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What's Up Sept 2008

I just realized, it is September and we have not September What's Up? Blog.

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 ---Trish9863 on 9/5/08
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Ouch!! Oh Trish, I am soooo sorry! And I can understand why your mom panics about you and your sister, as a mother her pain must be nearly unbearable also. I will pray for peace for your mother, God bless her. Even though I was 17 when my brother was killed, my parents really clamped down on me, they had always been over-protective of me anyway as I was their deaf/insecure and "different" child. I understood after Bryce died and didn't resent their over-protectiveness, surprisingly. Anyway, you and your family are in my prayers sister.
---Mary on 10/3/08

Mary: Thank you for your prayers. Actually, I had one brother die two years ago this month, and one brother die in February of this year. Both were sudden, and both were due to blood clots in the lungs. One brother had a clotting disorder, which I have, and my sister has. The most recent was due to having had knee surgery on both knees, and developing clots as a result.

God is the only way I could have survived such losses, as I was very close with both of my brothers. I praise Him that they are in heaven with Him. It is definitely painful. My mom panics now with my sister and I, as we are all she has left of her children.
---Trish9863 on 10/2/08

NVBarbara,I'm so happy to hear you are having a good recovery,you have been in my prayers. Like you I do pray for everyone here but it is always good to have the special requests stated. I am also pleased to hear you are still reading the prayer requests here that is a blessing to me as you are faithful to care about the needs of others and pray. Take Care.God Bless You and Steve
---Darlene_1 on 10/2/08

Hi Trish, God bless you, that's a great idea and I will be praying for the Jews also, and I'm sure many of us will be. I also just want to offer my deepest compassion on the loss of your brother last year, I weep for you sister, and am praying for you. I admire your strength, it must be God-given because I went to pieces for years after my brother died. God is good--I'm learning that no matter what happens, He is worthy to be praised, even when life hurts. Anyway, you're in my prayers this week, God bless you sister, Mary :)
---Mary on 10/2/08

Hi kids, what's up?
Thankfully I'm healing and starting to feel almost like normal, of course 'almost' is about as close to 'normal' as I get....

I do thank you for your prayers, they are most appreciated!
I pray everyone here is fine, you guys are always in my prayers.
I'm not here often, but I do look here for any prayer requests.

Hugs all around.
---NVBarbara on 10/2/08

I would like to suggest that we pray for our Jewish friends and neighbors this week and next. Tonight starts Rosh Hashanah, which begins the Jewish time for preparing for the Holy Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. I have many Jewish friends and colleagues who will be observing this time.

I also have tomorrow and Wednesday off from work, as well as Yom Kippur next week off due to the holidays. It gives me the opportunity to pray for them, and look for opportunities to witness to them.
---Trish9863 on 9/29/08

Trish...Thank God that you instilled in your son the need for an education. That is so important in today's world. God will honor your prayers as they are made in total love for your son.
---SusieB on 9/26/08

Trish I will be praying for your son's need. I know how it hurts to see a loved one struggle with money and still try to get an education. My grandson did that although we were helping all we could. He tried to work full time as the Networking Specialist for a Tax Company ,with several scattered offices,for two years and at the same time carry a full load at college,it didn't work. He just wasn't getting enough rest. Has your son looked up the Schoolarships given through private sources. There all kinds out there some really silly sounding example giving one because you have blue eyes or a speacial name,etc. If he hasn't looked them up he should there may just be one that fits him. You never know till you try. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 9/25/08

Hey everyone, my son is still struggling with his college expenses. It is so hard to watch this kid, and know I am helpless to do anything for him.

He and I had a really good talk about scriptures last night. He is resisting the Bible big time. He is recently attending a Quaker fellowship. Well, at least that is better than the years he professed atheism. Progress in the right direction, somewhat.

---Trish9863 on 9/24/08

Barb, I am so glad to hear your praise that things are going smoothly with your recuperation. Take your time with everything. Hugs,
---Trish9863 on 9/22/08

NV Barbara so glad to get that report on you and you are welcome. I have had you on my mind and in my prayers for a quick and easy recovery every day. I had the same type surgery and had to get out too quick and did very poorly so I was very concerned for you,hoped mine was just a fluke. God Bless You and Steve.
---Darlene_1 on 9/21/08

I had my surgery on Thurs. the 18th. I'm healing and not feeling too poorly. I'm bruised at the surgical sights (4)and have swelling but the pain isn't so bad and I'm praying for a quick recovery.
Thanks to anyone who prayed for me.
God bless you.
---NVBarbara on 9/21/08

