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Pay Off Debts Or Pay Tithes

We need to get caught up on our debts and pay them off. My husband insists that we still pay tithes and offerings instead of paying them off. Is he right?

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 ---KarenD on 10/30/08
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Part 1 of my response:
What is sad is that we as Christians are just readers and not understanders of the Word. We are taught a certain way and traditionally past those views down from generation to generation. If you study history along with what was going on in the bible in that time frame, clearly you will know that tithing is not even for Churches today to receive.
---FeeBee on 6/15/09

Part 2 of my response:
We are all from the line of Judah. If you observe Paul, Peter, and Jesus did not collect tithes for their ministry. Why? Because they were not Levites. Jesus is in the line of Juday, Peter is from Judah, and Paul is from the tribe of Benjamin. They knew better. Now Jewish people know that if there was to be an Ordained Levitical Priest (for some reason) raised up to teach in the Jewish Temple everyone (Jew or Gentile) in that jurisdiction would have to pay tithes to THAT Levite. The Jewish people view our ignorance to this matter as manipulation of preachers to God's people. They view any tithe giver or receiver as a sinner in the eyes of God.
---FeeBee on 6/15/09

As an addendum to the blog Glenn on 4/21/09, please add Matthew 5:23-24 and 25-26. "Ought against thee" would include the paying of debts, especially one that was tardy.
---Glenn on 4/24/09

There is not sufficient space here to discuss a tithe, but it concerned clean domesticated animals and comestible crops within Israel. If a poor person were to pay a tithe, he would have to turn around to receive a donation afterward. The Christian economy has voluntary offerings and alms, and many people should give more than 10 percent. A debt is to be paid first, and the debtor would not pay a tithe on this, as it is the property of the debtee. Most Christians suffer occasional hard financial times due to bad spending decisions, but Leviticus 25:48.

p.s. Leviticus 25:42, Proverbs 22:7, Matthew 5:25, Romans 13:8, 1Corinthians 7:21-23.
p p.s. 1) Don't uncover your husbands nakedness, 2) submit to your husband, 3) pray.
---Glenn on 4/21/09

Absolutely not.

Can you serve God while you are a slave to debt? You will not be rewarded extra money to pay off your debt just because you paid the tithe first.

My parents tithed for 20 years, and in the end they were $30,000 in credit card debt. Their tithe over the years was equivalent to $100,000. A wise steward would pay 70,000 in tithes and use the other 30,000 to stay out of debt.

God is not happy with poor stewardship regardless of your worthy giving habits. Remember, it was the servant in Matthew 25:14-30 who gave 100% back to his master that was considered a wicked servant.

Persuade him that tithing does not exempt you from the curse of poor stewardship.
---jared on 4/19/09

Hi Friends,

I have read all of these entries and have been given great insight, but I hurts to see Christians argue with each other in this way. By the high level of emotional responses it appears that there is great conviction when it comes to a matter such as this. Aside from who claims to be right or wrong, or what piece of scripture justifies a decision, it is in all of us to strive to be Christ-like. We are ambassadors for him.

What does it mean to be Christ like to you?
---V on 3/30/09

I agree Steph to drop the word tithe and move on.
---Rod on 2/1/09

I have come to the conclusion that we should just drop the tithe word and call it giving (as NT Christians).
I agree with you Rob about paying your neighbor and the whole debt thing. But we must always give what the Holy Spirit leads us to give and if that means you fall short on something God will provide the means to take care of the rest (that is what I have learned through the Holy Spirit). And it has always worked out in the end 10 fold.
My 3 part response was out of Eastons Bible dictionary... I thought a little history would help.
All have a Blessed Day!!
---Steph on 2/1/09

A couple of thoughts. There is a difference between debts being something that is owed today, and debts like paying on a morgage, which is an understood business arrangement. If I borrow money or something from my neighbor, and he expects it back now, I need to pay it back today or as soon as possible and make arrangements with that person to pay whatever I owe. Credit card debt is bad, but not necessarily behind on payments. There is a difference.
As far as who one pays first, follow Christ, and don't forget the poor.
The tithe is a legalistic guilt trip that hinders following Christ with your spirit and your conscience.
---Rod on 2/1/09

