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Stop The Unbearable Pain

My arthritis acts up whenever summer ends. How can I stop this unbearable joint pain? Are there any home remedies or inexpensive arthritis treatments? Thanks.

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 ---Eleanor on 9/19/08
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i pray when i am in pain they say i got arthrits from chemo and radition when a had lung cancer 11 years ago i beat it they say it attacks all the good cells so i am going to think postive and live with it and just pray
---jeanne on 7/31/09

If I lay wrong I have pretty severe joint pain in my shoulders. For over 40 years I have used Apple Cider Vinegar rubbed full strength in the affected area. I usually use two or three applications. The pain will reduce considerably. I am going to be 71 October 20 so I have a pain here and there. When ever I use vinegar. I almost always have a tablespoon of Vinegar and honey premixed and a little hot eater added. It is good for almost everything REv. Bern
---Rev.Bernie on 9/30/08

i dont know how to stop joint pain all you can do is pray ask god to take away joint pain i have arthuritues my self i take medicen for my arthuritues meds dont stop it meds just slow things pain down
---andy on 9/27/08

For arthritis pain I have had success with curcumin ( tumeric ), boswelia & ginger. For disc pain I've had a lot of success with prolotherapy..
---eve on 9/27/08

I think the best remedies is using a hot and cold compas. you need two towel two basin hot and cold water use one towel with hot water as hot as you can bear rapped afected area with it, then you wipe off with acold towel as many time as you want to then anoint with what ever anoiment you have
---clove6736 on 9/26/08

Arthritis has it cause from the foods we eat. As far as the inflamation eat foods High in Omega 3 and 6 Fatty acids. This will help I use this remedy for the 2 bad discs in my back it take about a month or two before you start to feeling any difference. But in the long run you will feel alot better with less side effects from all the drugs you take.
---Dohn on 9/26/08

In my 60's,I have arthritis in both knees and both wrists at the base of the thumb. I also have bursitis in one knee, which can be very painful. When I had great difficulty walking, the Dr. injected it with cortisone which helped for a couple of months.(It doesn't work well for everyone).

The pain of arthritis comes and can't always predict when or why. For SEVERE pain, I use ice! I keep a bag of frozen peas in my freezer...not to eat... but to wrap in a tea towel and apply to painful joints (especially bursitis which is inflammation around the joint).
---Donna66 on 9/26/08

Hi,brother mike thanks for signing in on this page.
Well i would say its best to dont look that feather because your healing lays in the chamber of your heart,draw deep in your heart and the stiring inside of you and then desperately reflect to the pain area.
Above all belive in god and in yourself,you can eazzz the pain.

God Bless & Guide

Bro,Christopher Hou
---Christopher_Hou on 9/25/08

I too suffer from arthritus in my joints.The best thing I do is do stretches and exercises daily.When it really flairs up though,(usually when it rains)I resort to taking tylenol and rubbing vicks or ben gay on the affected areas.The medical professionals can start you on pain management.But I personally don,t want to take that route.God bless.
---Irene on 9/25/08

To see a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in some famous hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing.
---feng6995 on 9/25/08

there is something that you need to take whether it advil,bayer,or anacin,i would suggest that you take one of those medicines!
---Elizabeth on 9/25/08

I found that Bengay helps also I use Muscle rub on my knee also.
---Lashan on 9/25/08

Well, I have heard and read about how people can suffer so much and even be disabled by arthritis. And I'm 61 and ones in my family (men) have had arthritis trouble. But part of this seems it can be because of abusive living while younger, working joints overly much and getting them exposed to hard cold getting deep in the joints. So, prevention might be good, for anyone who might be able to AVOID this problem. I am preparing in prayer now, so I live with the LORD in a way so I don't get arthritis, or so I am real in grace for bearing it well > making sure I am up-to-date on forgiving and am seeking first the kingdom of God so "all these things shall be added to you," however this applies (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/25/08

Hi how are you today.Arthritis for joint pain I hope you like Hot foods I rely on Hot peppers Because i have eaten them all my adult life.Its no joke i trust the peppers to help my body in all ways.And i trust the Lord .What more could there be out there.LOL Try some Jalopenos I eat peppers everyday .Thanks for asking.Buck
---Buck on 9/25/08

Have you been to a doctor for advice?
Most of us are not capable of diagnosing just what may be wrong with you.
---Becky on 9/24/08

Have u tried Eucalyptyus oil and warm, moist compresses ? it seems to help when i have low back pain. i didn't believe it until i tried it, so maybe it will help you as well. I will pray that God will help you too ! God bless you !
---Stephanie_Reecer on 9/24/08

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Taking Honey with a teaspoon of white vinegar early and late daily could offer ease of pain. Sounds like you get winter there so I'd try sunshine as much as I could get it then during the cold (which is most awful) get a moist heat. I use a wet washcloth inside of a plastic bag that has been heated in the microwave for about two minutes. It will be hot so careful to touch it . Place it on or under where the pain is until it's barely chilled off then repeat if needed. Works best at night but you could find your washcloth out of the bed in the morning. Good luck trying the moist heat since you'll get better sleep from it.
---Pamela on 9/23/08

You could try drinking cherry juice and/or cranberry juice. The white cranberry juice is not as tart.

