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Spiritual Impacts of 9/11

Where were you on 9/11/01 and did the events of that day have an impact on you spiritually?

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 ---TIMOTHY on 9/9/08
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No doubt this woke up,opened some peoples eyes & even tho,some are unmoved & still sleeping. Chaos is world wide & is Bible prophecy. What brings on some of this is,gov officials etc speaking against The Nation of Israel & God's First chosen people. The bad thing is,when gov officials say do such & then we All have to suffer because what the gov said or has done. That gov official & or officials need to suffer alone & Not the people. Maybe be the reason for the people to suffer also is because they voted for these gov officials. I don't vote & I still suffer with the others,don't seem right But God knows.
---Lawrence on 9/23/08

Mima "Another question: why has God made this nation the most powerful military nation in the world if we are not to use that power?"
I would answer that with another question: "Did He?"

Presumably then God made, in their times, the following the greatet military nations in the wold:
---alan_of_UK on 9/10/08

after 911, I saw pat robertson & jerry falwell saying that the reason for 911 is because of the liberals, abortionist, america bashers. the impact on me was not spirituality but arrogance & hypocrisy of these people who says that 911 was caused by sin & god is punishing this country & not bec. incompetence of president bush who ignored the PRESIDENTIAL DAILY BRIEFING warning that
---mike on 9/10/08

I just woke up and I turned on the T.V. and I saw what had happened. I fell to my knees and I started praying right then and there. Yes this tore me up mentally and spiritually. I couldn't believe that there were/are so much evil in this world. It is sad that people would stoop so low just to prove a point. I love America, I love the freedom we have. So many people take freedom for granted. Yes we may not be able to smoke in some (alot) of public places, but that don't bother me. I respect other people on their wishes. It isn't fair, but I respect it. This world isn't going to get any better, it is going to keep getting worse and more evil.
---Rebecca_D on 9/10/08

I was studying and contemplating something in the Bible when my son, who is a public school superintendent, called and asked my wife to turn on the TV. We did so and at that time I thought surely we would have a showdown with the Islamic people. The showdown never came(big business needs to make money off of the war you know) and if anything more infiltration of our country by these godless people. Question: is the greatest nation on the face of the earth to crumble because of Lack of leadership? Another question: why has God made this nation the most powerful military nation in the world if we are not to use that power?
---mima on 9/10/08

I was at work and really missed most of the drama unfolding until later that morning. I do remember that Church services were packed that next weekend at least for a few weeks, then it returned to normal. I believed for a long time prior to 9/11 that America had become complacent and was primed for terrorism however nobody could have envisioned that magnitude of an attack. However I was proud of how we as citizens rallied to each others aid. Like the Church, it is the people that make up this great country and not the politicians. God Bless America!
---TIMOTHY on 9/10/08

I did not realize that the Holy Spirit was warning me about a calamity that was on the way early in 2001. If you remember, the movie "Pearl Harbor" was showing then. I had already heard of that day repeatedly from my mom and dad. However, when I exited the movie, I was overwhelmed inside and I cried of the realization that it was going to happen again. Later on, it was confirmed at our church, when several of our church leaders called out for a 21-day fast for the "impending disaster" due to come to the New England area What's more, I then realized who Jesus was talking about when he said: "they who kill you will think that they are doing a service unto God..." I THEN knew, for sure, who he was talking about.
---timot8496 on 9/9/08

I saw it live on the TV.

I remembered "Wars of the Worlds" and great panic that film caused as many thought the Martians had actually landed, not realising it was just fiction.

And so at first I thought it was just a film, not realising it was actually happening as I watched.

I felt horror, & great compassion, thinking that 10s of thousands must have died.

I'm not sure whether I was changed spiritually
---alan_of_UK on 9/9/08

I was in my classroom, teaching fifth grade when I learned of the attacks. The impact it had on me was to have me be more open in communicating my love for my family and friends, because I realized just how precious today is, and that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. I also realized that I did not need to sweat the small stuff, and to let a lot of petty things go.
---Trish9863 on 9/9/08

Timothy, I remained stable in the Lord Jesus Christ. I stayed in the presence of God praying for all the families and children that were effected by 9/11. I cried out for healing for our nation and that God would render justice to the evildoers who bombed us. How about you?
---donna8365 on 9/9/08

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