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Alcohol Rehab Treatments

Just found out my good friend is addicted to alcohol. I thought she was a Christian. How do you help someone who suffers from alcoholism? Won't they just continue to lie about it?

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 ---Janet on 7/21/08
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Alcoholism is a disease it can be cured.But first the person cannot be in denial of their problem.Admitting they are an alcoholic is the first step.I highly recommend Alcoholics Anonymous.They contend that we can get sober with the help of a higher power(God).We cannot cure ourselves of this disease alone.Going to meetings(Heb.10:24/25),spiritual guidance(Phil.10/14),and help from other people in recovery(their experiences,strength,and hope)can work if it is Gods will for them!They also have meetings(Alanon)for you,to help you better understand your friends problem. God bless, Rick B.
---Rick on 9/4/08

The best way to help your friend is to stay close, encourage church attendance, & get her involved in an addiction support group, such as Alcohol Anonymous. If she is unwilling to attend AA, try to find a CELEBRATE RECOVERY group nearby. CR is a Christian program for addictions & other hang-ups. It is based on the "beatitudes" and draws on faith in Jesus Christ for recovery. She will meet people there who understand what she is going through, learn their struggles to overcome addiction & how they became sober through their belief in the power of Jesus Christ. Encourage her by agreeing to go with her to the first meeting.
---sandr7558 on 8/8/08

I believe that one can help a person who is addicted by first praying and asking God to show you the right way to approach that person. Then you should encourage that person to stop by showing him/her how much better off they would be if they were not using drugs. Do not make the person feel as though they are losers or sinners. Uplift them and tell them the good things about themselves. At times they will respond if shown healthwise,
---Dorothy on 8/1/08

Frances: I suggest you learn something about AA before you trash talk it. You can read the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous online, and see just how much God is talked about. You can attend open meetings of AA and see that God is discussed a great deal. AA does not endorse any religion but promotes a spiritual relationship with the God of a person's choosing. Most people I know in AA are mainline denomination Protestants and Catholics.

There is a Christian 12 step program that is around called Celebrate Recovery. Alcoholics are not without Christian options, if they choose to participate in them.

Study a group before you talk about them.
---Trish9863 on 7/30/08

Amen John!!!
---Leon on 7/30/08

Hi, Janet . . . how are you doing? Well . . . if I have a feeling someone is not going to tell me the truth, I don't waste my time asking what might just be getting a lie. I just say things that can help the person.

There's a cultic attitude of certain AA people who say no one outside AA can "understand" them. Well, Jesus has never been an alcoholic, but Jesus understands them better than they *can* (o: And Jesus is able to have you understand. God is able (o: I just be positive and encouraging and admit I don't know everything, and I enjoy listening so I can learn and feel for an alcoholic. And I thank someone for giving me a chance to understand him or her (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/30/08

I think it is sad that in for example, Alcoholics Anonymous, the policy forbids people from bringing in religion or God into the discussions. (I have never attended a meeting so I don't know for sure but I read this somewhere.) It seems to me that if you want to be cured, you should not in advance make it difficult/impossible to be dealt with by the healer, Jesus Christ. Also, it is a shame free speech is stymied. I suppose they have reasons, or agendas....maybe the mention of religion would start arguments/put people off going. However, it seems there is a need for a Christian run society for alcoholics and another for their relatives.
---frances008 on 7/29/08

Having been the step father to 3 severe drug addicts, one that died 2 years ago and one still in a bad way, we are convinced through experience and repeated rehab experiences with the kids that rehab pretty much doesn't work, in fact has the opposite effect. Only the Lord Jesus is the perfect healer and he alone is what addicts need to become free of their addictions and turn their life around. The oldest of the 3 kids, turned his heart to Jesus and he's free!
---John on 7/29/08

Hi Alan, I'm glad you said what you did--bless you. It almost makes me feel ill with guilt when I read of people who no longer even want the thing they were addicted to but I know God has His own ways with each individual, so I shouldn't feel guilty, I don't think. I have stayed sober for 4 years, while wanting to drink nearly every day of those 4 years! Not easy and I know God has blessed me with compassion on some that others would judge mercilessly. I pray He has used me inspite of me. :)
---Mary on 7/28/08

A member of my family-child had the problem. He died young, but I feel he was saved by his faith & God took him home because it was best for him.
---Mildred on 7/28/08

"you can't help...only a alcoholic can...!!"