Thanks again for all the kind birthday wishes Tommy, Trish and NVBarbara. :-) :-) :-)

And Tommy...I pray the Lord watches over, protects and annoints both you and your wife as you are about His business and that He gives you a word in due season to give to each of those who you minister to...a word that will change their lives forever and turn their hearts completely to serving and loving our Lord. Amen!!!
---Holly4jc on 9/16/08

Prayers to all those believers who are going for operations. Let us believe in God for miracles. I hope you all feel better after the ops. Thinking about you. You are in His hands.
---frances008 on 9/16/08

Thank you MIC! XO
I've not been online much recently but all of you are in my daily prayers.
After one reschedule I'll be having my Gall Bladder surgery on Thurs. the 18th. This will be my 5th Ab surgery. I go today for my Pre-Op.

Happy belated birthday Holly! I pray you appreciate the time the Lord has given you to do HIS work on the earth.

Darlene I've prayed for your Mom and am so happy to see that she is progressing well.
My MIL is 89 and still drives and does most things for herself.

God bless all of you, even though I'm rarely here my CN 'family' is in my daily prayers. I met my 'surrogate Dad' here, I have been greately blessed, MUCH love!
---NVBarbara on 9/16/08

Thank you Darline, I hope that your mom continues to do good. blessings to you, her and the family who loves her.

Tommy, you have a great ministry brother, and I do pray for you and your families ministry to the inmates in prison. Very few are doing that kind of work which I am sure is very hard many times on your family, but the rewards are great. Keep doing the Lord's will for the glory of Christ.
---MarkV. on 9/16/08

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Mark V thank you for those good words for Mom. I was trusting God to see her through and He did. I am an only child,especially close to Mom,and it is so special at 70 years old to still have my Mom. God is good.
---Darlene_1 on 9/16/08

Hello NVB:-The 18th INST is a hop skip and a jump away I have not forgotten and you are in my thoughts, Prayers as if next door,Love, get well come back strong. May He hold you tenderly in the palm of His Hand as they remove that which ails you ME CPGod lovesyou S/Dx
---MIC on 9/15/08

Holly, belated birthday greetings. I will be 51 in a few months myself. I do not feel old, nor will I act old. I am young at heart and I hope you feel the same.

---Trish9863 on 9/15/08

Belated Happy Birthday" to you Miss Holly. The birthdays will pass more quietly now that you've passed th 50! Tmorrow the 16th, I'll be 54, boy that sounds OLD! God bless you all. Please pray for my wife and myself as we are serving in prison ministry at 2 institutions, that we only do the Lord's will in each place.
---tommy3007 on 9/15/08

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Thank you for the birthday wishes Kella, Mark V. and Leon!!! :-) :-) :-)
---Holly4jc on 9/15/08

ELEVEN "surgeries" in TWO years????

You should care that The Lord wants (desires/wishes) you to "REST" (because you are IN THE LORD) instead of pleasing PEOPLE (do not be a man pleaser) by seeking another "CHURCH" institution. You ARE 'one person of' (memeber) the one and only "church" (body of Christ). The true "church" CONTAINS 'many', but your body is "THE TEMPLE"/church.

You do not need to pursue man's approval, God needs no assistance in order that you have God's GIFT ("The Lord's grace is sufficient").

SHOW no partiality (no special treatment, James 2:1). Let The Lord be your only spiritual teacher. He will teach what is TRUE (1 John 2:27).
---more_excellent_way on 9/15/08

Happy Birthday Holly:-)hope you all the best
---Kella3336 on 9/13/08

Happy Birthday Holli. I also remember my 50 about 12 years ago. I was worried for about two months before for some reason, not that I was getting older, but for some reason I had it on my mind everyday. Now I don't even think about it. Not even sixty.

Darline, I am so happy to hear everything went well with your mom. Phraise be to God in the highest. Prayers to everyone in the Houston area.
---Mark_V. on 9/12/08

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY!!! I kinda sorta remember 50, a decade ago. :)
---Leon on 9/12/08

Thank you Darlene and MIC for the birthday wishes...and Darlene...I'm with ya...that 16 year old is still showing!!!!
---Holly4jc on 9/12/08

Donna and Trish wanted to let you know ,and if anyone else prayed, those prayers for Mom worked. Everything went perfect and she was doing well enough from Oral S to send me home last night,thanks much. She still needs prayer though because she has taken a bad cold and I think I'm taking it too. I can't get down I need to be ok for her if she needs me. Holy4jc Happy Birthday I had mine the 4th and turned the big 70,it ain't so bad. The only bad part is that 16 year old girl inside of me doesn't understand why that 70 year old can't do what she wants her to,ha ha. Please Pray for Cnet offices,President ,Moderators,workers,some volunteers and families and homes.I understand they're in Houston and the Storm seems to be going to hit there too.
---Darlene_1 on 9/12/08

