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Acne Scars Causing Depression

My daughter has ugly acne scars all over her face. A friend recommended laser scar removal, but that sounds expensive. I don't know if the self-esteem issues and depression caused by the acne scars are worth the cost of treatment. What should I do?

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 ---Jenny on 8/1/08
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I had very bad acne as a teenager, and later on got laser surgery.. To be honest, it made me worse. The doctor was supposed to be highly regarded, but my skin was left uneven, and I ended up getting strange raised scars in irregular shapes that are paler than my normal skin tone. So overall, my skin is permanently blotchy, uneven and very scarred - after $4000 worth of surgery to make it smoother. It is not the answer for everybody, though I'm guessing there must be people who have had good experiences??
---lily on 8/21/12

Hi my name is jeanette,
I know what your daughter is going threw. I beening dealing with acne and scars. What I can tell you from my experiences, is that I suffer from depression due to my acne and my scars. I am embrass to be in public. I have no confidence because of my skin condition, especial when people stared at you like your a freak. It make's it hard for me because, I feel like, People are judging me of my appearances.
---Jeanette on 3/24/12

I know this was posted a few years ago-but you may want to try Retin-a Micro from your dermotologist. It acts as a gradual skin peel and helps with acne scars.
---winter on 2/17/11

Acne scars are tough to deal with especially at a young age. I use Unblemish spot fading toner. This is a alcohol-free toner that contains dermatologist preferred 2% hydroquinone to lighten and prevent post-acne marks and spots. The salicylic acid removes dead skin cells, keeps pores clear, and prepares skin for treatment. The best thing about this product is a 60 day supply with a money back guarentee. Message me for more detail on how to get this amazing product
---Katie on 1/22/11

If you can in any way afford it, do it. Us women wants to look nice. Yes. Hallelujah.
---catherine on 10/12/10

I pray for you. But, unfortunately, for me laser did not work well. I am trying the fractional lasers at the moment with little to no results after my first. If the scars are pitted, there really is nothing that can be done. If they are just pigmentation issues, which often are confused for true scars, then they will eventually fade.
---Nick on 10/11/10

Your daughters self-esteem issues and depression would be worth every penny you would spend for laser surgery for her. If you can afford it or has the insurance. Teens/young adults are very sensitive about their appearance. Anything you can do to put her at ease, within reason,would be worth a try. Also the commercials on tv for the Proactive skin treatment program suppose to be great for acne. The price is very reasonable((19.95). Look into that also. God bless you and your daughter.
---Robyn on 1/23/10

From my experience, I would get her off of all dairy products immediately. I would also treat her skin alternately with fresh grapefruit juice and fresh aloe vera.
---jerry6593 on 1/18/10

I read a book "Coconut Cures" by Bruce Fife and a woman gave her testimony of being healed from horribly severe acne scarring.

She learned about the healing powers of Philippine virgin coconut oil and she began applying it all over her body for 30 days and noticed great improvement.

I can't remember exactly how long it took...maybe 6mo. but she said it completely healed her of all scaring. She said her dermatologist couldn't believe it. She said her face was as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Me and my husband have also had similar experiences, we didn't have acne scars but other scars were healed.

I recommend Tropical Traditions because they still make theirs from the Philippines and others don't.
---SuzieH on 1/16/10

Just found some information on natural cream Melt made by Ovante for post acne scars and would like to share it.
---Danny on 1/12/10

Sister Sarah I am sorry that you have had to suffer the spiritual scars of the world. Please remember that you are beautifully created in the image of God. God loves us more than we can know. Physical attraction is cultural - but culture still hurts and the spiritual scars it leaves are all too real. If getting it treated would help you then bless you Sister and may God walk with you.
---Martin on 9/29/08

I am 26 years old and have mild/moderate acne scarring from teenage acne. No matter how much you pray about it, if you have this condition, looking in the mirror is a painful thing. I have cried about it a lot, and now - three months before my wedding - I'm going to do something about it. I am going in for the first in a series of chemical peels tomorrow ($50 each for 6 to 10 of them). God did create me beautiful, but a disease scarred me, and I am just trying to get back to the way I was made. I'm feeling better already. I hope you can help your daughter do the same.
---Sarah on 8/29/08

Well I can understand how your daughter feels since I myself have had a fair share of horrible acne problems. I do have lots of scars. But I have been able to almost remove them by applying Turmuric paste, thrice a week. It did help me and it still is helping me a lot. I hope it will help your daughter as well. But most of all before applying, first pray to God to annoint it. If you ask God to annoint it, it will be a medicine.IT HELPS.
---Dalyne on 8/23/08

Hi Jenny, a lot of good advice here for you and your daughter. :) I just want to ask, though, I assume of course that you don't openly refer to your daughter's scars as "ugly" in front of her? I really hope not and I'm sure you don't but I just had to ask, hope this is not offensive but the way it was worded made me kinda wonder, thanks and God bless you--and your daughter. :)
---Mary on 8/20/08

i'm really sorry i would have loved to help but i dont know much about skin problems and cures. i hope you will find a solution very soon in jesus's name AMEN.
---manu on 8/9/08

Dear Sister
As followers of Jesus, who healed and delivered everyone came to Him, He did it with Word. I'm not against the usage of medication, all what I am saying is that medication is helpful, but healing itself comes from our Healer and great Physician, Jesus Christ. Some people believe in divine healing together with medication, some of them in divine healing only through prayers, cause faith is not for all people. Try 'Bio tissue oil from pharmacies or Pep Stores. This oil is much helpful, as it smoothes rough/damaged skin. Try it for at least 3-4months, to apply twice a day. Wishing her a divine touch from above.
---Namutenya on 8/8/08

