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How To Stop Abortions

What would you as a Christian do to stop abortions?

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 ---SusieB on 9/25/08
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i agree this should stoopppppp
---brandee on 1/20/11

Sarah: I fully agree with you.

I cannot say that the government should simply ban all abortions, as I fear that this will not actually stop things..... it is the people who desire an abortion who can stop it

We can advise, give loving advice about what other assistance they (the potential mothers) could receive if they were not to continue with an abortion, but to have the baby and even give it up for adoption
---peter3594 on 5/16/10

I have to agree that abortion needs to be stopped. I also agree that we need to educate women of what abortion really does.It is evil and against God and is evil but, we should not just leave it there we need to truly teach women. We need to help them understand what it does when they get an abortion. I think that will be more effective in preventing abortion.
---Sarah on 5/16/10

I have had several women confess to me about having an abortion. I can easily see their all the deep conflict of conscience, regrets and misgivings, it is truly a tragedy.

Luckily, there is a lady in our church who had an abortion and now has a ministry to these women.
---Lee1538 on 1/7/09

Excellent point, Lee :)
---Mary on 12/22/08

*I told them I agree with them BUT...Veteran's Day is a day to honor our veterans, not get out there with signs for traffic driving by how abortion is evil!

And all too often we find ourselves allied with those religious groups that totally despise our doctrinal beliefs.

If you truly want to stop abortions, we need to educate our young women of the negative effects on their own minds & bodies. All too often we simply tell them it is a sin, against God's will and leave it there.
---Lee1538 on 12/22/08

Hi, I saw something in my town today I thought was poorly timed although many may disagree: here it is Veteran's Day and coming back from a parade, I see anti-abortion signs near a local Planned Parenthood. I told them I agree with them BUT...Veteran's Day is a day to honor our veterans, not get out there with signs for traffic driving by how abortion is evil! Personally I thought it could have waited a day, what do you guys think?
---Mary on 11/11/08

leon, I agree.

Stopping abortion is the responsibility of the people.
The Government has no right to tell anyone what they can do with their bodies.
We, as parents, must be the factor in stopping this.
God says "He that spares the rod, Hates his child" "Train a Child up in the way it should go and they will not depart from it."
Another factor is the number of single parents-I am one. But this is no exuse to be a bad parent.
I talk to my kids, and let them know that I am here always to listen.
There are many parents too wrapped up in their own mess to even pay attention to their kids.
"So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath," jam. 1:19
---miche3754 on 11/11/08

HOW TO STOP ABORTION OUTSIDE OF THE WOMB -- Since you love your children don't let them run wild:

1. Discipline, teach them their proper place in & responsibility to the family. Teach them how they're to respectfully function in civilized society.

2. Teach good work ethics. Don't give them everything they want. Give them chores! Reward good work habits. Impose consequence for bad work habits. Habits follow them thru life into the workplace, etc.

3. Teach the value of delayed gratification, i.e., premarital sexual abstinence & how to wisely save, & use money. Teach them not to be grasshoppers, be like the ant people! (Pv. 30:25) It can keep them from ruin, socially & financially.

4. Pv. 22:6!
---Leon on 11/9/08


I can always hush up but being contentious wont change a i dotted or a T crossed YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE WORD OF GOD The LAW of the Land has Changed a man can marry a man does that make it RIGHT? NO Nor will God ever change!
---Carla3939 on 11/8/08

Andre: I agree wholeheartedly. There are at least as many, if not more, children around the world whos lives are destroyed annually after they're born because of the reasons you've listed plus parental negligence. In my opinion this is wholesale abortion outside of the womb.

MIche: Allow me to add, stopping abortion isn't the primary responsibility of our elected officials. It's the responsibility of "WE THE PEOPLE" at the grass-root level, i.e., effectual, fervent prayer -- demonstrating the love of God & providing options to women who are considering abortion -- actively seeking legislation to defund, tax dollars supported, abortion slaughter houses run by Planned Parenthood, etc.
---Leon on 11/1/08


That is the most reasonable response, on the subject, I have read on these blogs...
---atheist on 10/31/08

I believe to stop abortions, we have to teach the truth.
I believe that we should utilize the many forms of birthcontrol (with the exception of the morning after pill).
I believe we should teach abstenance.
I believe Adults should set the example and abstain from sexual relation unless married.

I also don't believe we should take away God's right to judge those who have had an abortion.

