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How To Vote In 2008

What will be your deciding factor in the upcoming presidental elections? Will it be moral, economics, or world events?

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 ---colupy on 8/23/08
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I don't see that it is best to have just a single thing as a deciding factor, because our president will necessarily have to deal with all three of the above. Morally, I see McCain as somewhat a better choice, primarily because of his stance against most abortion. On economics, I believe that the worst thing we can do to our country and our kids is to hand them a bigger government, which means a bigger government deficit and higher taxes. I think McCain seems for a more limited government. On world events, it is hands down McCain. Obama was naive or just plain wrong about the following: the "surge" in Iraq, the importance of Iran getting nuclear weapons, the invasion of Russia into Georgia, etc.
---grant on 11/3/08

"I will be voting for someone who will not be affraid to put his hand on the bible and pledge to the US flag. Someone who might have made mistakes but admits them".
---laura on 10/30/08

GOOD Laura! Another vote for Obama!
---Billy on 11/3/08

I agree with myra and susieb. I will be voting for someone who will not be affraid to put his hand on the bible and pledge to the US flag. Someone who might have made mistakes but admits them. Unlike obama who hides behind a facade of lies. I am prolife. If you have ever given birth and held them in your arms you would know what I mean. They are a gift."One Nation Under GOD!"
---laura on 10/30/08

Vote for anyone NOT named McCain!
---Billy on 10/30/08

with these abilities a president will govern his country properly & not trying to look tough, professing to be a christian (but does not practice what he preaches) & lying to its people that everything is ok.

if a president is stupid, incompetent, greedy & arrogant the country suffers
---mike on 9/9/08

The next president needs to deal with all 3 of your critern. If he deals with the moral part first, the rest will fall into place because he will have the wisdom to deal with any problems or challeges if his morals are correct.
---wivv on 9/3/08

>--Just because someone is against a constitutional amendment preventing something, that doesn't mean that they are for that thing specifically - they may just realize that such a constitutional amendment would be impractical to enforce, or to pass.<--

Strongaxe: I have to say I agree. By the same token, just because a person votes for a democrat does not mean they are for abortion then. My point is that at the end of the day, the best the right can do is promise to leave it to the states. Left to the states means pro-choice. Some states will have abortions, some won't. Young pregnat girls will just hitchike or take a bus to the states that offer abortions.
---obewan on 9/3/08

In the days following 9/11, the U.S. asked Israel for some advice in airport security. Israel's answer was 1) that no one should be exempt from whatever procedures were used.
2) that private employers should be the ones to furnish security.
Of course, we promptly ignored both.

Personally, I feel that security is an important issue in the upcoming election. I'm not for acting as though 9/11 was an isolated criminal act NOR accusing candidates of capitalizing on tragedy when they mention it.
But why concentrate on airports? Terrorists have such a wide choice of targets. And think of the potential jobs available for highly-trained psychological profilers to act as interviewers in a variety of settings.
---Donna66 on 9/2/08

My seventeen year old son is the largest factor for me in this election. The next eight years will be absolutely crucial for him and there are many things about this election that concern me. He will not be able to legally vote in November so I must be his voice in the voting booth. One vote may not count very much in the greater picture, however for some reason, I feel as if this time it does. Lord, please allow me to choose well...please guide my hand!
---TIMOTHY on 9/2/08


Just because someone is against a constitutional amendment preventing something, that doesn't mean that they are for that thing specifically - they may just realize that such a constitutional amendment would be impractical to enforce, or to pass.

While Christians may believe Christianity is the only "correct" religion and that everyone who isn't a Christian is going to hell, I hear no calls for an amendment outlawing other religions. I also don't hear "family values" Christian politicians pushing a constitutional amendment forbidding divorce, even though a 50% divorce rate is much more dangerous to family stability than gay marriage (affecting 10% of the population or less) could possibly be.)
---StrongAxe on 9/2/08


Your are right. I should have said something like "if there were no hypocrites". I meant in no way that an extermination should take place. Further I think it would be hypocritical to be so judgemental to point fingers and scream "hypocrite!"
---atheist on 9/2/08


Precisely. They are matter-of-fact, and done efficiently and effectively. Much the way we treat other things here (like product-tag identification arches at exits from music stores).