Part ONE
A tenth of the produce of the earth consecrated and set apart for special purposes. The dedication of a tenth to God was recognized as a duty before the time of Moses. Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek (Gen_14:20, Heb_7:6), and Jacob vowed unto the Lord and said, Of all that thou shalt give me I will surely give the tenth unto thee.
---Steph on 1/31/09

Tithe ~ Part TWO of 3
The first Mosaic law on this subject is recorded in Lev_27:30-32. Subsequent legislation regulated the destination of the tithes (Num_18:21-24, Num_18:26-28, Deu_12:5, Deu_12:6, Deu_12:11, Deu_12:17, Deu_14:22, Deu_14:23). The paying of the tithes was an important part of the Jewish religious worship. In the days of Hezekiah one of the first results of the reformation of religion was the eagerness with which the people brought in their tithes (2Ch_31:5, 2Ch_31:6). The neglect of this duty was sternly rebuked by the prophets (Amo_4:4, Mal_3:8-10).
---Steph on 1/31/09

Tithe ~ Part Three of 3

It cannot be affirmed that the Old Testament law of tithes is binding on the Christian Church, nevertheless the principle of this law remains, and is incorporated in the gospel (1Co_9:13, 1Co_9:14), and if, as is the case, the motive that ought to prompt to liberality in the cause of religion and of the service of God be greater now than in Old Testament times, then Christians ought to go beyond the ancient Hebrew in consecrating both themselves and their substance to God.
Every Jew was required by the Levitical law to pay three tithes of his property
(1.) one tithe for the Levites,
(2.) one for the use of the temple and the great feasts, and
(3.) one for the poor of the land.
---Steph on 1/31/09

Ya know it is kind of funny how a simple question turns into a huge debate over tithing.
To the person who posted the question ... listen to the Holy Spirit.. if He leads you to tithe (or give) then do so faithfully... most imortant cheerfully... you will be blessed as you follow the Spirit.
Have a Blessed Day
---Steph on 1/31/09

As for the stock market, it sounds like you are talking commodities. They are riskier than commom or preferred stock. But ALL investments involve a degree of risk (that doesn't make it gambling... Jesus commended the servent who invested his talents and increased their value)
A ponzi scheme is where the "investments" of the last buyers are used to pay the first buyers.
Fortunately, stock dividends don't work that way..they are based on company profits. And you can tell at any given moment what your stock will sell for,
The object of the 401k, and other investments is to keep your savings from being eaten up by inflation.It's common sense , not a lack of faith in God.
---Donna66 on 1/30/09

I go to a tiny church. I am the clerk and every member knows exactly where every penny that is given goes. Poor tithe you are talking about would probably be the funds we set aside to help folks out when the need arises. Only our Pastor is paid everything else is taken care of by the members.. ie cleaning, light maintanence ...etc Everything that we do as a church is voted on by the members. Then we also send monies to missionaries and othe outreaches. There is truely no cult going on here and lots of accountability! I am going to sit down this weekend and talk to my Pastor about the whole tithe NT thing... but my heart tells me to tithe and that is what I do.
---Steph on 1/30/09

Obewan: Good blogs, keep it up. Truth is always good to hear.

Good comments concerning the law.

Good comments on what the church does with the "tithe." I agree, churches that teach, "give me 10% of your money" borders on cultishness. People should follow their conscience, but for churches to make people feel guilty for not giving to them is horrible. I would hope most do it out of ignorance, thinking they are doing God's work, rather than for greediness.

Sounds like a conflect for a paid leader at a church to tell people to give them money.
---Rod on 1/30/09

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Steph, it is good to hear that it is CHRIST ALONE that you follow, John 14:6 There are many who are of the Word of Faith Movement who teach you can only reach God if you come through Them. They fall into the catagory of those mentioned in Romans 1:18-32, and 2 Peter Chapter Two.