It is not our right to tell a woman what to do in this event. We must pray and leave it to God.
---miche3754 on 10/30/08


That is not true.
---atheist on 10/30/08

Continue to expose the Satanic conspiracy against Christianity.
---frances008 on 10/28/08

Stevans, you say Obama supports choice early. A child being birthed has a needle rammed in his skull. He fights onto a cold stainless steel table, left to struggle in the cold while waiting to die, for minutes or hours. Obama voted for this. Support him, support this.
Liberals whine when volunteer, paid, trained Combat soldiers die, 4000 in 7 years. We murder that many babies a month and call it right.
Maybe when abortion becomes retroactive you and others might see the truth about this guy. You condemn McCain for not supporting this action and now for supporting it. You can't have it both ways.
By the way what do you call Partial Birth abortion?
What did Obama vote for? "Kill 'em as they crawl" that's what!
---Elder on 10/28/08

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Now you're making promises for Obama.

Has he offered you a job.

If so, I won't be voting for him...
---atheist on 10/28/08

Obama used to support late term abortions, when he was in the illinois State Senate.Has he seen the light?

McCain has never been FOR abortions. He believes that each state should craft their own laws in this regard. It's an old concept called States Rights.
---Donna66 on 10/27/08

Vote Barry Obama and he'll appoint Liberal "Leftwing Fanatic's" as Supreme Court Justice's, that will allow the most unGodly things imagined to be put into Law,
That IS a Promise!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 10/27/08

If you want to stop abortions-Do not vote for John Mccain-He voted in favor of abortion in 1999. While Obama supports choice in the early stages of pregnancy, he is against, and wants an immediate ban on all late-term abortions...With Obama's bi-partisan initiative, We could finally put a stop to late term, & partial birth, abortions-once & for all!!! Also, his programs to help the poor, and providing better healthcare, education, etc...could help many more women make better choices for life!!!
---Sevans on 10/27/08

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So I take it that in the case that a mother with children would die giving birth to another child, abortion is still murder.

In that case should she be executed if she gets caught? How about her mother if she aided in the abortion? Her doctor?

You can all scream abortion is murder, but if you cannot accept the legal consequences of that definition you need to hush up or define and similairly agitate for the logical punishments. To do less is empty and hypocritical.
---atheist on 10/27/08


By the Authority of the Almighty God which Doth Sayeth ''Thou SHALT NOT MURDER'' now go read the word of God and stop trying to Play devils advocate!!!

DDM I give God thanks that you have a loving heart to see that this is a sin like every other sin that's needs repentance and a complete turn around just like an unrepentant HEART towards >>GOD<<
---Carla3939 on 10/27/08

I would say that God will forgive such cases as you've given ***Atheist***, as he would/will with ALL other(Sins).
I would also say, you have your OWN problem W/Denying that Jesus is the Son of God or that God himself even exist, which makes YOU an AntiChrist at best!

Am, I judging you(?) OR am I giving you the FACT'S of your situation as given by God's own words?
God's Word & the Holy Ghost CONVICT(Judge)a person and there Hearts, as does one own words convict himself...

Your words are as a vapor, here today, gone tomorrow!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 10/27/08

Dudeley: "So, my Heart does go out to you women that have done such a thing."

Can you imagine a pregnant woman with three little children, whose husband died in Irag? Now imagine that her doctor has told her she will likely die in childbirth.

What say you now Dudeley?

A thirteen year old girl is raped and made pregnant? Must she bear that child?

What say you now Dudeley?

Who are you to judge what a woman should do? Can you get pregnant?

No one is pro-abortion. But who are you to judge and add guilt to those who feel they must make that awful choice...?
---atheist on 10/27/08

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A christian simply does not have or support efforts to have abortions done. Equally, a christian would not encourage, support or in any way responsible for the death of millions of people in the false name of convenient wars.

Since 1950, the American government and people, including millions of professed christians, have killed at least five million people in a variety of direct action. I suspect that it would be an interesting exercise for the christian promoters war, death, misery and destruction to find another government, anywhere across the world, that has killed as many people as the United States government has.
---Janze on 10/27/08

If, your own Heart condemns you, How much greater is Gods Judgment against an Unrepentant Heart that KNOWS?
Deep down, we ALL know what's right or wrong,
the Choice IS yours to choose, make sure you can Live W/it...

