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Cancer Treatment Side Effects

What are the forms of lung cancer treatments? (natural/surgery) Does anyone have loved ones with cancer and are there side effects of the cancer treatment?

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 ---concerned on 8/22/08
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(this is from marilyn, continued)Okay, folks, it was just confirmed by doctor #2...the cancer tumor is not detectable on the "after" mammogram, and clearly visible on the "before" (before herbs/diet).... Also, some people have used Barley Tablets (from Green Supreme) and some have used B-17 tablets (order online)...and been cancer-free afterwards, after having stage 4 cancer. It's beatable. One man was sent home to die with bladder cancer, and was still cancer-free 10 yrs later, when I called his wife. (he used the same herbs/diet I did).
God is able, just trust what He's given us to use.
Bless you and keep you, love you all, I'm on cloud tennnnnnnnnnnn!!!Praising my Savior and Father God. Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
---maria5675 on 9/22/08

---freda please contact me at penpals I am
mima 3783
---mima on 9/19/08

Hi, I had stage 2 & 3 breast cancer last year, July 2007. I received a list of herbs to take and simple fresh fruit/veg diet to follow from a well-known Amish healer. I looked him up on the Internet. Cancer victims had found their bodies healed with these herbs/diet. So, for four months I did the diet and herbs and all by God's grace...then my blood test came back negative for cancer. Then the x-ray could not find the tumor, which had a clip in it. The doctor said, the tumor was "no longer evident". After he found out I had insurance, he said I needed surgery anyway! email me, call me, anything, I will help you look it all up. For nothing. Just your good health!
---marilyn on 9/18/08

John ... You say " If anyone is interested in more informtion, contact me"

---alan_of_UK on 9/8/08

One of my friends cured his elderly mother's lung cancer in 6 weeks with a 60 to 90 second once a day treatment at their home, while waiting for the scheduled chemo therapy to begin. The chemo therapy was cancelled when the doctor decided to proclaim a miraculous healing had occurred...which my friend didn't tell the doctor that he had done as an once a day 60 to 90 second treatment. The treatment is for strengthening the immune system and is not specifically for cancer. A specialized ultraviolet light is used for 60 to 90 seconds once per day in conjunction with a one a day supplement taken a few minutes earlier with water. If anyone is interested in more informtion, contact me.
---john on 9/5/08

I was the only Darlene on here when I started but later another came on and used just Darlene. Being somewhat of a writer off here I am a little bit possessive of what I say,wanting ownership and responsibility for it,even if it's not worth being heard,I added a one after Darlene and now everyone knows when I write something and they can throw the rocks at me if they don't like it. Besides it really does keep down questions as to who wrote what therefore also avoiding the confusion about who is who.
---Darlene_1 on 9/4/08

My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in May this year. He has had radio therapy and is on stronger pain killers. faced with an uncertain future and not being sure how we will be effected by this illness my husband and I try to stay positive and cheerful. We also have many saying prayers for us both. We don't expect the miracle of a cure . but strenth for what lies ahead
---freda on 9/4/08

Good point Alan! From now on I'll sign as Irene M. I wasn't trying to rock the boat here, so your suggestion will work great. Thanks. Cheerio! :)
---Irene_M on 9/3/08

Irenes (both of you) ... More and more of us (e.g. SusieB) are adding something to our sign-in, to stop us being confused with someone of the same name,
---alan_of_UK on 9/3/08

Irene (both of you)....Anyone whose name is the same as mine can post on here and it won't bother me. I know which post is mine. LOL
---SusieB on 9/1/08

I wonder if you'd be kind enough to identify yourself in some slightly different way (as that is the way I've been signing for several years), in order to avoid confusion in case of conflicting statements? :) It would be nice for both our sakes if you would. Thanks. By the way, did you know our name means "Peace" ? Blessings, Irene
---Irene on 8/30/08

Our friend waited so long to go to a doctor when she was in severe pain that she was in the last stages of cancer when she went. She began treatment and PRAISE THE LORD the lumps are gone in her breasts and lymph nodes.
---SusieB on 8/30/08

Depending on the cancer one is treated for, the chemo regimen will vary. The term for this is "cytotoxic poisoning", which is what chemo really is. Its regulated dosing of poisons into the body to destroy cancer cells. Lethargy, loss of taste,smell, reduced immunity, hair loss and permanent organ damage are all possible. I have watched my father diminish as a person, I would never advocate chemo as an effective treatment. Seek out alternatives instead.
---marta6656 on 8/30/08

If the doctor tells YOU that YOU have cancer and will surely DIE if you do not start do not reject the treatment because of side-effects. If your hair falls out, so be it. Being "healthy" is suddenly not as important as being ALIVE.

The good news is:

The death rate from cancer is dropping steadily. The latest treatments are targeted to the specific cancer being treated, so that cancer cells are the only ones destroyed. Not all cancers have such treatment yet, but the future is very promising.
---Donna66 on 8/30/08

Char ... they are desperately trying to find that better way!

