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Position To Pray In

Christians pray in varied positions. Sitting with hands together, kneeling, lying prostrate on the floor, standing with hands raised or even whilst walking outdoors. Is there anything, whatsoever, in scripture which indicates a correct way, or does God not mind as long as we DO pray?

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 ---RitaH on 7/21/08
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do u need a special position to talk and listen to friendas and family???? NO so why when we pray should we need a specisl position??? I pray anywhere any time I certainkly do bnot kneel as for 1 thing I cant physically do that but anywhere anytiome any position I chat with Giod
---doree4573 on 9/14/08

I pray while doing dishes, over fixing dinner when my husband will comment "Is it broken?",as I watch the birds fly by and during a ride in the car to wherever I'm coming from or going to. I pray at night until I fall to sleep when I can get some sleep and awake thanking God that I slept if at all.I pray when I see my children walk through the door and reasonably happy getting home from school safely. I pray morning, noon, evening, and night. Sometimes I do not have the time to pray when I would like to but often remind myself to as soon as I can get the chance. My preference is to pray alone so I can concentrate though I will do it in public or with someone by me. They might not even notice what I have just done. Pray.
---Pamela on 9/13/08

I really do not think He cares..PRAY!
---melanie on 7/28/08

The Bible teaches to PRAY WITHOUG CEASING. To me this means that according to the situation, we pray in all sorts of positions. Walking, sitting, lying down, kneeling, dancing,swimming, folded hands or arms.
---jody on 7/26/08

Pray in a way that is comfortable and convenient for you. There are no rules other than humility.
---Josef on 7/26/08

God Bless...
---char on 7/25/08

adding that I believe that theres merit in the song THANK GOD FOR UNANSWERED PRAYER.
---tom2 on 7/23/08

Position taken for praying is not as important as a person's attitude, in my opinion. I like to walk and pray. Since all my prayers have been answered, some to my liking, some to my dislikling, I have to believe this is O.K. with the Lord!
---wivv on 7/22/08

The only way NOT to pray is like the story of the pharasees praying where it draws out attention. We should do it in private or if we're at church or in public, do it without bringing yourself attention, for all glory belongs to God.
---candice on 7/21/08

As Christians we are reminded that our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit!
Therefore it doesn't matter whether we are standing on our head,or lying face down,or on our backs or whether we are driving,walking,running,or whatever! Remember that the Holy Spirit in us is a member of the Godhead(Trinity)the same in substance,equal in power and glory with the Father and Son-cne God!Our prayers don't have to go above the ceiling!Think about it!
---Alasdair on 7/21/08

I am a strong believer in letting the person of the Holy Spirit guide you in everything. And this includes how to pray. As long as you can sense God is listening, don't worry.
---catherine on 7/21/08

Hi, Rita . . . position of prayer . . . I'd say prayer involves relating with the LORD, so we are going to submit to how He has us praying . . . how we are, what we say, what position . . . and why one position? He can have us on the floor for submission and receiving and resting so needed, since He is caring for us in prayer. Also, kneeling in humility about how we are in need or have failed and sinned, perhaps. And yes, there is *standing* > "'And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses.'" (Mark 11:25) Possibly, Jesus means when we are standing we are the most blessed so we can *most* effectively pray FOR ones we need to forgive.
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/21/08

This question comes at the right time for me. Last Saturday, I attended a Gideon's meeting in which all the men got on their knees(me to I did not want be conspicuous) and took turns praying. Anything improper here? NO I don't think so. I normally pray sitting or standing, sometimes on my face, but I guess my favorite position for praying in this while I'm driving. Driving by myself I can be as loud as I wanna be, and I do love to get loud when I praise the Lord, and it is while praying that I have heard from the Lord many times in the past.
---Mima on 7/21/08

There is no proper position for prayer, I would tell you to get comfortable if you know you'll be there a while.

God has heard prayer from me in all sorts of places and times, he doesn't quit or ever get too busy.
---Pharisee on 7/21/08

rita,the only positioning that God wants is in his word.meaning that we accept jesus and live a life in obidience too the word.this is the positioning you speak of.
---tom2 on 7/21/08

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