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Last Supper A Passover Meal

Was the Last Supper a passover meal?

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 ---mima on 9/5/08
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Passover begins on the 14th day of the month of Nisan, the first month of the Hebrew calendar in accordance with the Hebrew Bible.[2] The Exodus of the Jews from Egypt took place in the spring and so Passover is celebrated in the spring for one day, immediately followed by the Feast of Unleavened Bread for seven days.

The day of passover supper IS/was the day "before" Yahshua was Crucified,(14 day of the 1st month,Nisan/April),
The D's prepared the PASSOVER meal for him and they did eat and partake of the Holy Day Meal that is made in haste,and on the 1st day(15th day of Nisan) of the Feast of unleavened Bread he was raised up on the Cross.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 10/4/08

3. Passover by the Jewish People.

Matt26:20, Mark 14:18, John 13:12
When it was evening, He reclined at table.
Matt26:22 John 13:26 Dipping is said.(3)
Matthew 26:26 Mark 14:22 Breaking bread and bleesing it is said.(4)
John 13:1-10 washing feet, not hand but Jesus said the whole body is washed.
John 17 the Prayer of Jesus
Mark 14:26 singing a HYMN, they went out to the Mount of Olives. before the 4th cup
4th cup of wine wasn't taken!
Here is the 4th cup:(14) John 18:11 "Shall I not drink the cup that the Father gave me?"
Matt27:48 Mark 15:36 4th cup of wine on a sponge.
Luke 23:46 "Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit."(15) Psalms 31 Prayer in distress and Thanksgiving for Escape.
---Nicole on 10/4/08

I agree with nicole. It was a passover meal in the Spiritual sense. Christ was telling his disciples and us that he is the perfect sacrifice to stop the angel of death...FOR GOOD. This is why he said for us to eat his flesh(His Word/Gods Word) and drink his blood(His Spirit/Gods Spirit). For us to be saved, we have to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ did this to SAVE us.
In the OT, the passover meal was to commemorate God sparing the lives of the Jews. Isn't that what Jesus was teaching at the last supper? That HE is the Lamb, the acceptable sacrifice for the angel of death to pass us over- And God will give us everlasting life!
---ginger on 10/2/08

Since the crucifixion of Christ was prior to Passover the Last Supper can not be a Passover Meal.
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/1/08

No one is arguing about Jesus denying hours before the Passover.
But, He celebrated the Passover as He said in the Scriptures. The last supper means the last meal He ate.

Read Exodus, you had to kill the Lamb before the Passover.
Jesus is our Sacrifical Lamb.
He had to die hours before Passover, so He wouldn't be pass over.

---Nicole on 10/1/08

---Phil_the_Elder you are right again!!!
---mima on 10/1/08

PONTIUS PILATE when he was governor of Judaea wrote letters to his friend Seneca in Rome. Which still exist and were translated into English by W. P. CROZIER and published in Great Brittan in 1928. In Letter Number 33 the quotation is:

"By this time Jesus is buried. It is their custom to bury an executed offender the same day and, besides, the Sabbath begins at sunset - has, indeed, already begun. The Sanhedrim asked permission to bury the body this afternoon. It suits them, having got Jesus out of their way, to dispose of the whole matter before the Passover . . ."

Since the crucifixion of Christ was prior to Passover the Last Supper can not be a Passover Meal.
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/1/08

One of the coolest (for lack of a better word) things I have seen recently was this:

Our teacher at our assembly created a chart comparing OT laws on what to do in preparation for Passover, and what happened to Messiah. For example, at the time when the lambs would be brought into the city for inspection, Messiah was at the same time riding a donkey into the city. During the time lambs were inspected in the temple by the priests, Messiah was before his persecutors being "inspected". During the hours when the lambs were to be killed, Messiah was nailed to the stake or cross. There was more to it, but it was very cool from a "witness to him being Messiah" standpoint.
---ken on 9/30/08

Catherine. If the Lord's Supper was only for believers then why did Jesus offer it to his 12 disciples, one if which was Judas?
Show us a verse that says only believers are to partake. John 6 shows clearly that all should come to Jesus. He invited all to come to him. What else is the blood for? It's for sinners to come. Refusing someone to come to Jesus would be a gross sin.
---john on 9/15/08

Actually, if we read the following, Phil is right. Here is the passage he was talking about- John 13:1(I cut & pasted from NIV)
1)It was just before the Passover Feast. Jesus knew that the time had come for him to leave this world and go to the Father. Having loved his own who were in the world, he now showed them the full extent of his love. But, if we read a little further down in John 13:27-30, he tells Judas to go and do what he was chosen to do. So, no it was not actually at Passover(it was the next day), but it is considered the last Passover meal, so both are right, if that makes sense. Bless you all!! ginge7376
---ginger on 9/15/08

Phil, Exodus 12. The Jewish people were preparing for the Passover.
They can't wait for the Passing and tell the Angel to "hold up" so they could kill the Lamb.
Is the Angel going to wait? No! the Lamb is killed PRIOR!
The Lamb is accepted instead of their children.

