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Trick Or Treat On Halloween

Do you believe it is a sin for Christian parents to allow their children to trick or treat on halloween?

Moderator - Yes!

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 ---stephanie on 9/18/08
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I don't have kids, but Halloween has become my favorite holiday! Does Halloween honor Satan? Sure. However, on Halloween, Satan sends the lost TO MY FRONT DOOR, and I give them candy and gospel tracts! How much easier can it be to give a gospel tract to someone when they come to your front door and hold out their hand? I say, take this Satanic holiday and use it to advantage, to get the gospel of Jesus Christ out to people!
---Jeff on 4/2/09

Yes. Halloween honors Satan. Each year it gets worse - gory and crazy as in lunacy.
---Betty on 3/1/09

The occultic aspects of Halloween are evil.Dressing as Devils and witches are not appropriate.However,in the Church,Halloween was All Hallows Eve,preceding all saints day and all souls day.It was meant to remember the dead and the saints in Heaven.Many Christian churches now celebrate the Harvest Festival in place of Halloween to attempt to escape the occultic ties often associated with this Holiday without depriving Children of having fun and dressing up and getting all the goodies they look forward to each year.I mainly take my kids to Churches having Harvest Festivals,but sometimes my kids will collect candy door to door,give out Bible tracts,and say thank you and God bless you to each neighbor they visit.Glorify God whenever you can.
---Judy on 2/27/09

All kids enjoy playing pretend and dressing up. Halloween is the same thing...dressing up in a cute costume and visiting neighbors is not a sin. However, I don't like the evil aspects of Halloween. I don't participate in that aspect of the occasion as a Christian.
---Anne on 11/13/08

Don't worry James: I will eat your share of the turkey! LOL! Seriously, lighten up, brother. Enjoy your life a little, when I read in the Bible that a holiday for giving thanks is a sin, I will stop eating turkey, until then, I'll just eat your share--and enjoy it! :)
---Mary on 11/11/08

If Halloween is a sin, so is stuffing your faces on Thanksgiving. Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets are a sin. It has nothing to do with the rising of Christ. Christmas is for going to church to honor the birth of Christ. It is a sin to put up a tree with decorations, buying gifts or claiming Santa Claus is coming. Getting drunk on New Years.It can go on and on.
---James on 11/10/08

How dear we "respect" things of satan thin tell others they must stay away from evil?! IT is blastphemy, it is evil, it is unholy, it is an abominashion to our G-D, and He firnds no pleser in the worship of idals, and satan!! Sin is the resan our Messiah died on the cross, Yeshua was sloterd that we may live a holy life sepret from the works of evil, and there is no good thing in selibrating the Devils night, I well never respect that which is evil, why? Becouse to my G-D it is an abomination!!!! and well never be found in the kingdome of G-D as Holy and with out blemish, I know! I was once Wican, I know how evil that night is and to watch people trit it as coman, scaers me to death!
---Aharon on 11/10/08

Woe unto you that call evil, Good, and Good evil!!!!!!!
Ephesians 4:17 This I say therefore, and testify in the LORD, that ye henceforth WALK NOT AS OTHER GENTILES WALK, IN THE VANITY OF THEY MIND!
5:6-8: Let no man deceive you with vain words: for becouse of these things cometh the wrath of G-D upon the children of disobedience, BE NOT YE THEREFORE PARTAKERS WITH THEM.
---Aharon on 11/10/08

No! It is not a sin. No where have I ever read this in the bible. The bible does not specifically speak of holidays period. It is mostly silent on even when Jesus was actually born. We should not impose these type burdens on people. Read Romans chapter 14. I do when I am in doubt about certain things. If you want to celebrate a holiday and someone else does not,respect that.
---Robyn on 11/8/08