For those who will listen, I try to encourage them to follow the command which is found in 2 Timothy 2:14-19, and the example which is found in Acts 17:11.
---Rob on 1/30/09

The Holy Spirit will convict you if you are not doing as God would have you do... you will know.
---Steph on 1/30/09
I agree with you there. In my own experience, there have been times where I have been led by the spirit to give more than 10%. The difference is that it is not always to the "local" church, AND I consider it to be a freewill offering and not a tithe. I continue to take issue with the many churches that teach that a full 10% belongs to the LOCAL church, OR we are robbing God. Such teachings border on cults. To them I say O.K. Where is your poor tithe going?
---obewan on 1/30/09

Sounds like cherry picking to me... We as Christians ARE covered by Grace... that allows forgivness after true heart felt repentance..this is where the NT overrides the OT.
AND *** I am going to make it very clear that I am not a follower of anyone except JESUS!
I read and study my bible and come to understanding thru the Holy Spirit.
I am very faithful in when it comes to tithing. God says to test him on this... give it a try... have the faith.
I am not trying to make a huge arguement out of this. The Holy Spirit will convict you if you are not doing as God would have you do... you will know.
---Steph on 1/30/09

here is a lil about my life. The last year my husband was in a motorcycle accident, 2 months later he was put in hospital because of dibaties, he went thru midlife crisis, we came very close to divorce.. that was june-sept. mid sept we decided to try and save our marriage/ family. So we turned back to Jesus. Since we have totally surrendered our marriage our family our relationship with God has never been stronger! I recently lost my job we barely can pay our bill on what my husband makes..
---Steph on 1/30/09

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Exodus 31:15

New American Standard Bible (1995)
'For six days work may be done, but on the seventh day there is a sabbath of complete rest, holy to the LORD, whoever does any work on the sabbath day shall surely be put to death.

GOD'S WORD Translation (1995)
You may work for six days, but the seventh day is a day of worship, a day when you don't work. It is holy to the LORD. Whoever works on that day must be put to death.

King James Bible
Six days may work be done, but in the seventh is the sabbath of rest, holy to the LORD: whosoever doeth any work in the sabbath day, he shall surely be put to death.'

We need to be careful when we talk about some of the OT laws being enforced today!

---obewan on 1/30/09

Since people are insisting the OT law on tithing still applies today, I have to ask whether the "poor tithe" still applies. Just research it. In the OT tithe law, 1/3 of the tithe went to take care of the poor, widows, and orphans. Name me a church today that does that and I will be suprised. Are churches that ignore the 1/3 poor tithe law under a curse then? My church as a full time "athletics" pastor at $65-$75k a year just to head up recreation for Pete's sake. He is paid with tithe money, of which only 3% or less goes to the poor. By not giving a full 10% to my church, I am free to give a balance to the Salvation Army!
---obewan on 1/30/09

Steph, it sounds like you are a follower of Paula White, Mike Murdock, Juanita Bynumn, and those like them who happen proven time and time again to be FALSE TEACHERS who extort money.

The Ten Commandments was given to the Jews. We are not under the LAW but under GRACE. Have you not read what is written in Galatians Chapter 2?

Also these people are not sharing God's Word to draw others to God's Throne, they are telling lies to draw people unto themselves. They claim to be sharing the Gospel, but they are not sharing the Gospel of Christ Jesus, which is the Gospel of Salvation. They are sharing a different gospel, Galatians 1:6-12.
---Rob on 1/30/09

Why is it that the only law the church allows into the covenant of grace is the tithe (10 percent). I've heard all the reasons, and yes Abraham tithed before the law and circumcision was also before the law and Paul wouldn't allow circumcision into the grace covenant. All Christians who don't give 10 percent justify their reasons based on the new covenant and rightly so. Paul used the terms giving and collections based on one's heart and purpose given cheerfully. God's children should never feel condemned about their tithing. No condemnation to those in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1 Those who try to justify themselves by the law will fall from grace. Galatians 5:4
---Bob on 1/30/09

