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October 2008 What's Up

Please post "Whats Up October" since time,as usual has moved on and I for one do want to know what is going on in others's lives. God Bless, Thanks

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 ---Darlene_1 on 10/8/08
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Kella8334 I will pray for y'all. For your traveling safety and that all will go well at the wedding. I would be grateful if all pray for my family this is the first weekend of Deer Season and they all,husband,daughter,son and several friends,will be on the road besides hunting. Please pray no poachers come into the pasture we have,then hunting can be very dangerous. Pray for traveling mercy for all hunters on road. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 10/31/08

My husband and I are going to his sisters wedding this Saturday. Please pray for our safety on the road. Thanks and God bless
---Kella8334 on 10/31/08

Trish: I am no DR QUACK but a sufferer like you what you describe could be COPD "Chronic Obstructive Pulmory Disease". I used to Take 4 types of Puffers 4 times a day but when heavily infected to the point of Fever and inability to breath,was hospatilised with Oxygen and Nebulisers,antibiotics, steroids given the full treatment I am ok now, watch for reoccourences But take my Puffers once a day.There are other things But it is the doc who will prescribe.My sinuses Drip like a tap and it settles in my Lungs wheezing coughing blowing like Those toy trains,puffing up a slope you see on childrens TV. Good luck.
---Mic on 10/30/08

Hi Everyone,
I have been struggling with sinus infections, asthma and just plain upper respiratory crud for months now. My allergies have gone berserk. I have not had my shot in over a month because of being sick and on steroids for most of that time.

The good news is, the Phillies won the World Series, which has my students and I ecstatic this season. We have had a blast rooting for them in my school.

Be blessed.
---Trish9863 on 10/30/08

Barbara, nice to see you stop in, and I appreciate the prayers for me. Know that I'll return the favor, love
---Pharisee on 10/29/08

Sherry I have been praying for that poor boy. When I was growing up a particular person said hateful things about me and picked on me a lot but back then we fought with words not weapons. It's a shame our little ones aren't safe anywhere now days. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 10/28/08

Sherry, I will be honered to pray for Gill.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention so we can all join in prayer.
I pray that those who attacked him are convicted of their sin. Poor child, GOD be with him and bless him.
---NVBarbara on 10/27/08

Susie: I'm really sorry hon. :( God bless you and comfort you.
---Mary on 10/27/08

SusieB, I'm so sorry your mom's dog passed away. She is with your mother now, they are together again. I think you should consider getting another dog, same kind. And everytime you look at the new doggie, you will think of your mom and her dog.

I know it's hard. I will be praying for you SusieB. ((((huggs))))
---donna8365 on 10/27/08

Five years ago when my mother passed away, I brought her 15-year old poodle home with me. She was blind and could hardly hear, but her smeller worked great. She loved roaming around on our half acre and the warmth of the desert sun. Last Wednesday she started having problems standing up. We couldn't get her to eat. She laid down that afternoon and never woke up. She was the last part of my mom that I had left. I'm gonna miss her.
---SusieB on 10/27/08

hello, Please pray fo a young man.(10yr.old christian), Gill Smith. He was attacked by a classmate in Sour Lake,TX and had to undergo brain surgery on 10-24. Thank You and Blessed Be as God bless Thee.
---sherry on 10/25/08

Hi 'Strangers'!
I'm happy to see the good news here, and am praying for those in need. Pete you know you're in my daily prayers, I love you bro.

I'm not here often, but wanted to check in and this blog is where I always come.

Its been a month since my surgery and I'm doing well, thanks all for the prayers!

I am exercising to work out the shin splints I've developed. I think I started exercising too soon after my surgery.
Steve and Knothead are well as is my MIL who will be 90 on her next B'day.

God bless all of you is my daily prayer. HUGS!
---NVBarbara on 10/24/08

God Bless you Ron,

I love the meekness you've shown in receiving counsel, if you use the same in wishing well to your ex there's no end to what God can do.

For you shall go out with joy and be led forth in peace, the mountains will break forth into song before you and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. Peace be upon you Brother, Love,
---Pharisee on 10/24/08

Darlene, that is great news! Praise God! Yes, God enjoys healing pets as well as people.
---Eloy on 10/24/08

Pharisee>>>Thank you for the sound advice!You are mirroring the words of my pastors and I intend to do just that.Alot of the problem comes from within myself.It is my bitterness,my feelings of betrayal and abandonment.The Holy Spirit is alive and well in me and is helping me discern what is right in this situation and I will yeild to the promptings of Him.Again thanks and your prayers are appreciated and needed Becky.One more thing though...Am having surgery on my arm(work injury)tomorrow 10/24 in the A.M. ant prayers would be appreciated.I am really nervous so I need that peace that only comes from God.Thanks in advance...will post when I get out of hospital.
---ron on 10/23/08