YES! G-D tells us not to mixe the Holy and the prophain! Halloween was and is the devils night, we can not alow are children to joien in on the worship of satan! I know you well say it is all for fun but there is nothing fun, or funny about satan, the church took the days of ppeagen and put the face of Messiah on it, I know I was one of them, to my shaim I was once wican, a witch, I know how evil that night is and trust me any thing we do on that night, (giving or takeing candy or dressing up)is devil worship!!STAY AWAY!! Do not alow you children to fall for the devil's tricks!
---Aharon on 11/7/08

Stephen N: The bible does not say that trick-or-treating is a sin. If yours does, then you made it up. I took my kids trick-or-treating October 30th and we had a blast. Good clean fun is what we had. I didn't see or hear of anyone sacrificing anything or anyone. My husband is a Deputy Sheriff and he patrolled that night along with others. So I know the streets were safe for the children. Just like anything else, Halloween can be evil if one makes it out to be. And alot of people make Halloween evil because there is satanic people in this world. What about September 11th? People done evil things on that day, why don't they call that an evil day? Alot of people lost their lives because of evil.
---Rebecca_D on 11/6/08

stephan_nikolaou A-men. God looks down from heaven upon the children of men, and upon those whom were given his Command, also the world looks upon those whom call themselves "Christian", and for many there is no difference seen: as is the world, so is the so-called Christian: all look alike the world, talk like the world, they sin right along with the world: so where is the Christ in their Christ-ian life, indeed there is no Christ in their life, only dark sin. "Let every one that names the name of Christ depart from sin." Backslider, go out and share your Jesus with the lost, and give to the needy. Consider the people suffering alone and need to know that some one cares, how many are starving, how many with no shelter.
---Eloy on 10/13/08

Trick or treating is a sin period. It says so right in the good old Bible. Every October 25th I set my family around the family room and read bible stories. God has no room for sinners in his kingdom. To bad the crusades didn't work when "gods people" invaded Islamic cities and devoured the enemy, quiet literally actualy. The crusades ate their enemies children! Yeah being an extremest is the answer to everything...even the halloween has nothing to do with satan only relation being denounced by the pope in the dark ages because it was a holiday of pagans their enemies of the time. Get the picture. I'm a christian and the only thing i have got to say is being nieve is the only true form of stupidity.
---stephan_nikolaou on 10/12/08

Rebecca D, when others are weak in their faith they try to find faults in others. Instead of just focusing on themselves.
For some reason they are afraid halloween and put down others for not agreeing with them.
My only concern are the crazy people out there that try to harm children with candy.
My sister took her children to people she knew. Now, even Malls and departments stores give out candy for safety reason.

Enjoy your time spent with your kids.
When they are older, they won't remember the candy, but the time you spent with them.
---Nicole on 10/11/08

Celebrating a Satanic holiday in no way honors or glorifies God, no matter how you try and dress it up to look harmless.

Amen Holly

when one chooses their man made reasoning to pursue holidays that do not HONOR God ...choosing Satans ways over Gods Word ...they are stepping AWAY from God NOT closer to God

Halloween is simply a pagan day can go out and have all the "fun" you want in the name of this day but it demonstrates LOVE of the world 2Corin 4:4 ...NOT LOVE of God ...true Christians do not honor God when participating in any pagan festival or ritual
---Rhonda on 10/11/08

---And emtp...when did I ever accuse someone of being a sinner or having no faith?---

Preach it sister Claudia H!
And Amen Eloy!! ---Holly4jc on 10/9/08

When you agreed with the ones who did.
---emtp on 10/10/08

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Emtp: I know it is a losing battle when it comes to certain people about some situations. God didn't put me on this earth to be like everyone else.
Eloy: As I have stated more than once, until you admit your faults, you will have a closed mind when it comes to others beliefs and with a cold heart along with your faults you'll not get any closer to God.
People are more worried about what others are doing in their life, instead of worrying about themselves and God. My walk with God is my business. There is nothing between me and the Lord. I ask God everyday to search my heart to see if anything be hidden. Eloy maybe you should do that, you'll find you need to work on a few things.
---Rebecca_D on 10/10/08

