about it!!!!
---mima on 7/19/08

John: I have nothing against sharing a testimony about leading someone to the Lord, and how God is glorified in a specific witnessing episode. I believe keeping score and comparing numbers is dishonoring to God. What you probably see in my previous response is indignation at the thought that people keep count of the number of people to whom they witness. Numbers like that are for baseball and football scores, not witnessing.
---Trish9863 on 7/18/08

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I don't keep count, I just plant seeds.
---NVBarbara on 7/18/08

This question does not honor God at all. God is not a scorekeeper. Witnessing is one of many things I do to obey God, and I do not believe I am to brag about it. The number of people I witness to is nobody's business but God's. To talk about it shows a total lack of humility, and that kind of pride is a sin.
---Trish9863 on 7/17/08

I agree.

Didn't David get in trouble for counting Israel's population or his army's population?
---Nicole on 7/18/08

Trish. There is nothing wrong with the question. Your testimony of how you talked to other people about the Lord is something to share so we can all be exhorted and learn. There is probably more pride in your answer than in the question.
---john on 7/18/08

This question does not honor God at all. God is not a scorekeeper. Witnessing is one of many things I do to obey God, and I do not believe I am to brag about it. The number of people I witness to is nobody's business but God's. To talk about it shows a total lack of humility, and that kind of pride is a sin.
---Trish9863 on 7/17/08

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I haven't kept count but I'm guessing it would be about 15.
---RitaH on 7/17/08

I donot keep count, that's Gods job. I have witnessed online & offline & if & when these people make a desicion it is God whom should have the glory. I feel taking tallies to see whom is truly saved or witnessed to is not the answer, the true answer is when they accept the free gift of the gospel & tell God this. I just help plant the seed.
---candice on 7/17/08

Mima, I tell everyone they need Dr. Phil, so maybe I'll switch and tell everyone they need Dr. Jesus.
Actually, my life is a witness. People at work wonder where the Joy comes from. They ask, I tell.
I let people ask me far I've witnessed to about 30 people here and six have come to know the Lord. I disciple them now and teach them the word.
---donna8365 on 7/17/08

Praise God, you have certainly brought forth intrest for that which the lord has given you.
Many take that which has been given and bury it.
You truly are a Good and Faithful child of our Father...

as far as this "?", a couple.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 7/17/08

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The street evangelist that we sponsor in Chihuahua, Mexico called me on the 14th. And he keeps detailed records, and as of the 14th he had prayed with and heard 360 people pray for their salvation.
I guesstimate, keeping my guess low to be certain I'm not overstating the number. I would say I have prayed with at least 60 people so for this month.
---Mima on 7/17/08

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