There's truth in what you say James. Like any addiction (drugs, food, sex, etc.) the addict must want & seek healing from their abnormality (disease).

I'm a recovered (redeemed) alcoholic, since Nov. '74: In voluntary rehab, non-alcoholic & alcoholic folks helped me by encouragement & prayer. Later, I attended AA meetings but felt tethered to my addiction. At church, I finally received Jesus as Saviour & Lord & asked Him to heal me. I was instantly, miraculously set free! Since then I've had no cravings for & am repulsed by the smell of alcohol.

So, one must want help & then seek the only "One" who can really help!
---Leon_WARC182 on 7/28/08

SusiB ". I have seen too many Christians who were delivered from drugs and alcohol to believe that anyone"

Yes they are delivered from their addiction because God gives them the strength to cope with it ... the strength to avoid the alcoholc.

But they remain alcoholic, and if they are given spiked drinks and unknowingly drink alcohol, the addiction will kick in again.

Like you, "I have seen too many Christians" who are free for years from drinking, and yet are still alcoholics, to accept yuor untrue implication that you can't be an alcoholic and a Christian.

Your attitude, if broadcast, could destroy the faith of many.
---alan_of_UK on 7/27/08

God has ways of dealing with Alcoholism. Through these problems, many will come closer to God by praying, and been more dependent on Him, by been companssionate, giving advice, as what is happening here, helping the family. The same is true when someone is broke and cannot pay their rent, and they pray and ask God, and God through someone else will put a burden on him or her and they will come forward and help. Everything is been worked through God. God is in control, and running the show as He see's fit to do. Nothing happens without Him allowing it or permitting it. Christians should stop giving the demons and Satan more credit then they deserve. They cannot do anything without permission from God. God is Sovereign
---Mark_V. on 7/26/08

A former alcoholic at my church described Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) as being a "prison camp". A place where you "hang on" to your alcohol addiction and get other people to reach out and "nurse" any wounds caused by the disease. The AA program sounds helpful, but it can also cause the opposite result and become a recipe for "enabling" people. I've never been an alcoholic because I don't drink at all and I can't verify what the man told me.

Jesus Christ came to give us victory over every "stronghold" in our lives, including alcoholism. This victory may come suddenly, or gradually, over a period of time. GOD knows the exact timeframe for everyone.

---Augie on 7/26/08

I just happened to stumble on to this blog and read some entries (not all), and I too have an alcoholic in my life, my wife of 20 years. The first 10 to 15 years of our marriage were before we came to Christ, but my wife had already developed into a full blown alcoholic, she's in AA, been to inpatient treatment, on medication, she's doing the best she can with this disease. I on the other hand, have recently started going to Al-Anon and discovered how much this disease has affected me. We pray everyday, our church family prays for us, we are members of a good church, we're dealing with this disease 'one day at a time.' And Praise God He will deliver us from alcoholism.
---Kevin on 7/25/08

No hard boiled feelings here either Mark V, God Bless ya Brother.
Just remember I can be a real doofus at times and we'll get along famously!

---Pharisee on 7/25/08

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First, the addicted person must have a STRONG desire to stop. I'm sure you know that. Other's around her must keep her in prayer and NOT ignore her. Continually let her know she has value. Try every imaginable way of letting her know that. The word "FAILURE" is most likely her middle name, but that is not true. God has given her many different gifts which she may not even be aware of. I know I'm not aware of mine. Call those who know her to send positive messages frequently. And keep on praying!
---Don on 7/24/08

It is hard to be sure to watch a loved one go thru addiction it is easy to say but they must be willing to help themselves firstall the intervention in the world will not help. as a man of God i struggle each and every day we all have are demons but you must most of all before anything is keep ypur eyes on God and pray constantly for he is the light the truth and the way
---chuck on 7/24/08

I had a person in my life addicted to alcohol and through the lies that develops from the control of it, eventually caused our relationship to end. All you can do is pray for them to either be saved, or to come back to the Lord whatever the case be. Satan has them deceived.
---Janet on 7/24/08

First, the addicted person must have a STRONG desire to stop. I'm sure you know that. Other's around him must keep him in prayer and NOT ignore him. Continually let him know he has value. Try every imaginable way of letting him know that. The word "FAILURE" is most likely his middle name, but that is not true. God has given him many different gifts which he may not even be aware of. I know I'm not aware of mine. Call those who know him to send positive messages frequently. And keep on praying!
---Don on 7/24/08

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SusieB: You have no idea the multiple diagnoses I have, and that is my business. My joy in Christ may not be evident to you, but I experience it none-the-less. I share my faith as the Lord enables me in my AA meetings. I have never been told not to talk about my God.