RebbecaD--I fear we are arguing a losing battle when it concerns people such as susieb eloy claudia and holly, The problem with their type of preaching and teaching is if you don't agree with exactly what they say then you are a sinner and you have no faith. ---emtp on 10/9/08

And emtp...when did I ever accuse someone of being a sinner or having no faith? Please don't lump me with other people that you might have discerned that from, because if you read all my posts, you'll see that I have never accused anybody in the manner you claim. However, I will not back down when it comes to defending the ways of the Lord. Celebrating a Satanic holiday in no way honors or glorifies God, no matter how you try and dress it up to look harmless.
---Holly4jc on 10/10/08

.rebeccad, as I said before, until you get saved you will continue in your sins.
---Eloy on 10/9/08

RebbecaD--I fear we are arguing a losing battle when it concerns people such as susieb eloy claudia and holly, The problem with their type of preaching and teaching is if you don't agree with exactly what they say then you are a sinner and you have no faith. I'm sure glad our Lord and savior consulted them before and every time there is a theological debate here on earth. The only one you have to answer to is God. I take my son trick or treating he dresses up in costumes, NO that doesn't mean we celebrate Satan. Eloy because you don't believe the way i do i say you have no faith or discernment, it works both ways brother.
---emtp on 10/9/08

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Preach it sister Claudia H!
And Amen Eloy!!
---Holly4jc on 10/9/08

Claudia H: How is a person turning their back on God by celebrating the holidays? Going trick-or-treating with my two children is fun and I enjoy it alot. I love watching them as they go to each house, it is an enjoyment to us all. Halloween isn't the only day we have fun or enjoy the company. There are 364 other days we enjoy spending time together. It isn't just about getting candy. Eloy: Shame on me for dissing God's servants? Oh Pleaze. Shame on you for putting yourself up on a pedestal, and getting upset when others don't agree with you.
---Rebecca_D on 10/9/08

SusieB, God bless you in your real service to the Lord, and know that you are truly blessed in your service: and rebecca, shame to you for your dissing the obedient servants of Christ and for your own disobedience to the Lord.
---Eloy on 10/8/08

Thanks for all the wisdom. Do you think you could elaborate? Why? This could be our chance to evangelize. All chances are if you want them to be.
---Leann on 10/9/08

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How can you say you are a true christian when you go out and celebrate halloween>?
Its like going to the birthday party of the ememy just for the cake hello you are turning your back on god. Say you do go trick or treating what's so great about it?
While your celebrating. all the satanic demons are praying to satan to destroy more lives and taking lives. Why not declare war that day by praying to god??
Buy your own candy if thats all your doing it for. We as christians need to show the world we are not like them. Out of all the days you can have fun why chose halloween??
imagine all those satanics laughing for they
even have christians celebrating their holiday.
jesus wouldn't want us celebrating his enemys holiday.
---Claudia_H on 10/8/08

There is nothing more refreshing than seeing Christians using a pagan holiday for Christ. The church our family attended in Puerto Rico had a "trick or treat" party in the education building of the church. Behind each door was a person dressed as a person in the Bible. Each child would receive a printed card telling about that person, plus a treat. Each person would register and that information was used as a follow-up with a home visit later. Our present church has a "Pumpkin Patch" each year and provides free food, rides and candy to each person. Each person registers and that information is use for home visits later. In both cases, a "trick or treater" could wear a costume, but it had to be people friendly.
---wivv on 10/8/08

SusieB: If a person is not themselves, then they are pretending to be something their not. If a your not true to yourself, then how can you be true to God? Galatians 6:3, For if a man think himself to be something when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself. Good for you for feeding the homeless or helping your neighbors twice a year and traveling miles and miles. Since when serving the Lord and doing his will boring and not fun? If your not happy and enjoying serving the Lord and your life, then something is wrong with your heart. I have fun and I truly enjoy serving the Lord. If others can't see joy and happiness in you serving the Lord, then why would they convert over to Christ? While spreading the word, spread a little joy with it.
---Rebecca_D on 10/8/08

mary, computers are not worldly devices anymore than a writing pen is not a worldly device.
---Eloy on 10/8/08