Unfortunately, while Israel deals with terror constantly, the US does not, so people don't understand it, and react with fear and hysteria, rather than logic. TSA testing methods are slow and efficient, and give "warm fuzzies", but are totally ineffective in stopping REAL terrorists (even investigative journalists). TSA also hires many "do you want fries with that?" amateurs as screeners rather than trained professionals, so there are so many holes, while many legitimate travelers are hassled.
---StrongAxe on 9/2/08

It will be:

1.) The Iraq war.
2.) Energy Policy.

Both candidates have said they are opposed to a constitutional ammendment that would ban abortions, so I call them both pro-choice at the end of the day.

Both candidates also favor so-called "civil unions", so the choice of "marrying" gays is left to the church at the end of the day.
---obewan on 9/2/08

Atheist I didn't say God chooses leaders from my own thoughts but from the Bible,which doesn't matter to you I know, but that is my source. Daniel 2:21 "It is He who changes the times and epochs,he removes kings and establishes kings,He gives wisdom to wise men And knowledge to men of understanding". Proverbs 16:4 The Lord hath made all things for Himself:yea even the wicked for the day of evil. Hope this helps answer your question. I would say this, God has a plan for this World and there must be certain things happen good and bad to fulfill the Prophecies,lot in Old Testament,and His plan for humankind whether we understand it doesn't matter,I don't all of it,God is God and I love Him.
---Darlene_1 on 9/2/08

Atheist: Allow me to further expand my point & say it's easy enough for persons to say (claim) what they are, but the proof of their statement is in how (if at all) they live their profession in line with the guidelines (How To Book, e.g., the Bible) of being what they say "they are". Clearly, if they don't "practice what they preach", then they aren't!

If "I could" remove (get rid of, exterminate?) all the alleged hypocrites from the earth, then I'd be no better than them. Surely you can see the problem with that hypothesis? :)
---Leon on 9/2/08

Strongaxe, re: "hysterical" and "paranoid" anti-terrorism measures, I was most interested in your statement that:
Israel has had to deal with real terrorism.....they deal with things matter-of-factly rather than hysterically.

But traveling to Israel, I've always been personally searched, patted down. It's routine... and snapped the shutter on my camera to prove it's not a bomb. They physically search every suitcase as you watch. There's no "profiling", the precautions apply to all men, women and children. And you are correct, there's no hysteria. Nobody complains... because people there KNOW it is a necessity!
Such procedures, being routine, are fast, professional and really don't cause much delay.
---Donna66 on 9/2/08

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Atheist ... I can't help agreeing with yuo about removing the hypocrites.

Remember though there are hypocritical atheists, and they too would have to be removed.

God, or other gods, can be neither proved nor disproved by "scientific" means, and you can't prohibit or compel faith or non-faith.

& You can't prohibit self-interest, which will influence even the most honest and well meaning of men of any persuasion ... & it would be unfair to call them hypocrites.
---alan_of_UK on 9/2/08


I agree with your point. In fact I believe that if you removed all hypocritical Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. from the earth, the remaining people would probably all get along pretty well.

It is those of all religions who hypocritcally use their beliefs to justify their own actions of self interest, and to sow fear and hatred of others for their personal gain.
---atheist on 8/31/08


I agree. I find the arguments that any leader of any religion or not, did anything solely on the basis of their religious beliefs totally empty.

Some here seem to want to tally the dead killed by one "leader" or another based on an arbitrary asssignment to a religion or atheism, and from that tally prove that atheism has killed more people than those religious.

Clearly, the worst killer/leaders were meglomanical psychotic whack jobs living out their personal delusions of grandeur.

Whether a leader kills people because he believes god tells him to or believes there is no god but himself is quite irrelevent.

Both are crazy and immoral.
---atheist on 8/31/08

My post was, "Darlene: "...leaders who have been put there by God."

So which leaders are put there by god? Does this include past leaders such as Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, and Lenin? Were they put there by god? If so, he seems he made some bad choices.

And if god put our leaders "there" do we need to vote? Shouldn't we just go back to kings who's first son was god's choice for the replacement of his father?

Much simpler, no voting machines... "

What do your "statistics" have to do with this question?
---atheist on 8/31/08

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Many Christians now divide Catholicism from Christianity. Even Catholics I have heard on youtube, do it. Also, I researched some atheists and in my research about 60 per cent so far have come from a Catholic or one parent Catholic background. The deciding factor in the elections will be what the Jesuits want.
---frances008 on 8/31/08

Where did you get these statistics Nicole?
I find them hard to swallow.
---Becky on 8/31/08

Atheist ... At one time I was an atheist.

Does that make me an atheist still?