As for felons and murderers, they probably do not have the chemical wiring in their brains to cause them to murder, so they would not continue to be such. I have the brain chemistry that keeps me addicted if I consume addictive substances.

I am also eating disordered, and have been blessed by reading a book called "The Anatomy of a Food Addiction."
---Trish9863 on 7/24/08

you cant help them until they want it!!
only a alcoholic can help another alcoholic!!
---james on 7/24/08

Even though we are Christians, it doesn't mean there are not areas that we still need deliverance in. There is some area in all our lives that God is helping us with. Prayer is always the key in any situation. Your friend already knows she has a problem so she doesn't need to be reminded. You can continue to love her, tell her of God's goodness, and let her know that you are praying for her. Ask God to enlighten her in the inner man and help her seek Him for the real issue. Alcohol is a medication for the real problem. God bless you and your friend. Lunet5874
---Lunetta on 7/23/08

I went to 12-step meetings for 40 years and never bought into the idea that addiction is a disease. Addiction is just addiction. And non-believers sober up with the same ease or difficulty as believers. Most sober members of 12-step groups are not Evangelicals, interestingly enough.
---old_guy on 7/23/08

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Thank you Pharisee, you made many happy today. Forget what you said to me. I didn't even read it. I like what you said to Trish. Thats all that matters.
---Mark_V. on 7/23/08

Trish...I am well aware of your problems which keep multiplying, including calling yourself an alcoholic and a Christian at the same time. Today is the first time I have heard about the "cutting" which you have added today. I have yet to hear you REJOICE at being a Christian and being a "new woman" in Christ. I have seen too many Christians who were delivered from drugs and alcohol to believe that anyone should continually call themselves an alcholic or addict after they have been delivered. My husband and I have many friends who are ex-felons, but do not refer to themselves as murderers, rapists, etc. They are new men and women in Christ. You and I both know that AA/NA meetings do not want to hear about Jesus.
---SusieB on 7/24/08

Pharisee: I know you had no knowledge of my past problem with self-harm and that your word/picture was just a poor choice of words. I know from your posts you have loving intentions.

I appreciate the scripture, and needed it this week, as I have had issue with others about petty things. As I posted something in the What's Up Blog, I think I am just in a mood because I miss my granddaughter and am also not feeling well simultaneously. Fortunately, with the exception of this blog, I have not spoken out to anyone else about my displeasure of their actions. Your scripture was perfect for this week for me.

Thanks. Love you Bro.
---Trish9863 on 7/23/08

1Co 2:9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

1Co 13:12 For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face: now I know in part, but then shall I know even as also I am known.

1Co 15:22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.
1Co 15:23 But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits, afterward they that are Christ's at his coming.
1Co 15:24 Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father, when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.
---Amen on 7/23/08

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Trish I didn't know you used to self mutilate, and I want you to know I didn't intentionally choose those words for any reason, it was the first word picture that came to mind.

Sorry for crossing that line, God Bless you.
Here's the scripture instead.

Proverbs 19:11 The discretion of a man deferreth his anger, and it is his glory to pass over a transgression.

May you entirely prosper, one blessing falling on another, God Bless you,
---Pharisee on 7/23/08

I think I would visit first & find out why he's drinking like this, and take it from there.
---Rana on 7/23/08

SusieB: I am an alcoholic, have been since I was 13. I am a born again Christian, since I was 17. I first stopped drinking alcohol when I was 32 years old, through AA. I also began to deepen my relationship with Christ at that time. I had a relapse 8 years later. My drinking got worse during my relapse. I then got sober again for six yaers. During my last relapse, the drinking was worse than it had ever been.

Are you saying I was never a Christian, or that I stopped being an alcoholic upon my salvation, or what? My addictive brain didn't stop being alcoholic while I was not drinking. It went into remission. When I made the mistake, or sinned, by picking up alcohol again, it spurred the alcoholic drinking back into its place.
---Trish9863 on 7/23/08

Pharisee: I appreciate a good kick in the pants, metaphorically speaking, and understand what you were trying to do. Unfortunately, in addition to being alcoholic, I also used to self-mutilate, and would take blades and cut myself rather badly. Now that I work in a psychiatric hospital, I see girls in there with scars all up and down their arms from their inner pain and turmoil, which is what drives an alcoholic and a self-mutilator.