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Rebecca...We are not to be ourselves. We are to be like Christ. By the way, we don't sit around watching football on Thanksgiving. We're usually feeding the homeless or needy neighbors. We aren't staying shut up in our house. We are jail ministers and pastor a church. We drove 22000 miles for the Lord last year. And, I just returned to a full-time job to be able to support the ministry with the price of gas and food now days. You don't have a clue. It ain't about you having fun. People are dying and going to hell. Jesus is coming soon! We gotta tell people about it before it is too late.
---SusieB on 10/8/08

.rebeccad, On this forum I have cited from the scriptures numerous times before that the Holy Bible does declare the exact date and even the time when Jesus was born. But those in darkness whom refuse to see this light, will remain in darkness.
---Eloy on 10/8/08

Would someone please name ONE THING about Halloween that makes us like Christ????
---SusieB on 10/7/08

Amen SusieB
---Rhonda on 10/7/08

Eloy, can I ask you something in all honesty? You say you are totally "unworldly"--and yet are you not using one of the more "worldly" devices ever invented--the computer? Do you watch tv at all--any shows at all that are not perfectly holy? By the way, if that one's true, my hat is truly off to you!
---Mary on 10/7/08

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Eloy: On Thanksgiving family gets together at one's house and the men sit around watching Football while the women are in the kitchen cooking. On Christmas, people gets together at one's house to have dinner then exchange presents afterwords. No one knows when Christ was born. The bible doesn't say that Christ was born in December. SusieB: I'm not afraid of the world or what is in it. I don't hide in my house from the world. Why do you? The truth be known some of the things you have said to me and to others make you nothing like Christ. How am I sinning by being myself?
---Rebecca_D on 10/7/08

I'll try this another way. You all know that couple who wants to save their marriage and go to a romantic setting. When they get there they find out the romance is not there either. You have to bring it with you, it has to already be in you. It can't just magically appear because your at a romantic place. Or my job has nothing to do with Christ but I can bring him into my job everyday by my example. Or if i want to go play golf I can be the exception and not the rule by not cussing, throwing my clubs or getting drunk. And people will see that I am different, I can say because i have Christ in me. Susieb-Same with Halloween its what you bring to the table. Im not saying Christ has anything to do with H but he can if YOU bring him there.
---emtp on 10/7/08

Would someone please name ONE THING about Halloween that makes us like Christ????
---SusieB on 10/7/08

Listen, I know what all those holidays are about... I guess we all just have to agree to disagree. You can say all you want about how i am a sinner because i let my child dress up for halloween and go trick or treating in the neighborhood. That is fine with me, my conscience is clear on the matter. Just remember before you come before your God tonight in prayer to take those LOGS of judgment out of your eyes.
---emtp on 10/6/08

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many people have no idea what they believe they just believe something to be true because other people believe it.

ironic and DOUBLE MINDED ...ignorance is bliss if choose to continue beliefs OVER God

Thanksgiving Day giving Thanks

Labor Day honoring Workers

Memorial Day honors those who SERVED country many who LOST lives

USING reasoning to observe pagan days st pats valentines etc ...CHOOSE to hold fast traditions Mark 7:7 ...less glory to God MORE POWER to Satan reasoning away what YOU LIKE to do

FREE MORAL agency as you PLEASE ...claiming God just winks when playing with fire observing pagan rituals and practices all in the name of "fun"
---Rhonda on 10/6/08

empt, you have no discernment, Christmas and Thanksgiving are not of the world, that is just plain wrong. Please look up the origins of these holidays and you will see that these holidays have zero to do with the world, and instead everything to do with God. And halloween glorifies the opposite of God, so because you honor Christmas "the birth of Christ", how can you honor halloween which is antiChrist in practicing tricks and real destruction?
---Eloy on 10/6/08

People who call themselves Christian, but live for the world are not really Christians. "Let every one that names the name of Christ depart from sin. Know that in final days the people will be pleasure-lovers rather than God-lovers, having a form of piety, but denying the power of it: and of these turn away from. Love not the world, neither the things in the world. If any person love the world, the love of the Father is not in that one."
---Eloy on 10/6/08

empt ... As my name implies, I am from the UK ... specifically good old England.