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God's people has a Blood bought right to be led by His spirit. Jesus died to give His people this right. We all need to get our eyes of others and plant them right square on Jesus.
---catherine on 1/30/09

">>OK saying to tithe is not for NT Christians, then you are saying that we are not to hold to the 10 commandments either.<<"
You are misquoting me, putting words in my mouth, and misrepresenting my comments. I said there are SOME things in the "law" that do not apply today. Would you advocate putting people to death that work on the sabbath today? I don't think so, and that is exactly what was written in OT law. Curses go along with that line of thinking and are not part of grace.
---obewan on 1/30/09

~~~miss quote sorry.~~~~~ it is matthew 15:11 that says it is not what enters you mouth that defiles you but what come out of your mouth.
Have a blessed day!
---Steph on 1/30/09

OK saying to tithe is not for NT Christians, then you are saying that we are not to hold to the 10 commandments either.
We are to hold to the WHOLE Bible... keep to what is in the OT unless it was changed in the NT by Jesus.
he who has no sin cast the first stone...john 8:7
it is not what you put in your mouth that defiles you, it is what comes out of you mouth.... Acts 11
storehouse is the Church. The "crop" is not food, When you plant seed for the harvest you are planting Gods word to bring lost souls to His throne.
---Steph on 1/29/09

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Never stick God in a box. Sometimes God is strange, and He may allow you to not pay ththes at this time. He has His reasons. And do not go a quoting scriptures, because God, you can not, must not, put God in a box. note: Not everything about God was RECORDED. Note again: Under grace not the law. Anymore!
---catherine on 1/29/09

">>...but if no one payed there tithes.How would the bills of the chuch get paid such as electric water bills one to clean the church if you have to build a new church or have to repair something and you have to pay the pastor...<<"
The people at my current church only give 3.5% of their income. Still, we have a $6.5 millon dollar budget with over 57 full time staff members. Nearly $2 million a year goes to missions. We even built an orphanage in India that takes care of 200 disabled children who have been discarded by that society. Never underestimate the power of the freewill offering. Many people there also give to the City Rescue Mission and Salvation Army besides the church.
---obewan on 1/29/09

">>Malachi 3and 9 says we are cursed if we don't pay our tithes...<<"
That may have been true in OT times, but we have to answer the questions: WHAT was a tithe? and WHO paid tithes? They were part of the OT law.

You can't tell me the entire law is enforced today. For Pete's sake, the law used to say that people who worked on the sabbath were to be put to death. You can't cherry pick 2 or 3 verses from the law to make your point without considering the verses on grace and freewill offerings mentioned in the NT. If people thought like you, we would still be putting people to death who worked on the sabbath!
---obewan on 1/29/09

No we don't have storehouses in this day and time but what if no one payed there tithes.How would the bills of the chuch get paid such as electric water bills one to clean the church if you have to build a new church or have to repair something and you have to pay the pastor.Or is he to do with out a salary and foot all the bills for the church.? No because before long the pastors family would be going hungrey and he couldn't pay his bills let alone pay all the bills for the church.Malachi 3and 9 says we are cursed if we don't pay our tithes
---Betty on 1/29/09

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">>Steph: You are mistaken on a couple of counts. One, Malachi is referring to Israel. We have no storehouse today.<<
I concur. I would further add that the storeshouse was for food, and tithes were food only and never money. Many scholars say that only the agrarian members (farmers and herders) of Israel were required to tithe. Still furthermore, 1/3 of the tithes went into the storehouse to feed the poor, widows, and orphans. It was the social welfare system of its day. However, nothing says that the freewill offerings that apply to the modern church sould not be 10% or more, but they don't have to be by law.
---obewan on 1/28/09

Steph: You are mistaken on a couple of counts. One, Malachi is referring to Israel. We have no storehouse today. That storehouse was for the Nation of Israel, which was a civil and religious government. The local church is not a "little Israel." If you are going to use the OT, are you going to say that leaders in the church should not own property as a restriction was in the OT? Can't pick and choose.