These will help the formation of uric acid stones in the kidneys as well.
---katavasia on 9/23/08

Axtually diffirent things work for diffirent people and I have found that most things work for a while and then quit.Acetiminophen usually works as well as anything for me.Also keeping busy and keeping your mind off it helps.Prayer works wonderfully too.Some folks are consistently used in the healing gifts.Perhaps some pastor or lay person in your area is used in this way by God.
---shirley on 9/22/08

I just found out that I have Fibermalagia (a sister to arthritis) and at times the pain (especially in the mornings) hurts really bad. I have two children age 9 and 6 so I can't let pain bother me. After I get them off to school, I rest for a bit then I do my housework. I try not to let the pain get me down. I start my day reading a few chapters in the bible every morning and I try to keep myself busy so I won't think about the pain. Sometimes it helps and sometimes working makes it worse. Aleve works really well for my mother-n-law and my husband. But I can't take anti-inflammatory pills. Because of my other medicine. Try using Aleve and see if that helps.
---Rebecca_D on 9/22/08

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Yes ... YOU MUST check about ibuprothen.

There are several quite common conditions where it's use could be dangerous.
---alan_of_UK on 9/22/08

Ibuprofen, If the pain is real bad take 3 or 4. I take 3, my husband takes 4. We found out it works great for this. Be sure to read any warnings.
---a_good_friend on 9/21/08

"Glucosamine & Condroitin
Omega 3 fish oils
---alan_of_UK on 9/19/08

Good advice Alan.
Also large doses of Vitamin D can be very helpful, its safe and you can't get toxic from it. About 4000 Mg daily was reccomended by my doctor to me, it does help!
---Becky on 9/21/08

Thank you Rocky, for your real concern and insight into what the truth is. God bless you all. May the Lord be gracious unto you and heal you also, Eleanor. Thanks, john
---john on 9/21/08

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Father I pray that you would lift this pain off my brother I also pray that you would bring us closer to you that we could see by our own words that we can cause people to fall away in the church. Father I pray for we know not what we do some of the comments made here are comments that look to me like the devil own Father Help us see the light and if I'm wrong father forgive me I do not ask them o forgive but you Father because we are blind In Jesus of Nazareth Name Amen
---Rocky on 9/20/08

OW . . . self-control is in the Holy Spirit, and do what God has you do. And make sure your forgiving is up to date.
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/20/08

I have had knee pain now for a couple of years. I know I'm over weight because I quite smoking and the weight just poured on after that. I'm attempting a diet now to relieve my knees. Some days aren't bad but most are. I'm in my early sixties and I still work construction. It's pretty rough, let me tell ya.
Please pray. My wife went to a healing service almost 20 years ago and God healed her INSTANTLY of very bad knees. He also healed her thyroid condition that night. I witnessed this myself, so I know God is able. Thanks, john
---john on 9/20/08

I know from personal experience that over the counter meds do not work for severe joint pain. Also contrary to popular beleive joint pain does not just inflict the old or over weight. I am only 32 and 135 LBS and I suffer from severe back knee and hip pain caused by working for a moving co for 4 years. and because I have spina bifida. I have what is called sciatica wich feels like an electric current is runing from your back and down your leg. Prayer is good but it will not work alone. God helps those who help them selves if you pray for a job but do nothing to find one it will not just come to you.
---jamea6797 on 9/20/08

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Glucosamine & Condroitin
Omega 3 fish oils
---alan_of_UK on 9/19/08

The first and only remedy you should try is prayer. God ALWAYS heals.
---Leslie on 9/19/08

I have gout, which is a form of arthritis.

I would have my worst attacks at the changes of seasons, too.

It's the fluid in our joints swelling up in response to changes in atmospheric pressure.

Maybe you could ask your dr. about taking an anti-inflammatory, such as Indocin, when the attacks are really bad.
---kumquat on 9/19/08

Eleanor: My wife and I are in our late forties and are just now starting to deal with this as well. I will definitely keep you in our prayers and if I find anything that really works I will let you know.
---TIMOTHY on 9/19/08

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You really need to see a Rheumatolgist. If you are in that much pain, you need a prescription drug like Remicade or Celebrex or Metheltrexatrate. I work for a pharmaceutical company and I know Remicade is a miracle working drug for RA.

Over the counter stuff wouldn't be strong enough if you are in that much pain.

Lay your hands on the joints that are in pain and pray "Father, in the name of Jesus, you said you are my healer and I ask you to heal this pain in Jesus name." Keep praying and asking and He will answer by either healing you or guiding you to the correct doctor to see and the right medicine.
---donna8365 on 9/19/08

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