I carry enough guilt around with me for the things I've done against my Father(God) & his Son(Jesus), I thank God we(Me & Wife) didn't kill one of our babies, to think that my son or one of my daughters wasn't here because of such a thing(Abortion) would be hard to deal with.
So, my Heart does go out to you women that have done such a thing and I KNOW he is willing to forgive such things, JUST don't do it ANYMORE or you WILL pay for your "Choice"!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 10/27/08

Telling people they will fall & Burn in Hell if they continue the path their on,
Isn't Judging, That's the reality of mans situation, "Turn OR Burn"!
The thing one must watch out for is, They don't do that which they tell others not to do and you are willing to have the same measure met when you stand before God!

Have you not read, that we will Judge Angels and "IF" we can't JUDGE the simpelest of matters here on earth, HOW, shall we be able to Judge them?

W/O JUDGMENT, there is no right or wrong in the eye's of men!

DID'NT your mom ever say, Wait till your Father get's home, Judgment OR Warning?
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 10/27/08

I disagree with abortion, but we have no right to judge, that is God's job, not ours.
We also have no right to tell a woman what to do with her body. Again, God is the judge, not us.
In this life, we reep what we sow.
carla, I commend you for that, but there are some women who are not cut out for that. God just didn't make them sturdy enough. I can't tell you how many times my mother almost died because of having a baby. Her body would just about give out.
I believe God blesses with knowledge, but man corrupts it because of sin.
You have your opinion and I have mine, and no where in the Bible does it say that birthcontrol is wrong. Women have been practicing it for thousands of years.
---ginger on 10/27/08

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Okay. Let's have it your way. Abortions are illegal.

Being illegal, abortions must have punishments. What are the punishments for abortion? If you can't answer then you can't complain.
---atheist on 10/26/08


I have 6 children and look after everyone else's I take another child at 7am to school after having someone elses child full time while her mother worked my baby is 8mths old I'm 44yrs old. Once held down a business taught in a collage worked in children church ferried a family of 7 children to and from church every Sunday and had children on respite care I also had my naughty nephew full time. I know of a famous family called the Duggers whom had 13/14 and I don't have the blessing of that kind of order in my home so birth control is still top of my list for being the most uneducated form of ''legal'' abortion.
---Carla3939 on 10/26/08

alan, you are right.
And yes, these methods are not 100% because we are not GOD.
I believe if a woman gets pregnant while using these methods, it is definately from GOD.
carla, when did it become right for the government to tell a human being what to do?

The birthcontrol method is a solution to prevent abortion. Sis , you have to see this.

Can you afford to take care of 5 to 10 children? I know my parents struggled with just 5 and this was 20 years ago. Imagine how it is now?
Do you think it is better for a druggie to use birthcontrol, or should she have an abortion?
---ginger on 10/24/08

The way I understood you was wrong and I'm sorry for that, I feel strongly about the right to life because God gave me life my mother although beaten and abused and treated like a piece of furniture by my father we all came out holding hands there was barely 8/9 months between us, gave birth regardless, and for that I am grateful to God we made it, many did not and will not have the same pleasure of life where abortionists/alike prevent life to their own.

If only other women/men knew what God can and will do even when people think you are crazy having so many children It's not easy to be humble but it's possible.
---Carla3939 on 10/24/08

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Mima ... "I have a 70 year old friend(who does not have any children) who wrongly believes that all methods of birth control are against God's will"

I know them too, they claim scriptural support ... "Go forth and multiply" saying that this is a permanent instruction (since the Bible does not say that it was for the situation faced at that time)

How "literally" should the Bible be taken?
---alan_of_UK on 10/24/08

Carla ... I make no claim for the quotations I gave.

But yes the IUD and IUS both seem to prevent the egg becoming a person.

Only in some women does the IUS prevent ovulation. I intervened here merely to correct what seems to be Gingers's mistaken beleif that the IUD prevents ovulation in all cases
---alan_of_UK on 10/24/08

"The IUS releases a progesterone hormone into the womb, which:
Thickens the womb lining so it's less likely to accept a fertilised egg.
Thickens the mucus from your cervix, so it's difficult for sperm to move through and reach an egg.
Stops ovulation in some women"

The key factor is that the egg still has the possibility of becoming fertilised and this would not favor the fertilised egg causing a loss of pregnancy, brought on by the IUS.

Every believer has a choice and that is to be responsible towards the right for life regardless of personal or selfish reasons.