I have not felt well this week, and am just so weary of self-righteous Christians stating that alcoholism is NOT a disease, when they have no clue what it is about. (Not referring to you, but to Augie's original post.)

Next time I need a kick in the butt, try scripture, it always works on me.
---Trish9863 on 7/23/08

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Mark V
The point was not to let someone's rut be your indignation.

When a person gets offended (as you have) and shoots off a response without any thought to how the other person feels, that person only thought of themselves, But we have a choice and greater way given to us by Jesus.

Being offended is a waste of time, and two wrongs don't make a right they make a fight.

I'd rather make up phony excuses for someone to release them from my judgment (metaphoric knife) than waste my time and energy being angry, which is IMHO equally destructive with self mutilation.

God Bless, maybe I don't get it, sorry I WAS trying to help her.
---Pharisee on 7/23/08

Alcholism is a disease or disoder and to top that it can be a genetic disorder which is passed through the generations in the Genes. I don't blame Trish for feeling offended,it is no more a sin disease than having the diabetic Gene passed down through generations and developing diabetes. There are secular treatment programs where people never get saved but they do receive life changes and stay sober. I know, our dearest friend did exactly that and I don't know if he ever got saved before he died of a heart attack after staying sober for many years. My Dads father was an alcholic and none of the children were because forwarned is forearmed. We all let drink alone.
---Darlene_1 on 7/23/08

I agree with Trish. There are people who can take one drink and not need another and there are people who take one drink and have to have more and more. They are addicted and, until they get help, will continue to behave this way. I also agree with those who say that, until the alcoholic decides to seek help for themselves, little can be done. Until that time the family and friends should seek help for themselves with the problem of being affected by someone else's addiction. Addicts don't just harm themselves, they harm all those around them. All rugs should be pulled from under them, no cleaning up after them, no debts paid off for them, and definitely no alcohol provided for them. And most importantly much prayer said for them (and oneself).
---RitaH on 7/23/08

SusieB, you are on track. I would agree heartily.
---old_guy on 7/23/08

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Have your friend to do other things, such as join community service groups. go to churches. get home projects to do. talk and email different people all over the world to be your friend. do volunteer groups. talk to your pastor.
---karen7736 on 7/23/08

Whether Pharisee thinks I am a liar or not, I repeat. "You cannot help a drunk." You can do everything you think you ought to do to enable them, but after years working working in a 120-bed, inpatient, Christian drug/alcohol rehab, I learned many things. Those who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and turned their lives over to him did not need meetings other than church and they remained clean and sober. I saw over and over again people who went to meetings who many times walked in there high or drunk. Continually saying you are an alcoholic is like continually saying you are not a Christian after you get saved. Jesus came to set us free people. When you are you going to accept that????
---SusieB on 7/23/08

Pharisee, where is your compassion for someone who was an alcoholic? "Take your favorite knife and stab your hand" That was very cruel to say to someone who witness so much in life about of the abuse of alcohol. She opened her heart not just about her condition but of her family and you took a knife statement to distroy it. Is that what you would say to someone in person who came to you and opened their hearts to you? I don't think so. You are better then that. You have great answers concerning Scripture, but that was un-call for.
---Mark_V. on 7/23/08

I don't like to mettle, but Trish the next time you get offended you should take your favorite knife and stab yourself in the hand.

I didn't think that sounded reasonable, and I hope you don't do that, but that's what getting offended is like in the first place.
---Pharisee on 7/23/08

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We must show love to everybody. Its difficult sometimes. Some one who is an alcoholic is struggling with an addiction and needs help even if he/she will not readily admit it out of shame or pride.
Luckily, there's Alcohol Anonymous for those of you in the states. In Nigeria, we don't have that. It takes the Grace of God to stop bad habits/addiction and alcohol is not the only one. 'Be not drunk with wine...' as the bible teaches but be filled with the Holy Spirit. When one is truly filled with the word of God and the Holy Spirit helps, he/she will be able to overcome.
Stay blessed,trust and obey the word of God and the word of the Spirit for it is truth itself.Stay healthy. - ifeom4768.
---ifeoma on 7/23/08

