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Drug Rehab For Crazy In-Law

My mother-in-law has a chemical dependency on these pills she's taken for years. She does not need them, but they make her crazy. Should my wife and I insist she get some drug rehab treatment?

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 ---johnE on 9/12/08
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Thankyou, for the info.They had alot better than that before, yes! I know becuz my cousin was in there, he had
get Up early lite breakfast, go out and work!! they sometimes they had these big buckets they sold candy or some type little sweets, they were told not to tarry long, if a penny was missing! It was hell to pay!! Carlos straighten up real quick! Alot of how to conduct them selves ediquette proper manners in public/ No cursing No pills to get over with drawal Cold turkey!! Bible reading,sermons,no nonsense!! Some even became preachers! I really admired them!! They had people who kept track of their every moment!!
---Elena_9555 on 9/22/14

Elena, I guess they've mellowed out a bit! Only about 5 people out of 100 who start will complete the one-year program.
---learner2 on 9/21/14

Praise God,well, I know they went thru sm changes, they were good then but,strict,and I see good folk wonderfull be a better world.Leadership probably been some changes, it good, you know when they were here we talkn early 1980's
Either way we really DO NEED help here is my point please pray they return.this is literally an epedimic here.
We need them back!!!
Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 9/21/14

Elena, our son recently finished his one year program at Victory Outreach. We were able to visit him fairly often and so were his wife and daughter. They enourage family visits.
---learner2 on 9/20/14

Yes! Victory Outreach, which is free for the addicts, they are very,very strict! They make them work for their stay, they make them No contact with family or girlfriends...No contact until then they are recovered. They have open church services women married
Sit w husband/ single women sit Far away fr the rest. They started in Calif.
In Detroit, they left.There was some people felt too, strict. THERE WAS SOME ILLEGAL $ ISSUES...RUMOR BUT I WISH THEY COME BK THIS WHOLE CITY .... EXCEPT the christians for real.delivered or like myself mercy of God never took.drugs. we need them.back!!!
---Elena_9555 on 9/20/14

Learner2 I have not heard of that particular rehabilitation centre but you will have Teen Challenge. I don't think that they take only teenagers these days. Here in U.K. we have one particular centre which takes older alcoholics and drug addicts. It might be worth checking out. We have centres here for both men and women (kept totally separate of course).
---Rita_H on 9/19/14

Does anyone here know anything about a Christian rehabilitation program called Victory Outreach?
---learner2 on 9/18/14

Why do people think they can just go to a person's doctor and ask for information about a relative's medications and medical condition? So many people are advising the OP to do that, and it is wrong. Doctors are forbidden to discuss their patients' conditions, treatment, and medications with anyone, unless the patient has signed a release allowing such discussion to take place.

I have been trained in the law, and cannot believe how many people seem to think it is nothing to just tell people to call the doctor and ask about the medications this mother-in-law is taking.

Be grateful that the law protects your privacy. I know I am.
---Trish9863 on 10/5/08

Marc: The doctor cannot legally discuss the reasons for the medications being prescribed with the OP. There is a law protecting the confidentiality of patients.
---Trish9863 on 10/3/08

sorry you did not get my earlier reply. I did but I can find it here. Anyway, I said to get to ask the Dr. about the pills first and why is she taking it. Can it be changed to another since this is making her crazy. If she is addicted, maybe she can get rehab. than.
---marc on 10/3/08

Please and politely butt-out of the mother-in-laws private business. Perhaps she is simply crazy and you are being to critical of her. Maybe her doctor hasn't adjusted her pills to a level that he needs her to be at. Are you doing her any favors, why do you think you are the appropriate person to determine what is best for her? I'd like to know how she feels about you and your wife.Maybe she's sicker than she wants u to know and it's something that really is not any of your affair. Crazy is very harsh, not an accurate medical diagnosis 'Dr. Son-in-law'. Be a bit more hands off w/ the gal.
---Pamela on 9/23/08

The question is why does she feel that she needs to take these pills? There are certain times in our lives we feel left out of things, we are aging too fast, we are no longer active, we are afraid of growing old and having to depend upon our family, who really do not have time nor patience, etc. I could go on/ Maybe she needs to boost her self esteem. Therefore, before going to drug rehab why not try to get her to some type of just good old fashioned counseling or making her feel like she is needed. Brag about her to other people, let her know that she is truly loved and not just being put up with. I hope, by the way, that you are not telling her that she is acting crazy. Since this is a Christian blog, how often do you pray with her?
---Dorothy on 9/23/08

How do you know she doesn't need those pills? Maybe she is depressed or have Fibermalagia. Both can't be seen in an x-ray. I just found out I have Fibermalagia and yes it hurts some days are very bad. Whatever you do, don't pressure her into going into rehab. We can't say Yes she has a prescription drug problem when we don't know her day to day life. I would take her to her Doctor and have her open up to him/her and if the doctor thinks the pain is all in her mind and she doesn't need those pills, then let HIM put her in rehab. A person's mind will play tricks on a person, making them think they are in pain but really their not. Instead of accusing her, talk to her and listen. She may be depressed.
---Rebecca_D on 9/22/08