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS HOLLY.May He Bless you on this day of remembrance to solidify the love He bears for you on the day you were born Blessings.My prayers wishes are for you .
---MIC on 9/12/08

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Tomorrow is my birthday...whoohoo!!! Sept. 12th!!!! Last year was the big 50, so this year should sneak on by quietly. :-) I just wish the AARP would stop stalking me!!! For those who don't know what that is...I believe it stands for the "American Association of Retired Persons". Since when is the age of 50 the age of retirement? And why isn't anyone offering me early-bird specials designed just for retirees? And what about my senior citizen discounts? Maybe someone should notify the U.S. Social Security Administration (and Denny's) that the age of retirement was changed. If only I COULD RETIRE!!! Ahhh....but we can dream though, can't we??? LOL
---Holly4jc on 9/11/08

Catherine....Are you alright? I think you posted your comment on the wrong blog.
---SusieB on 9/11/08

Catherine: I have no idea to what you are referring.
---Trish9863 on 9/11/08

I feel like I have been set-up. God can strip you of your power. Do not attack me nor my ministry and expect me not to fight back, because I will.
---catherine on 9/10/08

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Darlene 1 - You have my deepest compassion and sympathy. I am sooo very sorry to hear of the passing of your Aunt. You can release a spirit of Peace upon your family members who are troubled. If they will let you, anoint them with oil. Loose ministering angels over them and yourself too.

I know death is a stinger and I had to pray and ask God to remove the sting from my heart because I was grieving so hard every single day for my father and I couldn't function properly at work. I will pray for you and your family for the next couple of weeks. ((((huggs))))))
---donna8365 on 9/10/08

My son, Sean, needs prayer for college funding. He went back to college this semester, but did not have his student loans co-signed and his dad won't do it for him this time. I am unable to do so right now. He had a rough start to college and finally became successful last year. I am concerned he might get too discouraged to go back if he has to drop out. He has made some serious mistakes since leaving high school, and he is trying to change his life around now. He also needs to get back with the Lord. Please pray for him at this time. He is 25 years old.
---Trish9863 on 9/9/08

Trish thank you,yes it hurts,I can't know how hard it was on you,I know it was,because I'm an only child,but I can see how hard it is for Mom being the oldest and having younger ones die first. Rebecca D think,that woman was sick one time and they did that for her,they were also there for you the first time you needed them. Hurt is eating you alive,forgive and let it go. Your Church Family aren't suspose to be your helpers every time you have surgery. I had back surgery twice in 9 weeks,first time a close friend came to clean my house,one lady from church brought flowers from her garden the Pastor came to my house to check on me,the second time all of that didn't happen and it was ok. I'm not my Churches responsibility every time I'm sick.
---Darlene_1 on 9/9/08

Darlene, I am so sorry to hear that your aunt passed away. I will pray for your mother. I know how hard it is to bury a sibling, no matter what age.
---Trish9863 on 9/8/08

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Trish: My last surgery my Pastor and his wife put $500 in my checking account. There was a person in the church who was sick, just the flu. The ladies got together and cleaned her house and made her soup. I just don't understand. I know I live around 30 miles away, but distance shouldn't be a problem when I've been going to this church for 7 years. We are (were) like family. Mark V: I still feel the need to go to this church, but right now I can't go and face those people. I love going to this church, I love the people there. Why they were so busy to even call is beyond me. Darlene: My church knows what all I've been through with, cause everytime I had surgery, they prayed for me. So they knew all about it. I told the Pastor we needed to talk.
---Rebecca_D on 9/8/08

It is always wonderful to hear God is blessing a family! I am here with another prayer request. My Mom's sister died over the weekend,this is the one ,87,just younger than her and they were close and talked on phone a lot before sister had stroke and as much as she was able after It is also the first of the 1 brother and 2 sisters of Mom's to die,so it's extra hard on a 90 year old too,when they've had each other so long. Visitation is tonight at Funeral Home and funeral is tomorrow afternoon,1PM,Central Daylight Time. Mom is also off her stroke preventive meds so she can have 4 teeth removed by doctor-Oral S.. I'm concerned for her with the grief and all going on too. I know God will keep her but prayer always helps.
---Darlene_1 on 9/8/08

God is blessing my family. Today would have been my older brother's 57th birthday, but he went to heaven in February. A friend of his is a Christian concert promoter, and he organized a Family and Faith Day with a concert at a minor league baseball game near us today. My sister-in-law was given tickets to a luxury suite at this ballpark, and my nephew got to throw out the first pitch. Friends from church joined us, and we had a blast with their little kids there. To top it off, the suite had a TV in it so we could watch our Eagles opening day for football season. The weather was picture perfect, and we had a wonderful time fellowshipping together.
---Trish9863 on 9/7/08


I have had experiences that are similar to yours:

While I was freely giving my: time, tithes, labor, etc. to the church, I was lovingly accepted.

