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Favorite Family Vacation

We just go back from a Hawaii family vacation. We took a Hawaiian cruise and it was the best summer vacation ever. Please share your best Hawaii or family vacation experiences.

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 ---katie on 8/18/08
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I wanna go to Alaska some day. That is my idea of a dream vacation.
---SusieB on 8/25/08

Camping in the eastern Sierras out of Bishop and Lone Pine, California.
---bernie_cohen on 8/23/08

ive been on many trips i enjoy all my trips
---andy on 8/22/08

We went to Disney World two summers ago and it was okay being my first time.I would definitely like to go again and until that time I can't wait.
---Leean8857 on 8/22/08

The Locals hate tourist and all they want is your money, Is it still that way?
That takes from the beauty of there land.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 8/22/08

I see that one of you would like the state that I live in. It to me is next to heaven, as I do not want to ever leave here while I am alive, Unless God has other plans for me. Colorado is the place to be. .
---Betty on 8/22/08

I have not gone to Hawaii yet, but one of the nice places I have visited in the US was the Rocky mountain as well as the place for the gods in Colorado. That was the first time I saw a snow.
I enjoyed that vacation because that was God's treat to me. He used people to provide all the expenses without me asking them. God is Faithful! ! !
---Beth9737 on 8/22/08

A few years ago we went to California for two weeks.It was wonderful!We spent a lot of time on the beaches.And we did a lot of sightseeing.We went to the San diego zoo and did a day trip down in Tijauna Mexico.We stayed in a motel some,but we also went camping close by the polimar mountains.I loved it.I lived in California when I was a small child and I,ve always wanted to go visit it again.I would live there if I could afford it.
---Irene on 8/21/08

I Went To London,England In September 2004 And It Was My First Time There,I've Traveled With Trips INCorporated They Take Persons With Disabilities Trips All Year And Chaperones Were There To Assist Us!
---Elizabeth on 8/21/08

It is hard to pin done one favorite vacation.
Areas I have been to that have been fun are:
Chimney Rock in Neb, Colorado Springs, Medora, ND, Washington state to climb Mt.Shuskan and see the ocean.

I love any thing to do with nature and especially the Rocky Mts.
---barb on 8/21/08

In 2005 I told my husband our 50th Wedding Aniversary would be perfect if we could have all our family on a cruise with us. He told me a few weeks later to find the cruise and so we took our two children,their spouses,two Grandchildren, Greatgranddaughter,on a five day Caribbean cruise from Galveston Texas. We went night before Cruise left and all stayed in a Motel,going out for dinner and breakfast together was fun. On the ship we all had the Dinner meal in the Dining Room at one big table. We all enjoyed each other but still had time to do things separate that each liked. Greatgranddaughter loved cruising,kids activities,so much she said"lets go on another cruise". The Best! A special blessing.
---Darlene_1 on 8/19/08

We could never afford a trip to Hawaii, but we did save up enough money to take the whole family to Florida one summer, before the older kids moved out for good. We rented a condo on the Gulf coast, and took day trips to Kennedy Space Center, Disney, Universal, took in a Clearwater Phillies game, and went dolphin watching. My youngest son even went parasailing over the Gulf. One of the things that made it memorable was that I was in a wheelchair and on crutches that summer, so we got to go to the front of the lines at Disney and Universal.
---Trish9863 on 8/18/08

Our best family vacations are usually spent at Camp Meeting or some other church event. I can't imagine spending the kind of money that it takes for the kind of trip you describe when the economy is so bad in this country. I have known many people who have taken such trips. They're still paying off the credit cards. LOL
---SusieB on 8/18/08

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