Yes i do believe that your mother i law needs help.There is no shame telling someone that u have a problem
---Stephanie on 9/20/08

Just to get you some info you might need her doctor should make an assessment on her. You really cannot insist on her doing anything unless you are her guardian. If you're not, find a way to take her to her doctor or psychiatrist or therapist if she has any of them and they can take it from there. Unless she does something to endanger you or your family, or if she tries to hurt herself, there is not much you can do. I don't know what state you live in, you might have more options in your state. You might want to call a mental health agency in your area or your church to see if they can help you in any way. God bless you and I will pray for you and your family to find your way.

---Nancy on 9/19/08

Yes, i think she deserve to be treated equally as any one with a problem.
---Theodora on 9/19/08

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i dont know if they should be get her tested and let the dr decide on her getting treatment if she is hooked on theme then have her checked out by dr and the 3 of you can decide
---andy on 9/19/08

First of my answer is yes that mother-in-laws need help also. 08/28/06 i admitted myself in a 18 month substance program because i was dealing with alcohol and drugs and i thank God each and every day because God has delivered in a mighty way. Any addiction needs to be addressed as soon as possible.I'm involved in bible believing church and today i have 2yrs sobriety and i give God the highest praise. I couldn't have done anything if ihadn't put God first.

Your Brother in Christ!!
---Dale on 9/19/08

In a word,Yes.
---obewan on 9/19/08

I believe it would be good to pressure her into treatment ASAP. I had a sister became hooked on pills and her Doctor went on vacation and they refused to give her the medication she needed and she was found dead in a closet. She did hang herself. I wanted my Father to sue and he said ti was not Christian and would not bring her back. I feel it could have saved another's life. The side effect of pills will eventually catch up with her if she does not quit. Rev. Bernie
---REV._BERNIE on 9/19/08

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hi ,
Yes I believe this lady should get off the drugs at least try to get detoxed and work as much as possible on the rest and certainly get to church or fellowships in Christ where the WOrd of God is preached in fullness so she can get healed......... God bless and deliver this poor lady......... in Jesus name. amen...............
---sandie on 9/18/08

yes i think you should.if she don't need them than she should find help getting off of them before it destorys her.
---missy4994 on 9/18/08

Hi there friend! I am very sorry to have read what your mother in law is going through at this moment. Well, as for myself I haven't came across such experience yet but I'll give what my heart can give to you and your wife. Keep praying for her and keep her in your prayers, love and treat her with love, live life in a way that she would enjoy and most importantly giving drug rehab treatment would surely help her as well. Think that's about it and Bless you!
---Nancy on 9/18/08

Sad indeed that she's in that condition.While she may be having side affects from drugs there is also a possibility she may havw early stage Alezhiemer's or even dementia.There are tests for those conditrions too.
---shirley on 9/18/08

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I have been where your mother-in-law is and was also addicted to pills that were prescribed for me. Unfortunately all you can do is talk to her and let her know your concerns, you can't make a person get treatment unless they want to. But you can suggest she do so, and be there to support her if she decides to do it. please don't let your children be alone with her until she gets the help she needs, especially if the pills make her crazy as you say. I will pray for her and your family. Hopefully you or your wife can convince her to seek help for her dependency. In Christs Love
---Marie on 9/18/08

My personal suggestion would be much prayer, before speaking to her for our Lord to soften her heart and lead you as to what to say. Coming from an addictive background myself, confrontation is good, but we never want to come at the person in a condeming manner. Maybe an intervention with others who know what the pills are doing to her, and always let anyone we are confronting know we are doing it because we love them.
Love always wins...
---Caroline on 9/18/08

i would think this was a good idea why dont you and your wife pray about it and see what god wants you to do have a good day wilma
---wilma8484 on 9/18/08

Before you try to get her into rehab, you need to consult with her doctor and ask him why is she continuing to use these if she no longer needs them. Inform the doctor of her actions while she is using these drugs. Be advised that because of the HIPPA law, you may not get an answer. All of this depends upon her age and mental competency. If that does not work, then you can try intervention, try to get hold of these drugs and dispose of them. If she is getting them illegally, then you may want to try letting her know that you will notify the authorities if she does not go into a rehab facility. God bless you for your concern.
---Pat8399 on 9/18/08

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i don't think you and your wife should not insist her to these drugs anymore!
---Elizabeth on 9/18/08

I am not sure if she needs help the way you explained it. She needs to have a chat with her doctor with you in the room. If that doesn't work try getting a second opinion. My mother was addicted to drugs, they were necessary for her to walk and to sleep. I am also on narcotics to deal with pain and depression. I have an advantage my mother didn't. I have faith in my God. I have asked for healing, "By His stripes we are healed" also "the great physician". Another thing that you should have already been doing is praying about it. Remember, wait upon Him, sometime you just have to be patient. It is always in His time. I hope this helps, from one who's been there, done that.