Do all believers make a concerted effort to preserve life regardless of a pregnancy? That's the REAL issue.
---Carla3939 on 10/23/08

Ginger ... It is important that correct facts are given here.

This is what the British National Health Service says:

"The main way an IUD works is to stop sperm reaching an egg. It does this by preventing sperm from surviving in the cervix, womb or fallopian tube.
It may also work by stopping a fertilised egg from implanting in the womb.
An IUD does not cause an abortion"

And this is about the IUS

"The IUS releases a progestogen hormone into the womb, which:
Thickens the womb lining so it's less likely to accept a fertilised egg.
Thickens the mucus from your cervix, so it's difficult for sperm to move through and reach an egg.
Stops ovulation in some women"
---alan_of_UK on 10/23/08

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I have a 70 year old friend(who does not have any children) who wrongly believes that all methods of birth control are against God's will!!!
---mima on 10/23/08

Here are the stats. According the the CDC, the majority of all abortions, (95%), are done as a means of birth control. 1% are performed because of rape or incest, 1% because of fetal abnormalities, 3% due to the mother's health problems. Since 1973 in the US, there have 44 million infant lives aborted, with 42 million women and men fornicating and then using this as a form of birth control. This is out of hand folks really, even the young girls and boys today are having sexual relations. Again, gods will is perfect. Christians should be virgins until they are married. The body and its members belong to christ.
---Wal_Rev on 10/22/08

Yes, I am sure.
The iud tricks a womans body so there are no eggs being produced. The pill prevents a woman from producing eggs. So in either one there is no fetus to expel.
The morning after pill prevents the feritized egg from attaching, causing a womans body to expel it. That may be what carla is talking about.

Everyone should really educate themselves before they pass judgement.

I agree with athiest on this. The pill and iud are great ways to combat abortion. There would be no unwanted pregnancy, there for no abortion needed. I don't believe a teenage girl should do this. I believe we should teach abstinance to all young people. We also need to learn abstinance as adults too. So they have role models to follow.
---ginger on 10/22/08


The birth control which do not cause the fertilised egg to be expelled by hormonal or physically interference.
---Carla3939 on 10/22/08

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Ginger ... "an iud prevents the woman from even ovulating. It tricks the uterus into thinking there is a baby there when there is not"

Are you sure?
---alan_of_UK on 10/22/08

Rape is not meant to be sexual.
It is about control and power. Rape occurs because the individual has a sickness of the mind. An evil spirit.
an iud prevents the woman from even ovulating. It tricks the uterus into thinking there is a baby there when there is not. So no baby is even made to expel.
The pill prevents a woman from ovulating at all, so again, no fetus to expel.
Where are you getting your info from, sis?

I believe God gave us knowledge of birthcontrol to combat the use of abortions.
Education is also a big key along with the teaching of abstenance.
---ginger on 10/22/08


Such a broad stroke. While the majority of people having abortions are unmarried, that is certainly not true of all abortions.
---NurseRobert on 10/21/08


So your solution is to control the media so that everyone else's children can be taught not to fornicate? I guess that means that your moral code is the only correct moral code and you religion is the correct religion.

Do you think your plan will also prevent rape and the pregnancies that result? Would you allow raped women to have abortions?

Would you allow an abortion to save a woman's life?
---atheist on 10/21/08

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ABORTION IS THE RESULT OF FORNICATION OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE. Fornication outside of marriage is the result of not providing our children with the moral fiber they need. I would snuff out abortion, by targeting the media... and bringing a new found moral structure to our homes, parenting and lifestyle. Abortion is the puss that surrounds the wound. You can not stop the puss, until you heal the infection.
---wal_rev on 10/21/08


You like others rail against abortion. Fine.

But if you had it your way, what would be the punishments for those who participate in abortions? If abortion is murder, then what should be the punishment? Tell me what would that world look like.
---atheist on 10/17/08


Are there forms of birth control you find acceptable?
---atheist on 10/17/08

Birth control such as the IUD's many of the Contraceptive Pills cause the fetus to be expelled from the womb before it can implant. Abortion is a bigger issue than the ones that people are willing to discuss openly and far bigger than the abortions women go to their GP or private clinics for.
---Carla3939 on 10/16/08

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Birth control and education?
---atheist on 10/15/08

to stop you must believe the baby is a human being a life. when a person knows Jesus truthfully, the idea of killing a child in the womb becomes clearly a sin. A very wrong thing to do.
So just because abortion is legal , doesn't mean you have to go get an abortion. It means you have to have a clear understanding of the life in the womb. the being created by the Almighty God. His creation.
so it is the idea of converting sinners to Christ that will help to diminish abortions. It is in prayer that things can change and people can too.
Then and only then will the abortion law will go away. If all those are converted to Christ!
---paul on 10/14/08

Vote people into office(Senators & Congressmen/women) that will put well balanced Supreme Court Justices on the bench, But NO you want People like Barney Frank to rule over you!
You get what you ask for!!!