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Hi there, I have to agree with Kay, your daughters skin has probably not matured yet so any hars treatments might do more damage than good, and tee trea oil is very good. You should also have her use a sunblock with and SPF higher than 15 every day of the year as sun damage always makes scaring worse. I can fully understand how she feels with the scars in her face as I have never met a person that is comfortable with a bad skin. So have her drink plenty of water and eat healthy to prevent more pimples and do the tea tree oil at night and sunblock during the day should make things better.
---Candice_Phillips on 8/7/08

i just rub vaseline and off they go,
---ANDREW on 8/7/08

You may seek dermatologist's advice because some medicines that are publicized may not be applicable to your skin and it will damage more. Dermatologists are specialists on skin where they are gifts by God to help you. joy8864
---Joy on 8/5/08

i don't know about the laser treatments...but i do know of a wonderful treatment for her skin that will repair, heal and prevent new's all natural tea-tree oil. if she takes a little on her fingertip after she showers in the am while her pores are open and applies it to her skin it really works! i'm 33 and i have stress breakouts. the tea-tree oit is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fuingal so it is great on cold sores, ringworm etcetera!!! i use it every day and thank God for helping me to find out abou it from a frien--and it doesn't dry out your skin...i still look like i'm 25. try it, it costs about $8 for a small bottle, but it lasts for a few months. God Bless U!!
---heather on 8/5/08

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Laser is expensive but she will feel so much better about herself when these scars are gone. It's really worth the money.
---melva on 8/5/08

Steven G
That's deep, what you said and probably not a true story about you saying it. The real point is, though, that those who like you will like you and those who don't like you won't no matter what you do. I used to think I had to change to make someone else happy and it really does not work long term. If treatment makes the teenager with acne feel better about herself then that may be a good choice, but there will always be something about each of us that someone else does not like. She may even need medication prescribed from a doctor. We should strive to be God pleasers and not people pleasers.
---jaden on 8/5/08

You should ask professional doctors in this case not your friends or strangers.
---Sviatlana on 8/5/08

Good Question,Take Your Daughter To The Doctor That Will Treat Scars So Thats My Suggestion!
---Elizabeth on 8/5/08

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If your insurance covers the surgery,then have it done.If not,then maybe you should try make up to cover the scars.Bare minerals is supposed to be a really good cover up that is all natural and good for the skin.
---Irene on 8/5/08

You cannot get rid of scars. A scar is just that. The only thing you can do is to mask it with make-up and dont believe people when they say can get rid of that nasty scar. It just isnt true.
---Alan on 8/5/08

I would go for the treatment, if I could afford it. Mabe your insurance would cover some of the cost. It would be well worth the cost.
---catherine on 8/3/08

I had acne problems as a teenager and today have smooth skin. So it is possible. I would recommend that you try a natural solution before doing anything that requires laser surgery. She is still young and her skin has not yet matured fully.

If you do not know where to start researching a natural solution, please try looking up the benefits of aloe vera & tea tree oil products, as well as freshly-squeezed juice detox (which helps the skin to regenerate slowly...) Or even better, go to a health food store and speak to their expert about the problem.

I know everyone's body chemistry is different, but hopefully something here will help her. Blessings.
---Kay on 8/2/08

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Children at any age are very sensitive to their appearance. Unfortunately we live in a world of looking good, via models etc are so important to young girls. Facial marks are difficult at any age. Any act (movement) towards healing the situation is a positive act. Hence, engaging with your child and relaying to her she is not alone, as to empathize with her suffering. When the Israelites suffered persecution, they physically had to walk out into the valley, as Moses lead them. We pray, but also must take action... there are less invasive treatments and less costly. Dermabrasion works wonders on the face to smooth the skin, at about $75.00 a treatment and perhaps a special face cream just for her.
---Diana on 8/1/08

I agree with Trish on this one. Mary Kay has excellent products for teenagers as well as us older women who need a little help hiding our wrinkles. The sad part of today's teenagers is that they are expected to look a certain way because that is what they see on television and movies.
---SusieB on 8/1/08

Shirleen (age 13 1994) and I were standing in front of our apartments when she confided in me about spending $4,000 to do surgery on her eyes to make her look more Amercian (she's Vietnamese). I knelt down and drew five circles in the dirt. I said, "In this first circle, 2% of the people will hate you, no matter how you look inside or outside. In the second circle, people (5%)will hate you for how you look. In the fourth circle, people (5%)will like you for your beauty. In the third circle, people (86%)don't care. In the fifth circle, people (2%)will love you for who you are inside you." As I pointed to her heart. I said, "God made you the person you are for a purpose. Just be who you are and true friendship will follow."
---Steveng on 8/1/08

Pray, never doubting that God can provide for what ever you pray for in the name of Christ, whether it be for the finances to pay for laser removal or to make your daughter whole by showing her that her self-worth is more that her physical appearances.

Heck, pray for both and stay open, expecting to receive.
---Shawn.M.T on 8/1/08

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You do not say how old your daughter is, but I am guessing she is a teenager. I would suggest holding off on anything radical, like surgery. Mary Kay makes some cleansing products that help gradually with such problems. It might be nice for you and her to have a makeover with a consultant and show her how pretty she really is. Let her invest in some cosmetics and cleansing products to help her. BTW: I do not work for Mary Kay, I just love the products.
---Trish9863 on 8/1/08

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