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Homeless People In The Park

Yesterday in the park witnessing I had two people ask me for money and both were homeless. Is this the beginning signs of a great financial collapse in this country? I truly believe that it is. I used to see this once in awhile. Now I'm seeing three, four, five, homeless every day.

Moderator - As of the moment, it is the signs of a potentially deep recession. The last deep recession occured in 1990-1991.

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 ---Mima on 7/24/08
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Martin nz. Yes i was, and God delivered me from all addictions. and i do know what i'm talking about. my granfather became a "vagabond" when he was 17 years during the depression, he lived on the streets for 8 years, returned to his home, and one month later left again, lived in the capital where he married my grandmother and brought her home. however when they where married up to his pension he would be away from home for 9 months. his reason was that he needed to go and work. the truth was that he was not easy with a roof over his head. however, my grandfather was a respected guy, loved and cared for his wife and children, even went to church on a weekly base. he just was addicted to the street.
---Andy on 12/16/08

Hi Trish, thank you so much for sharing that, I was beginning to think I was just nuts because I still want a drink after 4 1/2 years of sobriety--but that's normal? That is a relief to me to know I'm normal (in that sense anyway lol! :D), bless you and you're in my prayers. Man, I wish I had never had that first drink.
---Mary on 11/29/08

Martin: You speak very wisely here. Addicts would overcome addiction if it were easy. I am a recovering alcoholic, and have had many struggles with relapse in the past 19 years. Getting sober and staying sober is not easy, if it were, I would not have relapsed. If it were easy, there would be no need for rehabs, detox centers and support groups. People would just walk away and never go back to the addictive substance.

Usually the people that say, just quit, have never been in bondage to anything except arrogance.
---Trish9863 on 11/27/08

I must ask Andy have you ever been addicted to anything?

It is true the first thing an addict must want to do is change.

They want to change usually - or at least do at times. The reason they don't is because it is very hard.

Let me say it again. The reason addicts do not change is because it is hard.

They usually are not sadistic. Virtually never sadistic. Even cutter, they do not enjoy pain but cutting is how they deal with their spiritual pain - cutting gives a distraction to this pain which is actually comforting in a sense. This is despair.

Often it said - well they've just gotta want to change. This is usually by people who do not have a clue of what it is like.
---Martin_nz on 11/27/08

Here is a little-known fact.
The missionary language translators go out and live with the different tribes of people while trying to learn the language to translate the Bible into.
One of the main hazards of missionary societies is "losing" missionaries. In order to avoid losing missionaries and missionary societies bring them back to their home base every six months the reason being if they do not bring them back to missionaries are "lost" to the missionary societies. In other words the missionaries go native(will not return to society)!!!!!! I know this is astounding but it is true!
---mima on 11/19/08

Has anyone read 1Corinthians chapter 4?
---kevin on 11/19/08

Being homeless is as being a drug-addict if you'r too long on the streets one is verry reluctant to give it up. even some need to be delivered from a spirit ovf vagabonding. so homelessnes is a natural and a spiritual problem. in Lom there is a man who build 19 houses yet he lives on the street, however he's not crazy. and he is a rich entrepeneur
---Andy on 8/29/08

There are many reasons people are homeless. Low wages certainly,yet others make it on them,so perhaps poor management comes into play also. Of course there are some mentally ill. Our country turns out those who are sick which in years past would have been kept in treatment hospitals for that and included in that is Post Trumatic Stress Syndrome in Veterans. Some addicted to drugs or alcohol. There are those who want to live like that. A couple began to attend a chuch in this area and were homeless. The Church bought them a car,got the man a job,and rented an apartment,gave them many things to keep house,make a home. As soon as they had a little money he quit the job and went back to being homeless. No responsibility.
---Darlene_1 on 8/14/08

-->there are still jobs out there for those who are willing to go after them - moving to a different location,.<--
---wivv on 8/9/08

Yes, and I have served meals to hundreds of homeless at FL and CA homeless shelters who were economic refugees. Many in CA have minimum wage jobs and cannot make rent and forced to live at a homeless shelter.

In FL, we served hundreds of 'economic refugees'. Some were just days away from a new min wage job at Wal-Mart with uncertainties to provide housing for a family of 4.