I don't need to be on Koolaid (whatever that is) to have seen old folk terrified to have lights on in the house, to know of dog-poo being put through letter boxes, windows smashed or car tyres slashed if gifts are not handed out to repeated callers.

If that is your idea of FUN, I pity you.
---alan_of_UK on 10/3/08

I think you need to reread my post nowhere did i say that is part of the Halloween that i have ever participated in i am from the USA that stuff may happen but i think it can happen anytime, but i never did them as a child nor did any of my friends. If its part of the uk's tradition then of maybe you guys have a problem.
---emtp on 10/6/08

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Eloy: I too am blessed with God, everyday. I believe I am blessed more because I love the life God gave me. And I am not bitter toward others who do not believe the same as I do.
---Rebecca_D on 10/6/08

I don't need your pity, thank you though. I am confident in my beliefs in Christ Jesus. It is when people like on this blog like to tell every one that they are sinners for everything. I don't even know why i keep coming back, i keep thinking i may reach somebody with some reason i guess. God Bless and good night.
---emtp on 10/6/08

Holly: People make Halloween a Satanic Holiday. People can make any holiday evil. That was your past, that doesn't mean other parents who celebrate Halloween are sacrificing their children. There are people who are in cults and are more evil around or on Halloween, but that doesn't mean everybody is like that. It seems like you hold a grudge against the holiday Halloween or those who like to celebrate Halloween because of what your dad done to you as a child. It wasn't the holiday that made your dad evil, it was Satan.
---Rebecca_D on 10/6/08

Ok Well then don't celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day,Memorial, I can go on and on. These are all of the "world". Don't go to the movies, or let your kids play sports,one could argue how is that "glorifying God"? I could give many harmless "worldly" examples the point is how do you carry yourself as a person of God in those activities in everyday life? Do you let your light shine to the "World"? Or do you hide it under a bushel? Do you hide with other Christians and safe people all the time? If you so choose not to let your children go trick or treating on Halloween fine-but do not make a blanket statement that its a sin and that all who participate are of the world and sinners.
---emtp on 10/5/08

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It isn't a Satanic holiday, it's a Pagan holiday that originated in Ireland actually as a celebration of the end of the harvest season. Per Rev. Baker

I beg to differ with you IS a Satanic holiday (no matter where it originated)and for those who are practicing is their "high holy day" just as Yom Kipper is the Jews "high holy day". It is the practice of Satanists to sacrifice children to the devil on this day. As a child, I was forced by my dad to participate in a satanic cult and was subject to satanic ritual abuse and I can tell you firsthand...they DO sacrifice children, as I was witness to that.
---Holly4jc on 10/4/08

Rhonda: Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, and the other holidays are not Christian holidays. So why is it that Halloween is the only one associated with evil? People can make any holiday evil. Evil isn't lurking one day a year. Many people don't celebrate Halloween because their afraid of what others might think. You said the parents didn't know better? I'd rather see someone be themselves rather than seeing someone trying to be something their not. Many people have no idea what they believe they just believe something to be true because other people believe it. Many people say that Halloween is evil because other people say that. They just agree so they won't be an outcast.
---Rebecca_D on 10/4/08

rebecca, you can fun with your world, but I the unworldly am blessed with God.
---Eloy on 10/4/08

empt ... As my name implies, I am from the UK ... specifically good old England.

I don't need to be on Koolaid (whatever that is) to have seen old folk terrified to have lights on in the house, to know of dog-poo being put through letter boxes, windows smashed or car tyres slashed if gifts are not handed out to repeated callers.

