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Accept Overweight Christians

How do you feel about the acceptance of being overweight among christians?

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 ---Kella8334 on 10/27/08
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I am a christian, and I am almost 100 pounds overweight. But I have a health issue, I need surgery on the left ankle, it has had tendonitis and it has gone out 4 times in 5 months since last March 08. I don't have the money to get the surgery and the doctor gave me a tie-up ankle boot to wear so that I can work out, but I have also been unemployed and it's hard to to do both, esp. when money is a factor and it takes money to drive to the gym 3 times a week and walking won't help me lose weight as my indurance level is so high. So sometimes there is a physical issue, so we can't judge.
---janine on 2/12/09

People should not be rude to overweight people, nor should they make comments about their weight in public. Ministers should preach about gluttony, for it is a sin. Many peole become overweight because they eat and drink too much. Certainly, some people are overweight because of medical reasons, but I feel any sickness or disease comes from sin and Satan. Perhaps it is not popular to say that, but I have learned the hard way it is true. Small sins can open the door for big sins and for demons. Demons bring sickness and disease. God does not let things happen to people who are under His protection. Never stray from God. If you do, repent and ask for His forgiveness.
---Betty on 2/10/09

Well i think you should not judging at all and that includes overweight people. There are many reasons why people are over weight. SOme is because of medications and they do everything possible to loose the weight. They have a medical condition that causes them to be overweight. Maybe you should look at your self and judge yourself first before looking at others. I am sure there is something about you that someone could find fault with. God uses everyone for His Work and His Kingdom.
---michele on 2/5/09

not much has to be said to those who find obese Christians offensive. the Word says it all, Romans 3:12, "there is none that doeth good, no, not one." Jesus said to the mob,"He who is without sin among you,let him first cast a stone at her." The Bible says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. we all need God's mercy.
---mary on 2/5/09

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."Then there's "Judge not lest you be judged." No one comes to Christ perfect therefore no one should exclude someone in the process of being made new.
---elain3998 on 1/1/09

I may be wrong but aren't we saved by grace and not works,and if that's the only way I am offended I would be happy.I believe we strive for perfection if that is a sin so is anorexics.My son wasn't obese until given a certain medicine that messed up his metabolism.
I would be more concerned about a person who is judgmental and fearful,I pray for you as I would anyone who is so easily offended so you can find true inner peace with God and man,forgive me if I have offended you,because you also have to forgive offenses as well.
---gail on 12/31/08

According to the Bible, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. If Israel had treated the temple like most Christians treat the body, (which is the temple of the Holy Spirit), the Lord would probably have stuck them down. When I see a person in full-time Christian service who is obese in size, it really offends me that they would care so little about the "temple" of the Holy Spirit. What is just as bad is when they try and justify their over-weight by saying it doesn't count since they are more concerned about the spiritual. To me they are just giving just an excuse of their over-weight, not a reason for it.
---wivv on 12/12/08

There is also the fact that many christians have come to the Lord AFTER they were over weight... they might even still smoke still drink.. still do what ever BUT we are ALL a work in progress and the Holy Spirit will help us through our worldly issues!! So just because a person is still doing worldly things does not make that person any less a christian!!
---Steph on 11/28/08

If overweight Christians shouldn't be accepted, then that means they aren't "worthy" of being saved, and so that means, I'm going to hell. Now, do I think it's wise to take fitness advice from someone who's overweight? No, obviously not. Do I think it's smart to take moral advice from a prostitute? No. We are not here to judge each other, that's His job. We are here to lift each other up, yes, hold accountable, but when someone's struggling, we should ask how we could help, not shut the door! Besides, Jesus himself really liked food, and didn't have a Ford to get him from one city to the next...
---Carmen on 11/28/08

Martin: There is a fourth reason some are overweight. It is a mental illness called "Eating Disorder NOS." This is not a simple matter of self-control, but of needing treatment and intensive psychotherapy, and usually medication.
---Trish9863 on 11/27/08

Why are you over weight?

1. Lack of self control
2. Gluttony - eat too much
3. Not healthy - not looking after your body

It is virtually always one of these or a mixture.

