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How To Fix My Credit Report

I can't get a low interest rate on the used Hummer I am trying to purchase. The used car dealer is telling my that my credit report score is too low and that I need to repair my credit. How does one repair their credit report?

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 ---Sally_Mae on 7/22/08
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It would seem to me, that if your credit is so bad to can't get a low interest rate, you should forget about buying a used Hummer. You can access your credit report and see what the problem might be, and write an explanation as to how you intend to fix it or ask how you can fix it. (One way is to cut up your credit cards except for maybe one, and pay off your outstanding debts.) Before you purchase anything, ask yourself, "Do I really need it?) In your case you might ask, "Do I really need a Hummer or will a used VW do just as well?
---wivv on 8/6/08

Hie one i dont make credits an less i realy have to. I stay away from it if i have to. Believe you me it works. May God bless you. Take care.

---Johannes on 8/2/08

smile...go to the library and read the book, "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey before you do anything. Or better yet, find him on your daily am radio station and call in with this question. My opinion is, In a nut shell, pay off your credit cards, and save your money! Don't buy a hummer, they are gas hogs. (that's my opinion) ....take care!
---annie on 8/1/08

First you have to cut down on bad spending
by first making a budget,and limit your
vacations for some time.
---Herman on 8/1/08

In the first place do not buy more than you can pay for. If you have already overreached your budget, STOP. Don't make any more purchases until you have paid your past debts and then be very careful how you spend your money.
---Dorothy on 8/1/08

Creditors today are very hard on people.They offer you credit,you accept then more start coming,you accept more,the bills start rising like a new tide and the next thing you know,you are in over your head.It is a very sad reality for many of us in these days and times.I believe that is why the bible says enter into no pledge with any man.But I am not judging,for I too have fallen victim to the creditors out there and I ended up having to file bankruptcy.That is one option,and there are many agencies now that will help you clean it up.God bless.
---Irene on 7/31/08

Good Question,Thats Outrageous Your Credit Report Is Very Too Low It Should Not Be Low I Suggest That It Has To Be Fair!
---Elizabeth on 7/31/08

The bible enjoin us to be moderate in all things. If u know u dont av a good credit to buy hummer, why not be patient till u av enough credit or u buy a lower rate vihicle.God makes things beautiful in it own time. Dont go into debt because of worldly desire. It is a good thing to buy but wait for the right time.
---esthe7399 on 7/31/08

hello friend,
One cant "repair" your credit status, but you can restore it. First verify that your report is free of misinformation. Credit bureaus frequently have bad info on citizens,but they won't amend it. You must do that. Shop around for interest rates, dont allow the dealer to finance. Due to the credit crunch, you may need to take a higher interest rate, but paying the loan off on time will surely boost your credit score!

---martinwashington on 7/31/08

pray for higher cridet score god will help
---andy on 7/31/08

Hummmm! Dave Ramsey dot com...
---Leon on 7/25/08

Start by not buying the Hummer and but instead purchase a high gas mileage car that is much less expensive. Then maybe you can afford the car without needing such a high credit score.
---Jimbo on 7/24/08

To repair your credit, you go for a year without paying any of your bills late. I also suggest you buy a more economical car, one that costs less, even used, and one that gets better gas mileage.
---Trish9863 on 7/23/08

To repair your credit, you do not buy a used Hummer when the price of gas is $4 a gallon. You buy a less expensive vehicle which has low gas mileage. In fact, it would be better to just save enough buy to pay cash for a vehicle.
---SusieB on 7/23/08

Look at the ads at the top of this blog.
---alan_of_UK on 7/23/08

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