I wont go on about the mental patients. Without medication they have no hope. My firsthand experiences have taught me that they are NOT all druggies. You are making the wrong conclusion based upon ONE data point.
---obewan on 8/14/08

A lifelong friend of mine came to see me in the hospital when I was having serious problems. He told me(I had not seen him for many years) that his 40 year-old daughter was homeless and on the streets. This information broke both my wifes and my heart. And we said a little prayer at that time about this, asking Almighty God to interfere in this situation and bring this woman to her senses. We have just learned that she has returned home is now in college, and doing very well. This praying took place in three years ago. Praise the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!!!
---Mima on 8/14/08

A few comments..this may be sign of recession,but we are not to fear. What first came to mind is that the Lord puts us in situations for a reason. perhaps you are seeing these people in order for the Lord to work through intercede in prayer, and help in whatever ways the Lord puts on your heart. Seek the Father's heart in this. Blessings.
---Christina on 8/12/08

Many people still insist on trusting in megachurches, televangelists, etc. (casting their pearls before swine) completely disregarding the fact that these mammon seekers make millions of dollars (THINK).

You will see many more homeless as time goes on (most will fake sincerity), but enriching megachurches and televangelists will not help them, nor will it help anyone spiritually.

Check out the National Debt Clock on wikipedia (9.7 TRillion) and then decide if your money is best used for your family.
---more_excellent_way on 8/12/08

A person I knew some years ago was homeless and on drugs. While sleeping in the park one night someone stole his only possession of value - his bike. This served as a wake-up call for him. He stopped drugs, got a job and became a Christian. His opinion is, "Most homeless people are either on drugs or lazy." (He's speaking from his own experience.) Even though times are tough, there are still jobs out there for those who are willing to go after them - it may require moving to a different location, working in an area they are overtrained for, or have to be retrained for, etc.
---wivv on 8/9/08

You must live in a very,very small town/community. This is the norm in big cities and other areas.We are living in the endtimes. The bible tells us to watch,fight and pray.Many things will be happening before Jesusu comes. I hope you were able to help these homeless people with their physical needs as well as,spiritual needs. Both are very important to one's well being.
---Robyn on 8/2/08

If you've given money to any of these persons, it's possible that word has gotten around and you're seeing more people because they know you're a source of funds.

You should also be aware that many people actually earn their living by begging, even when they aren't actually homeless. (This has been true ever since Victorian times--it was even the focus of a Sherlock Holmes story.)

That's not to say that times aren't tougher--they are--but to point out that there may be many reasons to be seeing more people begging.
---Nancy on 7/30/08

more_excellent_way: "When my dad decided I needed discipline, I was JUST about it and didn't RESENT him (I didn't FEAR him). I not just TRUSTED that the discipline was good, I knew that it was good, NOT "punishment"."

How old were you when you got "punished." 35? I've met thousands of children (Christian and non-Christian) of all ages since the late 1960's (not counting all the classmates I've known in grade or high school) and never found one child that was/is "just" about being punished, that didn't resent the parent (even if just a little), and thought that discipline was good. If what you say is true, then you WERE a remarkable child.
---Steveng on 7/30/08

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I am not sure what you meant by "Maybe, no", but nevertheless, the acknowledgement of what God actually wrote in scripture cannot and must not be disputed.

When and if my dad decided that I needed discipline because I refused to learn the error of my way (rebellious) and I was doing something serious enough (reckless) to warrant discipline, THEN he would discipline me, but he didn't follow me around looking for reasons to get on my case.

When my dad decided I needed discipline, I was JUST about it and didn't RESENT him (I didn't FEAR him). I not just TRUSTED that the discipline was good, I knew that it was good, NOT "punishment".