Evelyn: Alcoholism is a sickness. Research has shown that the alcoholic, like other addicts, have addictive brains, their brain chemistry is different and respond to the drug differently than normal people.
---Trish9863 on 7/23/08

why should you drink. Think about what you lose when being addicted to al these nasty things like alcohol.God created us not to enslave our self to distructive addictions, but to glorify him.So why should you ruin yourself.
The only way to help a friend is to get him/her to rehab where with the word of god and good help you can be clean again.I know because that's part of my job to. and its a blessing to see people kicking off the alcohol and drugs
---naomie on 7/23/08

Your friend can be a Christian and be suffering from alcoholism, just as we can suffer from any illness but remember Jesus can heal and taking action helps. Prayer is the number one tool. Another suggestion for you is to simple talk with your friend in love about their drinking. Sometimes they will lie but expressing your concerns can help breakdown denial. Also you can research treatment options available and offer them as suggesstions to your friend. If the persons alcoholism is serious they will probably need professional help for detox. You can go to Remember most people suffering from alcoholism need the Lord and a program. Teen Challenge or Celebrate Recovery are just two options. My prayers are with you.
---Margie on 7/23/08

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Alcohol addiction can be requires a lot of prayer and dilligence. I know of a friend who was a member of a cult in school and was addicted to so many things including women,alcohol,drugs,killing, and so on. But when Christ saved him,his testimony reads that since then(eight years now),he has never gone back to any of such vices,never slept with a woman,never took drugs,never went back to alcochol..and he is now a pastor of a fast growing ministry. God can change us if we submit to Him. He works miracles! Stay away from people who drink and the places they drink and pray and submit to God.Surround yourself with a lot of good christians.It helps a lot.
---Achor4849 on 7/23/08

As a counselor, I'll draw her out, using good questions and emphaty. Make her feel she is important by taking time to listen to her intently. Through our dialogue, I'll help her see where she was trapped and how she can get out of the trap. If I'll see she is ready to talk about Jesus, then I'll share the Gospel with her.
---Beth9737 on 7/23/08

By telling him the disadvantages of alcohol,what it does in our bodies and then dwell in the words of god from the bible that its only jesus who can set us free from the evil.Let no sin reign over our body for we are not under law but under grace.That person needs a special prayer.
---chisa5538 on 7/23/08

You should ask him or her does alcohol solve any problems cause that's what i asked my fiance and he said baby it don't solve problems it creates problems and he told me he's going to be thinking for a while and I want to see my family for a while. Then I said baby what would you rather have your fiance or your alcohol and he said I rather have my fiance. And he is in rehab and he will be there till March of next year. he's on step 5 in which he said there gettin harder. John want to tell you i am proud of you and i really love you. By the way I am the best thing that came to his life. And remember God will be there for your friend in which he awnsered my prayer. Please god let this person's friend recover from her alcohol problem
---devon6389 on 7/22/08

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Augie: You offended me very much with your post stating that alcoholism was not a disease, and I replied as such, since I am an alcoholic. Yet, you only apologized to Alan.

I understand that you have had loved ones with alcoholism. I did too. My father was a violent alcoholic. My sister is an alcoholic. My younger brother was an alcoholic, and is dead now, due to other health issues.

Having experienced pain due to alcoholism is no excuse for spouting off statements such as you did. You should be grateful you were not cursed with an addictive brain, as I was.
---Trish9863 on 7/22/08

To help someone who suffers from alcoholism is to showing love to that person (I CORINTHIAN 13:4-8.)Try to communicate what he or she is trying to say in his or her deepest emotion and what makes him or her start this drinking alcohol especially his or her family background. Once you have seen and diagnose his or her background show that person the LOVE OF GOD in his or her life inspite of his or her failure or sin GOD still loves him or her higher than the heaven and deepers than the ocean.
---Jonathan on 7/22/08

Hi, I think that the only hope for an alcoholic is Jesus Christ. This is not like a sickness, it takes deliverance. It's a spirit, thats why alcohol is called "spirits". Fast and pray for your friend and then go and lay hands on them and cast that alcohic spirit out in the name of Jesus Christ !And once iet is out, bind it in the same name so it cannot return. I will be praying for your friends deliverance. Bless you, Evelyn
---Evelyn on 7/22/08

Recognitipn of the problem ( addiction), supportive company, fasting and prayer, works of charity, alms-giving, helping others in need, are some things that come to mind at this moment. The desire to improve the strength of will over the satisfaction, requires an alternative which brings a 'hapiness' not just a temporarty sensation. Company, even a "Guardian Angel",constant company of a stroinger friend, would be very testing but helpful.
---terence_hoare on 7/22/08