Ask yourself are you truly honouring God by not managing your weight.
---Martin_nz on 11/27/08

Thank you Trish and Susie:-) more next post love kella
---Kella8334 on 11/4/08

Being overweight is not a Spiritual issue it is a physical one. If it offends people spiritually then take it up with God ,because God created us all.Unfortunally on the physical side sometimes weight issues (over or under) can't be helped no matter how many diet changes we do or doctors we see.
---eve on 11/3/08

SusieB: You are correct, it is all about Jesus. That is why I get riled up at times when I see posts questioning about weight, drugs, alcoholism, and other behaviors. In my work with my students, and my patients at the psychiatric hospital, I do not see weight, or any sinful behavior, I see a person in need of Jesus. When I go to church, I do not look at a person's weight, or clothes, or hairstyle, or piercings, I see a person who either loves Jesus or wants to know how.

This is how I operate, and too often on these blogs I see posts that make me wonder where people's priorities really are.

I love people, all people, no matter what they do or say, or how they look.
---Trish9863 on 11/2/08

It's a shame to attack the victim. People who are overweight often eat snacks due to some lack in their lives (love?). You could say that if they had God then they lack nothing. However eating is an addiction and unless God stands guard of the fridge and cupboards, they are going to eat despite being godly in their outlook. Also sometimes fatness has no relation to amount eaten. Many Japanese people can eat a lot and remain slight. It is to do with biological makeup. Just like alcohol has different effects on different people. Let's stop the judgement. As AlanofUk infers, please put your hand up if you are perfect.
---frances008 on 11/2/08

Trish...I did not direct my comment towards you. But, your response is a good example of what I was talking about. So many people carrying around their feelings on their shoulder. If we are Jesus' church we don't have time for ourselves. It's all about Jesus.
---SusieB on 11/2/08

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Susie: If your post is directed at me, I already apologized to Kella.
---Trish9863 on 11/2/08

I guess our body is a temple and the people who are over weight choose to fill it with bad food. In away they/me/anyone are no different to a drug addict a smoker a tv addict. Either way our body is beautiful and God given. Its not like we would put dirty oil in a BMW if we had one instead we would put the best fuel in possible. The sad thing is thats replicable our bodies arent.
---Rosalie on 11/1/08

The WORD OF GOD says that if we do not forgive others, HE will not forgive us. If we keep carrying all these offenses that we keep having around with us, it is unforgiveness. Why not stop finding offense with every little thing people say and start forgiving? How many of you who keep getting your feelings hurt this way are suffering from multiple illnesses? Think about it!
---SusieB on 11/1/08

Kella: I am sorry that I sounded harsh with my comment about your question. If your question was not meant to be critical, I believe that the wording of it could have been done in a way that did not sound critical or judgemental.

There are many sins that believers engage in on a regular basis that nobody knows about except the sinner and the Lord. Unfortunately, obesity and pregnancy are two consequences of sin that cannot be hidden. As a result, many in the Church find it easy to cast judgement on those particular sinners, and forget to take the log out of their eyes before doing so.
---Trish9863 on 11/1/08

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Kella...Next time you want to ask a question, I guess you'll just have to email some of the posters to make sure the question doesn't bother them. Love ya..Sister!!!!
---SusieB on 10/31/08

Trish, I am sorry. I have expressed that we should accept overweight Christians. I wish I had never posted the quistion. I feel that no matter what I say everyone will think I am insensitive and cruel. I do not think ill of those with weight problems. I am sorry. I do not know what to say-just that I hope things can be righted. I feel aweful.
---Kella8334 on 10/31/08

Kella: Your question bothered a lot of people, including me. I have been overweight all of my adult life. I was diagnosed as eating disordered and am also alcoholic. When I stopped drinking years ago, the weight went crazy, because I used food the same way I used alcohol.

There are probably a great many overweight Christians in the Church because overeating is much more acceptable among Conservative Christians than consuming alcohol. Food is used by many people as a comfort for dealing with negative emotions.

I am grateful that I have already lost 100 pounds and have about 50 more to go, since my weight loss surgery.