If that is your idea of FUN, I pity you.
---alan_of_UK on 10/3/08

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Everyone knows that. Goodness has everyone on here gone completely mad.

So now when one obeys God and stays away from pagan practices we have gone mad because we refuse to participate in rituals that many of us may have grown up with because our parents didn't no better who let children do what other kids did so they (our parents) were not labeled as "going completely mad"

or worse parents wanting to be like "Jones" even if all of "Jones" were far from moral

halloween is not a christian day ...allowing your children to participate shows you and your children it's more important to belong to the world then obey God follow Christ and belong to HIM
---Rhonda on 10/3/08

There isn't anything you can do but ignore it. It isn't a Satanic holiday, it's a Pagen holiday that originated in Ireland actually as a celebration of the end of the harvest season. What it has evolved into though is something our children should be protected from. We have to live "IN" this world, but not "OF" this world. Society can lead you astray.
---Rev._Baker on 10/3/08

Say it is sinful.

Respond with love and rather than being reactive. One way to be counter cultural is to encourage light parties.

God calls us to have festivals to celebrate Him!

Isn't this another opportunity to bring Glory to God! Hmmm... on that note I had better stop being a hypocrite and go to class...
---Martin_nz on 10/2/08

Yes it is, but instead of treating Halloween night as Satan's holiday, why don't we all hand out Bible tracts to those that come to the door? I mean yes it is a sin to do the trick or treat thing, but we as Christian can turn it into something postive don't u think?
---Ann on 10/2/08

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Moderator - Yes!

I didn't have to read any further on this one. who are these mods... seriously?
---emtp on 10/1/08

KAT ... It happens in the UK too ... kids calling round houses in horribpe fancy dress, and blackmiling old folk into "giving" then gifts
---alan_of_UK on 9/20/08

I dont know where you people are from or what kool aid you are on but think back to your child hood to the days before you all became to "pious" and "religious" and remember the FUN. There is no evil to it. There is no blackmailing old people for candy. If people dont want to give out candy the rule is turn off your porch light. Everyone knows that. Goodness has everyone on here gone completely mad.
---emtp on 10/1/08

SusieB: Where we live most if not all of the people know that my family is born again Christians. We are being watched everyday by somebody. We hand out invitation tracks from our church when we go out trick or treating. At my church we are having a Harvest Party this Saturday evening. The children that don't go to church come to this party and we have games, treats, and yes the kids are dressed up in their favorite costume. Even our Pastor dresses up as something. Last year he was a Hillbilly, since we're from WV. We had so much fun. It was good clean fun with the kids. The kids enjoyed it so much we have them coming to church sometimes on a regular basis. We show them Godly love by just being ourselves.
---Rebecca_D on 10/1/08

Rebecca...Nobody said you could not play with your children. I teach Children's Church and color with them. The point of this particular question is about Halloween and trick or treating. How does this "teach them about God and what he is all about" as you stated?
---SusieB on 9/30/08

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SusieB: So you are saying that I should tell my kids that I can't play games on their level with them because it makes me childish? I'm sorry but I won't do that. I still get down on the floor and color and play barbies with my daughter and play cars and trucks with my son. I do not see the harm in that whatsoever. I love having fun and I love teaching my kids the games I was taught as a child. I don't live my life as if I was sucking prunes all day and have a sour look on my face all day. I'm sorry that we disagree on certain matters but if most Christians would just lighten up a little bit and enjoy the life God gave them they would be happier. I can still live for God and still have good clean fun.
---Rebecca_D on 9/29/08

SusieB: God has not shown me that going trick-or-treating or playing games with my children is wrong. So you believe I should tell my children ages 6 and 9 that I can't play child games with them because I need to do grown up things? Yeah right. I still get down on the floor and color, I play barbies with my daughter, I play cars and trucks with my son. Does that make me childish or less of a Christian? No it doesn't. It means that I love playing with my children. I love teaching them the games I played as a child. I not only play with my kids, I teach them about God and what he is all about. As long as I am on this earth and able, I will be doing fun things with my kids as long as it is good clean fun. Where is the sin in that?
---Rebecca_D on 9/27/08