However, as soon as I questioned anything that the church staff did, or openly expressed my disagreement with the pastor, I was pretty much "black listed". Not good.

Remember, we are all imperfect people. No church, pastor, or anyone else will be totally perfect at meeting your needs. Only Jesus Christ can do that.

We need to look upon these incidents as "tests" of the church's love for God. It could very well be the case that God is leading you to another church. Pray about things. God will direct your paths.
---Augie on 9/6/08

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Rebecca D,I have prayed for you when you needed it,you know I care. People aren't mind readers,did you tell the Pastor you would be grateful for help? This happened to me,A church friend,I thought,had back surgery,felt the women should clean her house,cook every supper,change her bandage. I changed bandage once,made her daughters Decorated Birthday Cake,took it to hospital so her mother could Birthday with her,and cooked extra Christamas Dinner and my husband took it to them. At Ladies meeting she was bad mouthing me for not doing more. She had an 11 year old daughter that could have helped and I told her so. I did it at 11. She expected too much. Could you possibly have too? Think:Ladies have family responsibilities too. Large or small Church?
---Darlene_1 on 9/6/08

Rebecca, I am so sorry that others were not there for you. I believe the same happen to me when my wife passed away. Many didn't even call me or even came to see us after her death. I believe it was because they didn't know what to say to me or my family. I took it as a positive and not a negative view. I suppose we can take it as a negative if we so desire but that is our decision to make. Remember that not all people think the same and maybe had reasons you will never know. I am sorry you had so many surgeries and pray you get better. If you are going to change church, do it for the right reasons, the right interpretation of Scripture. If you feel they are not the right doctrines, it might be the Spirit moving you to a better place.
---Mark_V. on 9/6/08

Rebecca: I decided to leave my last church for a lot of reasons, and have been so blessed since being at my current church. Your feelings of hurt are valid. Share them with the pastor, and then move on. Just one question though: Did you express the need for help during your surgeries? If not, why not? If you did, and the church dropped the ball, then there is a problem at the church.
---Trish9863 on 9/6/08

Thank you all for praying for the start of the school year. I got my classroom all ready, and now have four lovely classes of students that seem really sweet at this time. I will let you know when the honeymoon is over.

We are bracing for Tropical Storm Hanna here today. Tomorrow, my family is going to a minor league baseball game in Camden, NJ, where there will be a Christian concert after the game in memory of my brother. What is really sweet is my nephew is going to throw out the first pitch of the game.
---Trish9863 on 9/6/08

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Rebecca....If you think the Lord is leading you to another church, then you need to follow the leading of the Lord. Many of us attend church for what we can give to the Body of Christ and not for what we can get. If you feel that you need to get something from the members, then by all means look for a church that will meet your needs.
---SusieB on 9/5/08

I am thinking about leaving the church I go to now and going to a different one. Why? Well I have had 11 surgeries in a little over 2 years. And out of those 11 surgeries only 4 ladies from my church came to my house to bring food and offered to clean my house. That was my first surgery back in January 2006. I had have 10 more surgeries after that my next was a kidney removal and a lot more lithotripsie, including my hysterectomy and two surgeries 3 months ago. I am so tired of people pretending to love and care for you inside the church, but once your outside, your strangers. I am still trying to figure out what happened. We have a meeting set up to talk to the Pastor before we leave the church. I can't leave without telling my feelings.
---Rebecca_D on 9/5/08

Quiet loafing here (o: just did finger rotations and stretches, knuckle massages, wrist deep rubs while opening and closing my hands...started this when it seemed I was beginning to get carpel trouble, this with prayer, and there has been little problem while doing this (o: So, thank you for prayer, even getting me practical wisdom to ease carpel trouble so I type comfortably. (And not banging on the keys helps to not rattle the knuckles (o: "Be gentle, be humble" (o: ) We in the armpit of Cape Cod have some quietly increasing winds and grayer clouds. And the bread, this time > hand mixed, whole wheat with nut bits and ranch dressing...making one rectangular spread rolled with flounder and nuts, another loaf with corn kernels.
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/5/08

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