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Student Loans Remove Curses

You must have a college education to make lots of money. I want to go to college, but I come from a very poor family. Will getting a student loan remove this generational curse of being poor?

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 ---john on 8/1/08
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Forget generational curses. Being "poor", you are in the best possible position for getting scholarships, grants (and if all else fails, loans)

Don't think a college degree is needed to get ahead. Thousands of students major in history, literature or psychology. Then find out nobody has jobs for "historian" or "literate persons" or bachelor degree "psychologists" And the need for "marine biologists" is tiny compared to the number studying it.
Ask what is in DEMAND? Prepare for such a field.

Some of the highest paid jobs require no college...plumbers, electricians, insulation installers etc. They do require expert training however and work experience.
---Donna66 on 3/24/11

I don't know about removing generational curses, if there is such a thing, but you should benefit from going to college. Education can be and should be a ticket to a better life. But not always. Some people incur huge loans and debts, to go to school, just to come out of school and cannot find a good paying job in their field of choice. Not even a good job in any field. But it is worth the gamble. Go to school.Just educate yourself and you will be in a better position to help your family. A family member might be encouraged to follow in your footsteps and the so-called curse can be broken, that way. Love
---Robyn on 3/19/11

Yes it will, you budget, you learn, you graduate, you work, you pray,you get out of loan, you rejoice!
---Carla3939 on 2/10/09

No it will not. It will just make it possible for you to achieve your dream. I really do not understand about generational curses. Jesus took everything to the cross when he died. There will always be poor among us.
---gynn6456 on 9/25/08

Getting a student loan will not change a generational curse. Curses must be dealt with and can be broken. I just read a book called "Unbroken Curses" by Rebecca Brown. It had a lot of good information in it. I'd recommend getting prayer/counseling from someone that is familiar with this subject. Remember Jesus came that you might have life - more abundant and free. John 10:10
---maria on 8/14/08

Getting a student loan will not get rid of the "curse" but it will help you to cope with it and perhaps work on eventually getting rid of it for a few months if you are willing to make a few sacrafices in the money+spending=luxury department. Such inovating things like thies should help,1. Do not buy outside, too costly! Cook you own foods.2. Get used to buying a box of cerial and a container of milk it should last about three days breakfast. 3. Buy a box of tea bags, buy some butter and a loaf of bread. Buttered toast with tea is delicious!.4.Buy pasta and cook that with some vegetables for supper. One-a-day for men/women will help keep you in good health.
---daniel on 8/10/08

pray god will remove all evil and he will remove all bad things just ask him his promeses is real and true important point pray
---andy on 8/9/08

taking loans will just add more problems since it is a debt and must be paid what i thingk you should do is to pray and break the curse because it might follow you even later
---elsa on 8/8/08

generational curses can only be broken through prayer and that calls for one with a relationship with Jesus Christ-receiving Jesus Christ as one's personal Saviour and Lorsd is the irst step to take.You can also seek help from local Church leadership,which believes in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.Hope it helps.
---blesa4793 on 8/8/08

Generational Curses are the opposite of Blesses and it born from the first sin, and only Christ Jesus the Lord could remove them. So you must reborn again as a Christian meaning you have to leave your old life and open your heart for Christ put your totally faith in HIM and growth with that faith and let the Holy spirit leads you daily then you will experience the great miracle in your life to achieve your prosperous life. Because Christ came for the poor to bring them into a abundantly prosperous life.
---margie on 8/8/08

"Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God." (Luke 6:20)

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." (Mark 10:25)

So who is "cursed"? Of course, with God all things are possible, if you serve Him and not Mammon.
---Luke65 on 8/7/08

I understand what you are referring to in a generational curse on 'the being poor concept'. One is psychologically affected with the stigma from generations of perpetual struggle to survive. Hence, education remained on the bottom of the list. Yes, it is a repeated situation, until one chooses to break the survival mentality. Schools offer FAFSA, and Governors waivers. You can do it. On-line course are very popular, with public libraries offering free computer usage. In order to get out of slavery we must walk into the wilderness. Peace be with you,
---DIANA on 8/7/08

Hey there, poverty is a curse, but since you are washed by THE BLOOD that curse has no power over you. Only obedience to Christ and the renewal of your mind, by meditating on THE WORD , and putting THE WORD to practice can eradicate curses. We should not suffer lack of anykind because we are seated in heavenly places ! Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth regarding your finnacial stance and how to get to a place where you can recieve every good and perfect gift that is from above, as the Bible says we have not because we ask not and if we ask , we ask a miss. SHALOM.
---Canda on 8/7/08

God already has eliminated generational curses! All SINS were nailed to the Cross with Jesus the Christ. Thus, if you are born again, saved, indwelt and infilled by the Holy Spirit, then forgiveness of sins, deliverance from bondage to sins, and salvation's sanctification process (being transformed from the old sin nature to the new spiritual man or woman) are also your gifts from God through faith in Jesus the Christ.
---Nadine on 8/7/08

Generational curses seems to be a very popular superstition in some places.