---Bill on 9/18/08

Talking to her doctor is the best route. Why do you think she does not need them? I take medication & people tell me I do not need them, but they are not doctors. Only her doctor should prescribe. Pray for her wellbeing & answers to your dilemma. Unless a person wants to stop whatever they are doing, rehab does not work & wastes money.
---denia6869 on 9/18/08

Have you spoken with your mother in law as to your concern for her?And her Doctor?First take it to the Lord in prayer,asking him for his wisdom and insight to this dilemma,then talk to her,talk to her doctor.If the doctor feels like she doesn,t nessicarily need the medication,try to get her to back off from the med.s slowly,thus weaning herself from them.But on the otherhand,if she does not want to get off them,then just leave it in God,s hands.I weaned myself from Zoloft.I was truly addicted to them,thanks to my bully ex husband.But thanks to Jesus,He set me free from both prisons.God bless you and yours.
---Irene on 9/18/08

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I sound's like she need's some kind of help.You may need for her to see her doctor first to see if she does need them for health trouble.
---Debbie on 9/18/08

I would like to suggest that you consult the Doctor who prescribed the drugs in the first instance so that this condition could be ascertained and the appropriate treatment administered to reverse the adverse affects of the drug dependency. At no time should your Mother-in-law be made to feel as if she has become a drug addict. Compassion is the name of the game be Christ like and do not condemn as HE did with the woman caught in adultery.

---Derek on 9/18/08

I say yes. My mother was addicted to drugs,we tried always to get her help, to no avail.Finally we had to refuse her to be around the grandkids,the drugs did kill her. It has been a sad loss for this family. If there is anyway U can admit her for help then do this. Try & keep kids away from her as she can & may hurt them & her mouth & words are always hurtful. Please remember that she has a sickness, she is addicted & cannot help herself, she needs help. I am praying for U & your Jesus. he is our way.
God's Peace
---Rene on 9/18/08

Having my own experience in these matters, I'd like to say this. You can't force anyone to seek help, they have to WANT it before it's going to work! Suggest,talk & keep the door to rehab open, but don't force anything! Good luck, Lesla
---Leslie on 9/18/08

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If you love your mother-in-law and want to have her around the grands, yes recommend to her to be seen especially if you know that she does not need them. Why, would you let it continue? Love means saying something.
---Lellean on 9/18/08

John: The mother-in-law's doctor may not speak to the OP regarding the mother-in-law's need for the drugs because of HIIPA laws. He is bound by the law to keep all of his patients' medical information confidential, unless released to discuss it with people by the patient.
---Trish9863 on 9/15/08

It is your opinion that she doesn't need the drugs. You should talk with her doctor and get the facts. Maybe she doesn't need them but it's not your call. Talking with her doctor will not only fill you in on why she is on the drugs but it will give you an oportunity to maybe open the doctors eyes on her situation. You may be correct and the doctor may get her off these. God bless you for caring for her.
---john on 9/15/08

Try Victory Outreach Womans Rehabilatation Home. This is a Christian based rehab. home where you live for a year. Hope this helps. God bless.
---Leslie on 9/13/08

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You can insist all you want. The fact that you think you can somehow make her get treatment shows that you have no idea what you are dealing with. If your MIL is getting the pills from her physician, he should be made aware of the problems she has with them. Legally, he cannot discuss her with you. But, you can make him aware of the problem.
---SusieB on 9/12/08

I suspect that she needs the pills, or some other medication to replace them

So drug rehab is probably not the right route.

Has she been to see her doctor? That I think is the first step, and maybe your wife could go with her mum.
---alan_of_UK on 9/12/08

Something else--you've not told us what kind of pills your MIL is on.

Our medical needs DO change, and what was beneficial at one time might be dangerous today.
---katavasia on 9/12/08

You cannot make her do anything, but you can set boundaries on what kind of behavior you will allow in your home. You can also insist that she not be near your young children while she is on the pills.
---Trish9863 on 9/12/08

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Will she listen to you and your wife? What makes you think if she hasn't gone to Rehab yet, that she thinks she has a problem.

Dr. Phil says you can't change what you don't acknowledge.

Has she acknowledged she is dependent upon these pills? If yes, then go ahead and suggest to her she needs drug rehab treatment.

If no, then tell her she's acting crazy and may not know it and it bothers you and your wife. This is a hard one to figure out.
---donna8365 on 9/12/08

Unless your MIL is a provable danger to herself or others, you cannot force her to do anything.

All you can do (except for praying) is to try to convince her that she needs help, and she has to come to that conclusion herself.

BTW--if she doesn't need the pills that make her "crazy", how is she getting them?
---katavasia on 9/12/08

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