Hebrews 12:11
"who have been trained by it".
---more_excellent_way on 7/30/08

Jesus had no place to rest His head > "Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head." (in Matthew 8:20) Jesus might have been interested to hear people saying He was being punished by God, not in God's will, a burden on society, mentally ill, and being controlled by the rich (o:

I've talked with people who have gotten houses, one said a house can be a trap. And I saw how emotionally it was for my mother to manage her delightful multi-million dollar property. "Maybe" Jesus is saying anyone who owns a house is either a fox or a birdbrain ?
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/30/08

Steveng, There's no suggestion in scripture that a "dictionary" (or ANY of man's wisdom) should be consulted. The common perception that secular knowledge is superior to God's wisdom is false (this should not need to be said).
1 John 4:12
"if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us".

1 John 4:18
"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and he who fears is not perfected in love".

Isaiah 29:13
"their hearts are far from me, and their fear of me is a COMMANDMENT OF MEN".

These are actual verses from the RSV. Don't rationalize your own understanding by ignoring the actual words of scripture.
---more_excellent_way on 7/29/08

more_excellent_way: "Steveng...God is not a punisher. We should no longer have any fear of Him after we come to know Him (1 John 4:18)..."

Maybe, no, you must, go back to the dictionary to find the meaning of fear - one fear being that of reverance and the other fear as being affraid.

"You are not aware that you learned from that experience because you still think of it as punishment, but God is not a "punisher"."

God punishes those that He loves as a parent punishes his children. For yur purpose, read the Bible and see how God punishes people who disobey and rewards people who obey.
---Steveng on 7/28/08

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Pastor_Herb: "Homeless is the result of the rich, gready buricrats who want more, more, more."

On the contrary, homeless is the result of sin in the world.

"...the rapture is comming soon. Will you be ready??"

What will you do when you are not raptured?
---Steveng on 7/28/08

Pharisee: "Steven G, You said God was punishing you, but I can't help wondering did you end your trip in the Northeast? Say...New England perhaps?"

For a year and a half I traveled throughout North America and stepped in every state of the United States except for Hawaii, New Hampshire and Maine. I returned to an area just northeast of Los Angeles.

"I was saved when living in the Midwest and when I came back to my home I was met with some heavy (anti-Christian/Christian underground sub-culture) culture shock."

You must have had God's work cut out for you.
---Steveng on 7/28/08

One sure cure for the economy (I'm not saying that it is realistic to expect this) would be for all of the televangelists (Joel Olsteen, John Hagee, Peter Popov, Rick Warren, etc.) to return/share the money they have stolen from the people.

I'm not saying this because I actually think that this would ever actually be done, I'm saying this because it most assuredly amounts to tens of billions of dollars a year and it's about time the PEOPLE realize that the MONEYCHANGERS chase MONEY.

Put "God wants me to be rich" in your browser.
---more_excellent_way on 7/27/08

I have some single parent friends who have always struggled and at times homeless or nearly homeless(ready to lose home). Right now one is homeless after losing her home upon losing her job. The other is struggling to keep her home.

I believe I heard that in Turkey or another Arabic country people take a whole family in when they are doing poorly financially. In our country people would just as soon take in a dog, but not humans.

As Christians, we should be doing more to support our neighbors.
---Colleen on 7/26/08

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Steveng...God is not a punisher. We should no longer have any fear of Him after we come to know Him (1 John 4:18)...
"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. FOR FEAR HAS TO DO WITH PUNISHMENT, and he who fears is not perfected in love"

God had decided that YOU would benefit from understanding more of what it means to be homeless, or that, for the sake of YOUR spiritual growth, you needed to learn more humility so that your humility become GENUINE (when humility is GENUINE, you will not consider it to be humiiity, it will simply be a part of you).

You are not aware that you learned from that experience because you still think of it as punishment, but God is not a "punisher".
---more_excellent_way on 7/26/08

I agree with our moderator, however I'd like to add that the financial problems our country is facing are the circumstancial problems resulting from the sin of greed.
---Ken on 7/26/08

Homeless is the result of the rich, gready buricrats who want more, more, more. Banks are forclosing on homes like never before, where are these people to go? You can't sell you house because value has dropped and you owe more than what it is worth. Fuel prices are at an all time high. People can't aford to go to and from work, much less make a house payment. Milk over $6.00 in some places. Glory be to God, the rapture is comming soon. Will you be ready??
---Pastor_Herb on 7/25/08

Homelessness has been going on for sometime but I think it's on the increase due to the poor economy.I do think we are heading for more than a recession.
---shirley on 7/25/08

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Steven G, You said God was punishing you, but I can't help wondering did you end your trip in the Northeast? Say...New England perhaps?