Second error: If you owe, pay now. Prov 6:1-6 paraphrase, don't sleep till you have paid your debts. Matt 5:23,24, paraphrase, if you go to God and remember that you owe your brother, leave and pay your brother. Don't let religiousity hinder pure religion (James 1:27). If one goes to church, he should help with the expenses.
---Rod on 1/28/09

Yes Rod the Bible is VERY clear! God wants the FIRST fruits! NOT the left overs! It also says that it is sin to be in debt. But you cannot rob God of the first fruits. Pay God first He will make sure you have the means to take care of the rest. I am not saying that God is going to "give you money", I am saying He will give you the over-time, an xtra job on the side, something like that. It is all about FAITH my friend. Titheing is the ONLY thing that Gods says that we may test him on! Malachi 3:6-12. Check it out and be FAITHFUL! Test God if you will.
---Steph on 1/28/09

The Bible is exceedingly clear, if you owe somebody money, pay them. The Bible doesn't say, give money to the church before you pay your debts. Somebody is greatly mistaken. If I was an unbeliever, and a believer owned me money, but he said, "Sorry, you'll have to wait because I gave the money I owned you to God, and I am going to wait for Him to give me more money to pay you." I'd tell that person that his religion is crazy. Somebody needs to show me where in the Bible in says to give to God before you pay your debts. That's nuts. Granted one shouldn't be in debt, but if someone is owned, pay em.
---Rod on 1/27/09

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OK... you show me where it says not to tithe... I know it says to tithe, nowhere does it say not to. Titheing is for Gods works.. to plant seed. to use to bring the lost souls to the Lord... SO WHY WOULD YOU NOT TITHE?! How is your church going to be able to function if you are not tithing. Why would you deny God so little for he has done so very much for you?! I just cannot fathom the reasons anyone could have for not giving (cheerfully) to further Gods kingdom..Gods glory!
---Steph on 1/28/09

God wants our FIRST fruits.... not what is left over. If you are obediant in your titheing restassure that the means for the rest will be provided. Yes we are to tend to our debts... but titheing ALWAYS MUST COME FIRST! I don't beleive that when Jesus was talking about having something against a brother he meant financial burdens of today. Like I said you MUST have FAITH and GOD WILL PROVIDE the means! Test Him in this and you will see. Put on your armor daily!
---Steph on 1/27/09

he principle of tithing was only given to the Jews and in the Old Testament.

The instruction to tithe was never given to the Gentiles and Christians. I challenge anyone to show me word for word where are are instructed to tithe in the New Testament.
---Rob on 1/27/09

ALWAYS ALWAYS tithe first... be faithful, pray, keep your self focused on God and do things the way you are suposed to do and God will provide you with the means to take care of the rest. Titheing is the only thing that Gods says that we can test him on.
---Steph on 1/27/09

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Your husband is correct - with my reservations. If he is neglecting to pay on his debt, he is not being responsible. It is far better to make a small payment each month to the credit company. Most credit company's will work with you in paying down a debt. Your credit can be ruined if you don't make at least a small payment of a regular bases. One thing we've found, you can't outgive the Lord, but there is a line between faith and presumption.. Personally, my wife and I enjoy tithing, but we enjoy paying our bills too. It's amazing what you do without and not even miss it. (We were missionaires for 33 years, living only on contributions, but we alway tithed on the gross income not on the net income.)
---wivv on 1/27/09

If, like most people, you know little about the stock market, individual industries,corporate profiles, PE ratios, and historical business trends....then, for you, buying stock is a gamble

I disagree ...the ORIGINAL stock market used these principals and these tools provided a good means to measure one's outcome

today with puts, short sales etc the stock market is a money game bordering on ponzi scheme

I find it almost impossible to believe that Americans are now FORCED to contribute to stocks via 401K plans

NOTHING in life is a gamble if one trusts in the LORD to provide
---Rhonda on 1/22/09

I Think Scripture replies to this question directly.

Mat 5:23 & 24 Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee,
Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way, first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.