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Maria, I have read all the other replies to your question and they are mostly right. This person must own his/her problem before they can go forward. I don't believe I've ever known one that made it without going through rehab and for a long enough time that the doctors say they can go back out into the world but not without AA, God and church and the support of loved ones. This person is no more a sinner than the over-eater, gambler, over-spender, etc. etc. Over indulgence is the sin, so says the Bible. I have a friend whose son is doing this very thing, and it tears up the whole family and so sad. They all need our prayers.
---Mary_j on 7/22/08

For starters you dont buy them more alcohol .you cant take them straight off it you have to ween them off it its the same as drugs alcohol and drugs are the biggest killer in the world people kill for drugs and alcoholics get killed or they kill someone my brother has been on drugs for many years i have tried everthing to get him off them but the dealers just keep giving him more even when he hasnt got any money its the dealers that are getting rich not my brother and my other brother he likes his alcohol ive tried to get him not to drink as much but he just laughs about it, alcohol turns him in to a different person, its very hard to stop when you have pubs that let you book it up , dealers do the same
Regards antha4793
---Anthony on 7/22/08

As a contractor,I had a laborer who never showed up on mondays(still hung over from the weekend) Tues to fri he was an excellent worker. I said "Bob,have you ever thought of going to A A?" He said "NO I'm not ready to quit yet" There,s little you can do for someone not willing to end their habit!
---1st_cliff on 7/22/08

If someone really wants to stop drinking and doesn't go to a program, his chances of being sober at the end of one year are 1 in 20. If he goes to a program, they are still 1 in 20. I used to work in that field but quit because programs are failures pretty much.
---old_guy on 7/22/08

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hello this is right up my alley i am a recovering alcoholic been sober for 6 years now thanks to god. all you can do is pray for them and ask the lord to show them the light. i battled the lord for a few years before i seen the light it will take the lord to do it she will have to want to quit just keep praying for her and she will come around
---lewis on 7/22/08

Ok, Janet, now you are aware that someone with a drinking problem can lie about it, make things look like they aren't. So, at least you've got this to help you be wise for helping your friend (o:

But I would say NOT to assume your friend will "just continue to lie about it". People do change out of their alcoholic problems. "But for the grace of God," they say (o:

My father dried out, and said instead of struggling each day not to take "that first drink", he asked God to take away the *desire*. And he said God did that, and he never had to struggle to stay sober.

But he did other wrong stuff > when an alcoholic stops drinking, his/her deeper problem can act out in other ways.
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/22/08

Thank you Augie!!
---alan_of_UK on 7/22/08

Being addicted to alcohol does not mean she is not a Christian. I am Christian as well and have been sober for 36 years. Alcoholics Anonymous saved my life. You might want to try Alanon to learn about yourself and how you can be helpful to your friend
---arloha on 7/22/08

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SusieB ... Maybe your husband was a drunk when he got saved, and has not drunk since

But he may not have been an alcoholic ... that is a person (who may not even get drunk) who has an addiction to alcohol.

If 20 years ago he was an alcoholic, he will still be an alcoholic, but that will not be sinful, even if he still has a craving, because he does not commit the sin of giving in to his craving.

But he may no longer have the craving ... but he will still be an alcohlic, and if unknowingly he took alcohol, he would be back on the slippery slope.

At least that is how it is for some, whom you should not condemn as sinners
---alan_of_UK on 7/22/08

When confronting your friend with your discovery of her alcoholism it is important to let her know that you love and support her. You must pray for direction from the HOLY SPIRIT in giving godly counsel. You might want to suggest to her reasons why she must address her addiction. You must be comforting but firm. She must come to a conclusion that she is powerless over the addiction. She must decide that she wants to stop the addiction. She must ask for help. She must confess what causes her to drink, how she feels when she drinks, and the reason why she should stop drinking. You must intercede for her. Remind her that JESUS died so that she can be free. The HOLY SPIRIT will teach you everything that you need to say and do.
---Marga4336 on 7/22/08

We need to ask God for help in everything. Many of our small descisions are bad when they start and get larger as time goes by. Our dependence is on God for our lives, not in ourselves. That is the path of a true Christian. Everday we should take up our cross, and walk in the Spirit. Just trying to leave Alcohol on your own will, will not work. It is doing under our own power and that has brought us nothing but defeat. We should do it with the help of Christ. His Works never fail, ours do almost every time.
God's works are always perfect.
---Mark_V. on 7/22/08

One scripture....."Resist the devil and he will flee."
---SusieB on 7/22/08

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You are correct and I was wrong. Shoo...t!