Jesus is the Lamb.
He is killed before the Passover.
He is the acceptable Sacrifice!

God must have a sacrifice for us.
For the Jews, it was the lamb the Angel of death accepted.
Egyptians, it was their first born. They had no lamb to give to the Angel.
Us, it is Jesus, He is our Lamb for the Death Angel.
Nonbelievers it is their own soul for death.
They disobey and reject the Lamb, Jesus to give to the Angel. So they die instead.
---Nicole on 9/15/08

No Nicole I was not there, you were not, there, and Luke most definitely was never there, but John was there and he actually wrote the most comprehensive account of the Last Supper and the following events through the Crucifixion.

The Last Supper was never a Passover meal as it occurred the Night Prior to Passover.

Pilot did play to the wished of the crowd when offering the choice of which prisoner to free but he was no Idiot either, a crucifixion on Passover would have started a riot. Pilots primary purpose as Roman governor is to facilitate taxation in Palestine for Rome. When you have an insurrection going on you do not get tax money.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/12/08

Phil the Elder, where your there?
We need to believe U instead of Luke?
He spoke to some of the Disciples with Jesus, Paul wasn't with Him.

Jesus said He was going to celebrate the Passover.
Or are you saying Jesus lied as well?

No bitter herbs? John 13:26 morsel is dipped and given to Judas.

No roasted lamb? What have I been saying?

JESUS IS THE LAMB of this Passover!!

The passover isn't finished until Jesus is on the cross and states it is finished.

Jesus said you must eat His flesh and drink His blood for eternal life.
John 6:54

The Jewish people had to eat the lamb or they would lose the first born.
Who is the first born? JESUS.

No lamb is eating, so Jesus isn't Passed!
---Nicole on 9/10/08

Catherine, no dear, I wasn't bought by the blood of Christ. Jesus whipped the sellers out of the Temple.

Salvation isn't for sell.

I am obedient unlike you. I obey Jesus.
I have drunk His Blood and ate His Body.
So I have eternal life.

John 6:54
"Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him on the last day."

I am 'whoever' and I did exactly what Jesus said to do. I didn't try to change His words to fit my plan of Salvation.

Now, I guess you need to check yourself and your own form of Salvation, since it isn't Jesus' Salvation Plan. You can't find any word of Jesus talking about the 'Sinner's Prayer'.
---Nicole on 9/10/08

If this statement is true,". Yeshua , was put on the cross the next morning and became our Passover sacrifice as he suffered and died and precisely the same time of the day when the passover lamb was to be killed". (And rest assured it is) Then it would have been impossible for the Last Supper to be the Passover meal. Think about it. My hat is off to ---Phil_the_Elder whose understanding runs deep.
---mima on 9/10/08

Nicole, Luke had little association with Peter and John, he was a Greek convert of Paul, and he happened to accompany Paul in is trip back to Jerusalem And he was only there as long as Paul was there.

Jesus planed to eat the Passover with the 12 in the upper room but it never occurred because Judas betrayed him the night before the Passover. John has the more comprehensive account of the events. What was served at the meal you would not serve for Passover there was no roasted lamb or bitter herbs. mentioned It was just a regular evening meal. Luke gets a lot of factual details wrong because he was not an eye witness to much of what he writes about.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/9/08

John and Nicole both should get out of the church and allow believers in. And the two of you are the false teachers. Nicole>>>All that scripture means is this>>is accepting the sacrifice of the body and blood of Christ for eternal life. As food and drink are offered to meet physical needs, so the flesh [meat] and blood of Christ are offered to meet spiritual needs.To assimilate this spiritual bread and drink is to be affected both spiritually [life] and physically raised in the last days. John what you are doing is mocking God, by allowing sinners to do only what Saints are suppose to do, if they are cleaned. I know I am saved, the two of you better check whether you are truly bought by the Blood of Christ.
---catherine on 9/8/08

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PhiltheElder, what Bible are you reading?
Luke gathered his data from John and Peter.
John 11:55-57, John 12:1-9, chapter 13 and 14 speaks of the Passover.

Matthew 26:18
My appointed time draws near in your house I shall celebrate the Passover with my disciples V 19-30

It speaks about the supper He has before His death.
What part of the supper He last ate before dying and He Himself calls it Passover do you don't understand?