Do you really think God values your money more than your Christian behavior? Doesn't scripture say that the Lord values obedience more than sacrifice?
---Donna66 on 1/20/09

If, like most people, you know little about the stock market, individual industries,corporate profiles, PE ratios, and historical business trends....then, for you, buying stock is a gamble. Don't buy ANYTHING just because your brother-in-law or co-worker hypes it. Always ask what's in it for them?

Although not as secure as many investments, don't assume that buying stock is always the same as a "gamble". Stocks generally pay more than more conservative investments for the wise business person...all the more on which you can tithe!
---Donna66 on 1/20/09

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">>stock market is "works" of the world betting...<<"
Ya know, when you get down to it, everything we do in the business world is a "gamble". When we lay down $60K for a college education, we gamble that our degree will bring useful employment. When we take that first job, we gamble that they will keep us on and not lay us off in 3-5 years. My point is that God does not ALWAYS reward tithers, and that people should not give to God with the expectation of getting back. God is not our cosmic investment banker. As for stock market gambling, I have no choice with my IRA and 401K if I expect to retire. I could not contribute and never retire I suppose.
---obewan on 1/20/09

Rod: I hear what you are saying loud and clear. I increased my tithes, and promptly lost several hundred thousand dollars in the stock market. Good think I do not give to get back, but I will not retire on time now. We are not promised a retirement anyway

Tithing to God and gambling on stocks are not related

Although that could be God nudging you to STOP gambling on stocks is double foolish to hold illusion of "investing" if one can't afford the HIT if gamble turns sour

tithing is for Gods WORK

stock market is "works" of the world betting on whether a company which you have no control over turns a profit
---Rhonda on 1/20/09

Defaulting on debt brings occasion for God to be defamed. But do not rob God to pay for your consumption. If you are in excessive debt you are likely in a position of spending more than you make, which will always end in trouble. Make the sacrifices necessary to give to God as well as make payments on your debt. Learning to live within your means will bring blessing to your life financially and spiritually.
---Ryan on 1/19/09

Thanks for your comments obewan. I am smiling real big. I "retired." I am calling it a long sabbatical while I go back and get some more schooling, trusting Christ to meet all my needs. :)

You have a good spirit. thanks.
---Rod on 1/10/09

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Before everyone jumps on me, I just read Elroy's comment on "tithing is sin" and think he could have worded it better.

What I think he meant to say is that it is NOW sin to FORCE ALL people to give 10% or to sit in judgement of those who give less. I don't think he means it is sin to give a freewill offering of 10% or more.

As has been said before, tithes in the OT were food only and never money, and were probably only given by the agrarian members of the Jewish community (according to scholars).
---obewan on 1/9/09

">>I will not believe anything I "Google" over the word.<<"
If you read my post carefully, you will see the words DEFINITION and SUPPORTING SCRIPTURE. The "experts" do not agree on this subject. I found a man of God who got a PhD by writing on this subject. Since we cannot post links here, I posted the Google words to get to his paper.

Scripture should always be interpreted with the words taken in their historical context.

No one on the threads has said that tithing is a sin or shouldn't be done. Many have suggested that tithing is part of laws that were made obsolete by grace. Freewill offerings apply today, which MAY EXCEED the amount of a tithe.
---obewan on 1/8/09

Well to be quite honest I have not been on here for months and do not have time to know all the threads-so do not know if this has been talked about before. However, I will not believe anything I "google" over the word of God. I will not stop tithing because people say we don't need to do it anymore. I would rather keep doing it and be wrong (which how would it be wrong?) then stop doing it and be wrong. What a price to pay for only 10% of your weekly income! Since obviously people on here will not agree on this--we will agree to disagree. I will continue to tithe to my church until I can no longer-which hopefully is the day I die or when Jesus comes back.
---cindy on 1/8/09

">>Prove where it says it is a sin. I am curious where you get your ideas?<<