Rebecca....God will indeed grant your request to show you HIS will. Hopefully, you will listen to HIM. That's part of growing as a Christian. We put away the things of our childhood (baby Christian) and grow in the Lord. You act as if I am the only Christian who has ever questioned your stand on Halloween. You know that I am not.
---SusieB on 9/26/08

SusieB: I desire to grow in the Lord, I just chose to listen to God instead of people. You can't help anyone when all your doing is judging them. If anything you are discouraging them. Holly: Whomever done that to you as a child, was your past not mine. I do not practice in any cults whatsoever. Halloween is only Satanic if you make it out to be. Guess what evil don't just come out one day a year. My conscience is clear on this. I ask God that if I'm wrong, then show me I'm wrong. If that person pointing fingers is wrong, then show them they are wrong. I listen to God not people. If I listen to people about what they think is wrong, I would be unhappy with no peace and wouldn't leave my house.
---Rebecca_D on 9/26/08

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When I was small, my mother put on our own little event, (spontaneous party) so that we would not feel we were missing anything. Just our family played games and suchlike. We did not go to Halloween parties. But in those days in the UK, they never had any. 'Protestant' children would go out with turnips hollowed out, dressed as witches and ghosts. They didn't knock on any doors though. Funny isn't it? We Catholics did not go to Halloween events. But we would go to Bonfire Night when we would burn a guy (Guy Fawkes). Life is full of ironies.
---frances008 on 9/26/08

Rebecca...I most definitely do know how to have good, clean fun...but I am certainly not going to celebrate a satanic holiday to have "good clean fun". Yes, I will admit...before I was a Christian, I also partook, but now as a Christian, I am not to be joined with the darkness. I will not participate in a holiday that was started by the devil, whether dressed like the virgin Mary or the devil himself. Would you celebrate a Buddist holiday or a Muslim holiday and join in their festivities? How about celebrating the Muslim holiday of Ramadan? (not sure if it's spelled correctly). Or would you have been one of those who danced around the golden calf while Moses was up on the mountain? It's called compromise.
---Holly4jc on 9/25/08

Maybe it would be different for you Rebecca if perhaps if you were forced to be in a satanic cult and were the victim of satanic ritual abuse as I was as a child and truly understood the reality of the fact that satanists practice child sacrifice on Halloween, maybe then you would see things differently. It is THEIR "high, holy day". What if YOUR kids were targeted by them on that day? It seems like just reading the Word of God is not enough for you to be convinced that we are to "come out from among them" and "be separate". That does not mean watering down the evil and trying to re-mold it into a form of Christianity, yet still participating in the very thing that is an evil event, invented and started by Satan.
---Holly4jc on 9/25/08

DDM, What Would Jesus Do? He paid taxes to Caesar. He ate with tax collectors and sinners, including associating with known prostitutes, calmly proclaiming the Lord is with Us. Now we are in an age of grace. We are in the world, the world is a dirty evil place. I would rather attend a Halloween party than a 'church' because at least they don't pretend, they are not being hypocrites pretending to be Christians. DDM, you know WWJD applies to the heart, not to the outward appearances. I hope you don't celebrate Christmas and have a pagan tree. Everything is basically pagan in this world. The avoidance of all things pagan merely makes us appear white-washed tombs. WWJD indeed! Not condemn the innocent for sure.
---frances008 on 9/25/08

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Rebecca, don't let them affect you. If your conscience is clear, and it seems to be perfectly so, then continue until and unless God reveals to you personally that what you are doing is somehow wrong. We live in a world which is full of death and evil, so if you are bringing a smile to the face of your children, in all innocence, do you think God is mad with you? I doubt it. Don't be disturbed. You obviously have a strong enough faith to not be affected by pagan things.
---frances008 on 9/25/08