Hitler at one time was a nominal Catholic. That does not mean he was a real one at any time, still less that he was one when he committed his atrocities.

From putting forward reasoned arguments, you are now straying a bit
---alan_of_UK on 8/31/08

StrongAxe and Nicole, I know I differ from you in many of my basic beliefs but you bless me with some of your answers and I am sure we have more in common than that which divides us. Why don't we all elevate the Word, which was in the beginning, and which was made flesh, in order to give us our Salvation. I believe both of you are genuine good people. (I could be wrong).
---frances008 on 8/31/08

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Fellow Saints, Look into another Presidential option. That is Mr. Charles "Chuck" Baldwin. The LORD has lifted him up as a Candidate who is a "man after GOD's own Heart". Check about him on the Internet (or where ever). His V.P. runner is Mr. Darrel Castle. GOD is giving us a Chance here. Mr. Baldwin does not have a big chance of winning, because the Evil is in the majority, but, if you vote for him, as he is a man of GOD, your Vote will count in Heaven! You will also be voting for him before GOD, with a Holy Conscience, knowing you voted for one of GOD's own. PLEASE! Look into seeing what this man stands for, for yourselves! YAH's Blessings to all who do!
---Gordon on 8/31/08

Athiest : He was also apostate, If I may say you know the category?
---MIC on 8/31/08

""Hitler, by the way was a Catholic.""

And Jim Jones was a Protestant.

But neither Hitler nor Jones lived up to the teachings of their churches.

Stalin, on the other hand was an atheist, and lived up to the teachings of Marxism-Leninism.

Who killed more people?
---katavasia on 8/31/08

Atheist: Hitler was a Catholic "in name only" (very much like many people are Christians, "in name only").
---Leon on 8/31/08

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I don't know it and you don't either.

Hitler, by the way was a Catholic.
---atheist on 8/30/08

Atheist, did you know that the worst killings are done by atheist people?

Religious wars are only responsible for 4 to 5 millions death in the last 2000 years.

In the 20th Century alone, over 350 million were killed by leaders who did not believe in any higher power.
Or who wanted Secular rule only.
Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and many others.
---Nicole on 8/30/08

AlanofUk is correct to say we are in a more 'insidiously' dangerous position today. The terrorism is by the governments (blaming terrorism) so that they can have this war against our freedoms. Susie B, yes I have gone over the edge of the horizon as it were, and seen what most people dare not look at. You are conditioned, and cannot help what you are saying. You are just a blind sheep. I feel sorry for you. It is okay for you to believe the lies about terrorism - perhaps the Muslim culture IS a danger to our freedoms, but you are putting government above criticism, and they are the government who are conspiring against YOU! You need to do a bit more research.
---frances008 on 8/30/08

Hi Brooks, very good points, I just have to ask one question though: to say that we don't have an obligation to vote, well, isn't that like slapping the faces of all our soldiers from the past who died to protect our rights (including the right to vote) in previous wars? I mean, to tell THEM we don't have the need to vote would certainly offend them, or the ones who lost limbs--or family members, etc, I would think. Now this war we're in now I am against, BUT I love and respect the soldiers and all they have to deal with.
---Mary on 8/29/08

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Ultimately, in retrospect one can say that ANY leader we elect was "put there by God", so we can't use leadership as a de facto affirmation that someone is a good leader.

So we get the leaders we deserve. If we make good choices, we get good ones, if we make poor choices we get bad ones.
---StrongAxe on 8/29/08

Darlene: "...leaders who have been put there by God."

So which leaders are put there by god? Does this include past leaders such as Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, and Lenin? Were they put there by god? If so, he seems he made some bad choices.

And if god put our leaders "there" do we need to vote? Shouldn't we just go back to kings who's first son was god's choice for the replacement of his father?

Much simpler, no voting machines...
---atheist on 8/29/08

The greatest threat to freedom and peace in America is the people who grumble about USA policies used to try to protect us,and talk against the leaders who have been put there by God. We as Christians are suspose to pray for our leaders,it's in the Bible,and lift them up to God that they will have wisdom,and be led of the Lord for our Nation. Where there is no unity of purpose and faith for God to move there is defeat. Satans best ploy is to divide and conquer and thats exactly what is happening in America. Satan is the enemy and Christians are falling for it in the name of freedom of speech and"my rights". Wake up people stop fighting each other and fight Satan thats how victory over evil will be won. Let God fight the battle,pray.
---Darlene_1 on 8/29/08

the deciding factor for voting is competence, intelligence, wisdom & vision & UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION. bush professed to be christian - which describes his 'MORALITY' - but his 'christianity' did not correspond with his actions. Lies, corruption, injustice, disregard & disrespect for the constitution, greed (love of money) & cronysm is the legacy of his presidency. it created a domino effect that destroyed the economy of this country, & in relation to foreign policy. he is another dictator who claims to uphold, protect, & defend the constitution but does not abide by it all in the name of freedom bec. he thinks he is above the law.
---mike on 8/29/08

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StrongAxe .. I would rather suffer an hour's delay in boarding my flight than be blown up, and my family suffer the grief of losing me.