Just Google "Should the Church Teach Tithing" and read the Phd Thesis on the subject to find the definition of a Tithe and all the supporting scriptures. This topic has already been beat to death on other similar threads in the past few months.

Rod: I hear what you are saying loud and clear. I increased my tithes, and promptly lost several hundred thousand dollars in the stock market. Good think I do not give to get back, but I will not retire on time now. We are not promised a retirement anyway.
---obewan on 1/8/09

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I read on here "tithing is sin" God help you and bless you cause that is so wrong! Show biblical truth to what you say. Prove tithing is not still what we are to do today--prove where God said we can stop our tithes to the church. Prove where it says it is a sin. I am curious where you get your ideas?
---cindy on 1/7/09

I would pray about this. And listen carefully to God and what He tells me to do. And do exactly what God tells you to do. It all belongs to Him, anyways.
---catherine on 1/2/09

Very interesting comment Rod.
---Anne on 1/2/09

our opinions do not matter take it to the Lord (pray about it)
---notalone on 1/2/09

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There are many good comments here. I tended not to come to this blog because the subject is so controversial, but I see many good thoughts. The scripture is very clear that we should be out of debt, that is owing someone past due. Just for what it is worth, I gave, besides my other giving, $1,000 to a Christian institution over the summer. My income is primary from the stock market, consequently, after I gave, I lost thousands and thousands of dollars. It's okay, I gave to the Lord, but please don't past along the myth that God magically gives more back than you give because one gives. That is the myth of the local and media church. If that were true, all the churches would have to do is give, and they would get more without asking.
---Rod on 1/2/09

Mima, that is the exact problem with many christians today
---john_adams on 12/17/08

I always pray before attending fellowship and ask God how much I should tithe. I know it comes from God because the amount is never the same and I'm always blessed for obeying. I'm also blessed by God when I pay my bills on time. He always makes sure I have enough for Both.
I can only say give in good measure from the heart and God will give to you in good measure.
The key is to obey God in all.
Also, tithing isn't just money, it's also your time, love, and care.
In fact, I went through my closet and my daughters, and we donated a ton of clothes to this lady that is a new in Christ. I didn't NEED to do it but God told me to. God showed me that she really did need the clothes because God had blessed her with a new Job.
---miche3754 on 12/15/08

The whole issue of tithing is not about whether God needs us to give money to His churches, but, whether we believe that God is able and faithful to do what He has promised, to bless those who honor Him. Having a mortgage or other types of loans is not wrong or a "bad witness" as long as you are paying regular payments on the loans as agreed upon. God can and will take care of your needs if you will honor Him. Giving according to the increase He has given you. Many people are prone to think and act on impulse if they have some type of "windfall" or increase in income, they want to buy things that aren't necessary.
---tommy3007 on 12/15/08

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---john_adams you're answer is true but I do not expected it to receive any credence.
---mima on 12/15/08

If your a christian, the tithe does not apply to you. Many nieve people are lied to by "pastors" about the tithe. Most people do not know the historical origin of the tithe, what is was for and why it was used.
---john_adams on 12/10/08

My husband and I had about 160,000 thousand in debt at one time. We are really close to getting out of debt now, if we had not paid our tithes and offereings the whole time we were in debt, we would probably be financially worse off than just that amount. Don't worry a bit about paying tithes and offerings, worry if you don't. God is the one who can make you rich or poor, not yourselves. He is faithful to keep his promises.
---char on 12/9/08

Yes i think so
---Sherrie on 11/12/08

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.steveg, you speak falsehood because there is no light in you. The old law is Not the New Law. The Lord God Jesus Commands: "A New Commandment I give to you, That you all love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another. You all have heard, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: but I say to you, Whosoever will strike you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also. And you all have heard, You shall love your neighbor, and hate your enemy: but I say to you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you." John 13:34+ Matthew 5:38,39,43,44.