We got to bring Mom's cat home today. A big Praise to God,he had a kidney infection which caused a 105 degree temperature and that caused a reading of diabetes. The infection cured with antibiotics and the diabetes gone. Vet said this isn't unusual in animals. Mom is one happy lady and I am so relieved she isn't emotionally upset anymore. God answered prayer for a pet,Mom prayed he wouldn't have diabetes,he doesn't and this shows how far God's love goes for His children. There is nothing too small or unusual for God to hear and answer. Thanks to whoever prayed for him. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 10/22/08

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Good choice Ron! You will be in my prayers, as will she.
Stay close to the Lord who knows all things, and will control all things IF we let HIM!
God bless you brother.
---Becky on 10/21/08

Thanks to my Brothers and sisters for support, I wait on the Lord.

Ron, go to the church, but give her the benefit of the doubt. (love believes all things) She may truly be penitent, and if not the Holy Spirit will call her to salvation. If you're right this will fizzle out, (1John 4:4 greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.) Your willingness to endure will cancel her attempts to do whatever she's trying to do.

I implore you to keep an open mind, and hope for her salvation, after all she's probably doing this to try and keep you with her, seems like she might be in love with you still. My advice: arm's length with no rejection, you might be the witness needed for her salvation.
---Pharisee on 10/20/08

Becky>>>Thanks for the advice.Jesus Christ is my first love and my pastoral team and I have talked alot and prayed alot and I have decided to put aside my feelings on her and try to see her as Christ does.You are right,if her motives are to annoy me,she will weary.I really hope and pray that she will stick around long enough to let the Holy Spirit work in her life.I have realized that this situation isn't about me,it just might be for her edification.I surely hope that for the sake of the kids she finds that serving God is what it is all about.
---ron on 10/20/08

Post Script, to previous post. I spoke too quick,Vet now says cat won't eat all of food to get medication for diabetes so must stay 'till Wednesday. Mom so upset.
---Darlene_1 on 10/20/08

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Mom's cat may get to come home today. The Vet started him on pills for the diabetes and said he is doing good on them. Thanks to all who prayed. Another request,my Sister-in-law has breathing problems which must be treated everyday but every so often it gets so bad she must go in the hospital for treatment,she is back in. My husband said she looks awful this time. Her poor husband is exhausted as he stays there with her all day and part of night,he really needs strength and not get run down as he is her caregiver at home. We are very concerned about both of them.
---Darlene_1 on 10/20/08

I don't know why I touch this but it seems Too hot to handle.But read your words She was Married with Kids! and you Knew her 5 Years .That speaks volumes.Now you want her out of your life .Reason best left unsaid.If as you say she is there to get under your skin,There must be a reason?Women don't behave irrationally for no reason.Do you think You caused the dilemma?
---Mic on 10/19/08

WHO is your FIRST love Ron?
If she's only there to irritate you she'll get weary if she sees that it doesn't bother you that she's there.

Hang in there if this is a bible teaching church, both of you may learn something.

There is that chance you know that she is serious about wanting to learn the Word.
Pray for her and her children and accept the situation for what it is.
---Becky on 10/17/08

Please pray for my Mom,as most on here know she is 90 but still lives alone. She has two cats that are just like her babies she loves dearly. The Tom Cat is sick 105 fever,the vet says he also has diabetes and will have to be put down because mom can't give him shots everyday,he nearly ate the vet up when he did it. Mom is totaly distraught. I am praying there is an alternative,put him on meat alone and no starch,that works on humans but he may be too bad. Praise God Mom talked to the doctor again and he said he would get some pills for her to crush and try to put in food to give him. God answered that one on just the asking for prayer. Still pray for Mom its hard on her and that it works. God bless
---Darlene_1 on 10/17/08

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I have a dilema...I have been attending a certain church for a while now and I took mt girlfriend and her kids there with me.Everything was finr for a season but the relationship went south and I had some reasons for that that I talked about with my pastor.So I go to bible study the other night and lo and behold there she is.This is a small congregation and there is nowhere to escape her.I am not at a place in this breakup where I want to be around her at all.I have known her 5 years and I know that her motivations are not for anything of Christianity she is there to get under my skin.I know she has no desire to be spiritual,that is why I left her.Should I just quit going to the church I love or should I go ,be ditracted and feel bitter?
---ron on 10/17/08

Pharisee: Just a word of encouragement to add to what I posted earlier. My son-in-law is in construction, he is a carpenter. He lives in Michigan and has his own business. With the housing market the way it is, and Michigan's economy such as it is, he is often out of work as well. It seems that the unemployed auto workers out there move into the construction trades and have put a crimp on his job prospects. I keep praying he will move back here, where there is more of a market for his trade. Our area is more affluent and a lot more people are remodeling their homes rather than selling. Plus, it would bring my granddaughter and daughter closer.