IF we(Christians) would "All" get on the SAME page, God only knows what we could accomplish in this lifetime.

Won't happen though, I've seen our end and what a shame, for a country that claims, God IS God and in him do we trust, shall fall so far as we have, turn or burn, baby!!!!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 10/14/08

abortions in US are legal so there is nothing anyone can physically do to stop them from happening

only angry zealots professing christianity would physically try to stop abortions

2Corin 4:4 it is Satans world and abortions will continue until Christ returns to set up his Kingdom

until then pray for those women who are seeking them where they may realize they are killing a human being
---Rhonda on 10/13/08

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Yes, everyone should pray about this and do nothing else. Pray, pray, pray and God will take care of it.
---liam on 10/6/08

no one said do nothing else Liam!
try 40 days of life vigil going on right now and witness the lives being saved from abortions, then tell me that prayer doesn't help. The mothers who are walking out of the clinics and keeping their baby in their womb are very thankful.
check it out Liam.
---paul on 10/12/08

Yes, everyone should pray about this and do nothing else. Pray, pray, pray and God will take care of it.
---liam on 10/6/08

Pray for the conversion of sinners. Prayer changes things. God hears our plea. He can change mens hearts. When that happens and it does every day, we will see changes with our immoral society. They will be given the wisdom of God. WE must continue to fight the good fight. God is watching. It is not that we will stop abortions, but that we try. The effort is what we are judged on. Pushing on , no matter how grim the outlook is. Walking in faith, no matter how bad things seem to be.
God Bless you.
---paul on 10/6/08

I have a friend whom has had 5 abortions because she wasn't ready for a family, now years later she's married to a different man & they have 2 boys. People change. I almost got an abortion with my first child because I was going through a divorce,but I got scared and didn't do it, now she's 9 yrs old very smart, & she has 3 younger brothers .She is my husbands joy and my sons can't get enough of their sister.If I did countinue to get the abortion then I wouldn't have my girl and only have boys.
I had a miscarriage at 3weeks along and always wondered if that was another girl.Couldn't imagine an abortion. So we should teach our children the importance of marriage and relations in the marriagebed only.
---Candice on 10/4/08

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Hi Luther, I had a very short post directed to you but it hasn't been posted yet, I may have pushed the wrong button somewhere lol
---Mary on 9/30/08

Andre, I am sure you have a good heart to think of all the victims of this evil world. Have you ever considered that the sin of unbelief in God has led to both abortion and war, in ever increasing vicious circles. We abort babies so we are given to unbelief, and the truth escapes us, and we think war is terrible, whilst we pay for it with our taxes and support it in our hearts. We are all so deceived. Get to the bottom of who is behind wars and you might be getting somewhere. Hint: it is a church.
---frances008 on 9/30/08

Sorry Luther, just to make myself clear on that last post, it's not that I'm for abortion, I am mostly against it, except in certain cases, including for children who were raped if it's too traumatic for them to carry the child to term. But I am NOT "dead in Christ" because I believe abortion is mainly between God and the woman/girl involved and not between her and us "superior" people.
---Mary on 9/29/08

Andre, that was sooooo right-on!!! :) :) God bless, you are soooo refreshing!!
---Mary on 9/29/08

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we are making headway but abortion will continue until the 2nd coming. JESUS HAS the use of rapture to rid us of ones who defy HIS truth. if you believe in abortion you are dead in CHRIST. thank GOD i am alive in CHRIST.
---luther on 9/28/08

When a person has Jesus in their hearts, only then can they really see the light.
The child in the womb is precious. A gift from God. I suggest you view the 40 days for life vigil now taking place all across America.
See how the prayers outside the clinics are saving babies. It is real. It is action. It is prayers in action.
By practicing what we preach. By putting our faith into action. One Mother at a time. This is how it's done.
Changing the hearts of men through Jesus Christ is the only way to end abortions!
Through the Love of God and seeing things His way.
---paul on 9/28/08