---Eloy on 11/12/08

Dear brethren in the lord,my answer to this question is that we should pay our tithes fist,before settling out side debts,by paying our tithes,it widens our chances of recieving both material and spiritual gifts from our heavenly father.May the peace of God be with you.

Sincerely Sister in the Lord
---andaa8847 on 11/11/08

Question, Should a person pay off a debt before paying tithes,, Recently our Church had sermons on finacial needs, I believe we should continue to pay tithes while paying off the debts, God will provide what is needed. God bless you Laure
---Lauretta on 11/10/08

Paying of debts is as important as tithing. You should pay your debt by starting with some amount so it doesn't run into your tithe. Rememberthe scripture encourages us to tithe because when we tithe, the Lord will open the window of blessing on you and you will never lack. Also in order to make peace with the creditor you need to settle your debt even if not outright some amount will let the creditor know you have his interest at heart and that from time to you will be settling your debt till it is finally done with. Remember we are suppose to give unto Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser.
---bena4953 on 11/10/08

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I have had the pastor of the church I used to attend tell me he did this and paid 5000.00 per month to pay off all debts.
---david3349 on 11/8/08

Eloy: "The Lord God Jesus has given us his New Commandments, which when obeyed will gender blessing and eternal life: but the old laws will gender cursing and death."

The Two Commandments spoken of by Jesus are NOT new but simply is just a shortened version of the Ten Commandments. Nothing has change since the beginning. God's word is the same yesterday, today and will continue in the future. His convenant is like a mortgage having the same laws, but different terms. The laws were related to the physical, but now they are spiritual. Today's spiritual laws are going the way of the physical laws - they're dead. In other words, Christianity today is completely different than in the beginning - all twisted beyond recognition.
---Steveng on 11/7/08

I don't know if he's right or wrong theologically, or from man's understanding, but it sounds like his heart is in the right place. I do know that God honors the righteous, and would encourage you to submit to your husbands wishes on this. God knows you are wanting to pay back your debt. You can do both simultaneously. Nothing is impossible for God, right?!
---Katie on 11/7/08

It's all about having faith in God and "sowing seeds" as set forth in the Bible. Quite honestly, I have been recently convinced that the reason I have been so blessed is because I started paying monies to the church before anything else.

The Bible in Malachi puts forth the promises and God definitely delivers - something about putting God first and having faith that everything else will be taken care of by him.

Good luck in your decision, for your fear/concern with obviate your husband's good intentions by paying. If both of you don't believe in it, and you have any doubt, that will stop God's blessing.

Good day and God bless.
---Veronica on 11/7/08

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SusieB: Who said I quit smoking? I didn't say that I did. I said that God will meet all of our needs and some of our wants. I still smoke. But please don't make another blog about how wrong it is on someone smoking. If you have any judgemental thoughts, then keep them to yourself, okay?

Eloy: Tithing is a sin and keeping the Sabbath? And not letting Children take communion or baptisms is a sin? Where in the world did you get your information at? Tithing to God is not a sin. Giving to God just to get back would be a sin.
---Rebecca_D on 11/7/08

yes he is right if you pay your tiths first and god will help you with your bills tiths always come first cause it is part of god god says pay tiths and be blessed 100 fold
---andy on 11/7/08

Leela: So a person should rob God on his 10% and give it to the debt collectors? So it is better to give an I.O.U to God instead of the debt collectors? I don't think so. Malachi 3:8-9. I believe first hand, that if a person don't pay their tithes, they won't get out of debt, but get in a greater debt. According to you, if a person never gets out of debt, they would never tithe to God. Jacob told the Lord, "Of all that thou shalt give me I will surely give the tenth unto thee. So what should a person do, rob God what is his or tithe and be blessed?
---Rebecca_D on 11/7/08

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