As Donna says, we have faced far more inconvenience during WW2. and we are in a more insidiously dangerous situation now.
---alan_of_UK on 8/29/08

I suppose I am suppose to vote! That is what they tell me. Sure would be easier if there were someone for me to vote for!
---catherine on 8/29/08

We need to find in the scripture where we are to be concerned with terrorist, the economy, world peace, high taxes or any of the myriad of political problems facing the world. We are first to seek the glory of God and His righteousness is to become ours. I can find nowhere in the NT that we are instructed to vote (I have since I was eligible---Viet Nam) to be concerned with terrorist or even worry about tomorrow. If fact I find just the opposite. Now if one is reliant on himself as most Christians are today then the world is most important and we must be secure from the evil that lurks without. Not so says Jesus. Seek the kingdom of God and all things will be given you.
---Brooks on 8/29/08


The problem with all these flight restrictions:
1) They are inspired by hysteria, so they address symptoms rather than problems
2) They are designed to solve yesterday's problems today (each measure is thrwarts something that has already been tried - and was not prevented beforehand)
3) They are totally ineffective (In many cases, reporters have smuggled clippers and liquids mock bomb parts on planes without being stopped).
As such, these things annoy us in the name of soothing our psyches (without actually doing anything to stop REAL terrorism).

Israel has had to deal with real terrorism for decades but they deal with things matter-of-factly rather than hysterically, and do it quite well.
---StrongAxe on 8/29/08

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Strong Axe ...
I don't blame our governments for protecting us from terrorists.

There are es in restrictive bureaucracy, such as spying on people and fining them if they put their rubbish bins out on the wrong day.

But I don't mind being restricted on liquids on aircraft and speed limits on the roads, and controls on carrying knives... the right of the innocent to live is more important than those petty restrictions you mentioned.

The need for a police force is created by the criminals, not the innocent

(You may of course say it is governments who have caused the terrorists to threaten us ... I would not agree ... but that is another issue)
---alan_of_UK on 8/29/08

"..... But maybe that was the whole purpose in the secret services and government creating 'Muslim' terrorism, and indeed the whole purpose of the Islamic religion created by the RCC........."
---frances008 on 8/28/08

This is a prime example of someone who has gone over the edge. Please get some help!
---SusieB on 8/28/08


Yes, the hysteria and paranoia and security laws since 9/11 have damaged the US and the American way of life much more han any physical attack could possibly have hoped to accomplish.

Look at the TSA alone - If you take (say) an hour delay in waiting in line to be searched before every flight, multiplied by the value of each traveller's time, multiplied by the number of travellers, that alone is costing the US many billions of dollars, each and every year as long as such measures are in place - not to mention the actual cost of the TSA, which I am not even counting here.
---StrongAxe on 8/28/08

Strong Axe -- If everything you say is true, we weren't living in America during WWII...guess we should have just given up then. Americans,in those days, expected to make sacrifices for their country. They didn't worry about their rights.

They gave up their right to buy automobiles, household appliances,nylon, unlimited meat, sugar and gasoline. They guarded their speech knowing that "loose lips sink ships", Women learned new job skills,not to have a career, but to compensate for a shortage of men. Treason was an actual crime,tried by a court, punishable by death.