I was saved when living in the Midwest and when I came back to my home I was met with some heavy (anti-Christian/Christian underground sub-culture) culture shock.
---Pharisee on 7/25/08

donna8365: "How in the world did you come to that conclusion from what I said?"

Gosh, that's easy. It was they way you said it.
---Steveng on 7/25/08

Actually, Mima, the organization is called the Society of Saint Vincent dePaul. I had an experience with a group of this org. out in Arizona back in 1977. They were very helpful, non-judgemental and concerned. I don't care much for the Catholic Church either, but we of the "other" Christian denominations could learn a thing or three from these folks about charity!
---tommy3007 on 7/25/08

donna8365: Besides, you implied it when you quoted David: "I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor begging for bread" is what King David said."
---Steveng on 7/25/08

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Donna "Homeless people are a result of giving up on life, on themselves, who have lost their hope." This is a very general statement and not true of all homeless people. Youngsters are thrown out of their homes because of disagreements with parents, husbands are thrown out by wives and some walk out willingly because they cannot stand whatever it is that is going on in the home. Some of these people will already know Jesus and it could even be their beliefs that get them thrown out on the streets. Whatever the reason for their homelessness they need compassion and food at the very least. I don't think it is always wise to give money but we can buy them something of what they need surely.
---RitaH on 7/25/08

I thought the same thing. I would love to drop off a pamphlet from them to read on who is Christ and what he has come to do for us. Thats worth more than money.
---Amanda on 7/25/08

What many conservatives fail to admit is that millions of families with no medical insurance are only one serious illness away from homelessness.

A man here in Florida with no insurance got severe heart disease. Then his wife got cancer. They were both disabled and could not work. They lost their house. Medicare and Medicaid would not help for some bureaucratic reasons.

They lived in the park with 3 teenage children in a tent. They only way they kept going was because people in a couple of churches brought them food or money to buy food. Then the city police evicted them from the park. There was no homeless shelter either.
---obewan on 7/25/08

Steveng I apologize to you if you took my response in the wrong spirit. I never said the homeless aren't Christian. How in the world did you come to that conclusion from what I said?

Many people call themselves Christian and I'm sure in some way they are, but if we teach the homeless to KNOW Him in the power of HIS resurrection, then they will come to know Him in the true sense of the word KNOW.

Again, my sincere apologies if you took my response in the wrong spirit - I never said they weren't Christian. We need to be careful and not attack with words such as arrogant - that's not where my heart is. I too have given to the homeless everyday when I worked in the city so I DO have a heart for them too. God Bless You.
---donna8365 on 7/25/08

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As everyone on the blog Knows. I'm very anti-Catholic! Not the people, the individual Catholic people, but the Catholic Church. However here's an interesting side story about the homeless in this community. All of them have told me that only St. Vincent Catholic Church has given them any help. They have asked the other churches, but the other churches always put a condition on their help(you're not a member of this church and so on). I'm very impressed with this fact about St. Vincent's and I would be remiss if I did not mention it.
---Mima on 7/25/08

What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and hath not works? Can faith save him?
If a brother or sister be naked and destitute of daily food,
and one of you say unto them, "Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled," without giving them those things which are needful to the body, what doth it profit?
Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

James 2:14-17

This is my response to your comment, "they need Jesus, not money"
---Elayne on 7/25/08

This statement "breaks my Heart". "Our hearts WILL break, but The Lord wants us to be wise stewards of the money He has given us."

A wise steward... "Give to him that ask of you, and from him that would borrow from you turn not away". Mat.5:42 "...Is one who gives cheerfully, without conditions, rationalizations, or the need or desire to be praised.