I have counselled teenagers and adults at a Pregnancy Center and we start out by telling them Psalm 139. They are fearfully and wonderfully made and the baby inside of them is also fearfully and wonderfully made. Then we tell them God has a plan for their lives and if they can't take care of their baby when it's born, there are mothers out there brokenhearted who cannot have children and would love to adopt their baby. I was one of them, so I was effective in my counselling. I befriended many teenage girls who were scared and pregnant and they all gave their babies up for adoption. Telling someone to stop doing something doesn't work. Loving someone and giving them a reason for their baby to live does work. God has a plan for everyone's life.
---donna8365 on 9/29/08

The laws may not make them go away but you would find less and less, and drs. would perform them would be few. Just because murder is illegal it still doesn't stop some people, that's when the laws come in and justic is served!
---colupy on 9/27/08

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One way to look at it would be would be to say that rape is going to happen so you wouldn't make it legal just because you know it's going to happen, No, you make laws against it and hold people accountable for their actions knowing that it will happen less often. Just think what would happen if rape was legal!
---colupy on 9/27/08

If there is no political will in a country to stop abortions, then they will continue. The best you can do is not to have one yourself and to urge those close to you not to.
---Kim2u on 9/26/08

As a society, we obsess about the life of the unborn while failing miserably to protect and cherish the lives of the born. We do not provide health care for all children. Over two billion living children in the world go hungry each day. Millions die from preventable diseases, from lack of clean water or medicines. Thousands are killed in wars, destroyed by bombs, maimed by land mines or shot down as collateral damage in conflicts they did not create. We act as if a child's right to life terminates at birth.
---andre on 9/26/08

""Making something illegal will not necessarily make the issue go away.""

You're right. Laws against prostitution and domestic violence have not caused these crimes against women to go away either, have they?
---katavasia on 9/26/08

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I would love to see abortion illegal, but I don't have all the answers. I think that we need to make women see that a fetus is actually a human being. If they feel that it is human and that murder is wrong, then they may feel differently about abortion. Abortion should not be used as birth control and I believe it is so many times. I believe the steps to make it illegal would have to be taken very slowly, such as stopping late term abortion and then go on from there. I also believe that women that already have had abortions should come forward and tell their stories, from what I've been told most feel remorse and guilty and women should be told. Maybe some sort of counseling before any procedure is done.
---colupy on 9/26/08

Abortions will never stop till women learn to agree to the verdict and decree By God in Gen3:16."His will will be done"
---MIC on 9/26/08

Rebecca_D: you make a very good point. A woman will do whatever she wants to do.

If abortion were to be illegal, a woman, if she wants it enough, will find a way to preform the abortion. There are a lot of people in the world who feel very strongly about allowing abortions, so there certainly are a lot of women who want it enough to get it done despite the law.

Making something illegal will not necessarily make the issue go away.
---liam on 9/26/08

No President, Congress, State, or law at any level can stop all abortions because it is not their responsibility to do so. We are in the morality business, it is our responsibilty to stop the sin of abortion by changing the hearts and minds of those that seek it. And we hold the keys that will change those hearts and minds, the word of God, the Love of Jesus. To answer the question, I need to be bolder when sharing the Gospel and when detailing the sin of abortion. It is not a choice, it is a child and that must be my daily cry.
---TIMOTHY on 9/26/08

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SusieB: If a person lives a Godly life and walks in righteousness so others can see, and not be so judgemental then that is one way to show others what God's love is about. Another way is when come across a sinner, we shouldn't try to push them into going to church or if their in church a person shouldn't drag them to the alter or put a guilt trip on them into going to the altar. If a person applies the fruits of the spirit into their daily lives, then the sinners/backsliders and other Christians will see that and will have a desire to change. But if a person is a hypocrite then the people that sees that won't want to change.
---Rebecca_D on 9/26/08

Rebecca...How do you think we should "show them God's love and what being a Christian is all about" like you said?
---SusieB on 9/25/08

There isn't anything one can do but pray for the situation. A woman is going to do whatever that woman wants. If she decides to have an abortion then that is her decision to make and it should be between her and her spouse or other (if have one) and God. We can't go around pointing fingers telling others that they are going to hell and burn forever if they don't straighten up. Instead we should show them God's love and what being a Christian is all about.
---Rebecca_D on 9/25/08

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