Mark 14:14
Where is my guest room where I may eat the Passover with my disciples?

Again His last supper before His death.
Jesus again calls this supper the Passover.

Luke 22:15
I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer. (Last meal= Supper)
---Nicole on 9/8/08

I am going to put a flat yes. >>>The bread and wine are symbolic in nature and not changed into anything---catherine on 9/8/08

How funny how you have to put a bunch of words to twist the Bible according to your salvation method and not Jesus' Salvation Plan.

Jesus states in John 6:53-55
Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you do not have life within you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him on the last day. For my flesh is TRUE FOOD AND DRINKS MY BLOOD IS TRUE DRINK.

Look up the word 'true'!
Argue with Jesus and the Scriptures not me.

I reject your falsehood and accept Jesus' living Words!
---Nicole on 9/8/08

Catherine. Don't you think the lost should be encouraged to partake? In our church we encourage them to come to Jesus and receive him at the table. Many people are saved right there. The body and blood of Christ are represented there and any sinner who would repentently come and partake would be saved according to John 6.
The Lord's table is truly for the lost. How could we deny anyone from coming to him?
Is not the cup that we drink and the bread we eat the communion of his blood and body (1cor.10:17)?
---john on 9/8/08

The Last Supper was most definitely not a Passover meal. Luke was not there or even a Christian at that time. All of Lukes accounts are base on second had information until he is writing about when he was with Paul at the later portion of Acts. Luke is good for theology but useless for valid technical detail of accounts, when thing occurred, the order of events and who was at events.

John accounts clearly shows the Passover had not occurred, as the members of the Sanhedrin did not want to enter the Praetorium for fear of defiling them selves so they could not participate in Passover Ref: John 18:28. Christ was Crucified on Wednesday after noon prior sundown when Passover would start.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/8/08

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I am going to put a flat yes. >>>The bread and wine are symbolic in nature and not changed into anything. Also, the saved only shall participate. You do not have to be baptised in a local church. The unsaved and the unclean should not participate. The unclean would be if you are in sin and God is not speaking to you. You must get things straighten out between you and God, and then go do it. [Any unforgiveness and such]. I wonder how many do?
---catherine on 9/8/08

If you can understand the Passover, you can understand John chapter 6.

If you study any true Passover with a conversative Jewish family you will understand John 6.

You will know that Jesus isn't speaking in symbolic terms.
Because our Salvation isn't in symbolic terms!

Jesus is truly saving us from death.
Jesus is truly opening Heaven for us.
Jesus is truly telling the angels with the swords to stand aside.

So Jesus is truly giving us His Body and Blood as true bread and true wine.

Symbolic terms are the lies of satan.
Satan hands over falsehood, lies, death, upside down logic and sadness to all who reject Jesus' living Words!
---Nicole on 9/8/08

The keys to the answer of this question are contained within the answer given by
"Yes, it was a Passover Meal. Read Luke 22 and it is very clear that it was the Passover Meal. Yeshua him, was put on the cross the next morning and became our Passover sacrifice as he suffered and died and precisely the same time of the day when the passover lamb was to be killed. He was then buried before sundown because it was time for the Feast of Unlevened bread which is a High Sabbath."
---gophylann on 9/5/08
Read that answer and think about it. And you will arrive at the correct answer to the question.
---mima on 9/8/08

Jesus is the Lamb.
He is the first born not to be Passed.
He took the 4th cup of the wine on the cross and said "It is finished."

Now, it isn't an animal we must partake of, but His Body and Blood in the form of Bread and Wine.
Exodus 6:6-7
4 Cups of the Passover
4 foretold promises each has a name celebrated in 4 cups of Passover.

God's promises:
1st cup "I will bring you out."
2nd cup "I will deliver you."
3rd cup "I will redeem you with a outstretch arm."

4th cup "I will take you as my own people."

On the Cross, Jesus took our sins and God is able to take us as His own.
Jesus completed the promise."It is finished."
---Nicole on 9/8/08

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Yes, it was a Passover Meal. Read Luke 22 and it is very clear that it was the Passover Meal. Yeshua him, was put on the cross the next morning and became our Passover sacrifice as he suffered and died and precisely the same time of the day when the passover lamb was to be killed. He was then buried before sundown because it was time for the Feast of Unlevened bread which is a High Sabbath.
---gophylann on 9/5/08

Yes, the Last Supper was a passover meal, because Jesus was our final Passover lamb. It was also taken on the real celebration day for Jewish Passover.
---Leslie on 9/5/08

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