"Whosoever ignores the cries of the poor, shall cry himself and not be heard." Prov. 21:13 The only condition for giving is a willing heart. The only justification for not giving, is not having to give. However, "He take gives to the poor shall not lack. Yet he that gives to the rich shall surely come to want". Prov.28:27>22:16
---Josef on 7/25/08

Steveng: Thank you for rebuking Donna in her arrogance. I was shocked to read her post.
---Trish9863 on 7/24/08

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I realize that, today, GENUINE "sorrow" compassion is hard to find among all who CALL themselves "Christian" because many only practice christian protocol and perform 'gestures' of 'kindness' compassion and 'faith believing', but don't have LOVE/the spirit. True Christianity is not a "faith", it is a LOVE ("faith for faith", Romans 1:17).

The TWO requirements for knowing God truly are...
1) believe that He exists (faith 1)
2) believe (faith 2) that He is a good God.

Hebrews 11:6
"must believe that he exists AND that he rewards those who seek him".

Only the hearts of those "transformed" by the renewal of their minds will break (Romans 12:2).
---more_excellent_way on 7/24/08

donna8365: "These homeless people need Jesus, not money."

I deal with the homeless every day. Many of them ARE Christian. Many times over the past couple of years I would approach them unaware and they would be praying and I would not interupt them until they were finished. It wrenches my heart to listen to their prayers. So to say that homeless people are not Christian shows how arrogant you are.
---Steveng on 7/24/08

more_excellent_way: "Because we have genuine SORROW compassion,...Our hearts WILL break, but..."

There is no genuine sorrow or compassion among the vast majority of Christians today for it is written that the love of many will wax cold.

I know this from personal experience. Thirty five years ago I hitchhiked across the North America and never had a problem walking into a church asking for a place to stay for a night or two. God punished me ( for He and I to know) and became homeless for exactly one year. I approached over 35 churches without a Good Samaritan to help. One church did offer me to sleep under the bushes in the front of the church and another asked me to join theirs before they would help.
---Steveng on 7/24/08

The new homeless in your park is definitely due to the economy but for several reasons. The young wealthy urbanites are moving back to the cities in droves and requesting Police to move the homeless out for safety and asthetics. The homeless are becoming displaced out towards the suburbs while the wealthy young "condo" crowd is moving in. Yes there are more homeless and yes they are being moved out of the city for the very same reason..the poor economy.
---TIMOTHY on 7/24/08

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The U.S. economy is alot more sensitive to oil fluctuations than other countries. If I remember correctly, the U.S. uses more than 20 million barrels of oil a day. The second highest use is Japan (about 2 and a half million) and other countries average less than a million. Oil is the MAIN reason for U.S. economic problems, the sub prime mortgages are the second. Politicians are probably holding the economy steady until after the elections. So it will likely get MUCH, MUCH worse.

Televangelists and megachurches will become more politically correct in order to get more membership/money. For this reason, we have to SIMPLIFY the message of God's LOVING KINDNESS instead of preach DAMNATION/CONDEMNATION/sin/faith/text/law.
---more_excellent_way on 7/24/08

Because we have genuine SORROW compassion, we will want to be able to help EVERYONE with money, but we must not "cast our pearls before swine" (some people will only FAKE acceptance of Jesus because they want money, but not truly LOVE Him and have a peaceful and just spirit).

Our hearts WILL break, but The Lord wants us to be wise stewards of the money He has given us.
---more_excellent_way on 7/24/08

There are places with well developed services for the homeless. So, when homeless people come to these areas, they get taken care of and this can keep them there, in more and more numbers. So, more homeless people where you are can mean your area is helping to keep them there, or there is an increasing problem, or something else >

Protection racketeers can be intimidating homeless people to pay their Social Security to small gangs or more organized groups. This keeps homeless people from getting out of shelters. IN shelters, also, organized racketeering can develop with a more and more developed system, even influencing case workers to delay moving out money sources.
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/24/08

I don't think you are looking into the deeper issue here. Homeless people are a result of giving up on life, on themselves, who have lost their hope.

If more than a few people do this, then society has a problem of hopelessness people.

When God is your Father and Jesus is your Master/Savior/Lord of your life, you go to Him and ask Him to help you find a job.

"I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor begging for bread" is what King David said.

These homeless people need Jesus, not money. Money is just a means to live on this earth. Since God owns the earth, "the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof," He can certainly provide a job for someone - He'll find one for you if you can't.
---donna8365 on 7/24/08

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