Guess everyone should have stood up for their "rights". So what if thousands more died and we ended up speaking German.It wasn't America, anyway.
---Donna66 on 8/28/08

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It is obedient and nice that young men feel the call to go and defend their country, but there are other ways of defending it. Sometimes the threat is not from the outside but from within. If the Constitution is being laid aside in order to fight an enemy, the enemy has already won. The country is destroyed. But maybe that was the whole purpose in the secret services and government creating 'Muslim' terrorism, and indeed the whole purpose of the Islamic religion created by the RCC (by a guy who met 'angel Gabriel'). Yet we are told that even if an angel of light should preach another gospel, let them be accursed.
---frances008 on 8/28/08

Atheist, God does everything with complete perfection and never makes any mistakes. Atheist, you need to study the Bible. Satan has been in control of planet earth as expressly stated in Revelation . He was cast out of Heaven and put on earth to control it via the demons who are hosted by evil men such as those mentioned. Satan rebelled against God and is causing havoc on earth right now through earthly religious systems. The RCC and the United Nations are his devices right now. Jesus was killed because he represented and was part of the Godhead (the Son). He preached against religiosity. He started a Church. He wants to bring everyone into God's perfect will. Atheist it is disingenuous to blame on God what Satan has done.
---frances008 on 8/28/08


Unfortunately, if we get to where the government can tap your phones, read your mail, arrest you and haul you off incommunicado (just on the say-so of some bureaucrat who says you're "un-American"), when you have to be careful what you say just in case someone from the Government might misinterpret what you say, when you can't take a picture of a building without being a potential spy, when you're a potential terrorist for carrying 3 oz of cologne or a nail-clipper on a plane, then we won't be living in America, we'll be living in the Soviet Union.

(Oh wait. All of those things are true here NOW).

"If we restrict liberty to attain security we will lose them both." - Benjamin Franklin
---StrongAxe on 8/27/08

StrongAxe_I would rather loose some right's of privacy like wiretapping ect then their not being an America anymore.
Apperantly you don't understand their resolve, no more t.v, computors, women's right's, free speech, rule of law, ect.
Patrick Henry is rolling over in his grave and if they knew how this would turn out they would have done things differantly, Like gave up!
Their's a town in NY called Dysinger, it's just So. of Lockport & Royalton, My 7x Gr, Grandfather bought that 1000 acres from
T.Penn(signer of the declaration of Ind.)
My 4x Gr. Grandfather built a house there about 25 yrs. after the war of 1812 and my family have been meeting there for 167 yrs.(Preachers, Farmers & Patriots)
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 8/27/08

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Yahshua:"If you are a Believer in JESUS,you know that HE sets up & brings down rulers as HE chooses."

Does this include Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot and other such horrible men? why does he do such things?
---atheist on 8/27/08

Just a quick question. Is there a country which is totally Christian and ran in a Christian way?
---SusieB on 8/27/08

Thank you Duane_Dudley_Martin for your service to our country and all the other veterans that have served so that we may have all the freedoms we enjoy today, including the freedom of speech.
---colupy on 8/27/08


Which is worse, a totalitarian government from overseas that occupies our country and suppresses our freedoms (but which we can hope to eventually overthrow), or a totalitarian government at home that suppresses all our freedoms in order to protect us from threats domestic and foreign? Most of the freedom-compromising legislation that has been passed recently (such as wiretapping, warrantless searches and detentions, etc.) protect primarily against domestic threats rather than foreign ones anyway.

Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty, or give me death". The prevailing mindset today is the polar opposite - "Sacrifice my liberty to protect me from death". He's likely rolling over in his grave.
---StrongAxe on 8/27/08

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StrongAxe_True, however the world we live in today is far differant than ever before,
terrorist that will not stop until everyone of us(christians)OR our way of life are dead.
With nuke & bio-logical capability's becoming more & more a reality of them getting a hold of(And WILL use)for the purpose of destroying us and Israel.

The economy won't matter, healthcare won't matter, gas prices won't matter, someone(Gov.) listening in on High risk area's won't matter, our right's won't matter,
if your a Dem. or Repub. won't matter, rich or poor won't matter and so on and on and on.

Not only am i a veteran, my family fought under the command of G. Washington in the Rev. War, I know ALL about our right's.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 8/26/08

Something to think about:
"We must remember that Hitler didn't start killing Jews, he began with the mentally retarded. Next, he killed those in retarded children's hospitals and homes, criminals in Nazi prisons, and finally he emptied old people's homes. Over 40,000 people were killed by Hitler before he began his anti-Semetic campaign. If the state can arbitrarily kill any of us who don't deserve to die, it can kill all of us." (quote by Pratney)
---Irene on 8/26/08

I have to side on the side that's against abortion. It's time all of us that claim to follow Christ stand up for the ones that cannot speak for themselves as God commands. We have to vote for someone that's willing to put pro-life judges on the bench and do away with the killing of our young American citizens. They have silenced too many now- this is the American Holocaust! Let's do away with Roe vs Wade! It won't happen overnight but it can happen if all christians combine to have one voice. God Bless America!
---colupy on 8/26/08


The US seemed to do perfectly fine without a Department of Homeland Security for 225+ years, and in times much more turbulent than those we are in today.