This is a sensitive topic for me. I have had several relatives who were addicted to alcohol. Many died from their drinking. As a kid, I just didn't understand how something that "tastes good" to those people could kill them.

Demons are what bring the TEMPTATION to "try" a drink of alcohol. Drinking alcohol isn't a SIN. It is drinking to "excess", or drunkeness, that is a SIN. I still think that total abstinence from alcohol is the best. For everyone, addicted to alcohol or not.

Thank you my brother for correcting me. Sorry if I offended anyone. Please forgive me.
---Augie on 7/22/08

Just as the alcoholic/addict needs to admit the problem and give it to God, friends of addicts need to give it to God. We need to utilize our most powerful asset..PRAYER...and continue to love our addict friends. This does not mean that we should enable them but we must remember that God has ALL kinds of children and we are called to love them and pray for them. No one has the power to change another human but God can.
---jody on 7/22/08

Your friend will not stop her addiction until she face up to the truth that she has a problem. They need help from a specialist councellor who deals with alcohol addiction. Think this sight gives help about this. It does not however mean that she is not a Christian, 'all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God'. None of us is perfect and many Christians have been through this kind of addiction. Will pray for her.
---Timothy on 7/22/08

I Think You Should Pray That The Lord Will Deliver Her From Drug Alcohol And He Can Deliver Her And I Can Assure You She Will Not Lie About It!
---Elizabeth on 7/22/08

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To assist someone with an addiction,the underlying pyschological cause must be identified. There's always an underlying cause which propels people towards addictive behaviors. A solid religious standing will help, but it's not enough. The person must be willing to ACKNOWLEDGE his or her addiction. As an intervention counselor, I have seen this many times. Hope this helps!
---marta6656 on 7/22/08

I would advice him or her to join a support group of people who have or have had similar problems.
Also pray by friends as well as a concerned pastor and himself or herself would help.
---Florence on 7/22/08

First of all,you have to love the person regardlss of what they do or who they are.Jesus said,judge not that you be not judged.Then you have to pray for them to be set free from the bondage of alcoholism or any oher addiction they may have.Ask God to help them and let them understand that they have a problem.And also, ask God to help you to not set in the seat of judgment.And not be self rightous.God is the only judge and he knows our hearts.Your friend may be an alcoholic,but that dosn,t mean she is not a christian.
---Irene on 7/22/08

Janet the second post I gave you was from life experiences.

The man I helped was a mess when he came to work for me and he's been clean and sober for years now.

My life long friend and one time ministry partner has moved away now, he's married has a great job and calls me every week.

It doesn't matter where they show up to get help as long as they go and give it all they've got. If someone throws them away and labels them they'll get worse...TRUST ME.

The hopelessness and despair of alcoholism only multiplies when they reason to believe no one cares. I took up a good year of my life, but time is an illusion.
---Pharisee on 7/22/08

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The big thing former addicts have told me is that they need places to be and things to do and people to be with - alternative activities to drinking so to speak. My church has a celebrate recovery meeting every Saturday night. They have a dinner followed by a band, speaker, small groups, and fellowship. Everyone there says it helps having something to do on the weekend and being with others who face the same struggles.
---obewan on 7/22/08

Augie: Alcoholism is a disease. I know full well that I am addicted to alcohol, and if I drink, I am back in the throws of addiction, but if I do not drink, I am fine. My body cannot handle one drink, and if I have one, I am back to drinking the whole bottle. That is the disease of alcoholism.

You do not know what you are talking about, but thank God there are many who do both in the mental health field, as well as the Church. I also thank God for Alcoholics Anonymous.
---Trish9863 on 7/22/08

I believe that you should be very supportive of your friend. He or she needs you to help her/him start to feel good about herself/himself. Sometimes drinking starts when a person has a low self-esteem. So please try your best to help your friend build up her/his self-esteem. Let your friend know that whatever her/his problems are you will always be there for him/her and that you are not going away. Try to get her/him to face what is really bothering her/him and tell her/him that you will always be there to see her through her/his darkest days. "BE THERE FOR YOUR FRIEND NO MATTER WHAT".

Just want you to know I will be praying for you and your friend that you will beat this problem.

---Joan8873 on 7/22/08

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