Rebecca....It has become obvious over the years that you have no desire to grow in the Lord. We keep helping you do that, but you keep refusing. What part of "GOD WANTS TO USE YOU" don't you understand????
---SusieB on 9/25/08

Holly: I said GOOD CLEAN FUN, a person going to a strip club isn't good clean fun. You twist what I say around to make it a sin. I never said one should go out and participate in sin. I said a person should love life by having good clean fun. If you think going to a strip club is good clean fun, then you're crazy. I take it that you don't know how to have fun with your family? What do you do for fun with your family? Yes church is an enjoyment. How often does your church get together and have picnic's in the park? The reason why you judge others is because you don't know how to have good clean fun and you frown upon others for enjoying the life that God gave them.
---Rebecca_D on 9/25/08

SusieB: I'm sure you have get togethers at one's house at Christmas time or Thanksgiving or maybe Easter. Which is fine cause my family does that as well. I get tired of people telling me what is wrong and what I'm doing is a sin. But ya know what? If I listen to people I'd fall every time. The blind leading the blind. The bible says to work out your own Salvation with fear and trembling. I do that. But just because my kids and I love to have good clean fun that doesn't mean I am sinning. If God showed you that something is wrong, then it is wrong...for you, not everyone else. Unless God shows that person himself. Just make sure it is God telling you what is wrong instead of listening to other people.
---Rebecca_D on 9/25/08

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Please read Romans 12:1-2.
---Rob on 9/25/08

If a family doesn't participate in Satanic rituals and all they do is dress up in something silly one night a year, where is the harm? We have fun and I love having fun with my kids. Life is way too short to be a dried up ole prune.
---Rebecca_D on 9/22/08

So Rebecca...I guess then it's ok for your hubby to go to a strip club as long as he is not participating in the "treats" there? Just joining in on the fun without participating in a "lap dance"? Life is too short not to go for it, right? Something born out of sin (the devil) is still sin, no matter how you candy coat it or dress it up. It does not change. No difference.
---Holly4jc on 9/24/08

Rebecca....I do not believe in Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, and the Easter holiday in general as it is of pagan origin. I do not believe in Christmas trees, gift-giving at only that one time of year, or Santa Claus. I believe in serving the Lord Jesus Christ with all my life. We have had people unhappy when my husband would not allow them to bring "Easter baskets" to distribute to the kids at church on Easter Sunday. We do celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on that day as well as all the other days of the year. Jesus is to be celebrated 24/7.
---SusieB on 9/24/08

Duane_Dudley_Martin = I LOVED YOUR ANSWER. That was great!

Mike-I dare you to go knocking on Heaven's door and say Trick or Treat.

What people are not seeing is what is happening in the spirit realm when we participate in a pagan holiday and I'll include all of the pagan hoidays in this. For those of us who have the gift of discerning of spirits, we can see how subtle the devil and his cohorts can make something seem harmless. He deceived Eve while she was walking in the Light. Are we beyond that kind of deception? A measley holiday where satan worshippers come together on Halloween Eve and night to worship the devil - I say stay away from his parties!!!
---donna8365 on 9/24/08

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It is only a silly time for the kids.There are some churches that have trunk or treat.The kids dont go out they only dress up to go to the church for TRUNK OR TREAT.
---Debbie on 9/23/08

SusieB, I see what you are saying. Life can be a bit of a minefield, and we need to point out all the mines to the children. If we don't educate them and they get into all this stuff out of rebellion, later, then it is worse. Better to go along reluctantly with the world just to show the children how to cope when in such situations which will inevitably come up. Keeping them off preschool because of a Halloween party, is where your route ends (very inconvenient). Better to send them to school, preschool or whatever club, and say to them, we are Christians, so we won't be dressing up in Satanic type costumes, but perhaps as a nursery rhyme character etc. While at a party, discuss your beliefs. Christians should not be killjoys.
---frances008 on 9/23/08

Bruce5656....AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!
---SusieB on 9/23/08

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