Seeing how the government has been eroding our liberties recently in the name of protecting them, if this continues, soon there won't be any liberties left to be worth protecting.
---StrongAxe on 8/26/08

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If you are a Believer in JESUS,you know that HE sets up & brings down rulers as HE chooses.We are theocrats. We can only ask GOD for discernment of the lesser of 2 evils which isn't very difficult to do.there is no GODLY candidate.GOD may choose to raise up a ruler to punish this country! Don't you think that would be just? HE has done this many times in history.How much more should HE do so to a wicked christ professing country as this?
---yahshua_first on 8/26/08

I will vote this election and I do know who runs the country, congress, I also know who is voting how and lying about it. I also know that figuratively speaking is not literal. I am going to vote for McCain because his pay scale is not so low as he doesn't know when life begins, and he does not think throwing living infants in the trash is alright because the parents didn't want them. Also he doesn't have a problem admitting his mistakes while Obama refuses to. He does not have Ayers, Odinga, Wright, and a long list of terrorist and anti-American, Anti-white, anti-Jew friends.
---Myra on 8/26/08

Becky, McCain admits he did wrong, and he regrets it, he does admit he made a major mistake. Obama has made not one, or two but many and he calls them smears. Ayers worked on a project with Obama that Obama started yet Obama says Ayers adult children went to school with his grade school children and lives in his area and that is how he knows him, he also denies ever hearing Rev. Wright's radical sermons after 20 yrs, he backed Odinga when he ran for office in Kenya and is now killing christians because he lost. And he refuses to admit the surge worked and he was wrong. Now that is a man with a problem. He never admits to anything that makes him look bad.
---Myra on 8/26/08

Well Myra that's a pretty tall order.
Its looks as if you won't be voting in this election.
Roe V Wade was passed in 1973. NO Dem nor Repub has changed that. I don't see that being changed anytime in the near future.

McCain admitted to being unfaithful to his 1st wife-divorced her, and had many affairs. Is that your idea of a man with morals?
---Becky on 8/25/08

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Just remember, a President can't do anything(as far as laws go) without the support of the Senate & house of reps.
I'll vote for Homeland security, without it there is NO more America!

I'm afraid we've already passed that threshold though!

G.Bush approval rating 39%
House of representatives 8%

the will of God will prevail, Praise God!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 8/25/08

Experience with foreign policy, negotiating treaties, taxes-how much they are raised or lowered, and moral issues.
---donna8365 on 8/25/08

I know many people vote for different reasons but I myself vote for more moral reasons then economic and world events.
I refuse to vote for a president that supports gay marraiges or abortion no matter if I agree with them on economic or world events.
---stephanie on 8/25/08

I choose my candidates based on economics and world events, mainly by my political party.
---Trish9863 on 8/24/08

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I will vote for pro-life and not for Obama who fought to keep the born alive infantns act from being passed. I will also vote for economics and world events, and as it took Obama 3 tries to get it right with Russia and Georgia, I am not going to chance him taking 3 tries if a 3a.m. call comes in. I want a man who loves his country and does not take scriptures and pervert them. A man who has morals. A man who does not have to lie about the people he calls friends. Ayers is a prime example.
---Myra on 8/24/08

By choice and the grace of God (I'm 54 and remember Vietnam), I have never been in the military. I realize that the economics of the U.S. is a very important concern because Bush has bankrupted the country with his wars costing hundreds of billions of dollars, but a greater concern is that McCain desires that we be in Iraq for decades more. There will have to be a military draft if McCain is elected. That means that generations of American youth will be hauled off and forced into a career of killing people (hell).
---more_excellent_way on 8/23/08

My vote will be with the candidate who has the most experience. It will be a pro-life candidate. Obama picked Bidin because he needs someone with a whole lot more experience than he has himself. The problem with that is that Obama is the one who wants to be president. Personally, I think Obama was a fool for not picking Hillary Clinton.
---SusieB on 8/23/08

Well, I know candidates can make claims just to play me. So, I'm not going by what anyone says, basically. I can pray and see what God has me do. Maybe I'll talk to the ones I trust, who I feel are of the Holy Spirit, and vote however they say, since I have not used my time to research candidates, myself, but have concentrated on sharing the word.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/23/08

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