Why do you fear them if you are born again?

If you're born again, ANY curse, including generational curses, are BROKEN.
---katavasia on 8/7/08

I Think You Can Go To College And You Can Be Eligible For Student Loans By Being Removed From Curse!
---Elizabeth on 8/7/08

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You do not have to go to college/university to obtain a better income if this were the case then what do you do with the likes of Richard Branson, to name but one uneducated person. Look around and see. It is those who set their faces towards their goals without wavering.

If I wish to start up a business and need money I would look for sources of money, then seek out how to set up a business, etc.

Put away background difficulties and go for your goal but dont make money your god as this will always end up in misery.
---Alan on 8/7/08

no, generetion curses will only be broken by the blood of jesus and prayer and fasting.
---ANDREW on 8/7/08

The curse of poverty isn't that you don't have much money. But the curse is how you feel you aren't somebody if you haven't got much money.

And if you are not enjoying and loving and appreciating your family, while you are poor > THIS is the curse, how you let yourself not appreciate having and loving ones in your family.

Also, if you use what money you do have in foolish ways . . . THIS is a curse.

It's not how much you have, but how much you can do with it (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/7/08

A curse is anything that is repeated repetively through the years. In the Bible it speaks about being lazy. A college degree doesn't always mean success but finding the place where God wants you to be and doing your best to fullfill that purpose is going to bring you more success. God wants us to all succeed in life as we are His children. He wants us to have His very best in everything. If we do things with a good heart and seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit we will succeed. It's doesn't matter where we came from as long as we set goals to be an achiever in life. We are what we think so we need to think high goals and God will give us the desires of our heart.
---Marilyn on 8/7/08

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A curse cannot happen to God,s people.We are washed in the sacred blood of Jesus.We are under God,s blessing,not curse.A person may be poor,but how is this a curse?Jesus said we will always have the poor with us.And the apostle Paul said he has learned to be content in whatever situation he was in.Jesus said that foxes have holes,and birds of the air have nests,but the son of man has not where to lay his head.It is good to be successful,and if we are successful,we should give God the glory.But our life doesn,t consist of the material things we aquire in life.Our treasure is in heaven.May God who is rich in mercy give you everything you need in this life and in the life to come,eternal life.God bless.
---Irene on 8/7/08

Anything that reoccurs in your life is normally linked to a curse. trust The Lord to expose anything in teh past generation that may have a hold over your life.
---Margaret_Graham on 8/7/08

People without college can make lots of money too. On the average the college educated person will make more but that is no guarantee. One thing for sure, a loan will put you in debt. If you will work hard and be faithful, you will be blessed whether or not you have a student loan.
---john on 8/2/08

Education is necessary in order to get a good job. If you continue to believe things like...

Poverty is a "curse" (from who?), then you'll always believe non-sensical things and will not have a good life.

DEFINE what YOU believe a "CURSE" is (in reality, they don't exist).

Do you mean that you believe poverty is punishment from God for what your ancestors did? You don't seem to truly trust (have faith) that God is a good, loving God.

Poverty is caused by mankind's refusal to share with each other.

Believe things that make sense (like God's loving kindness), then "college" will do you some good.

Beware of televangelists.
---more_excellent_way on 8/1/08

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There is no such thing as a generational curse of being poor. There are programs through unions that have apprenticeship programs which train while you work. If you want to go to college, there are many ways to pay for it. One way is to work a job and go to college. Another is through grants which don't have to be paid back. Student loans must be paid back after you finish college. There is no reason why anyone should stay poor in this country if they are able to work. I know of many families whose parents have worked two jobs to support them and keep them out of poverty. By the way, my husband and I also came from poor families, but that didn't keep us poor.
---SusieB on 8/1/08

John, life is about choices and you can convince yourself of anything false if you just add faith to it. What I'm saying is generational curses are mumbo jumbo theology.

Through Jesus Christ you are adopted into God's family, and what curse will come from His Sin? None, because in him is no sin.

Look for the regenerate blessings God has given you in "heavenly places in Christ Jesus." (Eph. 1:3) Please stop re-living the past of those who came before you, either Christ makes all things new or He is a liar and a devil.
---Pharisee on 8/1/08

My 31 year old son got his GED - never went to college- but has worked really hard and makes esceptional money. He does better than my nephew who has a financial masters degree. It is always a good idea to go to college, but poverty is not a generational curse - you can be what you want to be if you work hard and seek G-d's guidance.
---Gophylann on 8/1/08

John: Getting a student loan would enable you to get a college education, which would make you more marketable in the workforce, or prepare you for a professional career. Poverty is not necessarily a generational curse, it is a state of economics.
---Trish9863 on 8/1/08

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