Anyway, I just want you to know that you are still being prayed for.
---Trish9863 on 10/13/08

Pharisee sorry to hear your troubles,very unfair,sounds like that State doesn't want people to move there. I will be praying for you. If near a Military Base,you might check about a Civil Service Job,don't think Military Posts are subject to State regulations,my brother-in-law had no Electricians License and was hired doing electrical work on Post near here. Civil Service jobs are usually well paying. I looked and there is a New London Navy Submarine Base in that State with over 600 acres for the base and over 500 acres for family housing. The actual Port is at Groton. I know you are a man with a heart for God,but is there a possiblity God might not want you in that State? God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 10/13/08

Pharisee, I am praying for your job situation. I have been in the same position you are in, and know the urgency that you feel concerning your finances. I also know that God's timing is perfect.

One year, I was on unemployment having been laid off from a teaching job. I was able to substitute teach, and collect partial unemployment benefits. The very week my benefits ran out, I was hired by my current school district. That was in 1992. God's timing is perfect.

God bless.
---Trish9863 on 10/12/08

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Let me tell you what is going on with me and my Church in October.
Last Sunday night, which was Oct. 6, we had a Gospel group, to come to our Church to sing.
They were Calvary's Hill Quartet, out of North Carolina.
The youngest of the group, Br. Jeremy, age 29 had something wrong with his heart. He was going to have to have surgery Tuesday. At the close of the service, we anointed him with Oil, and everyone, who wanted to, came up and laid hands on him and Prayed for him. Monday, he went to the Doctor for his Pre-Opt work before Surgery. THE DOCTOR COULD NOT FIND ANYTHING WRONG WITH HIM!! God had Healed him and he did not have to have surgery! Praise God!! Don't tell me that, God does not still perform Miracles!!
---Ruby on 10/11/08

I've been a construction electrician for 8 years till I came to Connecticut 4 years ago. This Nutmeg State has made a beggar outta me.

The industry in this state is over regulated by the department of public safety, likely due to the age of many of the structures and the fact that hack electricians are a dime a dozen here.

The only way to obtain an occupational license is through an existing contractor and it costs for them to sponsor someone. Worse, the State doesn't except out of state experience, so I'd have to go back to school or get sponsored and work for four years just to be eligible to take a test for a license. I could go to any other State in the country and thrive, here there's too much young cheap competition.
---Pharisee on 10/10/08

Pharisee, what kind of jobs are you applying for? What kind of skills do you have? God can and will supernaturally open doors for you. I will be praying for you. Wish there was someway you could send me your resume, I may be able to help you. I have contacts all over the USA since my company is Global. We work with many different type vendors and I have customers from past jobs that I may be able to ask if they have openings. what do you do? What skills do you have?
---donna8365 on 10/10/08

Well how's about a praise report?
I let small progress affect my outlook for the better.(I highly recommend this)

Elder and I prayed together last night about my employment crisis, well, that's another blog- literally, but this month on my job I've racked up a total of about 15 hours in two weeks, so YES the economy is hurting my situation.

2 responses to my resume in less than 24 hours!
I'm calling on my Christianet brothers and sisters to believe with me that this is the beginning of the floodgates opening up.

I praise the God of Heaven and Earth, that he inclines his ear to the petitions of men to renew their hope and spirit.
---Pharisee on 10/9/08

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Mary: I am so glad that you are doing better on the new meds. That is wonderful. I can appreciate your struggle and know how important it is to have the right meds at the right doses.

God bless.
---Trish9863 on 10/9/08

Trish ha ha got here first did I ,thats unusual for me. Good to hear from you,bless your heart I know it must be hard to work like you do and be fighting those health problems. I also start getting the same type things this time of year so I can relate to how uncomfortable they make you,I will be praying for you. Mary I rejoice with you that you have found what you need in medication and doctors and it is all getting better for you,I will pray anyway. May God be with you both and His love lift you up and His healing touch anoint you. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 10/9/08

Hi everyone, well, I'm praising God! :) Have finally started on a new medication for my bipolar and mild schizophrenia and it is WORKING!! :) :) I feel better than I have in years! :) And I have a good psychiatric team that I trust during the hard times so I feel hopeful for my future finally! :) Praising God for sure :)
---Mary on 10/8/08

Hi Darlene,
I also tried to post a What's up blog, but you beat me to it. Praise the Lord.

I am sick with sinus allergies and infections. Yuck.

I would appreciate prayers as this is an ongoing battle, and I would like to be relieved of it.

---Trish9863 on 10/8/08

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