Your question was rather insensitive to say the least.
---Trish9863 on 10/31/08

Carol, I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. I feel really aweful. I hope you understand that I do not believe it is right for anyone to be cruel to those who are overweight. I do not think that I am better. Losing weight does not make me feel disgusted or judgemental toward you or anyone else. I understand your reaction and do not blame you for expressing your feelings the way you did. Email me okay. God bless
---Kella8334 on 10/31/08

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To everyone and especially to anyone I hurt: We should accept overweight christians. We should never poke fun or judge. What I meant was individually, not that we should not accept ourselves. I am normal weight but had problems for over 3 years. My weight was causing stomache problems. more next post. Sorry.
---Kella8334 on 10/30/08

Kella. Isn't it funny how people (me included) read into these questions? I thought you posted it because you had encountered this kind of meanness personally.
---SusieB on 10/28/08

kella8334-- what kind of religion do you study? how much do YOU weigh? your question strikes me as asked by someone who thinks over weight people are below them. do you feel you are superior to US?
i am overweight and i find your quesion very offensive. do you think i should be refused the priviledge to attend my Fathers house because i am overweight? would it please you if you never had to look at overweight people?
you have a serious self righteous and attitude problem that needs to be adjusted by the Lord. do you think overweight christians should be allowed to go to Heaven but put in a place where no one has to be offended by looking at them??
---carol on 10/28/08

I say keep the overweight people because they usually bring the best food to the potlucks.
---TIMOTHY on 10/28/08

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"Let's get rid of all these imperfect people & exclude them from our fellowship.
---alan_of_UK on 10/27/08"

Spot on Alan! We wouldn't want Jesus to come back for an 'imperfect' church now would we?
We must all also run out and get facelifts and tummy tucks and Lipo too!

Get real folks, God is looking at our hearts.
---NVBarbara on 10/27/08

Kella you've had a beating on this one, and I don't want you to feel unaccepted ,>) there are admonitions to "bear each others burdens" or to "gently restore" one who is "overtaken in a fault." (Gal 6:1)

Any behavior that threatens the Holy temple of God, which is the physical body of any believer should be addressed by the church, and it's up to each and every church to not only decide the greatest priorities in their congregation collectively but individually as well.

If you're really concerned YOU can take an action, a support/work out/nutrition group, raise awareness, work and pray together and bring about God's glorious potentiality, breed community through the Spirit of God. Fitness ministry?
---Pharisee on 10/27/08

This question is rather disturbing. Should we not accept overweight Christians? Should we not accept the drunk, or the addict, or the adulterous people? God says we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.
---Trish9863 on 10/27/08

How do you feel about yourself should be your real focus? Why do people put so much stock in what others think and feel about them? If you are overweight you are still a person with dignity and a creation of God. Weight does not enter into this factor.
We should not focus on people's outer appearances but to look beyond that and realize this person is God's creation worthy of love and respect. But most don't. So sad!
---Robyn on 10/27/08

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You forgot the newborns they dont believe
Get rid of them too and how about the old.
Me to I have gray hair, I dont belong.

Sad isnt it, that some might believe this way.
And say save me lord funny thing is, I believe he did!
---Frank on 10/27/08

Kella, since God looks at a person's heart, shouldn't you? Shouldn't everyone?

My closest friend has been overweight all of her life, and I look at hear heart that is very good. She's giving, loving, never condemning, never judges, accepts people where they are at...and it's made a wonderful friendship.

Would you want Christians to reject you for something? Jesus would never reject anyone for a physical weakness or whatever you want to call it.
---donna8365 on 10/27/08

Long hair?
Dyed hair?
Cropped hair?
Threadbare clothing?
Underweight (might be bulemia ... tut. tut !)?
Flat-footed (lack of exercise)? Unemployed?
Not been to college?
Beaten up by husband ... (must be her fault)?

Let's get rid of all these imperfect people & exclude them from our fellowship.
---alan_of_UK on 10/27/08

"the flesh profiteth nothing", I could care less about a person's weight. If the angels rejoice when one soul is saved, I am going to rejoice, too.
Notice rejoicing over soul, not body. So size does not matter in the kingdom of God.
If Christians are judging for that, They need to go to God and asked for a serious spiritual overhaul.
---ginger on 10/27/08

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How do I feel? Neutral.

What will we throw them out of the church?

'sorry fatty, you can't stay, but we'll keep the guy who gets tanked on friday at the poker game every week, or the guy who beats his wife and only hits her where no one will see the bruises.'

Or the one who secretly holds disdain for other people's sin while failing to admit their own.
---Pharisee on 10/27/08

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