Do you have any suggestions they could follow up?
---alan_of_UK on 8/29/08

I feel like that the medical community needs to come up with better ways to treat cancer. Yes I know cancer is a bad thing to get, but when they treat someone with chemo and radiation, while it is killing the cancer it is also killing other parts of you and your immune system to make you weak and feeble. If something makes all your hair and teeth fall out, it can't really be a good thing for you. It is like giving you aids after you get cancer. if you can survive it, you can say it saved your life. But my brother died of "cancer" after he got all the treatments, just like a ton of other people I know. It also cost the families a fortune to pay after they die for the treatments and doctors. There has to be a better way.
---Char on 8/29/08

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As a retired nurse I can tell you that there are usually sideaffects from chemo therapy but it is worth the discomfort if you're one of the blessed ones who goes into remission.Many times the docs can do something to help the side affects too and also there are new discoveries almost daily.God bless you.
---shirley on 8/28/08

yes there are side affects to cancer treatment i have kin folks with cancer the surgery dont help much
---andy on 8/28/08

I Have A Job Coach And Her Mother Has Died Of Lung Cancer June 13th,2008 And So I Think Surgery Will Treat Lung Cancer!
---Elizabeth on 8/28/08

yes even after your cancer treartment there is very few side effects but u will get over them soon enough just keep prayeing to god for your help an you'll do just fine
---LENDELL on 8/28/08

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My sister had breast cancer.The doctors removed her breast,and then began doing chemo and radiation treatments on her.The treatments caused her great sickness,pain and her hair fell out.She had burns from the radiation.What started out as one small lump,left her in the most horrid state of health.She died one year later.That,s why I do not even consult doctors.I take vitamins,try to eat healthy,exercise,research and partake of natural healing foods,teas and vitamins.And of course put my life in Jesus loving,healing hands.That,s my prescription for life and health.
---Irene on 8/28/08

Thank You Alan of UK -- what you say is very true. Some times chemo is given before surgery, too. Chemo, or radiation, or surgery are, in some cases, the sole treatment. I wanted to explain more, but there just wasn't space.

Let me say, Alan, I'm so sorry about your wife.I can understand her decision, though. I got through the ordeal of treatment once, but I'm not sure I could accept it again. I'm going to die anyway, sometime,(as are we all).I'm 66. Why suffer such misery for possibly only a few more years of life? BUT for the present I'm hoping God will use my time for His purposes and I appreciate every day.
---Donna66 on 8/27/08

Nosocomial infections means hospital infections. Caught the infection in the hospital. MRSA, the highest nosocomial infection.

Methicillin is very effective in treating most staph infections, some staph bacteria have developed a resistance to methicillin and can no longer be killed by this antibiotic. The resistant bacteria are called methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus or MRSA.--CCOHS

How? People not following instructions.
Md states to take this antibiotic for 7 or 10 days no matter what, but we stop sooner, because we feel better. Thinking that the infection is dead. But it isn't. It was just weak. The bug recovers, defeating the antibiotic.
A super bug is born.
Please follow the instructions of Doctors.
---Nicole on 8/27/08

Please! Please! Contact a doctor for the answers to your questions.
---SusieB on 8/27/08

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Just a small correction/c,arification of what Donna says

Radiotherapy does not necessarily follow chemo.

For some cancers, radio is the primary treatment. I think it depends on whether the cancer has already spread to the soft tissues.

A friend had a cancer which was treated by radio first, then chemo to wipe out any remaining cancer cells.

My wife had bowel cancer, which had spread to soft tissues (liver & peritenaeum) and in this case radio would have done no good at all.

Side effects of the chemo were OK the first time round, but when the cancer returned, another chemo cocktail was needed which was extremely unpleasant, and she eventually elected to cease this, and go into the waiting arms of the Lord
---alan_of_UK on 8/26/08

One of the best things anyone can do who has any disease is to boost the immune system so that the body can fight it off itself. Most treatments are totally dibilitating and give the body little chance to do this. Make sure the PH is alkaline, as cancer cells thrive in the acid bodies of of our fatty,sweet diets. Many tests show that people who take chemo live shorter and are far sicklier than those who opt out.Do some internet research on the subject of Acid/ Alkaline body. It was a great help to me and many others and it's far cheaper and less debilitating.
---john on 8/26/08

Part 1

I myself had cancer about 3 yrs ago. (I am also an RN). Mine was not lung cancer, but breast cancer stage III (stage IV is terminal). I had both breasts removed because the cancer had spread into the lymphatic system. I had chemotherapy and radiation.

These two, plus surgical removal of some of the lung, are treatments for lung cancer. Sometimes surgery cannot be performed if too much lung is involved.
---Donna66 on 8/26/08

Part 2

Chemotherapy is usually given IV. The chemicals kill tissue... including the cancer. Normal cells grow back. It keeps the cancer from growing. This therapy used to be pretty miserable, but today most symptoms, such as nausea, can be controlled. Some chemo drugs cause temporary hair loss, Others don't. A person is more susceptible to infection for a while and may be anemic... difficult but not horrible.

Following chemo is radiation. It's
pretty painless,(like an x-ray) but over time, it's like a bed sunburn.It actually destroys the cancer.

This is a very short partial summery, but I hope it helps. I have CT scans every 3 mo. and remain CANCER-FREE. God is the one who makes all healing possible and I praise HIM.
---Donna66 on 8/26/08

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There is someone who just got diagnosed with lung cancer, whom I have suspected is alcoholic while passing himself off as being one to help lead worship. And I thought of how Paul says, of ones not living and loving how Jesus wants, "For this reason, many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep." (1 Corinthians 11:30) And I was ready therefore for him to die, but this has not been having compassion and forgiveness ready to go for him. So, this uncompassionate judgementalness in me is cancer of the devil. So, thank You, LORD, for showing me this. Thank you for your prayer, and may we be more really in prayer for him and others.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/24/08

Surgery, conventional medicine, and chemotherapy was always dangerous, expensive, and marginally effective (in most of the population), so, it's MUCH better (and MUCH less expensive) to go the natural/alternative medicine route that provides CURES (reverses the disease). Natural substances are what GOD provided humanity to keep the creation made in His image disease free and to also RECOVER from any damage. Put in your search browser...

Ask Tony Isaacs

...also check out

Bad Doctors/bad surgery

Acid/Alkaline pH balance


MRSA (hospital infections have been covered up for years and are very common today).
---more_excellent_way on 8/22/08

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